Beautiful Mind Episode 3 Recap

We’ve got ourselves a murder mystery in the hospital.

Beautiful Mind Episode 3 Recap


A young Lee Young O draws a heart, which irritates his father. He declares he wants to become a doctor. His father wants him to live a quiet life so no one discovers how he is different from others. Later at the medical awards a doctor faints. The other doctors gather and try to diagnose the issue. Young O approaches the man, looks at his head, and declares a diagnosis.  OMG, they drill the guy’s head onsite! Dr. Shin Dong Jae asks Young O’s father why he has been hiding his son’s medical talents. Young O says he’d love to attend medical school but needs his father’s permission. Dr. Shin asks why Young O’s father does not allow his son to go to medical school. Young O seizes the moment and asks if his father will give his consent. The doctors chuckle knowing Young O has his father in a public place. Young O promises he’ll  become a good doctor, just like his father.

Present Day…

Dr. Lee Young O (Jang Hyuk) opens the locker room and brings Officer Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) in. He stares at Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min). Young O asks both of them “Is Young O the person that took the heart from the corpse?” He answers the question himself. No, he doesn’t care about the heart. But he knows who took the heart. He states this person is considered trust worthy to Jin Sang. He moves to Dr. Hyung. Young O declares Dr. Hyung could have taken the heart. Young O says the brain fungus came from the heart, therefore the heart was stolen to conceal this. Who would have taken the risk to steal the heart? Dr. Hyun has an emergency patient and leaves. Jin Sung asks Young O if he thinks Dr. Hyung stole the heart. Young O claims not to care. He only used the motor cycle man’s surgery to obtain the big prize, Dr. Kim’s surgery. He uses Jin Sang’s words against her “A doctor saves lives, a police officer catches criminals” He tells her it is now her choice how to proceed.

The doctors decide the ER patient needs brain surgery. Young O studies the film and asks the parents what lead up to their daughter falling unconscious. Young O examines the girl and sees bruises on her stomach. Was the girl bullied? Did her father abuse her? Young O wants to know if the father is the biological father. The father confirms this but the wife’s eyes betray the truth under Young O’s watchful gaze. I love that Young O understands the nonverbal communication, it adds an interesting element to his interactions. Young O declares if they operate now, the girl will have massive blood loss and die on the operating table. This show loves the term “table death”. Young O bluntly tells the parents they are lying about their daughter’s Hemophilia. Hemophilia is a mostly genetic disorder inherited from a person’s parents that impairs the body’s ability to form blood clots, a process needed to stop bleeding (per wikipedia). Young O declares the father, a soccer player, could not have Hemophilia. His body could not take the abuse. The father declares he is the biological father. The mother does not confirm or deny this. Young O tells the doctors to transfer the patient. The mother begs Young O to do the surgery. Color me surprised when Young O does the surgery that he just declared he would not do. After the successful surgery the other doctor tells Young O that he was too tough with the parents. The little girl wakes to a grateful mother. Her father tells his daughter to get well so she can continue to play soccer. The parents stare at each other. The father leaves. The mother sobs. We see Young O’s response to the scolding doctor “the mother said she’d do anything for her child plus I didn’t misdiagnose the patient based on the films. The surgery was a success. How am I cruel?” Tell it like it is Young O!

Dr. Hyun is in surgery. Jin Sang wants to discuss something with him she tells the nurse. You can tell she’s worried Dr. Hyun took the heart. The CCTV morgue video reveals both Dr. Hyun and Dr. Young visited the morgue. If that’s so, wouldn’t the video show who to the heart? The camera had a direct line of sight. Dr. Hyun is asleep after the long surgery when so goes to question him. Young O stares at her. Nervous she rambles, Dr. Hyun is sleeping, he’s not a flight risk, she can question in later, etc. Young O says the heart is missing. Jin Sang states they’ll find who to the heart. She declares Dr. Hyun would never lie to her BUT her eyes reveal she’s lying about this statement. Young O tells her humans lie, denying the truth to the bitter end, just like her. He walks away. She closes her eyes knowing he’s right. How many folks get irritated, angry, or schooled by Young O every day?

The hospital chairman applauds Young O’s brilliant surgery of Mr. Kim. BUT this was an expensive cause the hospital needs to be profitable. The chairman wants Young O to think carefully next time. Young O counters that the chairman needs a doctor like him. Someone that can bring in wealthy patients who believe the hospital has the best doctors money can buy. The chairman tells Young O he is a pretty knife that can do damage. But he’s willing to hitch his star to Young O. They shake hands.

