Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 3

More back story strengths our leads past and why he’s in the predicament he’s in.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 3

The Present:

No Eul (Bae Suzy) falls to the ground. Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) runs to her and cradles her him his arms.

No Eul wakes in the hospital to find Joon Young’s manager there but not Joon Young.

uf_ep3_1b uf_ep3_1a
Meanwhile Joon Young attends a birthday party for Kim Yoo Na (Lee Elijah) and sings to her. He can’t get No Eul out of his mind and leaves. Yoo Na is not happy to hear he’s leaving because of another woman. Joon Young is clear; Yoo Na is NOT a love interest.

No Eul has no problems taking the money Joon Young’s manager offers her to keep quiet. I like it when she tries to shake him down from the money she assumed he skimmed off the top.

When Joon Young’s manager drops her off, she finds the loan shark taking her belongings. She negotiates for the computer with the money she got from Joon Young. But she’s out of a place to live and livid about it.

Joon Young waits for his mother, Shin Young Ok (Jin Kyung), to come home. He tries to talk to her, but she claims her son died five years ago. He tries to get her to engage but she refuses. Later she goes to his room, and looks at the inscription from Joon Young’s father about passing the bar exam. Did she reject him because he decided to not become a lawyer?

uf_ep3_3b uf_ep3_3a
Joon Young’s manager tries to talk him into documentary. He even uses No Eul’s misfortune with the loan sharks to tug on his heartstrings. It doesn’t work. But what does work is his concern for her. He drives the river bridge concerned she might hurt herself as his manager suggested. He has one wrong identification but then finally sees her standing on the bridge looking forlorn.

She calls her brother to check in on him. He claims he’s eating meat and she initiates a video chat so that he’ll prove it. With her brother is Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) who is buying dinner. Her brother gets embarrassed when she asks Ji Tae to buy lots of meat for him. When Ji Tae admits that his sister is pretty, he asks them to buy more meat.

The Past:

No Eul has a flashback to when she returned to Seoul four years after fleeing, meeting Joon Young and him buying her dinner at an outside eatery. Who could resist that smile? No Eul learns that he’s well on his way to becoming a lawyer. No Eul gets uncomfortable and tries to leave but he realizes what she’s doing and stops her. They bicker a bit and she asked what he wants of her. He asks her out. No Eul feels like either he’s blackmailing her to go out with him (but not in an evil kind away) or that he’s just using her to get rid of other girls. Joon Young gets miffed that she just doesn’t believe he just wants to go out with her.

He finds an old friend and pumps her for information about No Eul.

uf_ep3_5auf_ep3_5b uf_ep3_5euf_ep3_5f
Joon Young sees his father, Choi Hyun Joon, at an outside political rally as he runs for office. As he turns to leave his bike hits Ji Tae’s belongings and Joon Young goes down hurting his hand. The assembly man’s daughter, Choi Ha Roo, is there next to Ji Tae and falls in love with Joon Young at first sight. A well-dressed young woman, Yoon Jung Eun (who must be the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father), talks to Ji Tae and explains that she’s working the campaign. Ji Tae and JE are engaged via their parent’s arrangement. Ji Tae and HR are brother and sister, so he his father is also Joon Young’s father. That makes it more interesting. We see in a flashback that Ji Tae overheard his father and JE’s father discussing how to cover up JE’s hit-and-run. Ji Tae knows that JE killed No Eul’s father and his father covered it up. Now it makes sense why he takes care of No Eul and her brother is much as he can, to repay the debt his father has to No Eul. It’s no surprise that No Eul actively campaigns against Joon Young/Ji Tae’s father.

Joon Young calls her when he needs help getting out of dating a girl. LOL, the rude name she has for Joon Young in her contact list. No Eul shows and tells the other girl she is his girlfriend. Then she proceeds to do the baby talk and coo to Joon Young. He does something equally annoying to her. No Eul stands and tells the other girl that Joon Young is her man and the other girl better back off. He finds her later and tells No Eul she only has to pretend to be his girlfriend seven more times. No Eul negotiates it down to six. They like to bicker! How can she NOT fall for him? LOL when she draws cat whiskers on him while he sleeps. Joon Young wishes that he could keep her by his side.

Joon Young’s father hold a campaign dinner, and in a cruel twist of fate, at the restaurant Joon Young’s mother owns. Joon Young finds his mother hiding in the back. She claims to be ill. Joon Young gives her a piggyback through the restaurant with the intent to take her to the doctor. Assemblyman Choi stops Joon Young recognizing him. When Joon Young says he needs to get his mother to the doctor Choi Hyun Joon offers his car but Joon Young declines. Choi Hyun Joon tells his wife that kid had promised to stop by when he passed the bar but never came back.

Outside Joon Young tells his mother to raise her head. He tells her he met his father once before. He said that he promised his father any’s promising her that one day he’ll meet his father for real with pride. He’ll make it so that she can brag about him. So she can say to everyone she raised to find son look how good he turned out to be. His mother cries. Nice scene.

