Another Miss Oh Episode 15 Recap

Our leads try to gauge and admit how much they care for each other. As expected, it is easier for her than him to quantify feelings.

Another Miss Oh Episode 15 Recap “Those Past Days I Could Not Give You More, More Love” 

Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) watches Do Kyung’s brother, Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) and his girlfriend reveling in each other. They spot her as they move to go into the house. Do Kyung’s brother asks if Hae Young made soup for Do Kyung, who she is waiting for. She confirms she has. Do Kyung’s sister returns home pretending to be drunk. Do Kyung’s brother asks if Jin Sang contacted her. She sweeps into the house without answering. Jin Sang can’t make up his mind if he wants to enter the house or not. He eventually runs from the house and his responsibility.

As Do Kyung drives up to the house, she hides in the bushes intending to surprise him. Instead Do Kyung surprises her. Doesn’t Eric have a fabulous smile?

Hae Young asks Do Kyung what’s it like to use the workspace his father used to use. Do Kyung recalls the premonition with Jin Sang asking him the same question. He smiles. Is the inference that things have changed and so the premonition is not true because Hae Young asks this question not Jin Sang? Hae Young asks when his father passed away. Do Kyung explains his father died when he was eight years old when they were out recording sounds. Do Kyung notes his father didn’t die by himself. He tells her that dying by yourself without someone there to hold your hand would be scarier. I thought by the time Do Kyung found his father on the beach, he was dead from the fall. Dying alone is a negative with Do Kyung, which looks like what will happen if his premonition of the car accident comes true. Do Kyung plays a recording his father made of him in a song Do Kyung’s sister playing the piano when he was six years old. Hae Young thinks it’s cute.

amo_ep15_3a amo_ep15_3b amo_ep15_3c
Do Kyung meets with his doctor and another doctor discussing his premonitions and what they mean. Do Kyung feels he never loved Hae Young enough and that’s why he’s having these premonitions. The new doctor has the opinion that everything can be boiled down to either fear (which is fake) or love (which is real). He says Do Kyung has figured out that love was his choice. He asks Do Kyung why he still hesitating. Do Kyung’s doctor asks the other doctor why he didn’t hypnotize Do Kyung. The doctor states there was no need. Do Kyung is simply afraid to embrace love fully.

Do Kyung plays a recording of a young Do Kyung’s sister singing.

Do Kyung’s sister asks herself “Where have you gone? You used to be so cute”.

Do Kyung’s best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) fantasizes about what it would be like to be married to Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won). It’s not always good. Do Kyung’s brother believes Jin Sang will eventually run away from the situation. He encourages him to talk to Do Kyung’s sister and get out of the situation. Jin Sang takes offense at this. Do Kyung’s brother takes offense at that. They grapple with each other. Do Kyung’s sister enters the room and listens to both of them complain about what the other said. Do Kyung’s sister tells Jin Sang he has to kill Do Kyung’s brother to restore his respect. She offers him a bat and leaves the room. Jin Sang applies the bat to Do Kyung’s brother’s bottom.

Do Kyung’s sister tells Jin Sang this is awkward for both of them. She says marriage between them is not necessary. She tells him she’s going to leave Korea and live in another country. She tells him to pack and move out of the house. Jin Sang declares the baby is his. Do Kyung’s sister asks Jin Sang if he could ever kiss her romantically. She offers her lips. He turns his head away. She says he has one day to decide whether or not they can be romantically involved. She says if the answer is no then he must move out.

Do Kyung looks at a photo album with a May 2014 date on the spline. One picture has a Do Kyung solo. Then we see the picture with original Hae Young. The caption date is June 2016. Does that mean that Do Kyung has changed the future?

Original Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin) is on a blind date and gets a text from Do Kyung simply stating “thank you”.

Her cousin, her cousin’s mother and Hae Young text about Hae Young coming to her wedding. Hae Young wants to attend and informs them she is dating Do Kyung the man she referenced on the radio. Little does she know that her mother is also monitoring the text stream. Her mother bursts into her room and cannot believe that she is dating Do Kyung. Hae Young asks her mother to be happy for her. Her mother tells her to date quietly and then break it off. Defiantly Hae Young says she won’t just date him.

Do Kyung has a premonition about the auto accident. This time we clearly see an automobile is aiming for him.

Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon), who is drunk, puts the waiter, that told him to tell Hae Young that he hated the way she ate, in a headlock. Tae Jin says he can’t believe he took advice from a waiter and dumped the woman he loved. The waiter questions whether or not he truly loves Hae Young. Tae Jin wonders what he should do about Do Kyung, the man that is causing him pain.

Hae Young’s mother visits Do Kyung. She asks him if Hae Young has invited him to her cousin’s wedding. Mother says that Hae Young thinks that dating leads to marriage. Mother says that’s not true in today’s world. Mother says that Hae Young wants marriage. Do Kyung says he likes Hae Young. Mother says he’s not mentioning marriage. Mother says if Do Kyung attends the wedding with Hae Young then family will assume they are going to get married. Mother tells Do Kyung only come to the wedding if you intend to marry Hae Young. As she leaves she tells Do Kyung she just couldn’t stand to watch Hae Young’s heart get broken again. Outside she tells father Do Kyung is not “the one”.

Hae Young calls Do Kyung and asks what he’s doing tomorrow. He tells her that he’ll be working in the countryside and back late afternoon. Hae Young tells him she wanted to take him to her cousin’s wedding. Do Kyung asks her to come to his house in the evening and he’ll cook her dinner. She’s impressed that he can cook. She suggests they also drink. She states that her previous drinking to excess was because she was not happy. She says now she’s drunk on love. I prefer drunk on love. It’s more interesting to watch as a viewer.

Hae Young tells her mother that Do Kyung can’t make the wedding because he has to work.

Do Kyung’s sister corners Jin Sang and asks if he’s decided whether or not they can have a romantic relationship. She challenges him to kiss her. He stares at her, fear in his eyes. She tells him to make up his mind and let her know. Do Kyung’s sister certainly can be overwhelming.

Hae Young catches her cousin’s bouquet at the wedding. Hae Young has an excellent vertical leap. Hae Young is the source of speculation among wedding guests. Hae Young tells her parents in the cab ride home that she’ll never believe it when people tell her she’s a beautiful bride. Her parents look concerned.

Do Kyung encourages Jin Sang to make the best decision for himself. He tells him the choice that’s right for Jin Sang is the right choice for himself and his sister. Jin Sang still doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Do Kyung tells him he’s going to be cooking for Hae Young. Jin Sang says the most important thing is to make the menu look cool. Do Kyung tosses Jin Sang a melon telling him his sister likes that fruit. Jin Sang asks if he’s mocking him. Do Kyung’s sister appears in the aisle and asks Jin Sang if he’s decided whether or not he can kiss her. He looks uncomfortable. She runs away. Do Kyung watches and shakes his head.

Hae Young photographs Do Kyung’s food. It meets with her approval. She asks Do Kyung if there’s anything that he can’t do. She doesn’t think he can portray cute. He jokes that he’ll do cute later. So cute! As she slurps her noodles, Do Kyung tells her she’s pretty when she eats. They both break up laughing.

Do Kyung’s sister brings Jin Sang his items out packed in a suitcase. She tells him if they cannot kiss he must leave. They cannot get married if they cannot have a physical relationship. Jin Sang says he can’t because of the baby. Do Kyung’s sister claims the baby isn’t his responsibility. She will raise the baby solo. She asked him not to come by while she is still in the country. Jin Sang asks her if she could kiss him? Do Kyung’s sister says she believes could kiss him. I like the fact that Jin Sang is concerned about the baby not just having a physical relationship with Do Kyung’s sister.

Jin Sang goes to kiss Do Kyung’s sister. She grabs him to draw him in for a kiss. He tells her not to get aggressive. He tries to kiss her again. One word…awkward.

Hae Young shares a love letter she got in high school for Do Kyung that she kept all these years. Flashback to original Hae Young giving Hae Young the letter. Original Hae Young tells Hae Young that she didn’t want to give her the letter. Original Hae Young says that she was jealous of Hae Young’s love from her parents and she didn’t want her to have more love from a boy. That’s honest but not nice. Original Hae Young hoped one day she could give Hae Young the letter when she got over her jealousy. That’s why she kept the letter. She caveats it that she’s returning the letter even though she isn’t over her jealousy. Hae Young admits to herself she wasn’t the only one that was jealous. She wonders if knowing that original Hae Young was jealous of her makes her feel better or worse. Flashback to the boy that through the rock through her window in high school. Maybe he was the boy that wrote the letter that she never received.

