Beautiful Mind Episode 4 Recap

The murderer starts to feel the heat of the investigation.

Beautiful Mind Episode 4 Recap


Dr. Lee Young O (Jang Hyuk) is a second year resident. He listens to the senior doctor reprimand another resident, Kim Min Jae (Park Se Young), about not inserting a L tube correctly in the patient. He asks Young O to confirm that Min Jae should be able to do this. Young O instead tells the doctor that L tube could kill the patient and medicine should be administered. Min Jae tries to hold her laughter. Of course the doctor is irked at being schooled by Young O in front of Min Jae. I love the music they play in the background gets a playful jazzy feel to the scene.You have to feel sorry for Min Jae, when she does everything possible to tell Young O that she wants to eat with him. But instead he focuses on a medical technique, telling her she should go get food immediately for strength. When she returns, Young O is surprised she rams a stool into him, and angrily asks how he could reject her offer of the date. Young O is surprised that she asked him out on a date. He asks how is eating together and dating correlated? She cries. She looks around the room and sees all the strings braided, the couch utilized for the strings, and wonders if he likes his job that much. I’m not sure I would make that jump after seeing all the strings in the room. I suppose she’s inferring that because he spent all the time in the room rating strings that he was dedicated to his job.Young O tells her his job is to keep the patient alive. She infers he’s telling her to be a good doctor. He touches the tears from her eyes and tells her when asking for a date, to look directly in his eyes, so he can read her. My take is that Young O felt confusion and concern when she got upset. He’s not just looking at her like she’s some crazy lab rat. He recognized that she was in distress and sought to understand what it was about. He gently touched her and let her know that a date request would be well received.

Present Day…

The chairman questions Young O whether or not he really thinks the murderer is at large in the hospital. Young O believes it’s possible. The chairman agrees. Young O suggests revealing the culprit at the mortality conference. He must provide he made no errors in his surgery where the patient suffered cardiac arrest and died. But instead, the murderer caused the table death. The chairman doesn’t like this because it be negative publicity and hurt profits of the hospital. The chairman’s assistant says that the accreditation committee inspects the hospital next week, they don’t need anything that would reduce their patient safety record, and affect their accreditation. Young O immediately ties this to loss of foreign patients, a large source of cash for the hospital. The chairman is blunt, money is king. Young O states they won’t lose money if they reveal the killer. Young O persuasively says catching the killer and eradicating that threat is more important. The chairman understands his point but counters that scandals create explosions of interest and often that’s all that is remembered, the explosion of interest not the resolution. That’s an valid point. How often do you remember there was a scandal but not the resolution? I like the exchange between the chairman and Young O. The chairman is blunt about cash being important. Young O respects his single-minded interest because Young O is single minded himself.

A reporter questions the chairman about what’s going on in the hospital. The chairman tries to muzzle him by threatening to pull advertising. The reporter is unfazed, he’s more interested in likes from Internet readers than advertising. Upset by this, the chairman goes to Young O and says they’ll follow Young O’s path but Young O must take responsibility for all that happens. He gives Young O one week to settle the matter internally. Young O tells him all will be revealed at the mortality conference.

At a meeting discussing whether or not a risky surgery should be performed, Young O does not engage in the discussion irritating his fellow doctors. His father announces to the surgeons that anyone involved in the latest surgeries that ended in table deaths cannot perform surgeries until the mortality conference is held. And that includes the surgery team. Young O questions his father who counters that surgeons and surgical teams that don’t trust each other cannot operate in the patient’s best interests. He encourages his son to reveal the killer at the mortality conference, but until then, no surgery.

Dr. Kim Yoon Kyung’s daughter is the patient the other surgeons just vetoed doing the surgery on. Naturally the Dr. Kim is upset. She believes she may be punished for praying for a heart donor for her daughter. Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min) comforts her.


