Another Miss Oh Episode 14 Recap

That cat is out of the bag and everyone is surprised.

Another Miss Oh Episode 14 Recap “Any Sound That Is Not About Love Must Be Silent” 

Park Do Kyung (Eric) and Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) blissfully walk the streets hugging, kissing, and generally being giddy in their couple hood. Hae Young declares Do Kyung a tonic, her cold is gone. Hae Young thanks Do Kyung for persevering in his pursuit of her. Do Kyung flashes to being injured after the car accident and tells Hae Young that if he died and had not done all he could to pursue this relationship he would’ve had regrets. Little does Hae Young know Do Kyung references dying not as a distant event but a near term event. Hae Young declares she loves his words ”go as far as my heart wants. Don’t hold back, and just go.” Hae Young declares Do Kyung is brave and a man that her heart loves as no other. She warns him not to hold back, become fickle, or she will kill him. He assures her he will not and gives her full latitude to be as fickle as she would like.

At her parent’s house, Hae Young is giddy. Her parents rush into the room concerned because she left the hospital. Hae Young declares she felt better so she came home.

Do Kyung’s doctor is thrilled that Do Kyung taking different actions and has changed the future. Do Kyung isn’t as happy as the doctor would expect. Do Kyung explains that by loving Hae Young as much as he can before he leaves, when he leaves, Hae Young will be happier. So Do Kyung still thinks that he will die. The doctor thinks otherwise. Do Kyung has changed the future. He may not die in this new future. The doctor tells Do Kyung he only needs to focus on loving Hae Young. I must say the doctor was really stoked.

Do Kyung surprises Hae Young by driving her to work in the morning. Can these two smile any more than they are?

Do Kyung’s best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) is excited about a dream he had last night that his mother told him means he will have something wonderful happen. Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) thinks the dream references the baby. Jin Sang thinks the dream means he will become attorney general. Do Kyung’s brother, Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) shakes his head at Jin Sang’s silliness.

amo_ep14_3b amo_ep14_3a
Jin Sang drives Do Kyung’s sister to work and asks if she has contacted the baby’s father, her former lover. Do Kyung’s sister says her former lover is not the baby’s father. Jin Sang asks who else could be the baby’s father? He asks if she had a one-night stand. She doesn’t deny it. He pulls the car over, and asks again, was it a one-night stand? She tells him to mind his own business. She declares she will raise the baby by herself, so there is no need to notify the father. Do Kyung’s sister says she will emigrate (leave Korea) to avoid everyone asking who the baby’s father is. Jin Sang urges her to raise the baby in Korea. She tells him to be quiet and drive get her to work. She walks into work and thinks to herself “if I tell you I’m carrying your child you won’t be able to handle it, and things will become awkward. So I’ll raise this child alone and you’ll never know the truth. We’ll keep our friendship forever.”

Do Kyung’s sister sees Do Kyung drop off Hae Young at work and can’t help but notice how happy they are. In the elevator Do Kyung’s sister tells Hae Young that she better not break up with Do Kyung. Original Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin) offers our Hae Young her congratulations.

Flashback to high school where our Hae Young and Original Hae Young report cards got switched. Our Hae Young’s mother bragged to everyone about the excellent grades. Original Hae Young agreed to let our Hae Young keep her report card for her parents to sign. Of course, our Hae Young’s grades were not excellent, but middle of the pack. That means original Hae Young had to take the subpar report card to her mother for signature. At that point her mother was married to Chairman Jang. Her mother is not happy with the subpar report card. Original Hae Young claims to have not studied, hence the mediocre grades. Her mother ignore this and tells her she’s going to get a divorce. She wants to leave the house. This upsets original Hae Young. I like the plot point that original Hae Young suffered at times from the mix-ups between her and our Hae Young. Nicely done. When it is revealed the report cards were switched, our Hae Young’s mother is not happy. When she meets original Hae Young, she tells her that her eyes are too big, and walks away telling our Hae Young that studying isn’t everything while holding her hand in support. Original Hae Young thinks to herself “at that point I knew I would always lose to you. I could never win against somebody who grew up in love.” I love this plot point, I actually cared about original Hae Young in that scene.

