Another Miss Oh Episode 16 Recap

Our leads both want Do Kyung to live. This time Hae Young makes the case.

Another Miss Oh Episode 16 Recap “Through You, I Live” 

Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) is upset to see a battered and bruised Park Do Kyung’s (Eric). Instead of telling her what happened, which he fears will make her unhappy, he distracts her by promising to be with her until the day he dies. He 100% on board with their relationship. Hae Young pretends to accept the distraction but when she gets in the house, she wishes that everyone (Tae Jin, Do Kyung and herself) could move on and find peace. Do Kyung runs from the premonition that Tae Jin runs him down.

Do Kyung texts Hae Young that he’ll drive her to work. She likes that.

Hae Young startles Do Kyung when she arrives at his house just as he is leaving. She apologizes for scaring him. Do Kyung says he’s touched that she came to him. She tells him not to worry about yesterday. She apologizes for her behavior. She likes him more and more. Do Kyung says the words every girl wants to hear “I don’t know how I got so lucky.” Hae Young tells him she found him, wanted him, and made him hers. Do Kyung opens her door.

Do Kyung’s best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) remembers the passionate kiss he planted on Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won). Someone grabs him suggestively in bed. He thinks it is Soo Kyung but instead it is Do Kyung’s brother, Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min). Hoon tells Jin Sang he saw Soo Kyung and Jin Sang kissing last night. Hoon thinks they will marry. Jin Sang won’t committ to marriage. He wants to think about it. Soo Kyung overhears Jin Sang. She urges Jin Sang to decide if marriage is his choice. She tells him she’s made her choice. She’ll reveal it when they talk when they both have a decision.

amo_ep16_2b amo_ep16_2a
Do Kyung’s doctor urges him to tell Hae Young about his car accident premonition. He offers to talk to Hae Young for him. He wants them to come up with a plan…pretend to break up, something, to change fate. The other doctor enters and tells him to be quiet and leave noting that in Do Kyung’s premonition, he and Hae Young are broken up.  Do Kyung admits he feels good to the other doctor who believes this indicates Do Kyung is on the right path. He urges him to stay calm. Right now he’s still dealing with the consequences of his past actions which he hid in fear. Now Do Kyung must embrace love not fear. This will delete the accident from his future. The doctor reiterates fear will keep the scenario the same, focus on love. The other doctor tells Do Kyung’s doctor he is on the right path.

Do Kyung picks up pretty pastel flowers for Hae Young. Original Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin) sees him and says that our Hae Young suits him. She congratulation him on finding a good woman. She tells him she’s acting cool so he will think of her positively.  Do Kyung leaves the flowers on Hae Young’s desk. Hae Young and her coworkers are stoked that the flowers are for her. A text from Do Kyung confirms the flowers are from him.

Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) meets with Chairman Jang. He tells evil petulant Chairman Jang that Do Kyung’s studio will be seized tomorrow. What else Chairman Jang prompts. Tae Jin will take the house once it comes on the market. Chairman Jang wants Do Kyung’s head and mocks Tae Jin for not being man enough to really hurt Do Kyung. He taunts Tae Jin that his partner got rich because of Tae Jin’s hard work while Tae Jin rotted in prison. He lies to Tae Jin that Do Kyun convinced him to withdraw his money. He tells Tae Jin if a partial revenge is all his man enough to do, then so be it. Tae Jin promises to figure out other options.  Chairman Jang tells him to knock Do Kyung down. Anyone like Chairman Jang? I do not. Tae Jin notices another man’s shoes on his way out. Who is it? It is Tae Jin’s partner. Chairman Jang says he lied to Tae Jin that he did not extract his investment because of his dirty dealings but because of Do Kyung. He urges the partner to take the money and run.

Hae Young’s mother leaves the house for the missing ingredient after watching her daughter scurry around the kitchen. She thinks that Hae Young should be named Crazy Bitch. She hates her because she’s like her. She loves her because she’s like her. She returns with the ingredient pleasing Hae Young. Her mother is impressed with Hae Young loves Do Kyung with her whole heart and it touches her. She decides to cheer her daughter on. Now mother and father help prepare the food for another lunch box. I love their family bonding over making lunch boxes. I liked her mother loving and hating seeing herself in Hae Young. Nice!

Jin Sang calls Do Kyung for a pick up. Hae Young offers to share the lunchbox food. Do Kyung won’t spend time with Jin Sang though. Frustrated Jin Sang called Do Kyung’s brother, Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) to come home and hang out. Hoon tells Jin Sang that he can’t treat his sister poorly. Hoon recommends Jin Sang drink then go home.

