Beautiful Mind Episode 6 Recap

Young O gets knocked down multiple times…can he get back up?

Beautiful Mind Episode 6 Recap 


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Kim Min Jae (Park Se Young) will be doing her residency away from Dr. Lee Young O (Jang Hyuk). She tries to hide the photos she has of herself and Young O, but he sees them. She’ll miss him for the two years that she’ll be gone. Young O offers to come see her every weekend. Min Jae is relieved, she thought he might want to break up. Min Jae kisses his cheek. He grabs her wrist, takes her pulse, and then declares “I love you”. That makes her happy. Later, Min Jae finds an article featuring an eight-year-old Young O and his father. She pulls his medical files. She learns he cannot feel emotions that others feel or empathize. She learns with sufficient training some people are able to function and hide the truth of their condition. She calls Young O and asks why he is dating her. His response (that we cannot hear) makes her cringe. She says she feels the same. She tells him she loves him. But in reality she’s upset. You know what they say, a woman scorned will get retribution.

Present Day…

At the mortality conference in Min Jae reveals that Young O is a dangerous person and should not be practicing in the hospital. She says he’s unable to feel emotions or empathize. He can’t have real relationships or feel guilt, something every human should be able to do. She states he has antisocial disorder. She declares he is a psychopath. Officer Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) enters the room to hear Min Jae speak about Young O. She states she is the doctor that has been monitoring Young O for a long time, so she is qualified to make these statements. Bam! Young O and his father both look surprised.

Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min) asks Dr. Chae if he was motor cycle man’s doctor. He wants to know if he knew about the heart lesions. Dr. Hyun states their research caused the lesions. That’s a big statement. Dr. Hyun says the former director came to the hospital to discuss this with Dr. Chae and collapsed. So the obvious question, did the director speak to Dr. Chae and he gave medicine that would cause his eventual death? Dr. Hyun asks if Dr. Chae gave the former director the medicine. We see it’s true Dr. Chae did give the medicine to the former director. Dr. Chae tries to hand a cup to Dr. Hyun (don’t drink it dude it probably has stuff in there that’s going to harm you) but he ignores it. Dr. Chae drinks for the cup then confirms that the former director died because of this. He says that nothing will change the past. Dr. Chae says he’s worried that the same thing will happen to Dr. Hyun. Is that a threat? Dr. Hyun says the research was intended to save lives not take them. Dr. Chae says it’s a $200 million market. Dr. Hyun is repulsed by the money. Dr. Chae says the money will keep you quiet. Dr. Chae says there have been three deaths, who will be next?

bm_ep6_2b bm_ep6_2a
The chairman says now he understands Young O’s lack of emotion. He says the surgery went well enough but once he administered the medicine, it all went wrong. Young O continues to stare at Min Jae, shocked, betrayed, and likely wondering how he was so thoroughly fooled. Young O approaches Min Jae and asks what she’s trying to protect by making this move. The chairman says maybe she’s trying to protect the hospital. The police, Jin Sung’s boss, handcuffed and arrest Young O. He continues to stare at Min Jae but she refuses to look at him. The police take him away. Min Jae has tears in her eyes. Crocodile tears?

The doctors tell each other that strange things started happening after Young O arrived at the hospital, they should have known or suspected. They wonder how Young O’s father could’ve brought his son to this hospital.

Min Jae sold Young O out so that she could stay at the hospital. I guess you could say a girl’s gotta take care of herself first. Min Jae tells the chairman that the hospital needed a sacrificial lamb, and it might as well have been an evil monster. I’m a bit surprised that she calls Young O evil. I would say her nonverbals never indicated that she thought he was evil or repulsive. The chairman congratulates her on becoming a professor at the hospital.

Young O’s father asks Min Jae if that’s why she got close to his son. She says no, in the beginning she could not tell, because he was so well-trained. Young O’s father asks if she thinks he really killed those people. Min Jae says she gave her opinion as a specialist for the patient safety. She asks what does he think, since he and Young O have a special relationship.

Young O undergoes a lie detector test. Jin Sung’s boss administers the test. They want to determine if he committed murder.

bm_ep6_4b bm_ep6_4a
Dr. Hyun goes to talk to Dr. Kim. He says it’s just the two of them, so they can be frank with each other. He asks if her daughter was part of the research. Dr. Kim’s silence tells him everything. He demands to know why she hid it from him. She said she did it to move her daughter up the donor list. Dr. Hyun asks if she had a hand in the murders. She tries to get past him but he grabs her arms. He sees bruises and asks if she’s crazy. She says you couldn’t save my daughter you aren’t all that. She claimed she didn’t do anything.