Do Kyung’s brother remembers back believing the director was trying to seduce him and his embarrassing exit. He tells his girlfriend that the reason he cannot succeed is because he loves her. She astutely realizes that another woman has made a play for him. She asks who tried to seduce him. She tells him she’s proud of him for resisting the other woman’s seduction.

The director calls Do Kyung and says the barley field they are filming at will be cut down tomorrow. Do Kyung and his crew must go record sounds today. He calls Hae Young and lets her know he will be returning to town tomorrow. She is not excited, but realizes work comes first. She dramatically tells him she hopes she can survive until tomorrow. Desperate to include Hae Young in the trip, Do Kyung calls his Do Kyung’s sister to ask her to send Hae Young on the trip. His Do Kyung’s sister refuses, much to Do Kyung’s chagrin.

Two of Do Kyung’s crew members pretend to be police and take our Hae Young from work for a telecommunications crime. Ha! You have to laugh when Hae Young takes a phone call and the crew members admonish her to turn it off or she will lose even more money. The crewmembers stop in the rest of the crew including Do Kyung get into the minivan. Hae Young is surprised and pleased that Do Kyung has kidnapped her.

As they arrive at the filming site, the director tells Do Kyung that the recorded sound will be important because the movie has minimal dialogue. He and his crew pack up while Do Kyung and his crew set up to record sound.

Do Kyung’s crew leaves Hae Young and Do Kyung at a pretty spot while they return to Seoul. They promise to pick them up in the morning. Hae Young and Do Kyung celebrate with a hug that includes a dip, cute!

Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) visits his former partner, now CEO of the company he used to be CEO of. Tae Jin wants to return to work. His former partner has some kind of issue that he is hiding. Instead of letting Tae Jin back in the company and allowing him to discover the issue, he urges Tae Jin to reconnect with Hae Young, get married, then return to work.

Hae Young’s boss calls the police to find out her status. He learns that the officers that took Hae Young away were fake. The police can’t see the license plate in the CCTV video. The police visit Hae Young’s mother and tell her she was kidnapped. She faints.

Hae Young tells Do Kyung the kinds of sounds she likes to hear. She tells him she would also like to hear the sound of him saying her name. She asks him if her name still reminds him of original Hae Young. Do Kyung says he doesn’t call her by her name because he doesn’t want her to think that he might be referring to original Hae Young, not her. Hae Young tells Do Kyung to call her comfortably by her name. Do Kyung asks that no matter what Tae Jin does to him, she not get involved, and leave it to Do Kyung to deal with. Do Kyung states he treated Tae Jin badly, and there will be repercussions to that. He asks her to call him something else…

In the barley field, Hae Young and Do Kyung smile at each other. She calls him oppa and he calls her Hae Young. Smiles all around. They border on sickly sweet. They lay in the field staring at the stars. She is so happy she says they could die together today. Do Kyung leans over to kiss her and the police yell out Do Kyung’s name. Searchlights sweep the field. Looks like they have a SWAT team searching the field for them. As Do Kyung and Hae Young stand up, a spotlight hits them.

At the police station, the police tell Do Kyung and his crew they are in big trouble for impersonating police officers. They throw themselves on the mercy of the police officers. Hae Young’s mother is livid to find out it was all a hoax. At the police station Do Kyung apologizes to Hae Young’s parents. Her mother tells Do Kyung to take her daughter and keep her. She walks away and tells her husband to give their daughter to Do Kyung.

