Another Miss Oh Episode 18 (Final) Recap

We come full circle and wrap up the loose ends in this series finale.

Another Miss Oh Episode 18 (Final) Recap 

Gosh the last time I’ll watch this opening…

It’s 6 months later and Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) and Park Do Kyung’s (Eric) have kept a low profile focusing on enjoying each other. They watch an interview of the singer that almost died the night Tae Jin planned to run down Do Kyung. The singer looks into the camera and says that he lives because of others and thanks them.

Hae Young and Do Kyung visit his doctor. He’s nervous to meet Hae Young. They meet with the other doctor. He explains that future visions can be altered by events. Do Kyung says he no longer has visions. Hae Young wants reassurance the Do Kyung is no longer in danger of dying.

Hae Young tells Do Kyung they should live together. Do Kyung tells her he’ll be the one to request that kind of change to their relationship. He says he’ll propose.

Do Kyung’s crew is moving all the equipment to their new studio. Do Kyung calls his brother, Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min), saying the original studio has been released from seizure. While they are happy it means they have to move everything back.

The seizure tags are removed.  Tae Jin texts Do Kyung “you’ve done nothing wrong. Stay away from Chairman Jang.”

Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) tells Chairman Jang that the money he spent on bonds was wasted. Tae Jin leaves. He watches Do Kyung’s mother fight to enter the house. She promptly rips the Chairman’s hair. I like her, for the first time, I like her! She warns him to never bother Do Kyung again. Chairman Jung is a bit of a coward. Plus we know they never got married. 

Do Kyung’s pregnant sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) finds the baby’s father Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) waiting to walk her home when she gets off the bus. They are adorably awkward with each other.  I’ve never seen a couple struggle to touch and walk at the same time. At home, the awkwardness continues. Before leaving Jin Sang execute the spin, dip move but declines to kiss her.  What is the deal? I thought these two got over this last episode. I guess one make session in an elevator did not cure all issues.  Jin Sang doesn’t understand why things are so hard. He goes to her room but is rejected. Frustrated he lays in his bed.

Hae Young’s parents hear Hae Young declare she doesn’t want to marry Do Kyung. She’d rather live with him. Her mother tells her to move out now. And it is not done with anger. Hae Young cries while she packs. Hae Young begs her parents to tell Do Kyung that she has their consent to live with him. Her mother agrees. Hae Young is out the door in flash with her parents.

Jin Sang tells Do Kyung he respects Soo Kyung. Do Kyung is frustrated with his own stupidity. He can’t believe he told Hae Young no to living together and once again he blocked what he really wants. Do Kyung berates himself for not fully learning the lesson yet. He heads out and drives to Hae Young’s house.

Hae Young begs her mother to support her decision to live with Do Kyung. Her mother isn’t happy with the choice.

With a dash of symbolism the taxi carrying Hae Young and her parents meet Do Kyung who is going the wrong way down a one way street. Do Kyung exits his car, falls on his knees and asks for their permission to marry. Hae Young’s father says they’ve given Hae Young their consent. Hae Young’s mother tells them to live together and not waste time with a wedding. She tells Do Kyung to stand. She hugs him and wishes him happiness. That teared me up. Nice moment! They move Hae Young’s things to Do Kyung’s car. Her father smiles at them, tears in his eyes. That teared me up. Nice moment! As Do Kyung backs away so the taxi can go past, Hae Young wills her mother to look at her. Hae Young’s mother looks and stares. After they pass by, Hae Young’s mother says “Do Kyung must be crazy.” LOL! Then she cries.