Officer Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) asks Young O if he’s looking for clues that will identify the murderer. Young O believes Dr. Shin’s murderer knew him well and was able to administer the fatal dose without Dr. Shin knowing the syringe held his death. Young O also says that Dr. Shin knew the person took the missing heart. Jin Sung asks if he’s referring to Dr. Hyun. Young O points out he never mentioned Dr. Hyun, Jin Sung did. She turns to leave. Young O grabs her arm and tells her they are the only ones that believe this is murder. He says from this day forward they are a single unit to solve this crime. She tries to pull away but he pulls her back. He tells her she needs him to find the murderer. The reveal must occur at the morality conference. He asks for her help. Young O seems to like to grab arms of ladies to make his emphatic points. I do like the fact that he admitted that he needed Jin Sung’s help in the matter, often he seems like a lone Wolf. But in this case he asked for help.

Young O wants to check the route the Dr. Hyun walked that evening. Young O wants to check the records of those that got the fatal drug. When Jin Sung asks Young O who prescribed the fatal drug, she encourages him to be blunt. Instead, he states she’s the police. Young O seems to make this point at least once an episode. Young O wants also wants her to question the staff. She worries they will suspect Dr. Hyun as the culprit if she does. Young O tells her to either be a police officer or girl with a crush on Dr. Hyun. Dr. Lee Shi Hyun doesn’t like Jin Sung’s line of questions and pours a glass of water on her to stop the questioning. Dr. Lee suggests Young O is the primary suspect and throwing suspicion on someone else only takes the heat off himself.

The doctors wonder who is the culprit. Young O tells Jin Sung that he will talk to Dr. Hyun in a neutral location. When looking at scans of Dr. Kim’s daughter, Young O says he can do the surgery but only if Dr. Hyun handles the heart surgery. Dr. Kim asks Young O if her daughter can be saved. Young O is blunt; many things could go wrong in the surgery, and end with her daughter dying, a.k.a. table death. Dr. Kim asks Young O to promise her daughter will be all right. Young O counters he’s not the one that’s going to approve the surgery, she is.

Dr. Kim asks Young O’s father to allow Young O perform the surgery. Young O’s father is not happy that she is campaigning for Young O to perform the surgery as if he’s the only surgeon that can do this. He points out that Young O threw suspicions on her and her team’s work as potential suspects in Dr. Shin’s murder. His father points out that Young O could be the murderer. But with her daughter’s life on the line, Dr. Kim doesn’t care. She falls to her knees and begs Young owes father to allow the surgery.

It’s high risk surgery time…Young O bows to his father before entering surgery. Is this surgery is a trap for Dr. Hyun? During surgery, Young O runs into issues. He orders a timer set for a tricky bit of surgery. He gets the job done much to the relief of the surgical team. Dr. Hyun’s portion of the surgery goes well. Dr. Kim thanks Young O. He smiles and tells her she was the one that made the surgery happen. He asks if Dr. Hyun was the only doctor that cared for her daughter. She hesitates but then confirms it. As Young O walks away he knows Dr. Kim is lying. I wish I could read nonverbal clues like he can!

In the locker room Young O tells Dr. Hyun that he is not the person that murdered Dr. Shin. I like the small detail that we see Dr. Hyun switch out of contacts to glasses after the surgery. Young O tells Dr. Hyun that because the young patient also had a lesion on her heart just like motorcycle man did, he watched him closely to see if he would be unnerved by finding a similar heart with a lesion. Dr. Hyun is not happy to learn that Young O created the emergency situation during the surgery just to test him and he put his patient’s life at risk. Now that is the definition of not having empathy. Young O tells Dr. Hyun that Dr. Shin died because of the secret lesions on motorcycle man’s heart.

Dr. Kim goes to the surgery room and speaks to an unknown doctor alerting him that Young O is asking questions about her doctors that participated in her daughter’s care. The unknown man strides away. Little did Dr. Kim know that Young O was watching from the hallway. Holy moly! It appears the doctor that Dr. Kim spoke to his Young O’s father!


Dr. Sim refuses to help Young O. He observes her body language, her expensive purse and asks why he doesn’t remember any of her dissertations. Young O tempts her to help by saying that motorcycle man’s heart had a lesion, the young patient’s heart had a lesion and this third sample that he’s asked her to test, is the key to unlocking everything. He says that if she helps it will create an opportunity for her to write a paper that everyone will want to read. Dr. Sim agrees to help him. Or can we say she agrees to help herself first by helping him.