Hae Young calls her friend to look up the boy in the high school album. Her friend takes a photograph of the boy and sends it. Do Kyung wants to see the picture. They tussle for the phone. Her mother calls. Hae Young says she’s with her friend and will spend the night there. Her mother doesn’t believe her and tells her to put her friend on the phone. Hae Young tells her mother she’s old enough to have this kind of relationship. Her mother tells her to come home or she will drag her back.

Hae Young is not happy when she comes home. Her mother is also not happy. She does not like how Hae Young brags about her relationship and lets everyone know the details of her life. Her mother says eventually she will break up with Do Kyung. Hae Young demands to know how she knows this. Her father’s tries to stop her mother from saying more, but to no avail. Her mother says that she told Do Kyung if he did not intend to marry her then to not come to the wedding. That hits the mark with Hae Young and it hurts her. Her mother says date Do Kyung secretly.

amo_ep15_10b amo_ep15_10a
Hae Young cries. She demands to know why her mother confronted Do Kyung about his intentions. Her mother calmly says it’s better to know now. Hae Young is upset. She believes if she took Do Kyung to the wedding, her parents could’ve been proud of her in that moment. Do Kyung calls Hae Young and recognizes she’s upset. He asked why. She lies that her mother hit her and she cried. Do Kyung tells her not to cry. Hae Young says she is to hang up now and does so. She cries. Do Kyung puts the phone down suspecting there’s more behind her tears.

Hae Young tells herself this moment will be nothing. She wants to go for it with Do Kyung.

Jin Sang and Do Kyung’s sister cannot kiss each other. She stumbles away. Jin Sang catches her. She pushed him away. Jin Sang tells her he just can’t kiss her. She tells him to go. She appreciates his effort. Jin Sang says how can I leave you when you’re caring my child? She starts to walk away. Frustrated he watches her go. He goes after her, grabs her, spins her around, dips her back, and kisses her with passion. That’s a nice kiss!

Hae Young meets her friend the next day. Her friend immediately notices she’s unhappy. Hae Young asked why she always lowers herself when she’s in a relationship. I could tell you that Hae Young, it’s because you value him over yourself. Her friend asks isn’t it more important to see if Do Kyung is the right man for you before you decide you need to marry him? Hae Young says when she falls in love she immediately thinks of sex and marriage. Do Kyung calls but she ignores his phone call claiming she’s playing hard to get.

amo_ep15_12b amo_ep15_12a
Do Kyung reads a notice of seizure. His mother runs into the room and grabs the seizure notice from his hands. He asks if this is about a private loan that she’s defaulted on. She claims that they loan shark never told her she was late on any of her payments. She promises him the seizure notice will be lifted soon. He tells her not to worry about it. She tells him shall handle it. He tells her he will handle it. Do Kyung leaves.

A bummed out Hae Young kicks the can down the street. She meets Do Kyung. He kicks the can back. He asks why she didn’t answer his calls. She says because she’s mad at him. He asked why. She tells him that she thought they both liked each other but now she sees it is an unbalanced. She says it doesn’t make her feel good. She promises to match is like with her like. He tells her he likes her 100%. She says your 100% seems to be different from mine. He tells her he sincerely likes her 100%. She tells him to leave. He says he will after he gets a hug from her. He says if he doesn’t have a hug for her he’ll feel bad and get angry. She hugs him though not with much enthusiasm. She heads into the house and he watches her go.

Do Kyung goes to Tae Jin’s apartment. This seems like a bad idea. Aren’t you asking for trouble?  Do Kyung declares Tae Jin can take everything away from him. Arms legs, whatever. He only wants Tae Jin to let him to live. Tae Jin invites him into the apartment. He kicks Do Kyung. Tae Jin pours himself a stiff drink. Tae Jin tells him that he once had a kid hurt him, apologize and assume it was over. Catch the parallel between that kid and Do Kyung? Tae Jin tells Do Kyung that’s not the end of the story. Now that kid has everything he had. Tae Jin asks Do Kyung what he should do. Do Kyung asks him to spare his life. Tae Jin lets his violence and anger rip and beats Do Kyung.

Hae Young calls Do Kyung and tells him that she misses him, she’s angry at him and she wants to see him. We see a bruised Do Kyung sitting on street curb taking the phone call. She asked him to come over again. He says he can’t come over. She assumes it’s because he doesn’t like her as much as she likes him. Again Do Kyung uses the power of silence to mislead her.