Young O’s father wonders why Young O is trying to replace him. Young O bluntly tells him he did not investigate the motor cycle man corpse switch or heart being stolen. Young O says his father appears to be impartial but in reality he suspected his son of the crimes. His father denies this. Young O verbalizes all the nonverbal cue that make his father’s words a lie. Bam! Daddy dearest is stung by the techniques he taught Young O.

Jin Sang and Dr. Shin drink together. He encourages her to brave and tell Dr. Hyun she likes him. Jin Sang says she’s stressed about something else. It’s the missing heart. She’s afraid Dr. Hyun is involved. She walks away, turns and looks at Dr. Shin. Is he involved too? Dr. Shin wants to see motor cycle man’s records but they’ve been deleted. It appears Young O’s father learns the same thing as he ends a phone call. Dr. Shin returns to the office and opens his safe. He looks at a file and calls Dr. Hyun. Dr. Shin runs into Young O’s father who wonders why the hospital’s director is there so late. Dr. Shin claims he was doing research. Young O’s father says most people don’t drink before research. He tells him those with diabetes should not drink every day (alcohol can mess with blood sugar levels). Dr. Shin calls Dr. Lee another nagging wife. He then continues to look for Dr. Hyun. Dr. Shin meets with Young O pretending to be drunk and asks to see motor cycle man’s file. He then passes out. Guess he wasn’t pretending to stagger. Young O calls for emergency surgery for Dr. Shin. He diagnosis the problem as cerebral hemorrhage. Good grief, this show embraces surgeries for everyone! Jin Sang runs to the surgery waiting area where she asks Dr. Hyun about Dr. Shin’s condition.

The doctors grouse that Young O gets another high profile surgery. They are told “life is unfair, especially when it comes to talent”. That doesn’t ease the pain.

Dr. Shin’s wife and Jin Sang talk. She learns that Dr. Shin returned to the hospital from their drinking time. There is a complication during surgery. Young O is cool as a cucumber but Dr. Shin’s heart fails. Young O chuckles, a table death due to heart failure, not the brain surgery.

When Young O walks to the patient waiting area he walks past them. He tells another doctor the surgery was perfect and the patient death’s was not due to anything he did wrong. Young O repeats this even when the doctor walks away to comfort Dr. Shin’s wife. Jin Sang gets angry that Young O is claiming a perfect surgery when Dr. Shin died AND he’s spouting this around the grieving family. She hits Young O’s chest. He grabs her wrists and repeats the surgery was perfect. He raises his voice and repeats the surgery was perfect. He yells the surgery was perfect. His father interrupts. They’ll discuss cause of death later in the committee he has the power to convene. He walks away. Young O looks hurt. He walks away. Jin Sang watches him go. I really liked how this scene scraped away the confident veneer of Young O. It showed a soft underbelly of a boy that wants his father’s approval but it eludes him. Jang Hyuk was superb giving us emotionless statements of the surgery’s success, then escalated to anger when Jin Sang got mad at his insensitivity, then hurt at his father’s declaration that the investigation would reveal what went wrong. That was excellent acting.

In the stairwell Young O repeatedly hits the door. This dude has emotions! He sags to a step alone.

Young O’s father and the other doctors express their sympathy to the family.

Everyone stares at Young O as he strides through the halls. His fiance intercepts him and asks if he is okay. He tells her to get out of his way. She only wants to comfort him. He asks if that is possible. He reads her eyes. He sees her fear or doubt or something that makes her words of comfort a lie. Bam! Another sucker punch to his heart! He tells her he’s fine. But it is obvious he is lying. He enters his office alone. He takes the drugs.

The other doctors think that Young O is unsettled by Dr. Shin’s death. They don’t understand why Dr. Shin died on the table.

bm_ep3_8b bm_ep3_8a
Jin Sang searches Dr. Shin’s office. She finds the safe. It is empty except for soju. She remembers Dr. Shin telling her that drinking alone means you know life is bitter and you are alone. Dr. Hyun enters the office. He wants Jin Sang to attend the funeral with him. Jin Sang pulls away declaring Dr. Shin died because she told him everything – motor cycle man’s heart went missing, Dr. Hyun was a suspect, etc. She thinks someone killed motor cycle man and Dr. Shin died coming to the hospital to find out who, and he died probably by the same person that killed motor cycle man. Dr. Hyun says motor cycle man was never treated by the hospital. I’m missing something here. Jin Sang yells that Dr. Hyun lied to her. He says that he was afraid about the case and he hid his fear from her. He asks Jin Sang to stop investigating so he can. She refuses to stop. She refuses to go the funeral. She’ll cry later. That was a decent scene by Park So Dam. I felt her frantic feelings of guilt and need to find out the truth even if she had to turn away from the man she liked to do so.