Another doctor tells Dr. Kim that Young O was arrested for the three murders. She tries to get a grip before she goes into surgery but realizes she needs to step away before the surgery. She injects herself with a drug. She collapses on the floor.

Dr. Hyun sees her being wheeled down the hallway on a gurney. What’s going on?

bm_ep6_5b bm_ep6_5a
During the lie detector tests Young O says he killed all three. He says it was the perfect murders. Then he changes his story. He didn’t kill any of them. It appears that the lie detector needles register the same for his admission of guilt and his denial of guilt. Then he switches back and claims he’s a murderer any refutes that he’s a murderer. He continues to flip-flop. But the needles appear to stay steady. The test is paused. The police are frustrated with Young O who is treating this as a game. Young O says “I said what you wanted me to say right”? Jin Sung enters the room. He tells the police he is the monster that can’t feel compared to them. How about physical pain? He cuts his chest the broken glass. Ouch. He asks the police “can you feel my pain”? He says “I don’t lie and I didn’t kill anyone”. The police get mad and exit, leaving Jin Sung and Young O in the room alone. Jin Sung offers a handkerchief for his chest but he grabs her hand. Jin Sung tells him they may not totally understand but he has to help too. She tells to return OR. She leaves the handkerchief pressed into his hand. I really like how Jang Hyuk decided to play that scene (I know the producer heavily influences how it plays out). But Jang Hyuk brought the intensity to realize the game plan to start out normal and escalate his responses until we knew he was destroying the validaty of the lie detector test while proclaiming his innocence with passion.

Jin Sung tells her boss that Young O is innocent. She offers vials of medicine and syringes. Jin Sung says these are the murder weapons. She says it’s potassium, easy for anesthesiologist like Dr. Kim to obtain, but hard to detect. She says Dr. Kim administered the potassium to stop the hearts of the victims. Jin Sung says Dr. Kim accidentally injected herself with potassium today. Dr. Kim wrote a text saying that she was going to stop being evil and confess today.

Dr. Hyun reads the text from Dr. Kim. His shoulders sag.

The reporter tells Chairman that while Dr. Kim’s drug addiction murder is enticing, isn’t Young O’s emotionless evil as compelling? The chairman offers the reporter a job at an elite newspaper. If he takes it, he is part of the hospital’s circle of silence.

When Young O gets home his father tells him the chairman proposed that he be dismissed. Young O clarifies, the accusation that he murdered three people, is false. His father says he was proud that he did everything that he could for his son. But he wonders, what did he do wrong? He leaves the room. Young O’s stitches up his self-inflicted wound.

The chairman is startled to find Young O in his office. He says he has the knack for surprising people. Young O says what I wanted from you was easy. I just wanted to be a surgeon in the operating room doing my job. Young O says you need to withdraw my dismissal. The chairman states that his request sounds like a threat. If you ask me the chairman could use a good threat or two. Young O states the chairman new that he was innocent from the beginning. Chairman has the gall to tell Young O that he couldn’t put a scalpel in a psychopath’s hands. Ridiculous! He’d sell his soul for money yet he claims a conscience of ethics and therefore not being able to have a psychopath like Young O operate in his hospital. Young O invades his personal space and asks are you afraid of me? Are you afraid that I’ll find out your secret? The chairman is unconcerned. He says a psychopath should be fired for being suspected of murder. The chairman says he’s lost all respect in the hospital. Young O asks if that’s why the chairman used Min Jae. The chairman says it was Dr. Kim that came to him with the truth about Young O. The actor that plays the chairman gives that slimy feel to this character. He plays well against Jang Hyuk. That’s another thing Jang Hyuk brings to the table…other actors give their best.

bm_ep6_7b bm_ep6_7a
Young O asks how long Min Jae has known. He asks why she didn’t tell him. She counters she’s wondered the same thing about him. She says he used her first. He used her as a screen to look normal to others. Young O says she never lied to him. He touches her face. She backs away. He says you love me. She backs away again. She tells him she knows he’s trying to read her body signals. Ha perfect! Now he backs away. She says what do you admit if you’re in love? Joy? Sadness? Fear? Which one similar to love? Jin Sung thinks about the training his father gave him. She says it’s all and none at the same time. She says he’ll never be able to read love, because he didn’t learn it. She says he never will. She says it was easy to deceive him. She says this won’t hurt her his feelings. He counters by grabbing her throat and squeezing. She tries to pull his hand away. He stares into her eyes, close enough to touch her, and says he did his best. He says for her, he did everything he could. She counters all he did was pretend. He releases and her backs away. Nice scene! It was intense. Young O did not have the upper hand but neither did Min Jae. We watched two flawed human beings that used and hurt each other try to justify what they did.

