Would I Date Him? Fated to Love You

This time on Would I Date Him? I consider the leading man of Fated to Love You. Full disclosure, I’m a Jang Hyuk fan. I’m not commenting on him, I’m commenting on the character he portrays.

Our candidate:
Lee Gun portrayed by Jang Hyuk from the series Fated to Love You.

His Background: Successor to family business. A single night encounter with the leading lady ends in pregnancy and they marry.

Pluses: Eccentric and Appealing, willing to put her happiness above his own. Lee Gun felt deeply and expressed himself through rich facial expressions, a maniacal laugh and palpable tenderness. Episode 6 was a stellar episode showcasing the strengths of this character: full gusto karaoke at wedding reception, making the baby clothing with sweet determination, gently stroking Mi Young (the leading lady) while she slept, tenderly putting his bandage on Mi Young, recommitting to his marriage by putting his wedding ring back on, and a fun gangster style business visit to renege on factory sale.

Minuses: Willing sever ties with the woman he loved because of a nebulous, undiagnosed, threat of brain disease. Lee Gun jumped into the noble idiocy pool in episodes 11-17. Side note – When the disease was declared unlikely in the final episode, I was appalled the writers had the couple (and viewers) suffer through the plot point, then casually dismiss it.

Would I date him? Yes. I would forgive his noble idiocy just like our leading lady Mi Young did and live a happy life with this compelling man.

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11 comments on “Would I Date Him? Fated to Love You
  1. Kay says:

    Gotta love Lee Gun and our Snail Couple 😉

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  2. Beez says:

    Yes! Well, wait -if I knew about the pending ominous and highly likely hereditary disease before I got to know him – no.

    But if I’d already gotten to know how tender and considerate this man is (the same way MiYoung was thrust into the situation) Then my answer becomes “YES!”.

    As to the noble idiocy, I wouldn’t know ahead of time he’d do that so again – “yes”. If I knew – now that’s hard. Part of me says I wouldn’t date him because of that but another part sees it as romantic because he stupidly does it out of unselfishness and love for me.

    Oh Kdrama. You keep me in the world of Cinderella with your fantasy princes. *sigh*

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    • kjtamuser says:

      Yep, but you wouldn’t know about any of it before hand, by the time he dived into the noble idiot pool, you’d be lost in love (at least I would have been).

      Love your analogy of fantasy prince. Lee Gun was one – tender, protective, fun, and full of life.


  3. Drama Fan says:

    Awww I’d date him and marry him and LOVE him with his illness and his wacky hair and laugh and shiny blue suits and THAT LAUGH and his paranoia and his insane shouting in the shower, and his snail phobia/obsession and his dark circles and his joker moments and dubious mental health. Lee Gun is just too precious to let him go.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    Personally, I would have NOT ONLY dated, but fallen head over heels for Gun. Once fallen I would likely overlook the noble idiocy, the mysterious disease (the translation I saw called it Huntington’s disease, which is VERY SCARY, I may think twice about having kids with him!) and even the maniacal laugh–would it get on my nerves over time or would it become endearing?

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