Beautiful Mind Episode 5 Recap

Young O may be smart, but he’s proven dumb.

Beautiful Mind Episode 5 Recap 



Youthful Lee Young O enters his school room only to be set upon by some boys. Thinking he is being attacked Young O responds in kind. Imagine his classmates shock at his unfettered ferocity. Imagine his shock when he realizes his other classmates hold a cake and gifts…it is his birthday. Oh dear, I feel for Young O in this situation. When his father arrives, Young O states he was attacked from behind, he couldn’t read their faces. His father tells Young O that he must not act on his feelings. Young O’s biggest problem is himself, he must suppress and hide himself from others.  His father says next time Young O may be permanently rejected. His father assures Young O he will not abandon him, ever. “When others laugh, you laugh. When others cry, you cry. Hide yourself.” At a silly movie, the youthful Young O doesn’t understand why everyone is laughing. At a sad movie, the adult Young O doesn’t understand why everyone is crying.  What a terrible way to live. I understand yet hate his father’s advice.

Present Day…

Officer Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) watches Dr. Lee Young O (Jang Hyuk) administers medicine to himself in the locker room. She blocks his exit. She handcuffs him in spite of his statement that he is in the middle of a surgery, and the lead surgeon. Flashback to Jin Sung being told by Young O’s father that arresting Young O without a warrant is possible. His father tells Jin Sung that arresting Young O will prevent future tragedies. Back in the locker room Young O is firm that the patient is the key to solving the murders of motorcycle man and Dr. Shin. Jin Sung tells him the other patients died under his care, there will not be a third. She tells him because he medicates himself she can arrest him without warrant.

A couple of doctors including Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min) discuss how Young O reduce the surgical team for the patient that can reveal if the previous deaths were murder or not.


Things are not going well in surgery. Young O drags Jin Sung (still handcuffed together) into the surgery. Who does he find performing the surgery? Why it’s daddy dearest. I love the scene where the doors close on Young O, his father, and the patient. Dr. Hyun sees that Young O’s father is now the lead surgeon.

At the police station, Jin Sung has Young O in an interrogation room. Jin Sung tells Young O that the needle in medicine has been sent to the lab for analysis. Young O asks how will that prove that he is a murderer? Jin Sung says it won’t but, it buys her 48 hours to investigate. Young O asks why would he commit murder in his own operating room? Jin Sung counters why would your father report you as a murderer? Young O makes the excellent point that she should’ve figured this out before she arrested him. That’s a pet peeve of mine when police rush to arrest without full facts. Jin Sung just went down a notch. Jin Sung counters that his father was just trying to prevent another murder which is also her goal. The lab results on his medicine are back. Jin Sung tells him if he administered psychotic drugs that’s enough to arrest him.


Jin Sung tells Young O lab results show the medicine was vitamins. He laughs. Jin Sung tells him that he didn’t know it would be vitamins either, did he? Excellent point. Jin Sung just went up a notch. Young O tells Jin Sung that the person that needed the 48 hours to investigate wasn’t her, but his father. Excellent point. Young O leaves the police building.

Jin Sung’s boss gently but firmly tells her she just blew it and she needs to get her act together.

bm_ep5_4b bm_ep5_4a

Young O rushes to the hospital to find out what happened in surgery. The staff can’t seem to tell him and he doesn’t like it. He sees his father and they have it out in the elevator. Young O asks his father what he is scheming. His father says it was the only way to get him out of the operating room. Young O says the surgery went perfectly. His father disagrees. He says Young O was reckless to dismiss the surgical team, to operate with emotions, and to leave the surgery to administer medicine. Young O realizes his father is still watching him. His father confirms that other members of the staff like Dr. Kim report Young O’s movements to him. His father states if another had died everyone would believe that Young O killed the other two. Young O says the only person that suspects me of killing the other two, is you. His father says that he was the one that got him from the orphanage, raised him to be a human being, made him who he is. His father declares Young O still needs him. He grasps Young O’s shoulder. His father strokes his cheek and says “what I fear most is others finding out who you really are”. If I were Young O I would be so sick of hearing those words. Then his father pushes him away. The elevator doors open. Young O steps back and stares at his father. His father smirks as the doors close. Is the monster Young O or his father who claims to have made him?