She recalls Dr. Shin’s kindness to her. She reads a text Dr. Shin sent her that evening saying that he was wrong, she can trust people, and he asked her to let him prove that. Now she cries.

Young O sits in the operating room reviewing what happened.

When Young O gets home his father tells him he should apologize to Dr. Shin’s family. Young O says an apology won’t bring Dr. Shin back. His father agree. BUT Young O should have a sense of responsibility for Dr. Shin’s death and apologize accordingly. Young O laughs. Responsibility means punishment when he’s done nothing wrong. His father says Young O revealed he felt nothing for the patient today. He tells Young O to apologize and hide his true self. Ouch! That is cold and cruel.

Jin Sang drinks. Sargent Park helps her see she needs to try a new tact. She thanks him and leaves.

The next day she asks to be transfer to violent crimes to she can determine what Dr. Shin found and who the killer is. Her superior agrees to let her join his team. His team complains. He assures them that Jin Sang will give up. He tells them doctors are never prosecuted.

Jin Sang asks Dr. Shin’s family to allow an autopsy. The wife asks the doctors what to do. The don’t think the autopsy should be done, they want Dr. Shin’s death to be scandal free. The doctor accuses her of using Dr. Shin’s death for career advancement.

Young O goes to the funeral service at the church. Everyone stares at him as he walks down the aisle. He turns and requests to give the eulogy. Jin Sang arrives as Young O speaks. He states the cause of death was murder. That gets everyone’s attention. He holds up the medicine Dr. Shin took for diabetes (that Dr. Shin had in his pocket the night he died) and says was the cause of his death. Dr. So stands and says those pills didn’t kill him. Young O says the insulin and the pills created a dynamite situation in Dr. Shin’s body which lead to the cerebral bleeding. He says this was the method the killer used to make it look like a natural death. Dr. Chae approves an autopsy. Young O looks pointedly at his watch and says it is too late. Someone could have tampered with the body just like they did with motor cycle man. Young O draw a blood vial from his pocket and declares this blood sample was sent for testing. All the doctors get a text. They look at their phones. They look surprised. Young O declares Dr. Shin was murdered and the murderer is in the church. The crowd murmurs. Young O stares at Jin Sang.

My Thoughts

* Another flashback start to the episode. I was ready this time. Good episode. I like how the writer constructed the episode. I am loving the nonverbal reading that Young O does. It reveals the truth when the words are lies. The soccer mother’s lie that the father was the biological father was revealed. Young O’s fiance’s said that she wanted to comfort him but her eyes told him she doubted him. His direct deconstruction of his father’s non verbals was excellent.

* This show has a different flow and vibe from a typical kdrama. I can’t describe it in exact terms. The cadence seems different. The scenes seem cut short. It creates an effect for the viewer.

* Jang Hyuk showed that Lee Young O could be emotionally hurt. This added another layer to Young O. Let’s add vulnerable to to the list of descriptors for Young O. His relationship with his father is like a tag game of besting each other. His father plays dirty. He’s willing to denigrate Young O’s emotional competency to downgrade his ability as a doctor. It’s like his father won’t relinquish his original declaration from years ago “you don’t have what it takes to be a doctor” and is determined to prove this even though it hurts Young O. It is also obviously false. This has been rolling around in my head. Isn’t Young O right? Isn’t his lack of empathy a strength NOT a weakness when practicing medicine? Do you want a warm and cuddly surgeon or a cold and efficient one? I also like the interactions with Jin Sang. You felt Young O reaching out to her to investigate the crimes. You felt Young O be hurt by her added censure after the surgery. Young O may not feel empathy but I feel empathy for him. He’s playing in minefield of humans that don’t all want him to succeed. Jang Hyuk is hitting a home run with this fascinating character.

* Park So Dam as Jin Sang stepped up her game. In the first two episodes I doubted her depth as an actor. This episode was her best one to date. She delivered in the scenes after Dr. Shin’s death. Her pain, anger, and desire to find out why her father figure friend died felt honest.