amo_ep18_5b amo_ep18_5a
Hae Young is thrilled to be at Do Kyung’s apartment. She relates how she wanted him when she lived across the wall. They kiss on the coach. Oh no, Jin Sang is in the apartment. Turns out that Do Kyung and Hae Young partically jumped each other once they got in the apartment. Jin Sang cowered trying to leave but ends up stuck behind the couch. Soo Kyung knocks. Hae Young doesn’t want his sister to find out they are living together tonight. They pretend to be leaving for Hae Young’s house. Soo Kyung asks if Jin Sang is there. No is our couple’s response. When Soo Kyung points out Jin Sang’s shoes, he is busted and reveals himself. LOL! Do Kyung and Hae Young stare at him.  Soo Kyung suggests a walk. Open mouth insert foot…Jin Sang congratulates the couple. Soo Kyung wants to know what this is about. Jin Sang tells her she’ll find out tomorrow but don’t worry they have consent. Do Kyung tells him not to sneak in again. Jin Sang declares he’s been there the whole time. Now our couple knows Jin Sang saw and heard everything. Flustered Jin Sang begins detailing to Soo Kyung what he saw including “they were pecking like chickens”! Soo Kyung laughs as they leaves.

On their walk Soo Kyung tells himself to reveal himself within 3 seconds next time he’s stuck like that. Good grief Soo Kyung is flexible!

Hoon’s girlfriend calls him when an important customer arrives. The director tells Hoon to explain the script concept. Hoon does. The director likes it and agrees work with Hoon. Hoon and his girlfriend are thrilled.

Hae Young asks her mother to meet Do Kyung’s mother. She’s not excited.

Hae Young’s father calls Do Kyung. He tells Do Kyung boil and ate certain food for good health. He hangs up.

Hoon’s girlfriend brags about Hoon to Director Kim. Later Hoon tells his girlfriend he loves her. She returns the sentiment. They hug and kiss with enthusiasm.

Do Kyung tells Soo Kyung and Jin Sang they are getting married. Jin Sang prompts for the rest of the story. Do Kyung admits they are living together. Soo Kyung admits she’s pregnant startling Hae Young. Soo Kyung explains she and Jin Sang aren’t living together. Hoon and his girlfriend burst in sharing they have declared they love each other. Jin Sang sees they are the only couple that has not declared their love. Soo Kyung tells him not to say it until he means it. Jin Sang takes the spotlight off them by declaring Do Kyung and Hae Young are living together. Do Kyung quickly adds they will be getting married.

Hae Young and Do Kyung find a food and a note from Hae Young’s mother. The note reads “We should have had many chances to eat together. I don’t know what you like to eat. So I packed a variety. Marriage is knowing one small thing could break you up. I hope you stay together for a long time”. Do Kyung smiles.

Hae Young and her mother meet Do Kyung and his mother. His mother asks if her mother knows they are living together. Hae Young’s mother states she drove her daughter to the house. That makes his mother laugh at her modern sensibility. Hae Young’s mother points out the blissful days of love are important but fleeting. She notes not everyone gets to experience blissful love. She wants them to live together and not be ashamed about it. Do Kyung’s mother makes it clear she is not happy about them living together. Are you surprised? I thought not. Do Kyung drops the bomb that Soo Kyung is pregnant to stop her rant. She’s stunned. Graciously Hae Young’s mother offers her congratulations. Do Kyung’s mother is effectively silenced. As Hae Young and her mother walk away, her mother comments “She seems tough, but she’s nothing. She won’t give you any trouble.” She tells Hae Young to go home with Do Kyung. She walks away with Hae Young loving her mother. Do Kyung tells his mother that Jin Sang is the father. She is pleased.

The scene where Jin Sang has to unclog the toilet…total filler!

Jin Sang tells Soo Kyung the toilet is fixed. She is still embarrassed he had to do that.

Do Kyung meets with the movie guys. Everyone likes Do Kyung’s work. His mind is elsewhere and leaves first.

He brings the pork belly Hae Young texted about and they eat together. She feeds him.

Do Kyung’s mother offers Soo Kyung congratulations. She tells Soo Kyung to be good to Jin Sang. Soo Kyung complains they aren’t romantic together and cries.

Hoon advises Do Kyung not to leave important business meetings. Hae Young is happy he left because she wanted him home.

The singer’s concert went well. The other doctor stops by to check on him.

Hae Young and Do Kyung watch a movie.

