Beautiful Mind Episode 2 Recap

Young O can read your non-verbals, which could make him more in tune with others…not less.

Beautiful Mind Episode 2 “One Bottle More” Recap


Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min) finds his patient Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) about to drink Soju on the eve of her surgery. He takes the bottle away. When she grabs it, he drinks the bottle down. He asks her to believe in him. He presses the bottle cap into her hand.

Dr. Hyun boldly tells a surgeon to admit he’s done wrong in a room full of doctors who cringe at Dr. Hyun’s righteous words. Dr. Hyun stalks out to the stairwell where Jin Sung hides. Dr. Shin Dong Jae stops Dr. Hyun and tells him to apologize, if he does he can assist in the surgery. Dr. Shin tells Jin Sung to stop eavesdropping. Ha! Jin Sung returns to her room where she keeps the bottle cap by her bed. Now we know why Jin Sung named Dr. Hyun “bottle cap opener” in her phone. It’s kinda sweet.

Present Day…

Jin Sung wakes with memories of Dr. Lee Young O (Jang Hyuk) extracting fluid and Dr. Hyun telling her that fluid was removed from the heart. Wait a minute, I’m confused. Did Young O remove fluid from Jin Sung after he plunged the scalpel into her?

bm_ep2_2b bm_ep2_2a
Young O says that being suspected of causing motor cycle man to die on the operating table was dangerous. Dr. Hyung thanks Young O for treating Jin Sung. I’m still confused. Jin Sung was healthy yesterday, now she’s in the hospital and Young So saved her life? Young O asks Dr. Hyun why he visited his office after midnight. Dr. Hyun wanted the deleted surgery video. Young O hands it over via a flash drive. Young O asks Dr. Hyun to relay to Jin Sang that she needs to put her own life before others.

The light dawns as Dr. Hyun explains that exposure the virus is why she’s in the hospital. Good news, the virus test was negative. But he still needs to clean the wound. Jin Sang does not want to exposure her chest and asks for someone else. Dr. Hyun says she’s been his patient for 10 years. Jin Sang thanks him for saving her life yesterday. Don’t thank me, he says, thank Young O.

Now we see a distraught patient grab a scalpel and demand everyone stay away. Young O approaches the patient waving the scalpel. He grabs the scalpel and tutors him on how to effectively slash his wrists. He pulls the bandage away from the single slashed wrist and tells the patient he did a poor job. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a doctor tutor a patient on how to slash their wrists to die quickly. Young O walks away from the patient. Embarrassed and incensed at Young O’s tutoring, the patient tries to strike him but Jin Sang pushes Young O on the floor and out of the way. Young O asks Jin Sang to get off him. She comments that he doesn’t seem to know how to say thank you. She suggests they call it even, he helped her yesterday, she helped him today. Not so fast declares Young O. He suggests they talk in private. Jin Sang gets flustered when the nurses look at her speculatively. She touches a resident’s heart wondering why her heart races around Young O. You have to chuckle when the resident thinks she’s referencing an attraction to him, but she leaves him in the dust to talk to Young O.

She tracks Young O to a stairwell where he suggests they continue last night’s discussion. I love how close he is to her and the intensity he looks at her. That would unnerve anyone! She asks about the surgery video. He states Dr. Hyun has the video. She asks why he was in the morgue. Young O translates that to “you think I killed him, yet you followed me, without fear. But I saved your life so no one can suspect me nor can you reveal your suspicions.” He says this while getting even closer and backing her up. But Jin Sang doesn’t cower, blush, and pull her eyes from him. She calmly states “doctors save life, police officers catch bad people. I’ll reveal the crimes you committed.” Young O grabs her arm stopping her from tripping backwards down the steps. He doesn’t believe it will happen. Once again inacting his “close talker” status, he lets her know she won’t succeed. Then he lets her arm go and Jin Sang has to grab the handrail to stop herself from going backwards. Such an interesting scene. Young O was almost menacing. Jin Sang did her best to not let him visibly upset her. I liked her in that moment. Certainly Young O does NOT have a heart of gold.

Motor cycle man’s case is closed Sargent Park tells a frustrated Jin Sang. What surprises me is that she is the eye witness to the hit and run. Who care if she’s the only witness. She saw it. Her car window was smashed by motor cycle man’s airborne body. Have the case closed does not make sense. Jin Sang makes a similar point to Sargent Park about witnessing the crime. She begs and he grants her 1 day unpaid leave to investigate further.

