Another Miss Oh Episode 17 Recap

We experience the apex of this series. How will it turn out?

Another Miss Oh Episode 17 Recap “So Happy I Could Die Today” 

amo_ep17_1b amo_ep17_1aamo_ep17_1camo_ep17_1d
Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) and Park Do Kyung’s (Eric) walk together in the rain. She mock complains about not sharing one umbrella. Do Kyung gives his umbrella away and they walk together. Do Kyung says the big three words…”I Love You”. She stops walking. He stops walking. She stares at him. She smiles. He smiles. They hug and continue to walk. Do Kyung asks if Hae Young has a response. She’s willing to yell her response. He stops her. They both smile. On the bus, Hae Young is all smiles. She practically bursts to utter her response but Do Kyung asks her not to. But emotional control is not a strong suit of our Hae Young. She opens the window, puts her head out and yells “I love Do Kyung”.  When she’s done, Do Kyung has moved to the back of the bus. She joins him and puts her head on his shoulder. He takes her hand. Smiles all round. They are so darling when they are happy. Eric’s smiles, Eric’s smiles, they get me every time. 

amo_ep17_2a amo_ep17_2b
Hae Young’s parents spot Hae Young saying goodnight to Do Kyung by repeatedly kissing his hands. Hae Young suggests they return to Do Kyung’s house. Her mother kicks something altering the couple.  Hae Young sends Do Kyung away. He politely bows to her parents as he leaves.

Inside the house, Hae Young darts into the bathroom avoiding her parents stares. Her mother calls her an idiot. Her father is more open to the situation.

On the bus, Do Kyung opens the window, thinks of Hae Young’s words and says “Thank You.”

The next morning Hae Young declares she looks prettier. When she misses the bus, she doesn’t mind, love is what matters.

amo_ep17_3b amo_ep17_3a
Do Kyung finds his best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) asleep in his office. Do Kyung takes him to the sauna. Jin Sang is guilty about walking away from Do Kyung’s pregnant sister. He surprises Do Kyung when he states he would have married her but she didn’t want him out of obligation.  He cries. He asks Do Kyung to hug him. Do Kyung hugs him. No way Do Kyung from the initial episodes would have been willing to hug an upset friend. I like the emotional growth.

Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) does yoga at work telling her unborn baby that it doesn’t matter the baby won’t have a father. Between herself and the baby’s uncles, there will be father figures. She promises if an actual father is needed, she’ll find the best on out there. A knock on the door has her do the quick change back into work mode with her subordinate none the wiser.

Do Kyung’s crew declares they will start their own business so they can continue to work with Do Kyung. His mother interrupts. She asks him to apologize to Chairman Jang. Do Kyung refuses. She yells that Do Kyung is punishing her for the loan that is crippling the business.  Do Kyung tells her this is all his fault, she did nothing wrong. That’s a lie but one the kinder Do Kyung is willing to tell because he knows Chairman Jung and Tae Jin are actively pursuing his downfall. 

Upset at Do Kyung’s lies, his mother calls his sister demanding to know why Do Kyung is acting so weird.

Hae Young is surprised when Do Kyung suggests they have dinner with his sister (Hae Young’s boss). Hae Young and Do Kyung’s sister share a taxi back to the house. Do Kyung’s brother, Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) and Do Kyung arrive at the house together. After the women go in the house, Hoon tells Do Kyung he is crazy to date Hae Young. Do Kyung tells him to keep his opinion to himself. Interesting that Hoon considers Hae Young a bad choice. Wonder what his family would say about his own girlfriend?

Do Kyung, Hae Young, Hoon and Soo Kyung have dinner together. Soo Kyung asks Hae Young to take care of Do Kyung. She asks if she can take him home. After a pause, Soo Kyung approves of Hae Young taking Do Kyung home and suffocating him with her love. Hae Young wonders where Jin Sang is. Soo Kyung says he’s left.

Hae Young wants to know what’s going on with Jin Sang. Do Kyung promises to tell her later. Hae Young asks Do Kyung to sing for her and record it. He surprises her with a bracelet. She’s pleased and scared that he is treating her so well. Do Kyung tells her to enjoy it, not be afraid.

amo_ep17_5b amo_ep17_5a

Jin Sang is partying hard with this friends. Hoon interrupts yelling “brother-in-law, think about your child”. Jin Sang chases Hoon until he leaves…but he doesn’t leave. Hoon reenters the room and yells at Jin Sang not treat his sister poorly. This time Jin Sang chases Hoon down the street. Hoon yells that his sister loves him. Jin Sang gets him in a headlock. Jin Sang returns to his friends. He watches them dance. He thinks about how Soo Kyung should be eating, and leaves.