No Eul has a recording of Choi Hyun Joon drunk and coming out of a bar with the woman. She plans to use it. Joon Young calls her but she ignores the call. Leaves a message that he’s bummed out and he’ll knock down the number of time she has to be his girlfriend by two. He calls her again but she doesn’t pick up. He decides to go to her house. No Eul calls Choi Hyun Joon and explains who she is. He tries to hang up on her but she recounts all the dates that he went to the bar to see the woman. She tells him she wants him to withdraw from the race. She tells him an evil man like him should never be elected. Unbeknownst to her Joon Young is listening to her phone call to his father. No Eul tells Choi Hyun Joon if he admits who the hit-and-run driver was the killed her father and his part in covering this up, she’ll burn all the incriminating evidence she has against him. Choi Hyun Joon tells her to do what she must he doesn’t respond to threats. Joon Young sees her put a flash drive in her purse. He hears her call a broadcasting company (obviously with the intent to get the recording of Choi Hyun Joon on air). What will he do? Will he try and save his father? Will he allow her to expose his father?

uf_ep3_8e uf_ep3_8d
No Eul walks down the street. Joon Young watches her go. He spies a deliveryman getting off the motorcycle. No Eul tries to hitchhike to the broadcast station. A man on a motorcycle drives past her and snatches her purse (with the recording of Choi Hyun Joon). She runs after the motorcycle. She runs into the path of an oncoming car who hits her! Up into the air she goes landing on the windshield. No Eul tumbles in front of the car. Joon Young stops the motorcycle, takes off his helmet, and sees No Eul lying unmoving in front of the car. A white feather dangles in front of her face. Recall the white feather from the opening scene in episode one.

No Eul is rushed into the emergency room. Her brother screams that she has to be okay. Joon Young sits on the floor stunned at the ramifications of his actions. He thinks to himself “my mother once took me to a church when I was young. She told me to tell God my wishes and he’d grant them. But I didn’t believe in God and didn’t make any wishes. I’m sorry. God I believe in you. Please save her. Just let her live and I’ll give of all the happiness I was destined to have in my lifetime. If you let her live I’ll give up the rest of the time I have alive. Kill me and save her”. Meanwhile the operation on No Eul isn’t going well. So he made a deal with God in the past, now he’s dying in the present.

The Present:

Joon Young pulls No Eul away from the bridge and yells at her “do you think life is something you should take for granted? Is it that easy for you to choose death? Fine I agreed to do the documentary.” Then Joon Young thinks “seeing you again will be as painful as being stabbed to death. But let’s give it a shot, and see what happens.”

My Thoughts

Lee Kyoung Hee_ScreenWriterThe writer, Lee Kyoung Hee, did her job this episode, the story was much better. The additional background between our leads strengthened the rationale for the present day void between them. There were some good moments of humor, there were surprising moments, and good dramatic moments. This is the best episode to date for this series. Now I am ready for and like the switch between present and the past and ending with the present. This structure for these background episodes works (once you get used to it).

Kim Woo Bin (Shin Joon Young) was well on his way to become a prosecutor, just like his father, and then he found out the truth about his father’s connection to No Eul. When Joon Young told his mother that he knew who his father was and he was going to make her proud and be just like his father, then you knew why she rejected him for not following through on that promise. I look forward to seeing that moment between them. Right now I think your son chose a different path, why would you reject him? I like the fact that Ji Tae is trying to amend for his father’s misdeeds, while Joon Young decided to stop No Eul’s exposing his father’s misdeeds. Are we going to have both men vying for her attention in present day? Let’s be frank, Woo Bin is a compelling presence in a scene. What woman wouldn’t fall for him?

Bae Suzy (No Eul) decided to take action against the man that let her father’s hit and run driver get off without penalty. I liked her when she came back from the states, and decided to get justice for her father. I thought it was cute how she was not happy to have to pretend to be Joon Young’s girlfriend (but also unrealistic because he’s so good looking and nice). No one ever likes to be forced to do anything. The chemistry between Woo Bin and Suzy is decent. When she watched him asleep on her lap you could see she was drawn to him. But at this point she’s got bigger fish to fry (exposing Joon Young’s father) than getting into a romance with him.

 Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) plays Joon Young’s mother learned Joon Young new who his father is.  When he promised to become an attorney just like his father she was pleased. I hope that their current estrangement is not a result of him deciding to abandon that path, that would be a shallow reason to cut your son out of your life.

The perky second song of the OST is “Find The Difference” by the Kisum X Lim Seulong can be viewed via this link or the embedded video below:

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2 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 3
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Blood is thicker than water as JY chooses his bio dad, who does not participate in his life (is dad even aware of JY’s existence?) over the girl who he pities or likes. If bio dad does know about JY, then that is the frosting on the scumbag cake. JY had no clue his action would lead to such dire circumstances–actions have consequences dude.


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