The Chairman of the hospital gets a dressing down about valuing money in his administration of the hospital. Is that his father giving him the scolding? On the other hand, the chairman is also told if the stock prices plummet he will pay (and a gun is put to his head at that while that is said.) After the complainers leave, the chairman tells his assistant that people should consider of the hospitals internal happenings as something to be ignored. He complains his father should learn to trust him because he understands how to make a profit, and that is what matters.

All the doctors receive texts informing them how profitable they were. Kim Min Jae (Park Se Young) gets a text that makes her realize that she won’t be a professor. She checks the latest journal article and sees her name is no longer there but Dr. Yang’s name is. She confronts the lead professor who tells her that adding Dr. Yang’s name was better for him. Jerk! He bluntly tells her that she just doesn’t understand that she never had a chance to be a professor. She came from a second-class school so she was never going to be chosen. Min Jae tells the professor that she has written for articles with him over the last years. The professor shrugs his shoulders and apologizes but doesn’t mean it.

bm_ep5_6b bm_ep5_6a

Min Jae leaves the professor’s office and cries. Young O is there. He reads her and realizes she needs comforting. He hugs her. She asks why he is not inquiring what happened. He tells her doesn’t matter? He can see that she sad. Min Jae says she’s glad that he’s on her side. Young O says he’ll try to become an even better man for her. He thinks this is not hard and it will not be hard in the future. Is he thinking that being married to her because he can read her so easily will be easy? Another medical person enters the room, they break apart, and Min Jae leaves. Young O asked the other medical person what she’s thinking. She tells him he’s just a normal guy in front of a pretty girl, that’s what she was thinking. She leaves. Young O dodged that bullet.

While his father makes rounds, Young O interrupts and asked to be put in charge of Dr. Kim’s recovery. His father tells him that’s a rude way to ask. Young O counters that he just wants his patient to recover just like any normal doctor would. I wonder how many times Young O uses the word normal to tell his father he blends in well. Young O leans to his father and says he knows that the patient’s recovery is of prime importance to him too. Young O tells Dr. Yang to hand him Dr. Kim’s chart. Young O’s father can only stare at him.

The nurse tells Young O as he examines Dr. Kim’s that she’s afraid she may never wake up. She also tells him the family wants to move Dr. Kim’s to another hospital. Young O says without his approval, the patient stays.

The chairman tells Young O that he did not keep his promise reveal the murderer at the mortality conference. The chairman’s assistant says that Young O was in a situation. The chairman says it doesn’t matter, the hospital will be able to get the hospital accreditation in spite of the potential scandals of the table deaths. The chairman tells Young O he could never fire him anyhow. Young O asks if the mortality conference will be tomorrow. If so, he will be able to name the murderer.

Dr. Hyun ask Young O if Dr. Kim will recover consciousness. Young O states Dr. Kim won’t be able to hold on for long. This seems like a set up statement.

bm_ep5_7a bm_ep5_7b

Young O enters Dr. Kim’s room. He removes an old IV bottle and breaks it on the ground. He tells Dr. Kim it is time to wake up. He knows everything. Her eyelashes flutter awake. She stares at Young O, with fear?

Jin Sung is on traffic detail. Her partner Sargent Park stops by. She complains that she is not being the best cop that she can be. He tells her she just needs to get a good night’s rest, and a good meal in her. They see someone steal a woman’s bag and hop on a scooter to get away. They block the criminal’s escape, and he falls off the scooter. When Jin Sung removes the helmet she sees that it is motorcycle man’s deaf son. Looks like he is having a hard time making it without his father, no surprise. I feel bad for this kid.

Young O asked Dr. Kim about the lesion on the heart. She states if she tells him what she knows she will be killed. Young O tells her it’s obvious she doesn’t trust him. He states all he needs to do is step out the door and let everyone know that she’s awake. He tells her to think about her next move carefully.

Young O walks away from Dr. Kim’s room. He stares at his watch and waits for the moment. Dr. Kim’s monitor goes flat in the medical team exclaims that she’s going into cardiac arrest. Dr. Hyun and the others try and save her but to no avail. Young O enters and calls the time of death. That’s going to be hard for me to believe that he didn’t directly cause her death. It looks like he switched IVs, has the chat, then she flat lines. Aren’t his actions culpable? I also like the little wrist shake the Jang hug does after he looks at his watch for an event that he has timed. What happened that Young O no longer needs her testimony at the mortality conference? Did he want her to die because his father was the surgeon?