Jin Sung and Sgt. Park drop off motorcycle man’s son to school. She tells him he has to go to school. She promises to make sure the kid graduates.

She stops by an outside eatery and orders a bottle soju. When she takes the bottle cap off she thinks of Dr. Hyun. He calls and tells her she’s having surgery tomorrow so she shouldn’t be drinking. He happens to be sitting at the table next to her. They drink together but Dr. Hyun drinks more than she does. They talk about how the former director both told them that life was bitter and you went through it alone. Dr. Hyun says the former director probably is making excuses in heaven to drink. Jin Sung says being a cop has a straightforward way to think.

bm_ep6_8b bm_ep6_8aDr. Hyun looks at Dr. Kim’s child. He has a flashback to working with Dr. Kim when they were new residents. He recalls Dr. Kim’s text asking him to look after her daughter.

The chairman, Mr. Kim, Dr. Chae and Young O’s father discuss filling the director’s position. Dr. Chae assumes he’s the obvious choice. Young O’s father says he’d like the job, surprising them. Is this a way that he can help his son? The chairman declares people forever surprise and entertain him.

Dr. Chae tells Young O’s father should’ve let him know he wanted the director’s job. He tells Dr. Chae that he’s doing this so that the hospital is not driven solely by money. He tells Dr. Chae that somebody has to keep the chairman in check. Dr. Chae asks with the accusations against your son, don’t you think that affects your reputation?

Young O practices his smile in the mirror. He goes out among his cohorts and everyone stares.

A new patient comes into the hospital. Young O examines him and sees that this patient has had many hospital stays. He says the patient has a brain tumor. Dr. Yang is irritated by Young O inserting himself. Dr. Yang says the patient says he’s was fine moments ago. The patient’s wife enters the room and says he is right; her husband has a brain tumor. Young O orders a CT scan. He tells the patient and his wife that any kind of bleeding could be fatal. Dr. Yang rushes out to do Young O’s bidding. The wife tells Young O that she’s taking her husband home and will refuse treatment. Young O says if you refuse treatment he could die. The wife shows her husband’s will directs this path. The husband also gave her the power to make on the spot decisions. The wife says her husband will not receive any more treatments. Young O moves into her personal space as he asks did your husband agree with you? The husband does indeed say that he wants what his wife decides. The wife asks Dr. Young O if he is satisfied. He tells the husband without treatment you could die. Young O reads the man who shows overwhelming signs of stress and fear. He stares at the wife’s clasped hands and thinks this man needs somebody to trust. The wife reiterates this is what he wants. Young O reads his nonverbals again and knows she’s lying. Young O says “don’t worry I’ll save you no matter what”. The wife doesn’t like that response. The husband goes into shock. The husband goes into cardiac arrest. Young O can’t believe he grapples with another case of cardiac arrest. He yells “I will save this man no matter what”! The wife tries to pull him away. Dr. Yang pulls the wife away. Young O administers heart massage and the medical team tries to save the man’s life. Ouch! There is emergency drilling! The man’s heart starts beating. Young O says “I did it, I saved his life”. Young O tells the wife her husband is alive. The wife goes to her husband and cries.

bm_ep6_10b bm_ep6_10a
Young O tells the other doctor that no matter what the documentation said, it was obvious the patient wanted to live. The doctor asks how he can be so sure. Oh no, there is an emergency. Young O and the other doctor find the man dead with the wife holding the plug. Young O ask what she did. Yes, why she did it. She says you made me do it! She says I told you! She asked if she should go to the police station now. Young O says this is unbelievable. He yells this is preposterous!

He walks away and all his coworkers stare at him. He looks into his father’s eyes. His father tells him as of this moment you are dismissed. Everyone gasps. Young O asked what he did wrong. He said he only saved the man’s life. His father says you can’t just put a man on life support. His father says because of him the wife was compelled to commit murder. His father says what’s even worse, is that you don’t know what you did wrong. His father walks up to him, puts his hand on his shoulder, and whispers to your superior skills give you godlike authority? Do you understand why I was always against a monster like you becoming a doctor? His father steps back and makes an announcement the hospital authorizes your dismissal. Another round of gasps.