Jin Sang and Do Kyung’s sister are having dinner and he is full of myths about pregnancy. Jin Sang is stunned when six of his former girlfriends enter the restaurant and surround the table. Do Kyung’s sister continues to eat, unconcerned at the gathering of women around the table. She tells the former girlfriends she knows what kind of man Jin Sang is, and they can take care of whatever business they need to, without worrying about her. Turns out that Jin Sang named each woman by the day of the week (Monday through Saturday) that he would see them. They tell Jin Sang that they’re going to beat him for using them like that. Much to Jin Sang’s surprise, Do Kyung’s sister intervenes as the women get ready to assault him. She tells the women they are only Monday through Saturday, she is Sunday and the woman he lives with. A bit of a girl fight ensues, and Do Kyung’s sister breaks out the martial art moves impressing Jin Sang.

After the women have gone, Jin Sang thanks Do Kyung’s sister for cleaning up the mess he made of his life in a single moment. Do Kyung’s sister tells Jin Sang that he used to be such a sweet boy in high school and she adored him. But something changed, Jin Sang changed and she doesn’t know why. Jin Sang is embarrassed and touched by her words. She urges him to find someone to love, get married, and have a lovely life. Jin Sang is blown away. I am too. Do Kyung’s sister turns and looks at Jin Sang thinking to herself she won’t tell Jin Sang he’s the father of her baby but she wants him to find his footing again. To not be an embarrassment but a wonderful person. For the first time I see why Do Kyung’s sister puts up with the Jin Sang who has seemed like a loser. Nice scene!

Hae Young’s mother frets about Do Kyung and Hae Young. Her husband tells her to not interfere.

Back at home Jin Sang asks Do Kyung’s brother why Do Kyung is so in love with Hae Young. Do Kyung’s brother says to ask Do Kyung’s sister. When Do Kyung’s brother hassles Jin Sang, Do Kyung’s sister interferes much to the surprise of Do Kyung and Do Kyung’s brother (and Jin Sang). Do Kyung’s sister notes that Jin Sang means “mess”. She says that Jin Sang is 36 and the name-calling should end. Do Kyung’s brother counters that she’s the one that calls Jin Sang names most of the time. Do Kyung’s sister states that will end to. Do Kyung’s sister tells Jin Sang to stand up for himself in the future. Do Kyung asks what is she doing? Do Kyung’s sister does not want to see Jin Sang mistreated. She asks them to stop it.

amo_ep14_10b amo_ep14_10a
Jin Sang is not as dumb as he looks. With horror he realizes he is the baby’s father. He moans to Do Kyung’s sister, we’ve never done that right? He thinks about the dream he had. Do Kyung’s sister looks at him with tears in her eyes and says yes, the dream was about their baby. Do Kyung is stunned, Do Kyung’s brother is stunned, and Jin Sang is beyond stunned.

Later Do Kyung and Do Kyung’s brother pushed Jin Sang around for impregnating Do Kyung’s sister. Do Kyung’s brother declares Jin Sang’s sentence for fooling around with so many women, is a life with his Do Kyung’s sister. Ha!

A case of beers later, Jin Sang takes out his stash of condoms, throws them in the air, and watches them flutter down between himself and Do Kyung. At the convenience store when looked like the blitzed boys might kiss, that was weird.

A drunk Do Kyung calls Hae Young and says her name over and over again. She thinks it’s darling.

Hae Young tells Tae Jin it’s over between them. She won’t ask for his forgiveness for caring for Do Kyung. Tae Jin says she’s making him a complete fool. She apologizes.

Original Hae Young runs into Do Kyung. She tells him she’s late for blind date. He’s happy to hear that she’s dating. She suggests they get together with our Hae Young for a drink. He agrees. She walks away. She turns into an alcove and cries. Her dream is getting back with Do Kyung…over.

Our Hae Young is sorry for causing Tae Jin pain but is pragmatic to realize that her feelings matter more than his. Atta girl!

Hae Young and Do Kyung work the sound effects for a scene together. They have fun.

Hae Young and Do Kyung walk hand-in-hand. They enjoy their love.

The home owner’s son visits Do Kyung. He recalls his premonition that the sun would visit him and ask if he wanted to buy the house. The son asks Do Kyung if he wants to buy the house. Do Kyung remembers the other premonitions he had with his mother, his brother, his sister and Tae Jin. You know what that means. Do Kyung is going to think that the future is truly set, and he cannot avoid his death that he has seen in the premonitions.