Dr. Hyun walks through the dark underside of the hospital and ends up in a research area. Is he part of the covert research that was done on motorcycle man? It appears the research is going well. He questions the status of the research. Dr. Hun says it feels weird that there are no problems with the research. Young O’s father says it is now his mission to continue Dr. Shin’s research.

Jin Sung she feels confident that Dr. Hyun is not the culprit. She declares he’s too good of a man to do something like that. Young O says there are people who are open and there are people that are hiders in this world. Sooner or later they all expose their true selves. That seems to be theme. Remember Young O’s father worrying about Young O revealing his true self? Young O says he knew from the beginning that Dr. Hyun was not guilty. Jin Sung can’t believe that he led her down the garden path by making her investigate her friend. She gets even more upset that suspicion was thrown on Dr. Hyun when he didn’t deserve it. Young O points out that everyone being suspicious of Dr. Hyun allowed the real culprit to feel like he had gotten away with it. She throws papers at Young O and one of them cuts his neck. As he dabs at the paper cut she taunts that he’s never expressed his feelings to anyone or accepted anyone else’s feelings. She leaves. Young O thinks back to asking Dr. Hyun why he didn’t deny killing Dr. Shin. Dr. Hyun replied that he did it so to maintain peace among the staff members . Interesting that he does not look at her during this exchange. We see that Jin Sung left her bottle cap ring in Young O’s car.

At the hospital Jin Sung apologizes to Dr. Hyun because her actions created mistrust among his colleagues. She promises to explain there was never an issue with him. She tells him he can hate her forever. She deserves it. Dr. Hyun asks if anybody’s will keep her next to him a for the rest of her life. Is he implying himself as a candidate? Dr. Hyun suggests they go get something to eat. I guess all is forgiven. She cries. He tells her it’s okay and they go out to eat together.

Meanwhile Young O introduces his fiance to his father. His father is surprised his son is getting married. He asks Dr. Kim how much she really knows about his son. She assures him that she could write a thesis about Young O. Everyone smiles and laughs. When she excuses herself from the table Young O’s father says it’s too dangerous for him to shackle himself to Dr. Kim. Young O says he’s just a normal guy when he’s with Dr. Kim. The world sees him as a normal guy when he’s with Dr. Kim. Isn’t that what his father wanted? His father asks about his preparations for the morality conference. His father tells him most people don’t find discussing death is something fun. Young O counters that Dr. Shin was betrayed by somebody that he trusted and that person needs to be exposed. Young O vows to reveal culprit at the mortality conference. Again Young O takes this personally because his reputation was besmirched with Dr. Shin dying. He must expose the real culprit and restore his reputation. Father and son stare at each other.

Young O moves the mortality conference up a day. All the doctors get the text that the mortality conference is moved up one day.

Dr. Sim, who tested the lesion sample, tells Young O that there was insufficient sample for her to draw any conclusions. He reads her nonverbals and knows that she’s lying. Young O congratulates Dr. Sim on determining the lesion. Young O tells her this knowledge makes her third in line for murder. That would unsettle me! Young O notes everyone else that new about the lesion is now dead. Young O tells her to reveal everything at the mortality conference, that’s the only way to guarantee her safety.

Jin Sung tells Young O that she’s heard the mortality conference been moved up one day. She demands that he hand over all evidence that he is gathered to her immediately. She tells him it’s hair his turn to help her catch the culprit. She asks Young O for the bottle cap ring she left in his car. Young O lies and says he didn’t see the bottle cap ring. He pulls the bottle cap ring out of his briefcase. He places the bottle cap ring in his drawer.

Young O goes to the pathology lab to visit Dr. Sim. But she’s not there. Instead she’s in the car was another doctor. Who is it? She tells the doctor that hospital research could be tanked because of her findings.