Everyone turns away when Young O looks at them. He staggers, stops, then walks out of the hospital. He remembers the wife asking him not to treat her husband. He remembers the wife saying you made me kill him. He walks along the street. He remembers Min Jae saying that he doesn’t know how to express love. He remembers his father training him. He remembers his father calling him a monster. He almost crosses the road into traffic and a man stops him. In response, Young O hits the man several times. We see his fear he had at his birthday party when he was young. He continues to hit the man. He finally stops and sees the crowd of horrified people around him just like at his birthday party when he was young. He once again says “what did I do wrong as a doctor”? He literally trips over the man he just beat. He stares at his hand he stares at the man. He walks into traffic. When he crosses to the other side, Jin Sung comes up behind him. She tells him everything will be okay. He grabs her and says “Help me.”

My Thoughts

This was the episode when Young O hit rock bottom. I’m appalled at how many people call him a monster yet their actions were reprehensible or sanctimonious. Who treats Young O with human kindness? No one. People are either jealous of him, afraid of him, or angry that he smarter than they are. Or they see him as a chess piece on the board to move as they see fit. Young O is no angel. But his creed is simple. Save the lives of my patients. How is this wrong? Aren’t the best doctors often cold and able to disassociate the human patient from the disease they are trying to beat. Isn’t that Young O? I don’t see him as a monster. I also like that veteran actors are in this series many in guest or minor roles.

Jang Hyuk portrays Young O as a man that got sucker punched multiple times. Min Jae betrayed him and did not feel bad for doing so. She felt like her actions were justified because he was using her. She certainly wasn’t treating Young O the way she would want to be treated. I know she was upset that the professor cheated her out of the position. She saw an opportunity and she took it. I understand that. However, she destroyed him by exposing him in a public forum. How much worse could she have treated him? I found it ironic that Jin Sung’s boss couldn’t control his emotions during the lie detector test. I was a stellar scene for Jang Hyuk. You felt his humanity in that moment. You felt his hurt at being betrayed, accused of doing something that he did not do, just to make the problem go away. It was a little odd having Jin Sung suddenly pop up as he crossed the street and offering him comfort. But I guess in a 16-episode series the main character has got to hit rock bottom at the end of episode six so he can be rebuilt in the last 10 episodes.

Park So Dam as Jin Sung had a voice for right. She could’ve schooled her boss like he schooled her last episode. She is still romantically interested in Dr. Hyun. I’m not sure I want her to become romantically interested in Young O at this point. I think that she can help him. And I want him to be helped. Now this actress will have an opportunity to show what she’s got.

Yoon Hyun Min as Doctor Hyun Suk Joo learned that Dr. Kim sold her soul to save her daughter. He was genuinely horrified that his coworker killed twice. Keeping the research going seems to be the justification for a lot of heinous things. He’s not evil, but he is compromising his ethics with his actions.

Heo Jun Ho’s portrayal of Young O’s father, Lee Gun Myung, leaned toward loathing his son. It really bothers me when he calls Young O a monster. Young is trying to survive with the tools his father gave him. And it doesn’t always go well. But his father doesn’t build his son up. His father is willing to see the worst in a situation and tear his son down. I think when Young O was a boy that he loved his son. But as he said, he doesn’t trust his son, and he thinks he cannot be a good doctor. I will rant again that that is patently ridiculous! Young O is a brilliant doctor. If everyone so worried about his empathy, pair him with somebody that can be his empathy person, so when he interacts with patients he is translated to a kinder way. My bottom line is that I see that everyone is being cruel to Young O, and it is overboard, and excessive. Young O, as he is, has my support.

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55 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 6 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    Wow thanks for recapping episode 6 so fast! This is one of the best episodes to date. JH’s acting is really daebak! Who is the real monster here?

  2. prettysup says:

    So LYO misread the patient and saved him instead of letting him die coz he cannot feel that sometimes patients and their families prefer to die than live in pain. But why then did they bring the patient to the hospital in the first place?

    • kjtamuser says:

      The fact that YO went against the wife’s wishes who legally was in charge is a big no no.
      You could infer the time lag between the husband and wife arrival meant they were apart at the time of the husbands distress and trip to the hospital.

  3. Drama Fan says:

    And now I’m shipping them! I’m just so very easy.

    I need her to help our poor LYO. He is like a lost puppy right now.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I am looking forward to this next phase. We need YO to evolve and defeat his doubters.