Do Kyung says goodnight to Hae Young. She waves the bracelet at him as she enters the house.

amo_ep17_6aamo_ep17_6c amo_ep17_6b
As Do Kyung drives home he sees a drunk Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) staggering down the street. He drives past but he can’t just leave him, so he returns to where he last saw him. He gets out of the car and searches for Tae Jin. He spots him on an overpass. He recalls the premonition of Tae Jin running him down. Will Do Kyung save the man that may kill him? Tae Jin staggers backwards and almost over the overpass railing, but Do Kyung pulls him back. Tae Jin only sees the man’s shoes as he lies on the ground. Does Tae Jin even know how close to death he came? 

Do Kyung tells himself that he won’t regret saving Tae Jin, even if he dies because of Tae Jin. Atta Boy!

Original Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin) disappoints Chairman when she requests his help. She says “she wants to help him, even by doing this”. What is her request?

Tae Jin drives up as Original Hae Young exits the house. She chides him for joining hands with his enemy. Tae Jin counters that Original Hae Young probably wants Do Kyung and Hae Young to break up more than he does. She says that may be true but she is forcing herself to support them and wish them happy.  Tae Jin advises her to be honest about her feelings and act accordingly.  Bluntly she says that she regrets losing Do Kyung but Hae Young doesn’t regret losing Tae Jin. She tell Tae Jin he cannot compare to Do Kyung. This may be true, but it may not be the wise thing to tell him. It is only whips up Tae Jin’s hatred of Do Kyung.

Jin Sang visits Soo Kyung at work but she ignores him. He persists and in French tells her not to cut him off. She tells him they’ve made a baby and cannot continue their friendship. Jin Sang isn’t happy as she strides away. He follows her to the elevator and asks to kiss her. The coworkers scatter. The doors open and every one sees them kissing with passion.

Original Hae Young tells Hae Young what she did. Hae Young is grateful.

Do Kyung has a strong premonition of the car accident at work. He knocks over a coffee cup. When he exits the office he has the premonition again.

Do Kyung goes to see the doctors. His doctor wants to hypnotize. Under hypnosis he has the premonition again. His doctor tells him to leave the country. Instead Do Kyung drives away. He thinks he must tell Hae Young everything.

Hae Young reads the text from Do Kyung to come outside. She bursts out the door to see him. They hug. They smile. He takes her to his room. Do Kyung reminds Hae Young the first time they meet was on the street. She thinks hard and remembers. She asks if he fell for her at first sight. Do Kyung tells her that before he saw her in person, he’d seen her in his mind, like a memory. He explains that originally he thought he was seeing the future but now he knows why he sees her.  Hae Young wants the explanation. Do Kyung states he’s seen his last moments of life. In those final minutes, he only thinks of Hae Young. He says his doctor says final moment memories can happen. Do Kyung says in those moments he knew they were no longer a couple, and he regretted it. He questioned his life – why did he protect his heart? why did he stress about unimportant things? Then he thought, what did he want to tell Hae Young? We see flashbacks of Do Kyung saying he wants her back in his life, that he got ill because he suppressed his need for her, etc. He explains his need to be honest about his feelings allowed them to get back together. This openness is a departure for him. Her fearlessness startled him…but he liked it. That is a great way to describe Hae Young, fearless. He wants to experience that kind of love, and now he has. Now he can die without regret. Hae Young smiles declaring his story is awesome, if she could believe it. Then she considers, he got her up in the middle of the night to tell her this. She asks him, is this true? He confirms. She decides to believe him. They hug on the bed. She shares that loving him fills her in a way she’s never experienced. She’s happy. He’s happy. They kiss. They make love. More excellent participatory kisses!

The next morning Hae Young does the walk of shame into the house. Her mother tells Hae Young to invite Do Kyung to breakfast. Ah, Hae Young’s mother puts meat on Do Kyung’s rice. He eats it. Folks, we have parental acceptance! I love Do Kyung’s happy smile. 

