Oh My Ghost Review

Oh My Ghost Review

Nutshell Summary
Oh My Ghost is a 2015 sixteen episode Korean drama that tells the story an shy aspiring chef who is possessed by a bold ghost. They pursue a popular chef. Will he fall for them? Will they fall for him?

Nutshell Pluses:

Oh_My_Ghost-6 Oh_My_Ghost-5
1. Three way romance worked.
Our shy leading lady liked our confident chef. Our bold ghost lusted after our confident chef. Putting the ghost into our leading lady’s body and you’ve had the recipe for a different kind of romance. Our confident chef clearly saw the two personalities at play and believed her to be manic depressive. Each woman had chemistry with the chef.
2. Mystery of the Ghost’s Death was a solid plot point. How did our bold ghost die? She couldn’t remember. Over the course of the series she explored her own past, saw her grieiving father and brother, and found her truth. This enabled her to wrap up unsolved issues and move on.

Nutshell Minuses:
Oh_My_Ghost-0061 Oh_My_Ghost-0036
1. The series took a darker turn in the final two episodes as the Ghost’s Mystery was resolved.
 The writer, Yang Hee Seung, showcased the frothy fun romance for the majority of the series. In resolving the mystery of the ghost’s death the last two episodes took a darker turn. It needed to be done but it was jarring.
2. Side characters never hooked me. The kitchen crew, our lead’s mother, the other woman wanting our chef, none of them fully engaged me. They felt like filler scenes while I waited for our trio scenes to be front and center.

The Characters that worked for me:
Oh_My_Ghost-1 Oh_My_Ghost-0045
1. Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) was painfully shy but found her groove as the series went on.
A quiet mouse would be the initial description for Bong Sun. Her unrequited love for Chef Kang Sun Woo was destined to go no where. But possession by a bold ghost changed everything. Bo Young portrayed both versions of Bong Sun – the shy and the bold – well. I’m guessing this was an interesting role for the actress Bo Young to portray. It couldn’t have been boring. Her chemistry with the leading man was solid and had some lovely moments.
Oh_My_Ghost-0006 Oh_My_Ghost-0069
2. Kang Sun Woo (Cho Jung Seok) was a confident chef that was drawn to both versions of our leading lady.
He practically had whip lash trying to balance and understand the two different Bong Suns. But the writer gave him a plausible explanation of a mental illness and Jung Seok sold it. You believed that he cared for Bong Sam no matter how she was acting. He had compassion for her illness and supported her. Their relationship was more traditional not overly modern, but it worked. You had to laugh as Sun Woo fended off the flagrant advances of an amorous Bong Sun.

Oh_My_Ghost-12 Oh_My_Ghost-13
3. Shin Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi),
was the bold ghost that possessed Bong Sun to resolve her issues on earth so she could ascend to heaven. Originally she believed because she was a virgin a death, that seducing a man, would end her virginity and unblock her path to heaven. Seul Gi portrayed the determined Soon Ae with appeal. You wanted her to resolve her issues and find permanent peace. Seul Gi was effective in the interactions with her family, watching their grieving process and wanting to help them move on.

The Character that did nothing for me:
1. Heo Min Soo (Kang Ki Young) was the annoying and insecure sous chef
in Sun Woo’s restaurant.
This character bellowed and brayed to cover his insecurity and loneliness. This character irked me to the point I muted the sound or fast forwarded through his scenes.

Do I recommend this series?
Yes, it was a fun romance with a twist. But the romance was the only part of the story that completely worked for me. The rest of the plots points were not especially compelling.


The OST has 23 tracks with 4 primary vocal tracks. See drama wiki for details. My favorite is song is Stay by Ben. The playlist of the 4 songs with the additional song by Jo Jung Suk Gimme a Chocolate is embedded below or check it out via the link.

1. Stay by Ben
2. Oh My Ghost by Han So Hyun and Jamie Park
3. Leave by Park Bo Young
4. Eyes by Park Jae Bum

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  1. This is a cute movie! I even went to the filming locations of Oh my Ghost! Haha ❤ https://travelwithkarla.wordpress.com/2016/06/11/kdrama-locations/


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