    • prettysup says:

      Yes! Before ep 6, I was not interested in any loveline at all. But after watching ep 6, I want LYO to be loved! He is so lonely and poor thing, being betrayed by his fiancee, scoofed by his colleagues and called a monster by his dad. The last scene was so heart-breaking !

  4. majohnson says:

    I enjoy your recaps. I am going to subscribe to your blog. I want to be sure to read your next musing. Lol

  5. Beez says:

    Like prettysup said “who’s the real monster?”

    Yes I think he used Min Jae, but was it any different than many men and women marrying for position, money, status? None of which is right, but no one considers them as evil if they make a success of the marriage. I believe he was totally devoted to her (as much as he is capable of) as he said he would never let go of her hand first. She has a right to be hurt and dismayed, but it is irrational to be angry at someone who clinically cannot have a conscience about the situation. He’s trying to make a way in this world as best he can with what physical mental abilities he does have. It’s not like he had anything more or better to offer or give her. He gave her his best. He’s not holding out or holding back. One could argue that he should have told her of his condition to give her the choice whether to accept him or not as he is; but as we know, his only judgement of what is right and wrong is what his father has taught him – secrecy at all costs.

    I also believe that there is some sort of controlled conditioning or hypnosis the father is using whenever he touches Young Oh’s shoulder.

    At the touch, Young Oh goes instantly from violent to afraid; from confident to self doubting. If the father only speaks author touching him, Young Oh is sardonic,sarcastic, caustic (as he was at the engagement announcement dinner).

    And I still get the feel of child abuse at the hands of the father. Besides the mental abuse of ” you’re a monster”.

    • Beez says:

      typo. should be “if the father speaks WITHOUT touching him…”

      • kjtamuser says:

        I love several of the points you bring up:

        “his only judgement of what is right and wrong is what his father has taught him – secrecy at all costs.” So true, so true. The message ‘hid yourself’ has effectively crippled his ability to be authentic. As you stated “He’s trying to make a way in this world as best he can with what physical mental abilities he does have.” Conquering fear and allowing yourself to real was a strong compelling theme in Another Miss Oh. YO needs to populate his life with supportive people. I’m also thinking about the autistic but brilliant diagnostic pediatric doctor in Good Doctors. That medical team rejected him initially but eventually saw his strengths and accepted him. May the same thing happen to YO.

        “there is some sort of controlled conditioning or hypnosis the father is using whenever he touches Young Oh’s shoulder” Love that theory.

        I still get the feel of child abuse at the hands of the father. Besides the mental abuse of ” you’re a monster”. How can it be anything but abuse (verbal) to tell you own child they are a monster. I shudder to think about something living with that as a child and adult. Egad!

  6. Jane Tilly says:

    WHO’S THE REAL (EVIL) MONSTER(S)—I can understand MJ’s anger about YO hiding is condition (on Daddy D’s advice to keep his condition a secret, of course). I think MJ has every right to be angry over the deception, but I simply don’t understand how she could stand in front of their colleagues to divulge that information. She could have confronted YO privately or privately with the hospital board of ethics. The point is PRIVATELY; unfortunately, she is busy making deals with the hospital chairman to obtain a professorship.

    Seriously…who is a monster or evil? The man (YO) who is doing his best to cope with his disability? Yep—my thoughts went to “Good Doctor” too! Think about this non-empathic cast of characters:
    • MJ for being unethical and vindictive about being kept in the dark? When has she experienced or seen YO be evil or a monster?
    • Daddy Dearest, who has no compunction of betraying the son he raised, has mysterious motive when it comes to his son and his research, calls YO a monster, blames him for the patient’s wife’s actions “because of him the wife was compelled to commit murder” and then chooses to fire him in front of hospital staff? WHO has no empathy? I can’t help but wonder about Beez’s suggestion that dad may have “controlled conditioning or hypnosis” of YO. Something is definitely going on.
    • Could it be Dr. Kim for being a murderous minion? So glad to see Dr. Kim turned herself in; she was willing to do ANYTHING to have the promise of saving her daughter.
    • How about Hospital chairman who used MJ to make YO a sacrificial lamb, bribes the reporter to bury the hospital murders, and bases his decisions solely on greed—don’t get me wrong, I do believe businesses should make fiscally sound decisions, which I qualify as different from greed. You nailed the hypocrite on the head with “He’d sell his soul for money yet he claims a conscience of ethics”
    • Dr. CSH who seems to be the mastermind behind the fungus research and murders.