Tae Jin drives his loser partner to the airport. Recall Tae Jin does not know his partner is a loser. He remembers seeing shoes like his partner’s at Chairman Jung’s house. Buy a clue Tae Jin, realize your partner is working with Chairman Jung behind your back! He goes to the office and sees the prosecutors seizing documents. He learns his partner stole and ran. He learns Chairman Jung pulled the investment and they sent him to jail. Tae Jin clinches his fists. As we’ve seen, those are often fists of fury. Finally Tae Jin gets a wake up call about the business! 

amo_ep17_9b amo_ep17_9a
Tae Jin is turned away at Chairman Jung’s house. His loser partner does not answer his phone. He spots his loser partner and approaches him. His partner walks away. He tells Tae Jin he always planned to steal everything. He runs.  Tae Jin catches him and those fists of fury fly. He asks if his partner manipulated the investors into throwing him in jail. His partner yells Tae Jin should have resigned. Tae Jin yells back that the company bears his name, he is the CEO. His partner sneers and calls him clueless. He calls him Chairman Jang’s puppet. Tae Jin asks what he means. The partner puts it well, Do Kyung and Tae Jin are game pieces that the Chairman has manipulated. He taunts that Do Kyung got love while Tae Jin got nothing.  Tae Jin beats his partner up. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! I’m thrilled that Tae Jin’s anger finally spilled on the right man.

Do Kyung calls Hae Young a suggests an overnight trip. She suggests the weekend. She thinks back to multiple moments ending with Do Kyung telling her that he won’t leave her until he dies. That sends a shiver down her spine. Tae Jin texts her and apologizes. Then we got a dose of symbolism as her flowers from Do Kyung fade and the petals fall off.

Here we go….

Do Kyung exits his office. He’s wearing the outfit. Tae Jin is in the car. They spot each other. But we have a new person to the scenario…Hae Young runs down the street, willing herself to get there and stop what is about to happen.

Tae Jin recalls Hae Young’s words that she liked Do Kyung and begged him to like her. Then he recalls her begging him not to hit Do Kyung. Then he recalls his partner’s taunt that Do Kyung got love while he got nothing. Then he recalls original Hae Young telling him he cannot compare to Do Kyung.

Do Kyung stares at Tae Jin. He calls Hae Young but she doesn’t pick up. He leaves this message “I recorded the song. I love you. We never got a photo taken together.”

Tae Jin revs the engine. He puts the car in drive. He presses the gas and aims for Do Kyung.

Do Kyung turns and runs.

We hear the song Do Kyung recorded.

We see Hae Young running.

We see Do Kyung running down the road, looking back and seeing Tae Jin coming for him.  He stops and turns to face Tae Jin. The car stops.

Tae Jin gets out of the car. He walks to Do Kyung. He sees the shoes! OMG! He sees the shoes that Do Kyung wore when he saved his life!!

Tae Jin realizes it. Frustrated but heeding his conscience Tae Jin slowly turns and gets into his car. He backs up and drive away.

Do Kyung sags in relief.

Do Kyung walks and sees Hae Young. They run into each others arms.

The other doctor says to his patient (the singer) “try living some more”. Recall that Do Kyung “died” on the day the singer died. So the singer did NOT die (and neither did Do Kyung).

Do Kyung and Hae Young hug a thousand hugs in that hug. They kiss.

We end the show with the flashback to Do Kyung recording the song Hae Young requested.

My Thoughts

*Do Kyung saved himself when he saved Tae Jin. I’m fine with the writer weaving the singer into the mix and the other doctor saving the singer from suicide, but I’m not buying this as anything but ancillary. Do Kyung saved his own life when he pulled Tae Jin away from toppling over the overpass railing. I loved how Tae Jin only saw the shoes and you didn’t know if he’d realize who saved his life. We now know Tae Jin did realize it and turned away from murdering Do Kyung because of that. Besides this pinnacle moment, this episode had some lovely moments for Do Kyung:  Dinner with his family, dinner with her family (especially her mother putting meat on his rice) and hugging Jin Sang. I was relieved to see Do Kyung finally tell Hae Young about his premonitions. This led to them finally connecting completely.

*Our Hae Young accepted Do Kyung’s explanation without doubt. You can point to this moment as confirmation that her absolute love for Do Kyung gave her the choice of believing him and being unflappable when she listened to his story. Awesome!