Flashback to Tae Jin asking Hae Young how much he should reveal to his next girlfriend. She tells him there is only one thing he should not say (that she repulsive when she eats). He chuckles and says that their breakup allowed her to meet someone better. He wishes her happiness. Nice smile! Hae Young tells him he was good to her. He smiles and thanks her. Tae Jin you good looking lug, you just scored with me!

Hoon’s girlfriend declaring that unclogging a toilet is a declaration of love. She’s surprised they are pregnant. She believe they are doing everything in reverse so “I love you” will be the last thing they do. That makes Soo Kyung smile.

Hoon congratulates his girlfriend on her acting. LOL! Jin Sang pays them for their fine acting!

amo_ep18_10b amo_ep18_10a
Hae Young and Original Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin) finally have that drink together. Original Hae Young declares Hae Young the winner. She won’t come to the wedding. She’s going to leave the company. But she wants her to be happy with Do Kyung. She means it. Good grief, that tears me up! Hae Young yells at original Hae Young that she must be happy too! She gets a call from her mother. Nice!

Jin Sang and Soo Kyung do their weird walking antics.

Hae Young walks to the wedding video place where Do Kyung is waiting. Do Kyung thinks his life was closed until Hae Young opened his heart. He was incapable of emotions. But she changed everything. He looks at the wedding rings.

No, No, No!

Hae Young walks with headphone in. There is a high speed chase.

Writer, please don’t do this.

The cherry blossoms fall around Do Kyung. He looks startled.

Good grief, I’m crying already and it hasn’t happened yet.

He sees the news that the singer has died.

No, No, No!

The white car comes down the street and hits him. Do Kyung goes high in the air. The driver is Tae Jin’s loser partner. Do Kyung falls to the ground. Do Kyung thinks the only difference is the sky is blue instead of dark at night. He thinks of Hae Young’s happy face. He wants her to come and hold his hand. He understands why couples want each other’s touch at the end.

Hae Young sees the ambulance. She sees the singer has died. She knows. She runs. She thinks “it’s okay, I’ll be there, it is not serious”. She holds his hand. He holds her hand. She bends over his body. Do Kyung thinks “I’m relieved.” The ambulance arrives.

Hae Young and everyone waits outside the operating room. Hae Young’s mother declares the wedding will be September the 3rd. Do Kyung’s mother counters for October. Soo Kyung doesn’t want it that late, she’ll be showing. Do Kyung’s mother states her wedding gifts requirements will be short. Hae Young’s mother flips out at the presumption of wedding gifts. The mothers argue, everyone starts arguing. Hae Young finds this comforting because everyone knows Do Kyung would be okay. She cries. She’ll get to wear a pretty wedding dress. We see the report that the singer has regained consciousness.

Wedding Day…

Hae Young and Do Kyung are married. Everyone is there and happy. They kiss. They hold hands and walk down the aisle.

Do Kyung thinks “after a near death experience you live life differently. You realize what is important in life. I’m as happy as I can be.”

Hae Young thinks “with him, the time we spent laughing and crying, breakup and getting back together, I will remember those times when I die and I will think…it was perfect.”

My Thoughts

*The writer got me. I thought the danger had passed but it had not. For a second I thought that Hae Young might get hit crossing the street because she had the headphones in and couldn’t hear the sirens. But in the end, the focus was Do Kyung’s near death experience, as it must be. Do I like the writer’s choice? I’m good with it. This was full closure on the premonition and the changes that Do Kyung’s actions made for his future. IF Do Kyung would have died, I would NOT be happy. But he lived, their love triumphed, and their circle of family and friends came together in the hospital and at the wedding.

* This was a total fluff episode except for the last bit. It was obvious the writer wedged in the filler scenes while keeping the ending to the series the original vision. I still say if they had ended the series at the end of the last episode, I would have been satisfied.

*Do Kyung saved his future by his actions. The writer again weaved the singer into the mix but I’m not buying this as anything but ancillary. Do Kyung saved his own life by his actions. I enjoyed Do Kyung using his sister’s pregnancy to startle his mother and downgrade her morale high ground at the meeting of the mothers. I like the respect he always gave her parents. Hae Young’s father’s concern for him was cute. Hae Young’s mother’s acceptance of him and how it touches him, touched me.