As Do Kyung walks alone in the night he thinks “right before I was dying I was regretting that I didn’t love her with all my heart. That’s why made another decision so here I am. If I die this time I’m going to regret this moment. Because I’m not being honest. But I couldn’t be honest. I made her misunderstand and hurt her feelings. The same way that Tae Jin could be honest and hurt her feelings. Am I making a mistake same mistake right now? Shall I tell her the truth now? I might die soon if I tell her the truth would we be as happy as we are now? She knows I might die soon was she still be able to smile at me like now?”

amo_ep15_16b amo_ep15_16a
Do Kyung goes to Hae Young. She stares at his bruises. She asks who did this to him? She cries. Do Kyung says he expected to get beaten like this. He pulls her into a hug. He says compared to what I did to him, I have to do I have to endure everything he does to me. He tells her not to see Tae Jin. He’s sorry he didn’t come to the wedding but he had his reasons. He says until I die I won’t leave you. I’m 100% on the scale of liking you. He hugs her fully. She hugs him back.

Hae Young enters the house and goes to her room, tears streaming down her face. She thinks “I wish Tae Jin’s wounded heart could be healed. I wish we could all have peace of mind. I wish no one would be left with an aching heart. Not Tae Jin, me, or Do Kyung”. She sobs.

amo_ep15_17b amo_ep15_17a
Do Kyung walks the city streets and thinks “I still want to see her smile. I want her to be happy. I still want this”. He runs. He has a premonition of a car hitting him…this time it is clear the driver is Tae Jin.


My Thoughts

*Do Kyung is evolving and becoming more open with his emotions. No way the Do Kyung of the first five episodes would have admitted to Hae Young that he liked her 100%. He would’ve let the misunderstanding stand and never explain it. Again he chooses to apologize to Tae Jin. Isn’t that like waving a red flag in front of a bull? Then battered and bruised Do Kyung went to Hae Young and told her that he liked her 100%, that she should not to go to Tae Jin on this matter, and while he lived would not leave her. Side note, Eric’s smiles get me every time.

*Our Hae Young wants marriage. She told her friends that when she falls in love sex and marriage are naturally where her mind goes to. Is that true? Is she so desperate to be married that that is the real in goal? Look I can understand wanting to become fully involved with Do Kyung but her friend was right, she should figure out if Do Kyung is really the man for her. In the initial parts of a relationship you’re in that fantasy mode, you’re not seeing the other person clearly. You’re learning about each other. Make the marriage choice after you know what you’re getting instead of what you assume you are getting. I recognize Hae Young doesn’t work that way, she’s impulsive, she’s emotional, she’s passionate, and that’s what makes her unique and the woman that finally opens Do Kyung to love.

*Original Hae Young gave Hae Young the old love letter. Last episode, her admission of jealousy of Hae Young’s loving mother, was an empathy moment for me. This episode I had less empathy when she kept the letter from the high school boy. She wasn’t over the jealousy but thought that giving the letter back would help her get over the jealousy. That’s like a backhand complement. Not a strong statement, that’s why it didn’t really resonate positively with me.

*Tae Jin needs anger management. He is angry. He is drinking. He beat Do Kyung…again. I thought his story of the boy that hurt him then offered a lame apology and thought everything would be fine was a decent analogy for this situation. But it’s how Tae Jin does things that bothers me. He has reasons to be mad at Do Kyung for the situation that he’s in. But beating Do Kyung every chance he gets, how does that change anything? Tae Jin is stuck in an endless loop of anger. Hats off to anybody that thought that Tae Jin would be the driver that would hit Do Kyung. That was revealed to be the case.

* Do Kyung’s sister admitted she cared for Jin Sang when she said she could kiss him. It was a simple test. Could Jin Sang kiss her as a man would kiss a woman? I agree that if they were going to get married then a physical relationship needs to be there. However, I take issue with the belief that if she can’t be married to Jin Sang then she has to leave the country and raise the child alone. Hello, how about co-parenting?

* Jin Sang did not think he could see Do Kyung’s sister as a woman. I bought his hesitation, his rejection of the idea that Do Kyung’s sister could be more than a friend to him. But when faced with the reality of her walking away from him, he decided to go for it and kissed her with passion. That was an excellent kiss. I love the fact that this show features passionate kisses. I’m still not sure whether or not Jin Sang has a physical pull towards Do Kyung’s sister or if this kiss was more of a don’t leave the country kiss.