    I submit that so far, this cast of characters have shown more DELIBERATE lack of empathy and committed more “evil” or “monstrous” acts than YO. PHYSICIANS HEAL THYSELVES!

    LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE—Holy Cow! I love how YO showed the police that a lie detector would not work on him. I thought the detective looked like Eop Bok from Chuno, but I don’t see him on the credits I was busting a gut as YO debunked the lie detector and especially when he told the technician that they made love many times, in just the way she likes it…Hmmm, I just can’t seem to help myself from getting distracted! 🙂

    I GET KNOCKED DOWN, BUT I GET UP AGAIN—This was no doubt the episode where YO got knocked down multiple times:
    • Betrayed in front of his colleagues by his vindictive fiancé. Don’t tell me YO wasn’t feeling emotion as he reacted to MJ’s admission that “he was easy to deceive” by him starting to squeeze off MJ’s airway.
    • Unjustly arrested for the hospital murders—don’t they need (non-circumstantial) evidence for an arrest warrant?
    • Prioritized the patient’s body language of wanting to live over the medical will for no life saving measures. Not following the medical will is a “no no”, that alone could cause him to lose his job and who knows, possibly his medical license? Prettysup brought up a good point “why then did they bring the patient to the hospital in the first place?”
    • Being fired in front of colleagues BY HIS DAD—justification for firing may be debatable, but couldn’t this be done in a private office?

    I concur that cruelty YO experienced this episode, if not the majority of this life, was “overboard, and excessive”. I find it especially heinous coming from his father and MJ, although I get the scorned woman aspect—doesn’t MJ as a medical professional have an understanding of his condition and that he is trying his best to overcome? I’m on par with your suggestion to “pair him [YO] with somebody that can be his empathy person, so when he interacts with patients he is translated to a kinder way.”

    The problem is not that YO snapped, who wouldn’t under those circumstances, but that YO got violent with an innocent bystander at the crosswalk…that is the first time we have seen that level of violent behavior since his high school surprise party. I was so relieved when JS did what I wanted to do—find YO and offer comfort. I concur as you said, “Young O, as he is, has my support” ❤ and Prettysup reiterated my feelings with “I want LYO to be loved!” ❤

    • kjtamuser says:

      “Seriously…who is a monster or evil? The man (YO) who is doing his best to cope with his disability? …Think about this non-empathic cast of characters…DELIBERATE lack of empathy and committed more “evil” or “monstrous” acts than YO. PHYSICIANS HEAL THYSELVES!”
      * Absolutely the hospital staff are folks I would never want to work with much less entrust to receive fair treatment. YO is at a major disadvantage. Does anyone in the hospital have any empathy for YO?

      “cruelty YO experienced this episode, if not the majority of this life, was “overboard, and excessive”. I find it especially heinous coming from his father and MJ”
      * Concur!

      “YO got violent with an innocent bystander at the crosswalk…that is the first time we have seen that level of violent behavior since his high school surprise party. ”
      * At the birthday party and at the crosswalk, YO seemed to be in an attack mode “hulk rage” without rational thought. This is different from a lack of empathy.

      Loving everyone’s comments and looking forward to the next 2 episodes.

    • Beez says:

      @JT “Eop Bok from Chuno”. Ohhhhh. Thanks. I was thinking where had I seen him before.

      • kjtamuser says:

        Yes it was the actor (Kong Hyung Jin) that played Eop Bok. His intensity in that scene was excellent. Actors that play in scenes with JH seem to bring their best.

  7. Nao says:

    I love Jang Hyuk’s acting in this! Especially when he’s menacing and dangerous. I love that intensity in him. My favorite scene in this episode is the polygraph one, where he alternated between menacing and then vulnerable. I hope they keep that sense of danger about Young Oh, because that’s what makes him interesting, that he could truly be dangerous in some respects, rather than just soften him and make him sympathetic. His character is more interesting if there is some truth to what others think about him, that he truly could hurt others because of his lack of empathy. And yet he also needs kindness and love too. I’m not totally into the romance yet, but I look forward to seeing how Jin Sung and Young Oh’s relationship will develop.

    • Beez says:

      The lie detector scene was amazing! But I kept thinking – “Noooooo! If they’re dumb enough to hook you up to one even though the only evidence they’re arresting you on is because you’re a diagnosed sociopath, then let them think it’s working and you’re telling the truth!

      But I loved it. From now on I’ll refer to it as JH’s “Gollum scene”.