The hospital refuses to give Jin Sang access to surgery video. Frustrated she interrupts Dr. Shin Dong Jae (the hospital’s director) while he is talking to others. He tries to redirect her to Dr. Hyun but when she says it is about Young O, a reporter’s ears perk up. Dr. Shin takes her to his office where he is startled and dismayed to learn of her accusations and suspicions. He tells her to back off, he won’t let his beloved hospital get besmirched.

Young O sees Jin Sang and recognizes her investigation isn’t going well. She agrees saying she does not have the power to expose what he did during the surgery.

Young O holds a briefing of the upcoming surgery for his fellow doctors. Jin Sang hijacks the media and shows the video of Young O in the morgue. She takes the stage and explains her suspicions about motor cycle man’s death and someone (she looks pointedly at Young) switching the body. She promises the audience she’ll thoroughly investigate this. Doctor So interrupts when everyone starts murmuring about Young O. He refocuses them on tomorrow’s live surgery. Young O’s father switches tomorrow’s surgeon to Doctor So. Young O is not pleased. His father tells him the ethics committee must hear the details. Father and son stare at each other. A lot more than this argument is between them.

You have to laugh watching Dr. So ingratiate himself with the nursing team with food. They in turn are surprised when he asks for the best facial treatment he can do before tomorrow’s live surgery. Ha! Are there surgeons without egos?

At a lunch eatery the doctors are buzzing about Young O’s father replacing him with Dr. So for the live surgery. They wonder what will be uncovered at the ethics committee. They ask Dr. Hyun’s opinion. As he leave he states they’ll find out at the ethics committee.

Walking home Dr. Hyun sees Dr. Shin drinking soju at an outside eatery. He chides the doctor that his wife will undoubtedly call him looking for information. Dr. Shin retorts that Dr. Hyun should consider phone calls from his wife as voice phishing and hang up. Dr. Hyun chuckles. Clever line! Love that! Dr. Shin muses he dreams of a Cardio Center with ample funding for research who will find a cure so surgery is no longer needed. Proud as a father, he states Jin Sang was awesome as a police officer and woman. Their little girl has blossomed!

While watching Dr. Shin and Dr. Hyun drink and talk, Jin Sang calls Sargent Park letting him know she’ll be back at work tomorrow. She says the hospital is looking into motor cycle man’s death.

Young O isn’t happy with the surgeon switch. He tips over a table loaded with glassware and tells his father he will be doing the live surgery. His father wants to know what happened to motor cycle man’s corpse. His father wants to know what happened during the surgery of motor cycle man. Young O only references the live surgery. Then his father puts his hand on Young O’s shoulder and tells him repeatedly to look at his eyes. Young O takes a moment then looks directly at his father. His father tells him it isn’t all about him. Young O must read the other people he interacts with. This is fascinating. Young O reads Father’s facial expression and physical contact to diagnose his intent. He correctly understands his father is angry and is still top dog in their relationship. He utters the words that state this. His father relaxes and tells Young O to remember their times together. Father wants to start over. His father asks again, what happened to motor cycle man’s corpse. Young O says he only wanted to confirm the corpse. The light bulb goes on and he realizes there was no difference between normal death and table death in a corpse. It’s like his father wills him to see this and is pleased when he does. His father smiles and tells Young O to say it the same way for the ethics committee. Young O moves closer to his father and asks if his father believes in him. His father smiles and tells him he does. His father then sidesteps telling Young O to take his medicine and adjust it as needed. He walks away leaving Young O obviously wanting what his father won’t give him. That was a fascinating encounter between these two characters. The power struggle, the need for approval, the knowledge that Young O needed coaching, etc. I loved how Young O reacted to his father’s touch and removal of that touch. The two actors, Heo Jun Ho and Jang Hyuk, knocked that scene out. I am intrigued by this father / son relationship.

Flashback to Young O’s father discussing his son’s brain imagery with another doctor who states that there is an issue with the part of the brain that controls and relates emotions. Young O cannot feel empathy for others with this antisocial disorder. What’s a father to do? Flash cards for emotions and facial expressions along with studying non verbal communication. The wall of Young O’s room is populated by information. Again, I’m loving this aspect of this story.

Young O stares at the wall in his bedroom. He diagnoses his father’s non verbal reaction when he asked if he believed in him. He realizes his father doubts him and lied about believing in him. Young O then takes his medication. Digging this!

Mr. Kim and Dr. So answer questions from the hoard of reporters about the live surgery. Mr. Kim projects confidence everything will be fine. But in the hallway with the doctors, Dr. Kim sags under the weight of another possible outcome. He asks Dr. So to take care of him during the live surgery.

bm_ep2_7b bm_ep2_7a
The surgery is almost like a prize fight with hoards of folks watching. In the operating room, Mr. Kim gets scared and demands reassurance that Dr. So and the operating team are top notch. He gets this from the hospital Chairman but it is delivered as one would reassure someone over a business transaction versus risky surgery. The Chairman has a healthy ego too!

