Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 2

We learn the back story of our leads and what their shared past is.

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 2

The Past:

Student Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) gets suspended for helping a girl against three bully boys. The problem is the three bully boys are rich and get away with it. Joon Young’s mother, Shin Young Ok (Jin Kyung), it appalled when she brings the girl to the principal but she refuses tell what really happened. Joon Young’s mother falls to her knees and begs the principal for leniency, but to no avail.


Joon Young’s Uncle gets drunk and lets the what he knows about Joon Young’s father slip. His mother had an affair with a good looking law student (Choi Hyun Joon). She was poor and considered not good enough. That’s why she’s always wanted Joon Young to become a top prosecutor, so she could tell Joon Young’s father, she didn’t need him and their son turned out great.

Joon Young sees his mother in a different light with this knowledge. He studies hard.

No Eul (Bae Suzy) is a cheerful student. She helps old women with their heavy loads and teases her father who works a food stand and is in debt.

uf_ep2_5a uf_ep2_5b

No Eul confronts the uber popular Joon Young. He broke up with her good friend and the poor girl cries all day, won’t eat, won’t sleep. “Not my problem” Joon Young tells No Eul. Now No Eul has her own flashback. She liked Joon Young! Armed with a new hairstyle, she planned to tell him. But she ran upon him with another girl, squashing that dream.

uf_ep2_6a uf_ep2_6b

Shaking herself from that past moment, No Eul spies her father getting ready to set up his food stand. Then the unthinkable happens, her father is hit by a car. The girl that gets out of the shiny red sports car only stares in horror and decides to flee. No Eul yells at the girl to stop, but she speeds away with No Eul running after the car unable to stop her from getting away.

Assemblyman Choi Hyun Joon gets the late evening call from his rich friend that his daughter (the hit and run driver) needs his help.

No Eul sits by her father’s bedside at the hospital. The police tell her they’ve caught the hit and run driver. At the police station, it is a man claiming he was the driver. No Eul rebuts his claim. It was a woman and she recites the car’s license plate. Atta girl for getting the license plate!


Joon Young shares an umbrella with Assemblyman Choi and tells the famous prosecutor his goal is to be just like him. I’m assuming Joon Young does NOT know this man is his father but the scene is a bit murky on that point. Assemblyman Choi asks him wait so they can talk.

No Eul throws a rock at Assemblyman Choi’s car to get him to talk to her. No Eul tells him that the real hit and run driver is still at large. Assemblyman Choi tells her he can’t get involved. She counters the police told her that Assemblyman Choi did indeed involve himself. He slips about a detail and No Eul realizes she’s right, he did help the hit and run driver avoid justice.

As she leaves Assemblyman Choi’s office, she spots Joon Young. He’s waiting to speak with Assemblyman Choi. She tells him he’s scum for treating her friend badly. He trips her. She yells at him that he’s stupid. She stalks away.Assemblyman Choi walks up and hears this. Assemblyman Choi tries to gives Joon Young an autographed book but Joon Young won’t take it until he can return with solid grades. He promises Assemblyman Choi when he returns he’ll take the book and reveal his name. Does Joon Young know Assemblyman Choi is his father? I’m confused by this point.

On a bus ride, Joon Young tells No Eul to seduce him or he’ll seduce her so he’ll give up studying to be a prosecutor.

No Eul hands out flyers in hopes of someone turning in the real hit and run driver.

Joon Young surprised No Eul at school and presents her with a huge stuffed animal. She’s stunned. He declares he loves her. Every girl stares at her with envy. Joon Young flashes his smile, puts an arm around No Eul, and proclaims their love to all the on lookers. No Eul is not happy. Joon Young relishes his triumph over her.

uf_ep2_9b uf_ep2_19a

No Eul and her younger brother wait by her father’s bedside. Oh no, their father flat lines and dies. Her brother cries, she cries, her life forever changed.

Joon Young hears that No Eul’s father died and to avoid the loan sharks No Eul and her brother fled. When he goes to the funeral, there is a ruckus because the loan sharks are there demanding their money. Joon Young pays his respects to No Eul’s father. Assemblyman Choi tells the father of the hit and run driver that the man his daughter hit died. He arranged for 2 years probation for the man they paid to confess. The father is pleased and indebted to Assemblyman Choi. His daughter, Jung Eun, has been shipped to the states to recover from the trauma of the event. He hopes this won’t alter the planned marriage between their children. No, says Assemblyman Choi.

Joon Young sees the flyer that No Eul put up. He tries to call her but she doesn’t answer.