Hae Young burns herself on hot soup. She calls Do Kyung and tells him. Do Kyung has a premonition of Hae Young exiting the building not looking happy. She appears in front of him wearing the outfit from that premonition smiling with another lunchbox in her hands. She shows him the burned hand. Do Kyung flashes to lying on the ground after the accident. Hae Young shares the lunch and Do Kyung tries to look enthused.

The doctor and Do Kyung are bummed at this turn of events. The doctor frets that Do Kyung may indeed die even with his counter premonition actions.

amo_ep14_15c amo_ep14_15b amo_ep14_15a
After the doctor’s appointment Do Kyung meets up with Hae Young. They walk together. She is blissfully happy. He is subdued, knowing their time may be limited. He stops and hugs her. It’s a big hug. He sinks into her, feeling her against him, smelling her scent, committing her to memory.

My Thoughts

*Do Kyung smiled so much this episode, I was blinded. While I was happy to see Hae Young and Do Kyung function as a couple, they were almost sugar sweet a couple of times…yes, that is a nitpick. I like their discussion about calling each other by Hae Young’s given name and oppa for Do Kyung. But looming like a dark cloud is the possibility that Do Kyung will indeed die. If we are going to argue the future and the premonitions, I want to believe that if Do Kyung changes his actions and does not do what the premonitions predict, that he will change the future. However, the ending previous premonitions seemed to confirm the opposite. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I do not want to end this series with Do Kyung dead.

*Our Hae Young was blissful this episode. I thought the kidnapping plot point was cute. Hae Young is ready to take their relationship to the next level, but Do Kyung is cautious. A barley field would have been an interesting location.

*Original Hae Young seemed real this episode. Past episodes had made original Hae Young seem like a pretty doll, who chose to walk away from Do Kyung, and now must live with the consequences. She seemed to have every advantage over our Hae Young past and present. But this episode we saw that a mix-up between her and our Hae Young, could hurt her. This was the first time this character made me feel empathy for her. She kept that cheery face when she lied Do Kyung about wishing him well. She knows that her dreams of getting back together with Do Kyung will not come true. But the point that resonated the most with me was her understanding, back in high school, that being beautiful or smart did not matter, if you had no one to love you. Her jealousy of Hae Young’s loving mother, was an empathy moment for me.

*Tae Jin has a loser partner. He doesn’t know this. I like this aspect of the story. Tae Jin doesn’t know that his partner is a millstone around his neck, and the root cause for Chairman Jang pulling his investment. Frankly I don’t care that he’s embarrassed that Hae Young is with Do Kyung. He walked away from Hae Young. He has to live with the consequences of his choices. Whether or not her choices embarrass him are irrelevant.

*Do Kyung’s sister wowed me this episode. This was almost the breakout plot point of the episode. Finally, we understand why she is drawn to Jin Sang. He was a sweet boy and good friend to Do Kyung. Then one day he changed, no longer sweet and kind. But she still remembers the sweet Jin Sang. I loved how she sat at the restaurant table and told the “days of the week” ladies to deal with Jin Sang as they saw fit. But then she ended up rescuing him when she declared that she was Sunday and the woman he lived with. My favorite moment was her speech to him, reminding him of what he used to be, then encouraging him to become a better man. It touched and surprised Jin Sang. Me too. Her logic is solid. She wants her baby’s father to be the best man that he can be.

*Do Kyung’s brother got kudos for resisting temptation. He doesn’t have much impact yet. Still not sure he is a worthwhile character.

* Jin Sang realized the truth. His shocked expression was everything I imagined it would be. I was actually impressed that he figured it out. He had been so oblivious that he and Do Kyung’s sister slept together, that realizing the truth was a surprise. For the first time I can see this character has potential. Nice evolution and reveal for this character.