*Our Hae Young knew he would live. Here is another example that her absolute love for Do Kyung gave her the strength to believe he had changed the future, he would live, and they would be together forever.

*Original Hae Young had closure with Hae Young.  I liked that original Hae Young wished them well and realized she needed to move her life away from them. It was nice that her mother, who put her needs above her, called her.

*Tae Jin had closure with Hae Young. That was a lovely scene between the two of them. I felt Tae Jin’s charm in that moment. I was glad he got the last word with Chairman Jang. I thought Tae Jin’s loser partner was a decent substitute for the driver of the car that his Do Kyung. I’m not going to think about the fact that he should have been in jail after Tae Jin beat him last episode.

* Do Kyung’s sister fretted that Jin Sang couldn’t get romantic. She wanted love. And why not? If you are going to get married, why not marry for love and have the most fun you can have? She has amazing flexibility!

* Jin Sang got clever when he paid Hoon and his girlfriend to put his actions in a positive light. Jin Sang vacillated too much, but in the end, it worked out. When he was trapped in the apartment with Hae Young and Do Kyung going at it, you felt his panic to flee. Loved it when Do Kyung ignored his text and Soo Kyung stated his shoes were at the door therefore he had to be in the apartment.

* Do Kyung’s brother admitted loving his girlfriend. And he got a producer to agree to make his movie after he successfully pitched it. It was funny every time he called out Do Kyung’s living arrangements or Soo Kyung’s pregnancy.

* Do Kyung’s mother was effectively silenced with Soo Kyung’s pregnancy reveal by Do Kyung. That knocked her off her high horse. For the first time in this series, I liked this character when she ripped into Chairman Jang for his treatment of her son.

* Did I get what I wanted from the final episode of this series?
** Was the last episode would be a victory lap for Hae Young and Do Kyung?It was until the final scene where Do Kyung and Hae Young meet the imagined crisis and carved out their own future. This was a gripping end to a fluff episode.
** Did Chairman Jang face punishment or anything negative for his manipulations? He lost money per Tae Jin and Do Kyung’s mother gave him a physical and verbal set down
** Did Jin Sang and Soo Kyung become a real couple and raise their child together? Yes, it was slow going, but they finally connected once Jin Sang got his act together.
** Did original Hae Young find peace and happiness? She made peace and was ready to move on.
** Did Tae Jin find peace and happiness? He made peace and was ready to move on.

* I will write a series review. Here’s some series observations.
** This show was about facing fears, unlocking yourself, and opening your heart to love. Do Kyung did this. Hae Young did this. Soo Kyung did this and Jin Sang did this.
** Our leading couple was compelling and the best part of the series. Many of you have commented that Do Kyung and Hae Young were a satisfying combination of intensity and love. Yes they were. Their passion was tangible.Their kisses made me feel like I was a voyeur. I watched this series for Eric and he delivered. But Seo Hyun Jin was excellent too. She was other half of this superb couple. Their chemistry was excellent. I won’t forget this couple.


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10 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 18 (Final) Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    When our HY wanted assurance that DK would no longer be in danger of dying, the older psychiatrist stated the obvious—we all die sometime. I mentioned in the last episode comments that I hoped there would not be any backlash from any of the potential antagonists—I was (and rightfully so) concerned that our DK was still going to still get hit by a car—I had in my mind the first image of him standing on the side of the road at night in the Navy blazer over the white tee looking like he was looking across a crosswalk when a car suddenly slammed into his side. We are in total agreement about “IF Do Kyung would have died, I would NOT be happy.” Although I would have been more like…livid!

    CHAIRMAN JANG—while I would have liked to see him go to jail, but the support he gave for TJ’s revenge was not illegal. I love that mommy dearest harangued him—which was weird as it seemed like he kind of enjoyed her moxy being in his face, but also said he was glad he didn’t marry her. I guess what we thought was a wedding must have been their engagement party. It seems like he ended up cowardly barricaded alone in this mansion with only the hired help—his loneliness will have to suffice as his punishment!