* Yoon Hyun Min as Doctor Hyun Suk Joo was ancillary this episode. I liked that Jin Sang did not give him blind obedience when he asked her to back away from investigating Dr. Shin’s death and leave it to him.

* Heo Jun Ho’s portrayal of Young O’s father, Lee Gun Myung, revealed a competitive mean side. Their power struggle seemed to tip to the father being the instigator because he has lost power over Young O in many ways. Young O is a doctor even though his father tried to stop him becoming one. Young O functions fairly well with others but his father pounced on his lack of empathy when Young O maintained the surgery was not the cause of Dr. Shin’s death. It was cutting and cold when he told Young O that he better apologize or everyone would know Young O’s true self. I wanted to tell daddy dearest, “Everyone sees Young O for who he is. Everyone already knows he has no empathy. But that is outweighed but his surgical and diagnostic brilliance. Stop banging this lack of empathy drum!”

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22 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 3 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    Thanks for your recap! This is one drama that makes me keep wanting for more!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beez says:

    I kind of didn’t understand this part: Is Young Ho ridiculing his dad for showing favoritism to Young Oh by not investigating for fear it would implicate Young Oh? Or is Young Ho ridiculing his dad for suspecting him?

    I think differently about the dad’s view on not wanting Young Ho to become a doctor. Instead of seeing Young Oh’s dad as oppressing him, I see him as necessarily suppressing him. Didn’t they say in Ep1 that Young Oh is a sociopath? True, I’m getting my definition of sociopath from Criminal Minds, those have been some scary depictions. The dad knows (or, at least believes) that Young Oh is capable of operating on someone just to see if he can suceed/challenge himself, like it’s no more than an experiment on lab rats, instead of feeling the weight of having a human being’s life in his hands. So I think dad is both responsible and culpable and scared – he tried to protect the public by keeping Young Oh from becoming a doctor but he loves his son too much to expose “what he is”. He’s scared of and for Young Oh. (Or it’s his pride. We haven’t seen enough yet to know which it is.)
    Young Oh is brilliant, but he’s capable of anything with no conscience to deter him (if I’m to believe Criminal Minds) lol

    Anyway, as I watch Hyukie killing this role, I’m grateful so many other actors turned it down so we get to see it acted on this level. (I had the same feeling about Ji Sung finally taking on the role in Kill Me, Heal Me).

    Liked by 1 person

    • kjtamuser says:

      You are correct that we don’t know enough yet of Young O’s father’s motivations to make definitive statements.

      Your slant, suppress versus oppress, may be the way it is.

      ” Young Oh is capable of operating on someone just to see if he can suceed/challenge himself, like it’s no more than an experiment on lab rats, instead of feeling the weight of having a human being’s life in his hands. So I think dad is both responsible and culpable and scared – he tried to protect the public by keeping Young Oh from becoming a doctor but he loves his son too much to expose “what he is”. Gosh, you put that well. His father seems to be competitive with Young O. But scared and culpable could be the driving factors.

      “as I watch Hyukie killing this role, I’m grateful so many other actors turned it down so we get to see it acted on this level” Completely concur! Jang Hyuk must be relishing this role.

      I still have Kill Me, Heal Me on my watch list.


      • Beez says:

        @kjtamuser, Regarding KMHM,I don’t think it’s a spoiler (because you can see it on various posters for the show)for me to say that, I wonder if the reason other actors declined the role is because of donning a skirt for the female personality? Ji Sung even wore pants under the schoolgirl uniform skirt, which looked weird. (But he wore the full makeup so…???) I find it hard to believe that none of them believed they had the skills to tackle the role so possibly that male hierarchical (sp?) society? I would think most actors would jump at the chance for so meaty a role.

        Liked by 1 person

        • kjtamuser says:

          I’m with you, the more complex the role the better. When I wondered why other actors rejected the Beautiful Mind leading man role, prettysup noted “Multiple actors rejected this role because it is a difficult role to play – cold and unfeeling, plus they worry that it may tarnish their ‘good guy’ idol images.”. This could be applicable to KMHM too.