Young O comments to Dr. Hyung that Officer Sang must be thrilled that her inquiry got him replaced in the live surgery. He wonders if Dr. Hyung coached her. He states he’ll need to talk to Officer Sang directly. Dr. Hyun calls someone. Is it Jin Sang?

Welcome to the live surgery of Mr. Kim. It’s going well. In the audience, Young O’s finance wonders where he is.

bm_ep2_8b bm_ep2_8a
Dr. Hyung wonders where Young O is and continues to call Jin Sang. She doesn’t pick up because she’s outside interacting with children at a school. A white car watches. When she steps away to retrieve a wayward ball, the white car charges but another car blocks them. The blocking car is driven by Young O. She scolds him for driving too fast in a school zone. He tells her he is turning himself in.

Back to the live surgery of Mr. Kim, things start to fall apart when the brain aneurysm ruptures. Dr. Shin, Young O’s father and Dr. Chae Soon Ho confer. Should the live surgery be stopped? Can Dr. So handle this? The answer seems to be no. It’s falling apart in the operating room. The live feed is stopped. Young O’s father tells Dr. Shin he’ll take over as the surgeon.

Young O brings Jin Sang to the hospital. She doesn’t understand why they aren’t at a police station. Young O tells her she must witness the ripple effect of her actions.

The surgery continues with Young O’s father holding the scalpel. The chairman calls the operating room for a report. He learns there is a lesion. Young O puts the phone on speaker and hears this too. They listen. The surgery hits another snag. Desperate, the Chairman wants to know what Young O wants to save Dr. Kim. Calmly, Young O asks for “authority to make special decisions – who performs surgery, how funding is executed, personnel decisions, etc.” They hear the surgery going downhill. Anxious and upset, the chairman asks if Young O wants Mr. Kim dead. Calmly, Young states “that depends on you.” Goodness, Young O has the Chairman in a vice grip! The Chairman caves. Young O says he needs one more surgeon in the operating room. Wanna bet that it is Dr. Hyung?

Dr. Hyung is surprised Young O wants him in the operating room. Brain surgery is not his expertise. Young O counters that he has fast hands and a good mind. With Jin Sang watching, Young O plays the trump card…this is an emergency surgery. He points out that Jin Sang is there to enforce the law. Love it!

Entering the surgery ring we have Young O and Dr. Hyun. Exiting the surgery ring we have Young O’s father, not looking happy.

Everyone watches the surgery on the TV.

Young O firmly directs a change of plans. Looking away when I see blood. Young O’s surgery strategy comes from the motor cycle surgery. He determined motor cycle man died of an already present infection. Mr. Kim takes auto immune suppressants.

Everyone watching that can understand what Young O just said, gets it. They aren’t happy they didn’t see the same thing. Nothing more annoying that having someone smarter than you who is even more arrogant than you, be right and school you.

bm_ep2_11b bm_ep2_11a
After the surgery, Young O’s father asks him why he bet with Mr. Kim’s life to get what he wanted. Young O calmly states his strength as a doctor is the lack of emotions. This is why he was able to save Mr. Kim. Young O tells his father he cannot be the “good doctor” his father wants. Young O states he is superior to all doctors. He leaves his father who cannot counter his assertion. You must be loving the father / son dynamic like I am, right?

Young O strides past Jin Sang without a glance or a word.

At the post surgery press conference, the reporters smell medical malpractice and Dr. So is feeling the heat. The Chairman sweeps into the room. With his back to the reporters, he tells Dr. So to lift his head high. The hospital will not publicly apologize for his inability. What a slam! Love it! LOL! The Chairman tells the reporters this was a tricky and challenging surgery. It was the pool of talent the hospital could draw from that saved the day.

In the locker room, Dr. Hyung asks Young O if he found anything else interesting from motor cycle man’s corpse. Young O tells Dr. Hyun they both know the heart was taken because they both visited the corpse that day. He opens the locker room and brings Jin Sang in. He stares at Dr. Hyun. Young O asks “Is Young O the person that took the heart from the corpse?” He answers the question himself. No, he doesn’t care about the heart. But he knows who took the heart. He states this person is considered trust worthy to Jin Sang. He moves to Dr. Hyung. Young O declares Dr. Hyung took the heart.