Dr. Sim calls Young O but

she doesn’t say anything. There is a sound. Dr. Sims body falls to the ground. In the emergency room, the medical team examines her. In surgery scenes with Young O working at the brain it’s almost like a father at the end of the dining room table. Young O declares that he will save Dr. Sim. The days of table death are over. He orders some of the medical team to leave the surgery room. He tells them he’s going to do this with a core team. Meanwhile Young O’ss father tells Jin Sung that Young O needs to be the person arrested. He gives her a key card. As Jin Sung enters the locker room and is about to open Young O’s locker, he bursts into the locker room, grabs his medication, and gives himself a dose. As he goes to exit the locker room Jin Sung stops him and tells him that he is under arrest. Young O tells her that he’s in the middle of a surgery. Jin Sang put the handcuffs on him and tells him he is under arrest for the serial homicides in the hospital.

My Thoughts

* This episode wasn’t the strongest of the four. It felt like a murder mystery, though granted, Young O makes it interesting. Plus the non linear, gap filled, scripts that the writer Kim Tae Hee favors adds to the “what is going on here” feeling I get sometimes.The pacing and how the show is constructed the writer definitely leaves gaps of time. It’s not a continuous flow of information. Something happens, and the script will jump forward a bit in time. Or the we don’t get the start to finish surgery. We don’t get the full conversation, we only get part of the conversation and another part of the conversation later. This makes the flow of information jagged, which can be jarring. But back to the the murder mystery. We started the episode with motor cycle man and Dr. Shin as the two victims. The heart with the lesions is the trail that is being followed. Motorcycle man had the lesions, Dr. Shin knew who swapped the hearts, and the Dr. Kim’s daughter also had lesions on her heart. So the questions are simple. Who was Dr. Kim talking to in the car? Who was Dr. Sim talking to in the car? Was it the same person? And did that person push Dr. Sim to plunge off the building? Is that person the murderer?

* Jang Hyuk showed that Lee Young O doesn’t mind using others to achieve his goal. I specially liked the moment when we got to compare and contrast Young O willingness to use Dr. Hyun. And it wasn’t just Dr. Hyun being used, also Dr. Kim’s daughter was put at risk to see Dr. Hyun’s reaction to the lesions on the girl’s heart. Young O’s manipulation was without consideration of others. Isn’t that the cornerstone of of sociopath behavior? Jin Sung railed at Young O that she doubted that he had ever accepted anyone’s feelings and vice versa no one. That seem to get under his skin. When she left the bottle Ring in his car, Young O denied having it when she asked, but he lied. Too bad Jin Sung couldn’t read his nonverbals, she would’ve known he was lying. Young O knows Jin Sung likes Dr. Hyun. Is he curious about this? Does he have a draw to Jin Sang? I don’t really see a connection, apart from him using her, and her mistrust, at this point. Did Young O manipulate others to find out the truth only to restore his own personal reputation? He was willing to put Dr. Hyun in the spotlight of suspicion, or to put Dr. Sim in danger should the killer find out that her lab work could connect him to the murders. So this episode focused on a manipulative Young O. We did not see much of the the vulnerable Young O that we saw in the previous episode. I’m surprised that Young O has not figured out that people do not like be used or manipulated. That’s gonna cost him.

* Park So Dam as Jin Sung surprised me when she decided to arrest Young O when he took a break from the surgery. She’s the one that’s pushed him to provide proper medical care to patients in emergency situations. Now when he’s in the middle of a surgery she put handcuffs on him and arrests him? Her basis for the arrest was the information from Young O’s father provided. I guess she has to learn that Young O’s father has his own agenda and is using her too. Jin Sung is okay but not particularly riveting. I’m not wild about the portrayal from the actress yet.

* Yoon Hyun Min as Doctor Hyun Suk Joo Was part of the secret medical research. I thought the best moment for this character was the contrast with Young O. Dr. Hyung never would have gone into a tricky surgery to test another doctor and put a little girl at risk. But Young O, no problem, everyone is a means to an end. But Dr. Hyun, as well as Young O’s father, is involved in what ever this secret research is. Does Young O know about the secret research going on at the hospital?