Young O visits Dr. Kim’s office. Someone has gone through the office and made a mess. Young O reaches into a trophy and pulls out a flash drive. He smiles at the discovery. He calls to see if Dr. Kim has been taken to her family. We see the body loaded into the ambulance. Flashback to Dr. Kim telling Young O that she can’t tell him anything while she is in the hospital because she will be killed. Young O asks if she wants his help leaving the hospital. Dr. Kim says she can’t leave unless she’s dead. Young O says that’s exactly what he was planning. He holds up a drug and states if he injects this in her then it would look like she suffers a cardiac arrest and dies. This way she can leave the hospital, alive. He urges her to tell him the truth. All she will say is that her research was pride. Young O examines data on the flash drive.

bm_ep5_8b bm_ep5_8a

Young O tells Dr. Kim that he thinks she’s the person responsible for the death of the director. He tells her he knows that motorcycle manned and her daughter both had the same lesion on the heart. It wasn’t caused by a bad surgery. He believes the same doctor treated them with new techniques. He believes Dr. Kim is the doctor that treated both patients. He believes Dr. Kim killed the director. In the operating room she was the anesthesiologist for motorcycle man and her daughter while he was the surgeon. Young O says she wanted him to be the surgeon for her daughter because she knew he was not guilty of murder. The equation is simple, if he’s not a murderer and one of the two of them is a murderer, then she’s the murderer. You have to laugh when Young does the drum roll on the glass of the window.

Dr. Kim hears the sirens. She runs down the hall. She runs out into the rain where the ambulances are alluding their patients. She screams are any of the patients a five or six-year-old child that may end up donating their heart? Dr. Hyun tells her to get a grip. She tells him the rain reminded him of the accident. He understands. She grabs his hand and tells him he must be successful. Young O watches.


Jin Sung tells motorcycle man’s son he wasn’t smart pulling off a crime right in front of a cop car. She walks away frustrated. Sargent Park tells her that the boy will be detained today. They both realize he has no place to go. They observe him eating the food that Jin Sung brought him. Jin Sung declares the boy is not a criminal. She asks why he needs to be punished.

Jin Sung visits the boys home. She cleans and tidies it up and puts food in the fridge. She startled when Young O shows up. He tells her not to scream, he’s not happy to see her. She asks can she scream if she’s happy to see him? Ha! She tells him she’s been thinking about how to apologize. With that, she apologizes for arresting him.

Dr. Shin’s office is packed up. Dr. Hyun is uncomfortable with this. The director’s assistant tells him it is time to turn their focus on research and helping patients. He says this is exactly what the former director would want them to do.

bm_ep5_10b bm_ep5_10a

Jin Sung tells Young O there’s nothing here. She guesses he’s there for motorcycle man’s medical records so he can determine who the doctor a record was. She says the hospital doesn’t have any records. She asks why his father would report him to the police. Young O sees the note paper is an old prescription. Bingo! Jin Sung asks if he just found out the doctor of record was.

The fax machine in Dr. Shin’s office beeps. Dr. Hyun resets it. He recalls Jin Sung telling him that she asked for motorcycle man’s medical records to be faxed to the office. He recalls Jin Sung saying that the person they killed motorcycle man also killed the director. He goes through the papers. He calls someone and asks were you motorcycle man’s doctor?

Young O gives the prescription to the chairman who asks if this doctor is the criminal. Young O says this man was close enough to the director to prescribe the medicine to the director, he had the authority to incite the surgical staff, he had the power to harm Dr. Kim, he took motorcycle man’s heart, and he was also motorcycle man’s doctor, the person that killed the director is the murderer. The chairman gets a call. It is the reporter who didn’t care about the advertising dollars the hospital would or would not bring his publication. He tells the chairman the headline he’s thinking about writing is “there is a serial killer at the hospital”. Yes, the chairman thinks he should go ahead with the article. The Chairman hangs up and tells Young O that they just received a gift and with perfect timing. Chairman says all he has to do is catch the murderer. Then he’ll brag about how safe the hospital is. Young O says one more thing you have to prove there was no errors in my surgeries and you have to do this publicly. The chairman assures him he will. Young O does the watch and shake. He tells the chairman the mortality conference is about to begin. This is the right time to reveal the murderer.