Hoon and his girlfriend see Director Kim in hall at work. The women size each other up. Hoon’s girlfriend realizes that Director Kim is the seductress. Director Kim denies this.  Hoon leaves the women to talk it out. I’d say Hoon’s girlfriend won that round. 

Jin Sang ponders what to do. Do Kyung’s sister watches and flashes back to when Jin Sang was younger and pondering. The glasses and hair didn’t make them look younger in the flashback.

amo_ep16_5b amo_ep16_5a
Tae Jin drinks with his partner. Tae Jin isn’t happy about Do Kyung but not sure if going further is what he should do. His partner tells him to stop hurting Do Kyung. Tae Jin drinks more.

amo_ep16_6aamo_ep16_6c amo_ep16_6b
Hae Young and Do Kyung are fully after her delicous lunchbox. Hae Young is happy to hang out with him. They brush their teeth together. Hae Young frets about leaving the flowers at work.  Tae Jin sends Do Kyung the text that tomorrow bad things will start happening. Hae Young listen to music. He asks why she fell in love with him. She doesn’t know. I like how Hae Young says she wanted to barge into his heart and spread out into him, remove anything that made him unhappy, and be the only person in his heart. Hae Young says her unhappiness recognized his unhappiness and wanted them to be happy together.  She calls him handsome. She got that right! She wants to be the only woman that looks at him. They hug, a sweet hug, and he cries at the beauty of the moment.  Eric’s tender heart slays me! These two have heartfelt hugs!

The recording studio is seized and all the equipment tagged. Do Kyung’s crew is not happy. They go to Do Kyung who tells them to leave his office. The crew isn’t happy that Do Kyung knew about this. Little do they know that Do Kyung is making a deal for their employment at another company. Do Kyung’s mother runs into the office. Hoon grasps this mess is because of her.

She goes to her loan shark who says someone else bought her loan. She thinks it is Chairman Jang but he tells her it was Tae Jin.

Jin Sang arrives at the recording studio. He recommends to Do Kyung they fight this. Do Kyung refuses saying he deserves this. Do Kyung realizes that Chairman Jung and Tae Jin are working together. Jin Sang regrets talking Do Kyung into seeking revenge against Tae Jin. Do Kyung says if he hadn’t, then he never would have found Hae Young. Jin Sang comments that Do Kyung did throw the fateful dart. Ha! 

Our Hae Young and original Hae Young meet for lunch. Our Hae apologizes for hating her for so long. She realizes she couldn’t control what the boys at school said or did when they compared them.

Holy smokes! Do Kyung’s mother knocks original Hae Young down hitting her repeatedly with her purse. Our Hae Young is stunned. She blocks Do Kyung’s mother who screams at original Hae Young that she is ruining Do Kyung’s life again. Our Hae Young says it isn’t original Hae Young but her that is ruining Do Kyung’s life.

Our Hae Young explains the misunderstanding to his mother. She wonders why Do Kyung’s taste in women is declining. Mother thinks that Hae Young is loving two men fighting over her. She recommends that Hae Young stick with her league of man. She tells Hae Young that Do Kyung will be able to get over her class of woman easily. Hae Young says nothing. Mother piles it on telling her that she should have the strength to walk away from Do Kyung and return to Tae Jin. She demands Hae Young call Do Kyung. As she leaves, she passes original Hae Young is gleefully tells her none of this is her business anymore.  Original Hae Young says that Do Kyung is kinder than his mother deserves. Mother says blood relations are stronger than anything else. She blames original for starting the entire mess. Hey, don’t you remember that YOU pushed original Hae Young out of Do Kyung’s life with the recording? Original Hae Young counter that Mother played her part in creating the mess. Atta Girl! Mother flounces off.

Do Kyung’s crew and Do Kyung discuss the situation. Do Kyung tells them he has found them jobs at another sound studio. They aren’t happy. They don’t want to work for anyone else but Do Kyung. Nice! Hoon suggests they start their own studio. Do Kyung refuses. Tae Jin watches Do Kyung laugh and smile with his crew. He glares at Do Kyung until he is seen. Stay calm Do Kyung, live in love not fear! Tae Jin enters the eatery and stares at Do Kyung. He pays their bill. He tells them to enjoy their evening. Tae Jin smirks and walks away. His crew senses the negative vibe. Tae Jin drives away. Do Kyung calls Hae Young and tells her he’ll pick her up at work.