    THE EMBEZZLER—We did not see him get any punishment other than being beat by TJ, who must not have turned him into the police. I’m glad you concur that the driver who hit DK was the embezzler, which would make sense, as he must have been on the lam, driving erratically while being chased by the police. It was a nice tie in, since the writers were bound and determined to make DK have a “fate” if being hit by a car.

    TAE JIN—WOW what an amazing turnaround from Mr. Molten Lava to Mr. Calm and Serene. I was so pleased for TJ’s own sake he was able to not only let our HY go, but informed our DK “you’ve done nothing wrong. Stay away from Chairman Jang.” Seems like TJ’s justice may have been beating the crap out of the embezzler but chairman Jang simply lost some money, which apparently he could afford.

    I liked the closure TJ and our HY had with each other. I felt like our TJ is at peace and will find happiness. That man is positively gorgeous when he smiles, which he did not do much in this series.

    OLD HAE YOUNG—They wrapped up old HY’s story nicely with the HYs finally sharing drinks. It was touching to see old HY was sincere in her congratulations. I felt like old HY came to peace and will find happiness.

    MOMMY DEAREST—Gotta’ give her kudos for going after the evil petulant chairman. It is the most maternal thing she did in the series. I concur “I like her, for the first time, I like her!”

    It is the battle of the moms when HY & DK’s maternal relatives meet for lunch. I love how HY’s mom surprised DK’s mom with her admission “she drove her daughter to the house” in response to DK’s mom tattling about them living together and when mommy dearest didn’t give up on voicing her displeasure, DK silence her with the announcement of SK’s pregnancy. THAT WAS AWESOME!

    Mommy dearest had her second maternal moment when she offered SK congratulations on her pregnancy and snagging JS—what a great catch according to the gold digger mom. Mommy dearest was up to her usual gold digging ways when she request a “simple” list of wedding gifts for herself—I love that HY’s mom asked what crime did an alligator or mink do to deserve to be killed?! Mommy dearest is a piece of work to the end…

    HOON & ANNA (AKA COTTON CANDY)—These two were so cute!—getting Hoon’s script accepted and assisting JS in wooing SK. However Hoon was still a boy! Did you notice it was Anna twirling him and not him twirling her? Kudos to them for assisting JS in the “reverse love” scheme.

    RELUCTANT COUPLE—At the beginning of the episode SK & JS were so incredibly awkward with one another—what gives? Like you said “What is the deal? I thought these two got over this last episode. I guess one make[out] session in an elevator did not cure all issues.” I found it ridiculous that unclogging a toilet could bring such endearment—SERIOUSLY—excrement disposal is a declaration of love? I am glad SK held out for love before committing to marriage.

    OUR HAE YOUNG’S PARENTS—I also noted the symbolism of DK going the wrong way on a one-way street. I also thought meeting on the street was great because it symbolized both of them making strides to come together. HY’s mom gets an “A” for effort in wishing to couple well despite thinking DK must be crazy (my captions said “sick” rather than “crazy”). Dad seems to have always been supportive. I choked up just a bit when mom finally looked at HY as they drove off—HY got her validation. I think DK likes/respects HY’s parent as between his father’s death and his mother’s lack of maternal instinct, they represent the parental figures he has been missing for most of his life!