    • kjtamuser says:

      During the lie detection test, YO toyed with the police deliberately. It rankled both officers thoroughly. I totally enjoyed JS’s boss losing his cool when he had scolded JS for her lack of professionalism about YO.

      I do not see romance between YO and JS. No sparks have happened. But I am open to it!

      • Beez says:

        I think I saw a little sputter (not quite a flicker) yet.

        I don’tdon’t think Young Oh has ever really been vulnerable before. But now, with the betrayal of of the two people he never would’ve expected and the possibility of losing his career (obsession) and losing his freedom – things that have to affect him. Even if not emotionally, it’s something he would not want to happen. So Li’l Bit (sorry, no idea what the cop’s named is) may open something for him. If not deep feelings for her (since we were told physically that’s impossible), then a dependence and perhaps appreciativeness for her compassion (not that he would know how she had it, but intellectually, he has to know what the definition of compassion is, right?)

        • kjtamuser says:

          “with the betrayal of of the two people he never would’ve expected and the possibility of losing his career (obsession)…things that have to affect him”

          Absolutely agree with this. YO had a certain amount of stability but that is gone. The rug has been pulled out from underneath him. He literally has no one to trust at this point. He knows that JS is a kind and principled person. He’s desperate, she’s there, he needs her, she responds to men in need…

  8. Jane Tilly says:

    @Beez we had the same thought about the lie detector interrogation “let them think it’s working and you’re telling the truth!”. Hahaha, it was JH’s “Gollum scene”.

    YO’s world as he knew it came crashing in. JS has a much better picture as to who YO is, than MJ had from the beginning. JS was there when YO needed her. YO asked for help—this is the first time we as viewers has seen such a request. I think there is “a little sputter”. I think the will develop a relationship—initially to help solve the hospital murder and mysterious goings on, particularly with research. I think there is potential for romance. I do think both of these characters need to learn and grow to be able to be a couple—I don’t see more than a partnership or friendship as-is. I look forward to more story development!

    • Beez says:

      @JT – me too. This is the one time Kdrama has got me with absolutely zero idea of where they might possibly be going with a story. If his condition was still a secret, I’d have some theories. But with the cat out of the back so soon…where they gonna go from here? I can’t wait to find out…and see what Hyukie is going to pull out of his bag of tricks.

      Honestly, I thought after Dae-gil’s bitter, stoic search for his lost love and his MEGA crying scene in Chuno that they was nothing more he could show me by way of intensity. So gleefully glad I was wrong! He’s not more intense, but DIFFERENT intense.

      (Just as I had been debating within myself who is the greatest Korean actor of this era and wobbling about Yoo Ah In possibly replacing him in my estimation…now I’m ashamed of that thought. lol)

  9. Jane Tilly says:

    I agree that between the writing and Hyukie’s acting (not to mention other actors who seem to step up their game when working with Hyukie), each episode has left eagerly anticipating the next episode; that doesn’t always happen from the first episode! I was surprised they revealed his psychological condition to the general public so early in the series; but there is still plenty of ambiguity in his relationship with this father, the mysterious research at the hospital, who is really behind the murders and WHO is the Dr. Frankenstein character?

    The best, or most obvious candidates for Dr. Frankenstein seem to be Dr. CSH, who seems to have a hand in the murders–but is he the mastermind? OR Daddy Dearest, which would potentially make YO the “monster”–Daddy Dearest has already been calling YO by the “monster” moniker. Maybe both of these candidates are too obvious…

    Don’t be ashamed…isn’t it wonderful that there ARE multiple contenders for greatest Korean actors? Yoo Ah In did a GR8 job in Six Flying dragons–is there anything else he has been in that should be on my short list for watching?

    • Beez says:

      Yoo Ah In in The Throne (wow. He plays the prince we always hear about whose father locked him in a rice box until he died of suffocation/heat).

      The Veteran – his character there makes me think that they based Nam Goong (spelling?) Remember Son’s War’s temper tantrum throwing character off Yoo Ah In’s character in this.

      And just the consistency of Yoo Ah In in Six Flying Dragons episode after episode. You never catch him acting and everything was subtle yet you felt he was so dangerous, so volatile, so in love, yet so willing to sacrifice anything for his goals including that love – it all seemed to ripple beneath his skin.

      • kjtamuser says:

        Wow, your description “so in love, yet so willing to sacrifice anything for his goals including that love – it all seemed to ripple beneath his skin.” put Six Flying Dragons on my watch list!