Jin Sang and Soo Kyung discuss her choice. She tells him that because she haven’t slept together again, she thinks it means they don’t have a chance at a long term relationship. She tells him to leave the house and go back to his place. Jin Sang is racked with guilt. She leads him outside with his suitcases in tow. She tells him that this isn’t like the draft, something he has to do. She assures him walking away is an okay choice. She says they are like family. One night of sex, doesn’t make them a couple. She release him from this mess. She pushes him away. He hestitates. She pushes him again. He cries and hesitates. She pushes him again. He cries and apologizes. He walks away. She urges him to walk away with purpose. Jin Sang stops and cries once she can no longer see him. This was a surprisingly effective scene. Their best scene of the series. I felt the pain in both of them. Superb! 

Tae Jin finds Hae Young waiting for him outside his apartment. Oh no, this is what Do Kyung did not want. Tae Jin refuses to talk to her in the hall. She comes into the apartment. She tells Tae Jin that when he broke it off with her, it was like a death sentence, and she wanted to die and thought about killing herself. But she forced herself to live. She can’t believe he broke it off with her to protect her. Tae Jin counters that she gave up on him quickly. Hae Young counters that he chose to give her no hope. Excellent point! Tae Jin counter he didn’t want to burden her. Hae Young takes that in and asks “you didn’t want to burden me and yet your crushed my heart?” Excellent point! Hae Young scores again when she asks “is it love to hurt someone badly?” Where is his brain she wonders. What’s harder – wait for the man she loves or get dumped the day before her wedding? Excellent point! Hae Young says she was relieved when he was in prison because she felt less undesirable. Now Hae Young goes for the big point “Don’t say you are talking revenge against him because of me. You never loved me.” Tae Jin does not deny this. Hae Young says that Do Kyung cared for her when she fell apart in misery. Now Tae Jin finds his voice. He says that Do Kyung took care of her because he felt guilty about inadvertently hurting her when he hurt Tae Jin. Hae Young counter that even so Do Kyung took care of her and she fell in love with him first. She begged him to love her after learning he ruined Tae Jin’s business. That surprises Tae Jin. A stunned Tae Jin calls her crazy. He asks why she came. He tells her to go. Hae Young tells Tae Jin “you can bankrupt Do Kyung. That’s okay. But don’t hit him. I beg you. Don’t hit him. It breaks my heart.” Tae Jin is affected by her words. He tells her he feels like a loser. She apologizes but still begs for Do Kyung. She leaves Tae Jin’s apartment. Wow! Fabulous scene between the two of them. I felt a glimmer of humanity in Tae Jin. I loved how Hae Young only wanted Do Kyung not to be hurt. Little does she know that is similar to what Do Kyung requested from Tae Jin.

Tae Jin sits alone and says “you should not have come here today.” That worries me!

Do Kyung and his crew get maudlin about not working together anymore. Do Kyung notices the rain and decides to leave.

Do Kyung runs down the street. He waits outside the office for Hae Young umbrella in hand. He texts her. She takes his text in the taxi ride back to the office. She comes to the front door and smiles at Do Kyung. He smiles in return. He offer her an umbrella. They walk together in the rain. She mock complains about not sharing one umbrella. Do Kyung gives his umbrella away and they walk together. Do Kyung says the big three…”I Love You”. She stares at him. She smiles. He smiles. They hug and continue to walk. She thinks they will have a happy ending. He hopes they can be happy just a bit longer.

My Thoughts

*Do Kyung stands his ground, rejecting fear and embracing love. Maybe the “live in love not fear” is a bit silly but it works for this story. If Do Kyung was afraid of Tae Jin’s retribution, then Tae Jin would control Do Kyung. I liked that Do Kyung guessed that Chairman Jang was working with Tae Jin to deliver his punishment. I look forward to Chairman Jang being unmasked as withdrawing his funding from Tae Jin’s company before Do Kyung asked him to do so. Do Kyung has grow in so many ways this series. His evolution has made this series work for me. Hae Young broke his self imposed chains. But Do Kyung took multiple leaps of faith to keep healing his heart by allowing himself to risk for love. It was interesting that Do Kyung elected NOT to tell Hae Young about his premonitions. Will he ever?

*Our Hae Young was strong for Do Kyung. Is she a woman that lives for man and without a man she’s nothing? I’m not sure anymore. Originally I would have said yes. You cannot deny that her happiness revolves around Do Kyung. But I’d like to think that she is evolving to a woman that has individual self worth too. I was proud of Hae Young for inserting herself into the confrontation between Do Kyung’s mother and original Hae Young. I was proud of Hae Young for her conversation with Tae Jin. Yes, you can argue with Tae Jin “you shouldn’t have come here” statement that she was making it worse, but just like Do Kyung did the previous episode…shouldn’t Hae Young have the opportunity to speak her heart to Tae Jin. I loved her statement that Tae Jin never loved her. Did he love her?