* Heo Jun Ho’s portrayal of Young O’s father, Lee Gun Myung, continued its double edge murkiness. Does he love his son? Does he fear his son? Is he actively working against Young O? Is it to protect himself, others, and Young O too? Sometimes I don’t see much of a difference between Young O’s father’s emotionless interactions and Young O. His father’s conversation with police officer Jin Sung made it appear that he was working against his son. His dinner with Young O and his fiance was more about the two guys than her. It was interesting when he told Young O that there’s no way that he could handle this girl.

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5 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 4 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    Thanks for the recap!

    In the flashback at the beginning, those were surgical stitches that YO was practising on the toilet papers in his room.

    And I dont think YO was putting the little patient’s life at risk just to test Dr Hyun. He said that he already clipped the bleeding in the patient’s brain before the 4 minute countdown, hence she was not as risk at all.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    MJ seems to be clueless about her fiancé’s lack of comprehending verbal; cues the “writing between the lines” and limited emotion. You could write a thesis about YO? How could you be engaged to someone you know so very little about? Attention MJ, this is a man that needs to have things spelled out. I feel bad for her when YO leaves the restaurant while she had gone to the restroom. Is she starting to realize that she doesn’t really know her fiancé? @prettysup – good call out of YO’s suture practice and reduced risk on Dr. Kim’s daughter’s surgery.

    If you are interested in nonverbal cues, there was a terrific Fox series “Lie to Me”, not to be confused with the Kdrama by that name. It is about a business, whose owner in particular is very adept at nonverbal cues and solves all kinds of cases etc. I think it still might be available on Netflix—definitely worth ❤ watching!

    YO did use JS to bait the hospital staff into thinking that Dr. HSJ was the suspect. 😦 That appeared to be mean spirited, although I don’t believe that was YO‘s intent, he was simply, analytically baiting for the killer to become complacent. @kjtamuser, you nailed it with “Young O’s manipulation was without consideration of others”—that is his nature—and I agree “That’s gonna cost him”. I can understand JS’s indignation and loved that she called out YO for not ever given his heart or received somebody’s heart. I think YO is interested in JS as she is a bit different than the majority of people he knows as JS seems to live as her authentic self for the most part. I believe he said something to the effect of everybody uses a false face and eventually the real face is revealed.

    I cannot understand YO taking a “break” during surgery to take his medication—WTH, he is going to have to change his clothes and scrub up again. Is daddy dearest afraid of YO? Is that why he set up his son to be arrested? What is the cause to arrest YO? Was it for the medication YO is taking? I’m a bit concerned the Dr. Sim, who is on the table while YO is getting handcuffed. Will YO get to finish the surgery before JS hauls him off to the clink? Sooo many questions!

    Potential murder suspects in my book: Almost any of the doctors at the hospital. Dr. HSJ seems to be exonerated this episode. YO’s dad—He did see Dr. Shin before Dr. Shin collapsed in YO’s office—Dr. KYK rushed to see him after YO’s confrontation…looks like he has been running some experimental treatments on the 7 year old girl that YO operated on, could this be the source of the mysterious fungus? I suspect that dad’s research is likely in the name of finding a cure for YO…the research may be the source of the fungus; is this the same research that Dr. Shin was working on?—dad was wearing a watch very similar to one mystery man in the car who last spoke to Dr. Sim before she took a dive off the hospital roof. The chairman just seems suspicious, even if he is not a physician and haven’t we seen him hang out on the roof a lot himself in addition to being a greedy chaebol—I strongly suspect he is complicit in playing on Team Frankenstein.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “I think YO is interested in JS as she is a bit different than the majority of people he knows as JS seems to live as her authentic self for the most part. ” I can see where you can say that. I must admit that JS has made little impact on me so far in this series. When the drama spot lights her more, I hope I have more regard for this character. I prefer to like the leading lady of a drama!

      “I cannot understand YO taking a “break” during surgery to take his medication—WTH, he is going to have to change his clothes and scrub up again.” Absolutely! A break DURING surgery, good grief!


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