*Original Hae Young made a request of Chairman Jang. I don’t know what it was but it didn’t make Chairman Jang happy. I was worried that the request would exacerbate the situation. At least Original Hae Young and Hae Young were on the same page regarding her actions. I like that the women have buried the hatchet. I had to give it to Original Hae Young for her bold statements to Tae Jin saying Hae Young did not miss him and then comparing him as lacking versus Do Kyung. Of course that flamed Tae Jin’s anger, but Original Hae Young hit the mark with her comments.

*Tae Jin learned the truth. Tae Jin FINALLY learned that his loser partner was in cahoots with Chairman Jang and had robbed his company and run it into the ground. I liked that the writer respected this character and during the reveal. Tae Jin was true to himself…he got angry at the betrayal and took action. You’ve got to say that Tae Jin has not been passive, he has taken actions because of his anger. He has not suffered in silence, something he noted to original Hae Young.  I was worried that Tae Jin would be too drunk to remember the shoes of the man that saved him. I liked that the writer used his memory of the shoes at Chairman Jung’s to see that his partner was lying to him. Two sets of shoes clarified everything for Tae Jin.

* Do Kyung’s sister was ready to be a single parent. She had pushed Jin Sang out and was working on being a healthy pregnant lady without malice for the man that impregnated her. I’ve loved from the get go that Soo Kyung and Jin Sang communicate in french effectively cutting others out. That is clever and has not been overused in this series. That was the only way Jin Sang’s tirade at her work place could have worked (otherwise it would have been inappropriate by Jin Sang to reveal Soo Kyung’s pregnancy without her consent).

* Jin Sang got drunk, got mad, and got Do Kyung’s sister back. Jin Sang returned to drinking to excess and partying. But underneath he couldn’t let go of the fact that he was a father to be. His fear of this combined with his fear of a real relationship with Soo Kyung paralyzed him. Until he broke free from the fear (this is a theme for this show) and then he boldly approached Soo Kyung at work. I liked how he demanded another kiss from her. I liked how they both got into the kiss. This show has plenty of participatory kissing!

* Do Kyung’s brother called out Jin Sang. He went to the nightclub and reminded Jin Sang that he was a father to be and he owed his sister more.

* Do Kyung’s mother was unsettled by Do Kyung taking responsibility. I liked that she called her daughter upset that Do Kyung was acting weird. It says a lot that she turned to her daughter to straighten out Do Kyung. She regularly asks her children to solve her issues doesn’t she?

* What do I want from the final episode of this series?
** Frankly, I got what I wanted in this episode. Do Kyung lives. Hae Young knows about his premonitions. Tae Jin found out about his loser partner and Chairman Jung. They could have ended the series at the end of this episode and I would be satisfied.
** I believe the last episode will be a victory lap for Hae Young and Do Kyung. They’ve earned it.
** Other loose ends the writer could clean up: Will Chairman Jang face punishment or anything negative for his manipulations? Will Jin Sang and Soo Kyung become a real couple and raise their child together? Will original Hae Young find peace and happiness? Will Tae Jin find peace and happiness?


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8 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 17 Recap
  1. Yoyo says:

    Simply beautiful ! Thanks for the the recaps

  2. korakora says:

    All the misunderstanding have been cleared. So we’re left with one episode and thinking, “ah it’s going to have a happy ending for all of them.” Hopefully there won’t be any shocking plot in the final episode, cause the story has been going really well. By the way, thanks for the fast recap.

  3. Jane Tilly says:


    HOON—I’m diggin’ Hoon—that boy is looking out for his noona with his prankish style poking the bear named Jin Sang!

    RELUCTANT COUPLE— While I thought this couple had potential, I had resigned myself to these two NOT being a couple. I do NOT like party animal JS—he is pathetic! After having his conscience poked by Hoon, JS stepped up to the plate to give the relationship a whirl starting off with some passionate kissing.💋 I concur that the use of French for their arguments throughout the series has been well done. When we heard the coworker was a French major, although I’m not convinced that he didn’t understand—he may have just been being discrete, I thought for sure SK’s pregnancy would have to be revealed in the workplace.

    I can’t wait to see what the last episode brings them. These two have been the best surprise transformation of this drama—from dreadful and unlikeable characters to a potential couple whom I am rooting for their happiness.

    OUR HAE YOUNG’S MOM vs. DK’S MOM—I was gob smacked when our HY’s mom invited DK in for breakfast and then showing affection by putting meat on DK’s rice. This momma is prickly on the outside but very soft and sweet on the inside. Unlike mommy dearest who admonished DK to break up with our HY to resolve the issue. At least for the first time mommy dearest showed actual concern for her son.