Dr. Hyun calls someone and asks where they are.

Young O tells his father, you told me not to reveal my true self to anyone. He asks what are you so trying so hard to protect? Are you trying to protect me? Are you trying to protect yourself? His father says what you trying to tell me? Young O says don’t worry, you are safe father.

At the mortality conference the chairman makes an announcement, the recent deaths are murders not medical malpractice. He says unfortunately the murderer is someone that works at this hospital. He says the murderer is…

Jin Sung stares at the prescriptions in motorcycle man’s house. She recalls motorcycle man screaming that she was going to let the world know everything that was done. She sees that the doctor on record Dr. Chae.

Dr. Hyun approaches Dr. Chae.


The chairman declares the murderer is Young O. Young O asks if he has any evidence. Min Jae stands up and says she has proof. She says Young O is a dangerous person that should no longer be allowed in the hospital. She says he has antisocial disorder. She’s declares that he is a psychopath. Ouch! Looks like daddy dearest was right that Young O should stay away from her!!

My Thoughts

Better balance in this episode. The relationships and the murder mystery intrigue were both represented in this episode. While I wasn’t surprised that Young O was named as the murderer at the mortality conference, (his cocky calm begged for this), I was surprised that the doctor skewered Young O was Min Jae. Young O can’t easily handle her like he believed.

Jang Hyuk portrays Young O with consistent idiosyncrasies. The close talking, the watch looking and shaking, etc. What we learned about Young O this episode is naivety in certain situations. He believes that he can push people a certain way, and get the response he expects. But this isn’t working out as he expected. He gave Dr. Kim the escape route out of the hospital, yet she did not reveal all that she knew. He provided comfort to Min Jae, yet she betrayed him publicly revealing his medical condition. He told the chairman who the murderer was, provided proof, yet the chairman turned the tables on him. This told Young O that the chairman valued Dr. Chae over him. While in many ways Young O is the smartest guy in the room, he can still be blindsided. Will this make Young O rely on Jin Sung? While she was manipulated by his father, she did apologize to Young O. Is she the only one he can trust?

Park So Dam as Jin Sung had a stronger episode. I liked how her hasty arrest of Young O blew up in her face. But she saw clearly that Young O had no idea how the lab test on his medicine would go. I liked that her violent crimes boss told her that she needed to get her act together. When she saw motorcycle man’s deaf son purse snatcher, she felt empathy for him. She gave him food, she went to his house, she cleaned and restocked his kitchen, and generally did tangible things to help this poor boy who recently lost his only parent. And then when Young O showed up she apologized for her hasty arrest. Does she have sufficient brains to keep up with Young O and become Dr. Watson to his Sherlock?

Yoon Hyun Min as Doctor Hyun Suk Joo had another low-key episode. Dr. Chae told him that the former director would want them to keep up on the research. When he found out that Dr. Chae was motorcycle man’s doctor of record, he went to see him. Dr. Hyun looks like a nice guy, but is he?

Heo Jun Ho’s portrayal of Young O’s father, Lee Gun Myung, continues to perplex me regarding his intentions about his son. How many times has his father told Young O “you must hide yourself”. I just can’t buy that he is only looking out for Young O with his actions. It seems that he is looking out for himself, his reputation, not wanting it to be besmirched by Young O. I didn’t believe his explanation about why he took over the surgery for Young O. This father-son dynamic is murky, interesting, and unlikely to be clarified anytime soon.

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12 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 5 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    FATHER AND SON CONFLICT—In the opening flashback I felt so bad for young YO, not being able to understand emotions. I concur “What a terrible way to live. I understand yet hate his father’s advice”. Was daddy dearest really protecting YO or himself by arranging the false arrest of YO? Looks like the intent of YO’s dad and their relationship is going to continue to be a major plot point. You pegged it with “This father-son dynamic is murky, interesting, and unlikely to be clarified anytime soon.” Wow Dr. Kim was playing stakeout minion for daddy D. Revealing that YO came from an orphanage was a bombshell! Did daddy D adopt him to love and care for him, or is YO just an experiment to him?