* Do Kyung’s brother got a bat from Jin Sang. Still limited impact for this character.

* Do Kyung’s mother has a debt with a loan shark. She told Do Kyung she’d handle it. He told her he’d handle it. I don’t like her. I believe Chairman Jang will unleash evil against Do Kyung but that seems to have been tabled for now. Maybe the writer has shifted this with the 2 episode extension.

* The eighth song of the OST is release and is titled “Shattered” by Kim E-Z. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below.



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6 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 15 Recap
  1. GJ527 says:

    I think Do Kyong is letting Tae Jin beat him up in an effort to change his premonition that Tae Jin will run him down with his car. He specifically states that Tae Jin can do anything to him EXCEPT take his life. This is also why he wants no interference from Hae Young – this new path has to play out for him to avoid death.

  2. Phi says:

    I agree with the above comment. This time Dokyung letting Taejin beat him up not because of guilt but to be able to live and move forward with OHY1 100%.

    I think the Father was dead when Dokyung got down to the shoreline but if I recall correctly, young Dokyung was telling his Dad to hold on and he’ll get him to the hospital… And so

    I thought OHY2 went to that cafe recently and ripped her picture off the couple photo and left that note hence the June.2016 date. Interesting if that note was there originally and the date actually changed. 🙂

    I like that OHY2 take a step to give that 13 year old letter to OHY1. Whether it’s for her to feel like a better person, I still appreciate that positive gesture of moving forward.

    Love Eric’s gorgeous smiles, more so because they don’t let us see it very often for the most part of the drama. 🙂

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Get yourself settled in a comfy chair with a tall, icy beverage before you start reading my lengthy commentary of this excellent episode of our favorite characters show and tell their real feelings.

    ULTIMATUM FROM OUR HY’s MOM—Yeah for our HY’s mom looking out for her daughter! I wish she had not told our HY about her ultimatum for DK, since neither mom nor our HY knew what was going through his head—I think DK likes our HY enough to marry her. Mom is not a happy camper as she tells our HY if she is going to date Do Kyung, do it secretly. I believe DK’s hesitation comes from his uncertainty about his own future-the premonition makes it look like he will die…can our DK overcome his “fate”?

    RELUCTANT COUPLE—SK and JS have both accepted being parents, but the question this episode is will they raise the baby as a couple? I like that SK is trying to help JS be a better person. Hoon had slight relevance as her advice telling SJ to abandon SK, which seemed to evoke JS’s protective feelings towards his baby’s momma. I was a bit shocked that SJ practically sodomized Hoon—this retaliation seemed a bit harsh. 😦

    SK cares enough about JS to raise the baby as a couple and accept JS, warts and all, if he can love her. I think SK was unreasonable to give JS such 24 hours to make a decision about the raising the baby—she has had more time to think about bring a parent than he has. What is the rush? It’ll be a little bit of time before she shows and several months before the baby is born. I suppose she wants to skedaddle out of the country to keep the pregnancy a secret. I wonder what the Park sibling’s maternal unit will…Zzzz

    I’m not a fan of SK’s all or nothing proposition for parenting. While I think kids are better off in a household with BOTH their father AND mother—they should not get married simply because they made a baby. There options in-between—as you mentioned: “Hello, how about co-parenting?” Despite that, my heart skipped a beat when JS said “how can I leave you when you’re caring my child?” and then stepped up to the plate with a darn nice kiss💋 complete with a dip! Kudos to the writers for evolving these formerly irrelevant and annoying characters into a rich side story, where I find myself rooting for their happiness!

    OLD HAE YOUNG— I was very pleased old HY turned off her phone for her blind date—she is trying to get over DK. I was confused about DK’s pic had old HY that changed to DK being solo—was this a premonition? I couldn’t put this in context. Can someone clarify this scene for me?

    Old HY is experiencing her own bildungsroman by returning the high school love letter to the intended our HY. I agree with @Phi that returning the letter was a “positive gesture of moving forward”. Isn’t old HY stretching herself to be authentic—isn’t that a characteristic we appreciate in our HY? Look how old HY and DK are changing their lives for the better by emulating our HY’s philosophy if living “raw and real”. I initially did not like old HY as she seemed like someone who expected to always getting her way due to her looks. As we learned about her insecurity about not being loved and subsequent false face as cover, I pitied her. How interesting that both HYs felt they got the short end of the stick when they compared themselves to each other!
    When our HY looked at his school pic was it just me or did anyone else think the yearbook pic of the love letter author/rock thrower resembled DK’s psychiatrist? Surely the love letter author is not the psychiatrist—right?