*Original Hae Young and Hae Young came to an understanding. Both women realize there were pluses and minuses being in each other’s lives. My favorite moment for original Hae Young was when she told Do Kyung’s mother the mess was partly her fault too. Put that on a billboard and make his mother read it everyday!

*Tae Jin thought about stopping his quest for revenge. Chairman Jung pushed every pride button on Tae Jin he could to get him to do the dirty work of hurting Do Kyung. Color me surprised when Tae Jin’s partner recommended he stop hurting Do Kyung. Then Hae Young hurt him with her truth about what his actions did to her. If Tae Jin has feelings for her, that had to hurt him, to hear what she went through. But what hurt him the most was her admission that she fell in love with Do Kyung. That she pursued Do Kyung. That she begged for Do Kyung’s safety. When she accused him of not loving her, he probably thought the same about her. This was Tae Jin’s best episode. He mattered.

* Do Kyung’s sister pushed Jin Sang away. After last epsiode’s kiss test that Jin Sang passed, I thought it was illogical to state since they hadn’t made love since the first time, they could never be. That was senseless but Jin Sang didn’t argue the point. The moment when she pushed him away…literally was a stellar scene for both actors. Well done. I continue to take issue with her belief that without marriage Jin Sang cannot be a father to her child. Ridiculous. Is she maintaining this only because Jin Sang doesn’t ask to be involved?

* Jin Sang got shoved out of Do Kyung’s sister’s life. Jin Sang struggled with his choices this episode and the last episode, which cannot be an ego boost to her. Jin Sang doesn’t seem to see the big picture of his child in this world without him if he walks away.

* Do Kyung’s brother realized his mother was the problem. He saw that their mother was the problem with the studio being repossessed. At least he sees her clearly.

* Do Kyung’s mother’s debt was bought by Tae Jin. I liked that she suspected Chairman Jang of buying the loan. She’s not wrong, but she can’t know that with the reveal that Tae Jin bought the loan. I did enjoy her confusion when Hae Young explained the relationship on the napkin between herself, Tae Jin, original Hae Young and Do Kyung. Her treatment of our Hae Young and original Hae Young was dreadful. She’s simply not very likable.

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4 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 16 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    How can no one else have many any comments so far on your recap of this not so happy, but stellar episode?

    RELUCTANT COUPLE—I was starting to think our reluctant couple, might actually become a romantic couple, but a romantic relationship seems forced at this point in time. I think these two have the potential be a good couple. SK must be experiencing a major pregnancy hormone imbalance by senselessly demanding JS to make a decision to stay or go on the spot.

    I concur that the scene with SK pushing JS away was their best scene so far. SK is taking it in stride as she planned on raising the baby on her own, while JS seems to be very reluctant to love OR leave SK. I am glad he is feeling some responsibility. Here’s hoping they can come to a workable compromise and both find peace.

    OLD HAE YOUNG—I’m glad the HYs reconciled over lunch before the mommy dearest storm hit.

    HOON– Hoon grabbing JS in bed cracked me up! Hoon’s girlfriend taking on the PD was fun to see—makes me think maybe the PD did have some designs on Hoon. I also like that Hoon recognized that mommy dearest had a hand in the recording studio seizure. He had some relevance in this episode; now this boy just needs to grow up!

    TAE JIN & CHAIRMAN JANG—I thought Mr. Molten Lava got a clue about the nasty chairman between the taunting and seeing his business partner’s shoes at Chairman Jang’s place. I thought for sure he would have tried to overhear what was being said or at least look into what could be going on—but no—are the writers saving that for a later reveal? I was sure TJ was minimally going to confront the business partner about being with Jang. Is that nasty chairman still married to DK’s mom or have they split? Not that I care for her sake, I just wondered if the chairman would do these things if he was NOT estranged from mommy dearest. With the chairman lack of regard for DK’s mom, it makes me wonder why the chairman married her in the first place—we know she was after money. What is the chairman getting out of this relationship? Cuz it looks like momma is getting zilch!

    @kjtamuser—you indicated you are waiting for chairman Jang to be unmasked. While the detail of him withdrawing funds from TJ (without DK asking) has not been revealed, and I too can’t wait for that, DK and mommy dearest are VERY AWARE he is playing a hand in the seizure of the recording studio. Did the premonition of mommy dearest emotionally imploring DK to beg the chairman for forgiveness go away because of DK’s actions, or is it yet to come?