    GREEDY CHAIRMAN—I was starting to feel pity for the hospital chairman, what a family tree he falls from! Then he went and double crossed YO, just like my gut feeling thought he would—the chairman is all about $money$. The secret research project(s) going on at the hospital must have some potential to be lucrative.

    RESEARCHER/FIANCE MIN JAE—If I were MJ, I would be ATOMICALLY FURIOUS (angier than molten lava) for not getting credit for my research. It is pretty common for the student to do the majority of a research project with a bit of guidance from the professor; usually the student would be listed as the first author and the professor as second author. I’ve heard of professors taking first author position, even if the student did the majority of the work…but not to be listed as an author at all…GRRR! I’ve given myself away as to being a researcher. With all the work that goes into the research itself, let alone statistical analysis, writing the article and then finding a journal to publish it, I would be going to a university ethics committee to hash this one out. “Publish or perish” is the motto of anyone becoming a professor and working on tenure.

    It appears MJ may have known YO all along, maybe she IS writing her thesis on YO. If so, she has been putting on a pretty convincing show for the Lee family and is completely unethical. Did MJ turn on YO in exchange for Dr. Chae Soon Ho to give her publication credit or a professorship? Has she been playing YO all this time? This type of “research” would NOT pass the scrutiny of a US university “human subjects” panel that reviews research requests. As for me, I am done with MJ—as a fiancé OR a researcher you don’t disclose such personal information at a Mortality Conference in front of colleagues. BADLY DONE MJ! 😡

    PLAYING COMA/DEAD—Dr. Shim was smart to play “coma” to save herself and jump at the chance to have YO get her out of the hospital. Does this mean Dr. Chae Soon Ho is the murderer? Does this mean Dr. CSH is our Frankenstein or who does that title belong to?

    MOTORCYCLE MAN’S DEAF SON—JS went “up a notch” for looking out for this orphan. I found it interesting that JS and YO bumped into each other in the orphan’s apartment and discovered Dr. CSH was motorcycle man’s physician, while Dr. HSJ comes to the same conclusion.

    POLICE VS. MEDICINE—Just when JS thinks she has YO cornered, his medication turned out to be vitamins. Who was more surprised JS or YO? I have to agree with you “Dr. Hyun looks like a nice guy, but is he?”

    I hope JS and YO will be the ones who will end up solving the murder mystery. I can’t image YO’s engagement will now turn into a marriage. Could JS and YO become more than a crime/mystery solving duo? If it is possible, it is a long way off at this point in time.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I like your thinking. Couple of points:

      “Revealing that YO came from an orphanage was a bombshell! Did daddy D adopt him to love and care for him, or is YO just an experiment to him?” I didn’t even comment on that. That is a bombshell moment. And yes, YO may only be an experiment.

      “the chairman is all about $money$” Money and power are the two drivers for most of what happens in the world.

      “I would be ATOMICALLY FURIOUS (angier than molten lava) for not getting credit for my research” Absolutely MJ got shafted there. And the professor’s disdain for her outrage was shockingly uncaring or shall I say WITHOUT EMPATHY (theme of this show).

      ” I am done with MJ—as a fiancé OR a researcher you don’t disclose such personal information at a Mortality Conference in front of colleagues.” That was a unforgivable low blow.

      ” I found it interesting that JS and YO bumped into each other in the orphan’s apartment ” Yes I liked JS’s active participation in helping the boy. I was surprised that YO went there but finding out the attending physician was smart. I also liked the opportunity for YO and JS to interact in a non confrontational situation.

      “Who was more surprised JS or YO?” There is a puppet master at work. Who is it?


      • Beez says:

        quoting kjtamuser: “And the professor’s disdain for her outrage was shockingly uncaring or shall I say WITHOUT EMPATHY (theme of this show).”

        That’s what’s got me wondering about this “disease”(?) – there are tons of people with no empathy like the cad who left MJ’s name off the thesis. At what point is it decided a person is a psychopath/sociopath?

        And what I don’t understand about the disease (and am too lazy to look it up), if a person diagnosed as such is of reasonable intelligence, they know how THEY feel when beyrayed (OY’s expression this episode) so they can’t just calculate,even coldly, “ok.That’s how so-and-so feels when such-and-such happened.” And isn’t that what empathy is (although with feeling and experiencing some emotion attached to it).