    TAE JIN—looks like our HY’s former fiancé is continuing his melt down to molten lava—when will he erupt? This revenge filled dude does need anger management AND must discover that his shady former (or current?) business partner and nasty chairman Jung were the catalyst for his woes—when will we see this revelation? TJ also needs to takes responsibility for breaking up with our HY instead of trying to blame DK or the waiter—if I recall correctly the waiter didn’t tell TJ to break up with our HY, but that if he was going to break up with her TJ needed an excuse or he would be pressed for an excuse—which probably would have happened. Our DK at least had reservations about taking revenge on TJ, which DK later discovered was unjustified—hence his willingness to take TJ’s abuse. TJ has violently lashed out his anger on DK at least twice. But then again, it wasn’t just TJ’s marriage that was ruined, but his finances, business, and plus the time served in jail. TJ has a right to be angry, but as he lashes out with violence, TJ’s righteous indignation transforms into a sullied motivation for murder—that is NO BUENO! 😦

    DK coming to visit TJ and beg for his life was that it was likely due to DK’s belief that TJ will be the hit and run driver—which was confirmed by the premonition revealing TJ as the driver. Dang it—I did not want this character to be a murderous perp—this hit and run premonition become a deliberate act instead of an accident with somebody panicking. I concur with @GJ527 that DK visiting TJ is part of the plan he is anxiously engaged in to thwart his “fate” of dying in the hit and run. I don’t want our HY to have been in love with a man who would kill for revenge—our HY could be racked with that infamous Asian guilt.

    DK’s MOM—her appearance was brief and with what seemed to be genuine concern. Is the notice of seizure due to mom’s loan sharks, TJ’s revenge or both—TJ and chairman Jung taking advantage of mom’s loan default? I realized I had not even missed the fact that we haven’t seen her for several episodes. Is there enough time for the writers to redeem this character—wait a minute—do I even c…Zzz

    OPPA AND OUR HAE YOUNG—DK revealing some of his childhood memories to our HY was poignant, particularly his father’s death. Your hypothesis of DK’s feelings was astute: “Dying alone is a negative with Do Kyung, which looks like what will happen if his premonition of the car accident comes true”.

    Our HY tries to live her life as her authentic self—warts and all—it is amazing to see DK starting to develop this mentality. I concur that “Do Kyung is evolving and becoming more open with his emotion”—and YES Eric has an amazing smile that makes me melt too! I ❤ that DK realized him keeping secrets from our HY would hurt her as much as TJ hurt her lying about canceling the wedding. I hope DK will continue to make these “out of his norm” decisions and hopefully this action will change the course of his “fate”! Our HY sweetly wishes: “Tae Jin’s wounded heart could be healed. I wish we could all have peace of mind. I wish no one would be left with an aching heart. Not Tae Jin, me, or Do Kyung” That would be a series conclusion that would make me very happy! 💋

    • kjtamuser says:

      Superb analysis! Couple of comments:
      RELUCTANT COUPLE – These two are much more interesting now than in the initial episodes where drunk and disorderly was their contribution. I too found SK’s ultimatum unnecessary but agree that JS’s dip kiss was lovely. There is a middle ground, but SK is not pen to that possibility right now.
      OLD HAE YOUNG – “Isn’t old HY stretching herself to be authentic?” Good point. “When our HY looked at his school pic was it just me or did anyone else think the yearbook pic of the love letter author/rock thrower resembled DK’s psychiatrist? Surely the love letter author is not the psychiatrist—right?” What an interesting idea!
      TAE JIN – “molten lava”, an apt description
      OPPA AND OUR HAE YOUNG – “Our HY tries to live her life as her authentic self—warts and all—it is amazing to see DK starting to develop this mentality.” I concur. It is DK’s evolution that is the heart of this series. I too would be happy if Our HY’s wish came true.

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    The fact that the heart of the story is DK’s evolution is precisely why I have logical hope for him to survive…he seems to be changing the premonitions with his atypical actions. But if the writers are using soju as inspiration, all bets are off!

    I’ve had a busy week and hope to watch at least some of episode 16 before I go to bed.

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