    OUR DO KYUNG AND OUR HAE YOUNG—I was cracking up when SK made JS’s presence known long after DK and our HY returned to the apartment. Last episode shoes brought clarity to TJ and SHOULD have been a clue to our love birds returning home. Good thing SK called JS out—who know what else might have happened if/before JS would have made his presence known? 💋

    I ❤ that when the accident did occur, there were no regrets. DK was calmly willing HY to be at his side holding his hand—WISH GRANTED. HY was hurried but calm as she said to herself “it’s okay, I’ll be there, it is not serious”—WISH GRANTED, DK survived, although it was kind of serious. I ❤ that HY found their friends and family bickered at the hospital to be comforting and reassuring that everything was going to OK. This was followed up with the beautiful wedding of our favorite couple! ❤

    I am a sucker for happy endings. DK & HY’s romance was one of the best I have EVER seen in a Kdrama. They had compelling evolution in becoming a couple:
    • Overcoming obstacles such as revenge, jealousy, parental objections, social perceptions, and “fate”
    • Living authentically as individuals and as a couple
    • The romance and passionate ❤ and intense! 💋

    OVERVIEW—The wedding antics and photos made a nice curtain call, except while the chairman was present (although not in your posted pic), old HY and TJ were M.I.A.—I would not have expected ANY of the trio to attend the wedding—go figure!

    I thought this looked like a good series and I am an Eric Moon fan, but I ❤ that it was better than expected! I agree with your series observations about “facing fears, unlocking yourself, and opening your heart to love.” I think living authentically comes as you overcome your fears. It has inspired me to work towards overcome my fears and live more authentically.

    This is a series I was planning to watch sometime on my own; but chose to watch it as it was being broadcast due to your blog—real-time watching, reading the recaps and commenting is more empowering—we at the same level of freshness in watching the episodes—we don’t have to go back and search our memories. This is why I will be watching “Beautiful Mind” next. kjtamuser I appreciate ❤ your splendid recaps and comments, they really enhanced my enjoyment of this series! THANK YOU!

    • kjtamuser says:

      * ” I hoped there would not be any backlash from any of the potential antagonists—I was (and rightfully so) concerned that our DK was still going to still get hit by a car” You called that correctly. I was blinded sided but it all turned out well.

      * “TAE JIN—WOW what an amazing turnaround from Mr. Molten Lava to Mr. Calm and Serene. I liked the closure TJ and our HY had with each other…That man is positively gorgeous when he smiles, which he did not do much in this series” Love the Calm and Serene tag. His smile is fabulous.

      ” mommy dearest didn’t give up on voicing her displeasure, DK silence her with the announcement of SK’s pregnancy. THAT WAS AWESOME! ” Loved that moment too!

      * ” DK & HY’s romance was one of the best I have EVER seen in a Kdrama. They had compelling evolution” This romance worked for me too. I had doubts in the beginning but everything changed with the initial hug, that’s when I saw the potential of this couple and they delivered!

      *we at the same level of freshness in watching the episodes—we don’t have to go back and search our memories. This is why I will be watching “Beautiful Mind” next.” I do appreciate your kind words. I get the most enjoyment creating a “live blog” as I watch an episode and the free flow of ideas. You in return give me something similar with your comments. I appreciate and enjoy your feedback. Thank you.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    My pleasure–your blog has been mutually beneficial!

  3. Canie says:

    ThaNk youuu for the recaps! I love this drama,, too!

  4. tia says:

    thank you for the recaps. I really want to know the end of this drama but i dont have much time to watch the entire drama. Big thanks!

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    Tia, this drama did have a slow start, but is definitely worth watching the whole series! Many of the characters had compelling growth with the struggles they overcame throughout the series.

  6. Ashley Lvde. says:

    I was wondering if you knew what the relationship Do Kyung had with the singer that kept apearing, when we died so did Do Kyung, and when he regained consciessness so did he.

    • That is an interesting observation. I found a post on Reddit that discussed this “In DK’s visions of when he was dying he saw on TV that that singer had died. DK’s visions allowed the doctor to save the singer from committing suicide the first time because the doctor used the information from DK’s visions to figure out that he was going to commit suicide. The significance of seeing the singer being dead on the TV right before DK is hit by the car is supposed to show that although DK was able to delay it, he was still going to be hit by the car and die just like the singer died. They later showed on the TV that the singer was able to be resuscitated as an indirect way of showing that DK was going to be saved through the surgery he was undergoing at that moment. The singer’s death and DK’s death are independent of one another but the writers wanted there to be a connection between them for narrative reasons”

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