    OLD HAE YOUNG—old HY was so sweet to go to bat for our HY and DK with chairman Jang. Nasty chairman Jang couldn’t even give her the time of day. I was also pleased that old HY reproached TJ for scheming with chairman Jang against our DK. However, I think her comments may have kept the lava flowing. I want peace and happiness for her, especially since she has worked hard to overcome her machinations in regards to DK.

    CHAIRMAN JANG— I love your choice of adjectives calling chairman Jang “evil” and “petulant”—that terminology was very apropos! Hopefully karma will make sure chairman Jang ends up alone, with the exception of having his rude daughter—they deserve each other.

    TAE JIN—I was so proud of our DK for following his “no regrets” policy, even at the peril of his own life, when he pulled a drunken TJ to safety on the foot bridge. DK is a man who is now living authentically. Mr. Molten Lava finally put the business pieces of the puzzle together when the prosecutor came to seize business documents and he tracked down the embezzling business partner.

    Now that Mr. Molten Lava knows there were several forces working against him, the lava is flowing in multiple directions, but unfortunately the main flow is towards DK. I was so alleviated the lava flow was disrupted before he committed the hit and run. When TJ noticed DK’s shoes and realized DK saved him from the bridge, he realized he couldn’t go through with it. You nailed it “Do Kyung saved himself when he saved Tae Jin”. Excellent observation that it was “two sets of shoes” that brought the truth into clarity for TJ. This man has been wronged by DK, the embezzler and chairman Jang. DK has been taking responsibility for his actions, I hope TJ gets justice for the crimes the embezzler and chairman Jang have perpetrated on him.

    DO KYUNG OPPA AND OUR HAE YOUNG—I was taken back, but relieved that DK revealed his premonitions to our HY. It has been such a relief to see the hit and run premonition evolve from DK being hit without a clue standing on the side of the road, to running away from TJ at the wheel of the would be murder weapon, so seeing the madness fade and TJ realize to whom he owes his life. Does the singer owe his life to DK, since the psychiatrist was able to save his life due to the premonition being revealed?

    Our DK has emulated our HY’s example by following his heart so he doesn’t have regrets. I think I need to start living that way myself. It was fascinating to watch our HY mull over things that DK did/said juxtaposed with his premonitions and then comprehend that DK thought he was going to die. My heart was racing as DK realized he wasn’t going to die at the hands of TJ and started seeking our HY—then watching them running towards each other on the bridge—this is the stuff of romance! ❤ 💋 ❤

    WISHLIST—We are in total agreement about the most important things happened in this episode and we will have to wait and see about the bonus items. I’m always hoping for a happy ending. I also hope this last episode is a glorious victory lap and doesn’t have any back lashes from mommy dearest, TJ, the embezzler, chairman Jang, or even possibly old Hae Young.

    I may stay up late tonight just to watch the final episode!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Couple of comments:
      * OUR HAE YOUNG’S MOM vs. DK’S MOM “At least for the first time mommy dearest showed actual concern for her son.” Excellent point!

      * “DK is a man who is now living authentically. ” I may steal that statement, it is perfect.

      * “then watching them running towards each other on the bridge—this is the stuff of romance!” Another top notch observation. They are romantic in an intense atypical way that makes them memorable.

      Look forward to your thoughts on the final episode after you watch it.

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    Steal away! Our HY was already living authentically and how could DK not follow her lead? I think this was a theme for several other characters:
    • old HY: came to peace by ceasing to manipulate and have a smiley false façade
    • TJ: getting over his anger and returning to be the good man he must have been for our HY to fall in love with him.
    • SK: evolving from a dreadful, drunk hag, who’s pitiful love life was a previous affair with a married man to a pleasant, flittering, mom to be with hopes and dreams of love with JS and raising their child happily together
    • JS: drunk playboy whose actions made it not safe to return to his own apartment to a father to be with hopes and dreams of love with SK and raising their child happily together

    The intensity ❤ and passion 💋 in this drama, especially for DK and our HY was really great because this type of romance is atypical in Kdramaland!

    I'm in the middle of working on my comment for the last episode.

    • kjtamuser says:

      * “Our HY was already living authentically and how could DK not follow her lead?” Well said!

      * ” this type of romance is atypical in Kdramaland” So true. This show’s romance fresh and fun.

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