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I haven’t seen another large episode (50) drama that could have easily trimmed some episodes–each and every episode of Six Flying Dragons made an impact on the story. The writing was excellent, Yoo Ah In was fantastic, there is a lot of eye candy and action! ❤ The OST was moving and diverse, some contemporary and some traditional–without a doubt purchase-worthy!

        • Beez says:

          Usually my eyes glaze over and/or I don’t fully understand the scenes with ancient Korean politics,but every moment of Six Flying Dragons was tension filled. The only other show where the politics didn’t bore was Tree With Deep Roots.

        • kjtamuser says:

          You and Beez make me want to watch this! Thanks for the glowing recommendation!

  10. A.D.DO! says:

    Frankly, I just want to see JANG HYUK in a mad, passionate love scene (or two, or three)!
    No other Korean actor can compare as far as I am concerned…I keep trying to find one, but they always come up short….so I will never watch any Kdrama unless he’s in it! End of story.

    • Beez says:


    • Beez says:

      Did you see JH in Strawberry Milk aka Innocent Thing?

      Plus, he has a scene during the opening of Age of Lust (I think that’s the name) but it’s more my imagination and what he projects rather than really anything steamy. Whereas the main lead in that has only one thing left to the imagination. Everything else is there to be seen. Wish it had been Hyuk-a-Buck. *sigh*

      • Jane Tilly says:

        What is a Huck-a-Buck?

        • Beez says:

          lololol. I had a childhood friend that everyone in the neighborhood,including adults, called Huck-a-Buck. As we became teenagers, he was quite handsome and the girls would sigh and call him “Hucky”. I have no idea what his real name was actually. But when I see Jang Hyuk, I think “Huck-a-Buck!” or I’m sighing “Hyucky”. *sigh*

            • Beez says:

              Thanks. As I typed it,I worried that I’m boring you guys, but Jane Tilly asked so… 🙂

              Now I’ll have to track down folks from the old neighborhood and ask “who knows Huck-a-Buck’s real name? lol

              But every time I see Jang Huck, it evokes that response. I was just looking at his hair – even with this haircut in this drama – it just looks so soft, thick and grippable. *raaawr* Like I could grab Young Oh by it and be like “C’mere. Feel THIS!” Huck-a-BUCK!

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Crackin’ me up with “grippable” AND ” *raaawr* “…I can relate! 💋

    • Drama Fan says:

      For a passionate love scene, I recommend 5 senses of Eros (Its a compilation of stories. Jang Hyuk is on the first one called His Concern). It’s not super wild like the one in Thorn (aka Innocent Thing) but it was very sexy.

  11. Jane Tilly says:

    “A.D.DO!doh!” LOL! JH is amazing, but he is not the only good Korean actor!

    Thanks for the Yoo Ah In viewing recommendations!

    • Beez says:

      @JT – “JH is amazing, but he is not the only good Korean actor!”

      Shuuuuush! Somebody might think you’re serious!


  12. A.D.DO! says:

    Yes, there are many excellent Korean actors, but none I personally enjoy watching in a lead role…there’s just something about JH that smacked me right in the 💙❗️ Each character he takes on is completely different…can’t think of any American actor who’s as good (and I am an American!)🇺🇸
    They also have amazing child actors. I really like the boy who plays the young Dr. Lee too.
    Love this series so far, and the recaps too, of course. Great job❗️

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’m enjoying this series too. If you like manipulative/selfish characters, this show is littered with them.

      • Beez says:

        Funny…I was just thinking – if everybody’s narcicistic then why is Young Ho singled out? Some of the stuff these characters are doing, and not just the typical big bad rich guys,totally shows a lack of empathy (but I think the scenes I’m thinking of happen in Ep. 7 or 8 so I won’t list them here).

        • kjtamuser says:

          So true, so true. That case for EVERYONE in the hospital not having empathy can be easily made. I think it shows society’s willingness to discriminate against those with a “disease” and a mental disease is often more negative than a physical disease.

  13. Jane Tilly says:

    “why is Young Ho singled out” is what I have been asking. At first I thought YO was the Dr. Frankenstein character; then the writers seemed to be pointing to us that YO was Frankenstein’s monster. While YO, without empathy, has the potential to do monstrous things, it seems that many other characters are showing a “lack of empathy” by committing “monstrous” acts.

    EVERYONE at the hospital seems to be ranging from shady to down right evil. While JS hasn’t been perfect, falsely arresting YO for drug use, she has been consistently the “Good” person in this drama.

  14. Jane Tilly says:

    no kidding…we’re on the same wavelength!

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