My Thoughts

* The start of this episode threw me for a loop. I’m used to an episode ending and the next episode beginning right where the previous episode started. So I was discombobulated when episode 1 ended with Young O, Jin Sang, and a plunging scalpel and episode 2 started with a flashback to Dr. Hyung and then patient Jin Sang. This writer, Kim Tae Hee, doesn’t write scripts that are strictly sequential. Because of that, it took me a while to get into this episode, but once I locked in, I enjoyed it. Another example of how this writer doesn’t linearly spell it out was the live surgery. Most shows would go from start to finish with the surgery. But this surgery was piecemeal. We went from the surgery start, then to issues, then to to rotating the starting surgery twice; all this with other scenes interspersed. We didn’t see the conclusion of the surgery. We learned the result when Young O told his father after the surgery.

* While Young O is the guy without empathy due to a medical condition, couldn’t you say others also seem to have limited empathy? The Chairman’s insult to Dr. So was perfection and without empathy. The Chairman’s interactions with Mr. Kim had limited empathy. Mr. Kim himself is so self-centered he is also lacks empathy for anyone but himself.

* Jang Hyuk’s small smiles as Lee Young O reveal his moments of triumph. I like Young O even more this episode. He is uber confident and may be the smartest guy in the room. He is a close talker and invades personal space (e.g. his conversations with his father and then Jin Sang). That would unnerve me which may be exactly why a calculating Young O does this. I loved how he had the chairman in a vice grip and ended up getting what he wanted. His relationship with his father intrigues me. Now we know Young O’s brain does not allow him to feel empathy for others. How his father worked with Young O to read the non verbals to discern intent and truth was fascinating. Young O’s moment of anger and how his father talked to him intrigued me. Both actors (Heo Jun Ho and Jang Hyuk) play off each other well. The other actor who is clicking with Jang Hyuk is Yoon Hyun Min who plays Dr. Hyun.

* Park So Dam as Jin Sang was almost a minor character this episode. Young O saved her life from the white car driver. I’m assuming these driver was taking order from the same folks that did the hit and run on motor cycle man. Did Young O know the danger Jin Sang was in when the white car charged and he cut the car off?

* Yoon Hyun Min as Doctor Hyun Suk Joo was like a deer in the headlights at the end of the episode. Young O identified him as the one that took the heart from motor cycle man’s corpse. I was wondering if Young O would give Dr. Hyun an opportunity to stop his reveal, but no.

* Heo Jun Ho’s portrayal of Young O’s father, Lee Gun Myung, hit the spot. Teaching Young O how to read and understand the non verbals to be able to function was a good idea. There is power struggle between these two men. In this episode, Young O was down but ended up slaying his father’s authority.

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12 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 2 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    You know what, I guess the heart was not stolen by Dr Hyung, just my gut feeling, hehe..


  2. A.D.DO! says:

    Can’t wait for that magical moment when Young O feels the stirrings of real love! And should there be a kiss, …I mean, don’t even!


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree. Just because he cannot feel empathy, shouldn’t he be able to feel love? If so, I would think Young O would be just as intense with love as he is with everything else.


      • Drama Fan says:

        Hmmm I do think you need empathy in order to love. But not in order to feel sexual attraction. My theory is LYO is not really a psychopath but maybe something similar. They did mention a lesion on the frontal lobe of his brain but I can’t think how they can justify a sociopath suddenly learning to empathize unless he was mis-diagnosed in the first place.


        • kjtamuser says:

          Yes empathy is typically needed to love. As you point out, medically LYO’s brain won’t let him empathize.
          Will the writer have LYO love without it? Does LYO love his father?

          Liked by 1 person

          • Drama Fan says:

            From my understanding (mostly from the school of Criminal Minds, Dexter and some reading lol) is that a sociopath can feel attachment to other individuals and even pets but these objects of afection serve as a form of projection for them. This means they will “love” their kids as projections of themselves, or extensions of themselves. Sociopathy is closely related to narcissism. At the end of the day it’s all about themselves.


  3. A.D.DO! says:

    Oh, God, I hope so!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    What a wild episode—I found the lack of linear continuity was discombobulating.

    Who was driving the car that charged at our GJS? Is the driver related to the motorcyclist’s hit and run? If not, who is after her? Why?

    Getting YO’s backstory offered significant clarity to YO’s character. YO’s ability to read nonverbal cues is fascinating—it’s probably what makes YO excel at diagnosis, but makes his bedside manner not so great. Hmmm…JH and bedside manner…ooh I getting distracted! ❤

    At this point I’m not certain who the Frankenstein character is supposed be… LYO?…LYO’s dad?…HSJ?…or one of the many egotistical surgeons?


    • kjtamuser says:

      Glad I am not alone in finding the nonsquential story jarring. You are right lots of questions at this point. I enjoy the learning about YO. LOL, bedside manner.


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