Joon Young is “most improved” scholastically. To celebrate, his mother, his uncle, and others set up a buffet in the school cafeteria complete with food stickers sporting Joon Young’s face.

Joon Young tries to find No Eul, but he is unsuccessful. He’s surprised when she calls. She thanks him for carrying her father’s portrait at the funeral.

The Present:

uf_ep2_10a uf_ep2_10b

Joon Young and No Eul stare at each other in snow. She asks if he’s changed his mind about the documentary project. She thinks it will help change his image from being a jerk. Ha! He asks if she knows who he is. She pretends not to understand saying everyone knows who he is. Joon Young angrily presses, “No Eul, do you know who I am”? She pauses, then admits “I do know who you are, you jerk.” She asks if he’ll do the documentary if she admits remembering him. But she counters that saying that if she admits who he is, he’ll be a jerk to her just like he was long ago. She thanks him for the money for medicine and limps away. He turns and stares. She falls to the ground. He thinks “no way this woman is Eul”. He walks then runs to her thinking “this woman is not my Eul.”

My Thoughts

We learned the back story of our leads. To be blunt, their back story is cliche.
* No Eul’s story is riddled with cliches: father in debt to loan sharks, father killed by hit and run driver (who gets off because her rich Daddy called Joon Young’s father to make it go away), she’s plucky and loyal, she confronts Joon Young for dumping her friend, she confronts Assemblyman Choi for letting the real hit and run driver go (she does NOT know Assemblyman Choi is Joon Young’s father), she and her young brother flee to avoid the loan sharks.
* Joon Young’s story has cliches too: his mother wants him to become successful just like his unnamed father, when he learns about his father from his drunk uncle he decides to become successful just like his father, he studies hard and succeeds in rocketing up the school ranking.
* Their shared story is also cliche driven: she confronts him about dumping her friend, he retaliates by pretending they are dating to her mortification, she embarrasses him in front of her father, when he learns her father was killed and she fled due to debt, he attends her father’s funeral, then he tries to find her.
* I hope the writer, Lee Kyoung Hee, turns his thinking cap on for the remainder of the series because what he gave the actors this episode was standard story. The fact that Joon Young’s father was the one that manipulated the system so that No Eul’s father’s hit and run driver escaped punishment is the interesting item of the episode. That has potential for future impact on this couple.

Kim Woo Bin (Shin Joon Young) is a good looking guy that decides to become a prosecutor, just like his father. I was a bit confused on whether he knew Assemblyman Choi was his father or not. I think he did know but it was a bit murky to me. Here’s what I don’t get…why does Joon Young want to find No Eul? I recognize that he felt sorry for her but I did NOT see much of a relationship between them before she fled town. I thought they would have been better friends for him to need to find her. How did she become “my Eul” based on the relationship we saw in this episode?

Bae Suzy (No Eul) had a string of bad luck to become the down on her luck girl. She inherited her father’s debt to the loan sharks and the responsibility for her younger brother when her father was killed. It was dreadful that her father’s hit and run driver beat the system because Assemblyman Choi got someone to confess to the crime. I did NOT see much of a relationship between No Eul and Joon Young. They bickered a bit, he embarrassed her pretending they were dating and then she embarrassed him yelling at him in front of his father. When she called him to thank him for carrying her father’s portrait at the funeral, I thought that she was grateful and there were no hard feelings. So her present day “he’s a jerk” stance is confusing.

Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) plays Joon Young’s mother kept Joon Young’s father’s identity a secret. But her brother spilled the story to Joon Young about her affair with the law student who turned out to be Assemblyman Choi. Her desire to have Joon Young become a prosecutor just like his secret father is cliche.

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4 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 2
  1. Helloo, i think i’m newbie here kkk. I like this recap because it’s contained your opinion that’s what i’m interested with kkk. Btw i think No eul and Joonyoung past strory hasn’t end yet since they still have collage life that missing in this episode. Maybe next ep is about will tell us about their collage life

    i’m agree that this story is cliche but since it’s pre-produced i believe Lee Kyoung have a plan how the drama go on 😤😤😤

    Thanks for recap hope you continue to watch this drama 😊😊😊


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    This was an episode with a solid, but cliche backstory…I do hope there is more depth to their backstory. Please jump out of cliche mode!

    I think JY knew exactly who his father is, which made him pleased to have his dad’s attention. Does this dad even know of this son’s existence? What made JY change his mind about following in his dad’s footsteps? Did JY discover dad took a bribe to cover up the culprit of NY’s dad’s demise?


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