        Anyway,my usual Hyuk-a-Bucky-ness overage me as he was “comforting” MJ. I don’t care if it was just to read her or how cold he was inside. I always thought JH had small hands but they looked so big & sexy,and when he was touching her pulse points and wrapped them around the back of her neck… *sigh* (NOT when he was chokin’ folks. I’m not THAT sick.)

        P.S. You can’t take a pulse with your thumb but it was still HOT!


        • Beez says:

          typos typos: yes, I’m “overage” but that just means I have more life experiences and fantasies to draw from. But I was getting to type “overcome”. lol


    • Beez says:

      Preach it, JT!

      Curious: Is it possible in real life to fool doctors into believing you’re in a coma if you’re not?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Good question Beez “At what point is it decided a person is a psychopath/sociopath?” Agreed that there are plenty of amoral characters in this story, who don’t seem to have empathy. I agree that YO has displayed emotion by recognized MJ needed comforting and did his best ❤ to comfort her.

        I wondered how MJ could call YO dangerous, how has his imitating others emotions, or responding without emotion put anyone in danger?

        I think you really could not fake out a doctor. One of the first things physicians check is pupil reactivity; if you are not in a coma the pupil will contract when shining a light in the patient's eye. I don't know of anyone can control their pupillary response.


        • Beez says:

          JT, oh I believe he has the capability to be VERY dangerous but the show needs to show us what his own motivations are for us to decide he’s not. So far, I think they’re going with his perfectism. Shows like Criminal Minds, if they’re to be believed, make it seem like sociopaths are capable of ANYTHING that suits their mood or makes their lives more convenient.

          I personally don’t think YO showed MJ true empathy (emotion) (as evidenced by not asking her what’s wrong) but he wanted to do his best by her and giving her what she needs. That would feed what he needs. The other female doctor thought she was insulting him by saying “genius my foot! You’re just like an ordinary guy when it involves a pretty girl.” He was elated to be perceived as “ordinary”. In his quest for that, he was willing to provide whatever MJ would need. Sign me up for THAT kind of sociopath!

          He’d never be swayed by falling out of love or falling into a new love. *Am I jaded?* lolololol


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I don’t disagree “he has the capability to be VERY dangerous”. We simply haven’t seen him be dangerous…yet. YO seems to have a desire to fill MJ’s needs (at least up to the recent past), “fit in”, and be ordinary. I don’t think a true sociopath cares about appearances. Besides, doesn’t YO “being elated” indicate he has at least some limited emotion? I concur the writers/PD are focusing in on his perfectionism.

        As of now, I concur “He’d never be swayed by falling out of love or falling into a new love.” But this is Kdrama land, so can’t YO’s character evolve? What if YO doesn’t really have the truth about his condition—Daddy Dearest could not fully comprehend his son’s condition (although not the most likely choice), be holding back information from YO, or more insidiously “gas lighting” YO has part of an unethical multiyear research project. There is still so much more to be learned about their father/son relationship and dad’s motivation for adopting YO.

        As a Hyukie fan I would have watched this drama anyway; but the story snatched me into its clutches with episode 1! ❤ Hyukie + good writing = KDRAMA GOLD!


        • kjtamuser says:

          Certainly YO is capable of emotion. Like when he was hurt when his father called him a monster, he was hurt (and got angry) when MJ betrayed him. Anger is a reaction to hurt, pain, or fear.


        • Beez says:

          True. It almost seems like his dad may also be a sociopath,but of a lesser degree. Perhaps that is his motivation – some experiment to test his own perfection of making functioning sociopaths. Of course, I’m just totally speculating but there is something not quite right with Dad.

          Plus, Dad is not a researcher on the project that’s causing the fungus so how did he fit in with Anesthesiologist Kim? Yes,we know she keeps tabs on Young Oh for him, but it seemed he had something to do with Anesthesiologist Kim’s daughter’s treatment on the sly? I didn’t quite get what is going on there so anybody with input,please help me out.


  2. Beez says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised at how quickly things move in this series. It’s only episode six, and already he’s been exposed as a psychopath.

    Liked by 1 person

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