    • Drama Fan says:

      I’m also not sure about the dad’d true motivations. It could be a little bit of everything. But what I do feel is that Young Oh resents the fact that his father doesn’t “trust” him. He wants to prove his value to his dad. So, I think he was scolding him for suspecting him.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Beez says:

        But how do you resent being scolded when you know you’re not trustworthy? And you know the person scolding you KNOWS your not trustworthy and very capable of doing anything? (I’m saying this based upon me reading up on the definition of “sociopath” since this show started.) And lo and behold, I should’ve known…turns out I was married to one for 13 years. SMH

        Liked by 1 person

        • Drama Fan says:

          Yikes Beez! I’m sorry about that. LYO accepts he feels nothing but he seems to also resent it everytime his father emphasizes that he is not normal. Since he can’t say “But you are wrong. I’m nornal” he is going for “I’m better than normal. I save lives. Accept me. Be proud of me” or something like that.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Beez says:

            @DramaFan -Yeah, that makes sense. I can see that about Young Oh.

            As to my ex – it’s no bigee now. It’s not like I didn’t know his behavior, I just didn’t have a clinical name for it before. Me and my kid debated words like “immoral” and “amoral” to try to label it before but reading the definitions of “sociopath”–that’s it! lol


        • Drama Fan says:

          I’ve read on the subject too, but way before although also motivated by shows and the more I read, the more I realized the subject is too complex and it is easy to confuse sociopathy with other disorders. Also, the only real common denominator, is the lack of empathy.


          • kjtamuser says:

            The complexity should provide the writer leeway though perhaps she has a solid framework for how LYO will act.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Beez says:

            Yeah. I can in no way claim to have done any real research on the subject (other than first- hand knowledge of living with one -haha). You have no idea how good it feels to have moved on enough to finally be able to find a bit of humor in it (although I’m in no way joking about him being one – the worst kind – narcicist sociopath).

            As I read a bit for trying to understand this show, I did see how complex it is as not all of them are serial killers and evil incarnate as Criminal Minds let me to believe. That’s what I get for taking my information from a tv show. lol

            Liked by 1 person

            • Drama Fan says:

              Yup! There’s an interesting book I recommend “The psychopath next door”. This is a fascinating but disturbing and scary subject. Like you said, they are not all serial killers but I do think they are all toxic (and Im sorry if Im wrong and this is a prejudice but for now, that’s how I feel)


              • beez says:

                No need to apologize. Our very society is based on us attributing “nice” to people who are thoughtful of us and our feelings. I don’t know of any society on earth where that’s not how we distinguish good people from thoughtless (or as it goes down the meter, from thoughtless to uncaring; to cold and unfeeling; to outright evil). That would be interesting to know if there are societies that view things differently?

                I mean there are differences in culture when it comes to machismo (alpha) behavior being admired by men and women alike or considered boastful jerks by other cultures. But I don’t think there are any cultures that doesn’t appreciate thoughtfulness (empathy). If anybody knows of any, please weigh in.

                Liked by 1 person

        • kjtamuser says:

          Wow, that must have been a difficult relationship.
          I did a quick search on sociopath and found an article that interested me:


  3. Bonnie says:

    Hyukie’s acting is superb, a splendid character portrayed by him, excellent play!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I am also ❤ YO’s ability to read nonverbal cues—it is a fascinating skill and valuable for diagnosing.

    Agreed that the “cadence seems different”—soundtrack accentuates the suspense—at times downright freaky—listen at 43:00 mark when his fiancé tries to comfort him. The music seems to tell us he is dealing with demons. I think YO is injecting prescription drugs for his emotion issues.

    SJ may have seen ancillary, but something is definitely going on with him—I don’t trust him either. He looks like a good candidate for heart stealing—and I’m not talking about Jin Sang’s heart! It would appear that the hear thief may have been motivated by the mysterious fungus. The fungus sounds like the kind of stuff that could have been used in a Frankenstein experiment. Is SJ Frankenstein or possibly his minion Igor? BTW—I am not talking about the cute goggle eye yellow minions.

    @Beez I felt strongly that YO was ridiculing his dad for suspecting him. I agree that YO’s dad may appear to be mean and competitive, but I truly think he is protecting his son and trying to help him to be or at least appear “normal”. I concur dad is fearful of what YO might be capable of—kjtamuser, I think you hit the nail on the head “scared and culpable could be the driving factors”. KMHM is well worth the watch. I found new respect for Ji Sung and his acting chops!

    Interesting thread on sociopaths—makes you think twice about “Would I date him”…I guess we will have to wait until the story plays out.

    Interesting how YO and JS seem to be on the same side. How long will that last? Will they work together to solve the murder mystery? I am intrigued with the story and


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