    Our HY visited TJ against DK’s wishes. So glad to hear our HY say “you didn’t want to burden me and yet your crushed my heart?” and call him out for not really loving her I’m not sure if our HY visiting with TJ will cause the Mr. Molten Lava to cool down (that “glimmer of humanity”) or erupt—the jury is still out on this one. I’m rooting for humanity 🙂 !

    OUR HAE YOUNG’S MOM vs. DK’S MOM—The Mothers of our lovebirds have diametrically opposite personalities—one doing everything to protect her child, while the other is doing everything to protect herself, with her child as an afterthought. Our HY’s mom, much to my surprise, supported her daughter’s relationship even though she doesn’t like DK and hates our HY for being so much like herself.

    Mommy dearest’s loan default brought the opportunity for TJ & chairman to seize—she seems to take NO responsibility for her default. Ultimately the recording seizure is a result of TJ and the chairman’s revenge on DK—seriously, what kind of a person thinks that financially ruining his stepson is not enough? DK simply embarrassed the chairman’s bratty daughter, who is probably just sick to death of her dad’s women, by telling the brat to be respectful of his mother—as the brat just embarrassed mommy dearest in front of her guests at her own wedding. Just when TJ thinks his vengeance is wrapping up, the chairman incites him to continue—calling TJ’s manhood into question. Why would any sane woman get involved with this psychotic narcissist? Oh yeah—we are talking about mommy dearest. DK is ready to take responsibility for his actions AND I’m glad that DK recognized the chairman’s involvement.

    While mommy dearest feels bad about the impact of her loan default on DK, her first reaction is to go after old Hae Young. I was relieved that mommy dearest didn’t grab our HY’s hair too, when our HY set the record straight. A decent human would not accost someone on the street by pulling their hair or treat their child’s significant other so callously when meeting them for the first time. I am appalled that DK’s mommy dearest had the nerve to demand our HY get out of DK’s life; when mommy dearest probably wrecks more havoc in DK’s life over time, and yet she doesn’t even attempt to balance her excrement contribution with any love or joy in DK’s life. Good thing our HY follows her own ❤ ! Gotta’ shout out to old HY for calling out mommy dearest by telling the dreadful and unlikeable mommy dearest that she “played her part in creating the mess”—YOU GO GIRL!

    OPPA AND OUR HAE YOUNG— The sensible older psychiatrist talks to DK about overcoming fear and embracing love to overcome the premonitions. I can’t help but worry DK walking in the rain was exacting as his premonition. OOOH how I HATE the concept of “fate”!

    I am ❤ ‘in the sweetness between our lovebirds. You gotta’ love our HY’s honesty in the way she expresses herself to DK that she “wanted to barge into his heart and spread out into him, remove anything that made him unhappy, and be the only person in his heart”. 💋 I hope that his tearful response were tears of joy and not about the impending premonition.


    • kjtamuser says:

      * SK/JS ” SK is taking it in stride as she planned on raising the baby on her own, while JS seems to be very reluctant to love OR leave SK.” That’s a good way to put it. SK knows what she wants, JS is struggling to determine this.

      * Hoon – “He had some relevance in this episode; now this boy just needs to grow up!” Concur completely.

      * TAE JIN & CHAIRMAN JANG – love your molten lava tag line for Tae Jin. That is perfect. What indeed does Chairman Jang get out of the relationship with DK’s mother? A woman that defers to him (at least that’s what she pretends)? A way to hurt DK (side benefit, I’m not sure that the Chairman wanted to hurt DK until the wedding fireworks)?

      * Two mothers – DK’s mother is selfish and a burden to her family. HY’s mother is fiery but loves her daughter and supports her. I know which one I’d want.

      * DK/HY – What a compelling couple they have evolved into. She clearly has forced him to evolve and I can only love her for it. He has decided to evolve and I can only love him for it.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I agree with your statement “I’m not sure that the Chairman wanted to hurt DK until the wedding fireworks”. Although after watching episode 17 it seems the chairman is extremely annoyed by ANYBODY making requests–unless it fits his agenda. Chairman Jang is NOT a good person.

        DK and our HY have evolved into a “compelling couple”! I’m not sure when I have rooted for a couple as much as I have for them! I remember it took me several episodes before I could get myself invested in ANY of this drama’s characters–how happy am I that I persevered!?!


        • kjtamuser says:

          Chairman Jung is scum.

          Completely agree with your assessment of our couple. I’ve made no bones about the fact that I watched this series for Eric. I got more than I expected from this series. It was a pleasant surprise.


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