* The seventh song of the OST is released. Check out As Long As You Wait, Again by the Black Skirts via the link or the embedded video below.


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13 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 14 Recap
  1. Sarah says:

    Do you happen to know what song is played in the scene when Park Soo Kyung lying on the bed and crying? It is kind of a sweet song I guess. I would like to hear its full length song! Kekeke Thanks

  2. Kris says:

    this episode was just sweet. I really hope that Do Kyung doesn’t die because our Oh Hae Young will not be able to handle such a blow.

  3. Greenhazel says:

    I love how you comment all the characters tht we care for.. An thank you so much for the recap..

  4. RedCar says:

    Thanks for recap. I love it

  5. Diana says:

    Such a lovely couple, they should be honored with best couple award this year. I’m not surprised if Seo Hyun Jin really falls for Eric, I mean who can blame her?

    So he still thinks he’ll die. I’m also starting to have doubt that this drama will have a happy ending, but seeing that there are still 4 episodes left, I keep telling myself that anything still could happen. I believe the producers and writers will not disappoint us viewers just for high ratings, I mean when lots of people fall for this drama, their voices also matters. Try to consider that, PD and Writers-nim

    But if, only if, this drama ends with sad ending, I will have my own ending in this episode (episode 14). I can watch it over and over again, but only till this episode.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’m telling myself that the future can be changed and their love will triumph. If that doesn’t happen, it will depend on how well it is written. If writer elects to have DK die, if it is written well, then it will work.
      There is story left to tell, so I’m hopeful the last 4 episodes will be strong and coherent. We shall see!
      As you stated, you could consider the end of episode 14 a end point. I hope you won’t have to.

  6. Jane Tilly says:

    OLD HAE YOUNG—I like seeing the “real” side of old HY. Just like real life people, like old HY, who seem to have it all, have their own set of problems. I feel pity for old HY—her comment “I could never win against somebody who grew up in love” blew me away. I am starting to like her more.

    TAE JIN—I pity this guy who has a “loser” business partner, who is the real source of his financial woes. I thought our HY already broke it off with TJ. TJ is the one who broke it off with our HY in a fit of noble idiocy, I think he is being a bit unreasonable to not let our HY live her life, even if it doesn’t include him. I keep hoping that our HY picked as her first fiancé a man who is good enough to NOT be the instigator of DK’s hit and run premonition. I know I keep speculating about the perp, but I want to know. I would not put it past the shady business partner to be the hit and run driver, simply to frame TJ to get him out of the business picture.

    RELUCTANT PARENTS—I was so pleased that JS was confronted by the group of his Mon-Sat dates and I wish SK would have left him to deal with the results of his promiscuous actions. I find it interesting that JS got his briefs in a bunch when SK started to eat pineapple—I have NEVER heard that eating pineapple is bad for pregnancy Yet, not a peep out of him when she is physically defending him against his daily dates. That look on SJ’s face when SK defends him against her brothers and he comes to the realization he must be the baby’s father was PRICELESS. I was laughing as he was chased down by the SK’s brothers and later tossed his stash of condoms in the air with the realization that carrying his stash was not sufficient for preventing pregnancy. Hopefully this is his watershed moment for maturing and taking responsibility. SK has really matured and become more likeable. This couple’s story has been a bildungsroman—showing their moral and psychological growth. I like that SK is rooting for her baby’s daddy to be the best man he can be. I also like her independence to be willing to raise the baby on her own—I have hope that SJ will rise to the challenge of parental responsibility—has/will he grown up enough?

    OPPA AND OUR HAE YOUNG—I love the ruse DK took to “kidnap” our HY, it was a fun plot until the consequences came knocking on the door—I’m surprised that at the very least his partners in crime were not jailed for impersonating police officers.

    Even if it is momentary, I am ❤ loving the bliss oppa and our Hae Young are experiencing. These two deserve some happiness! Looks like DK is not convinced he will survive his premonition. I don’t believe in “fate”—the idea that no matter what we do we cannot change the outcome of what is “supposed to be”. I believe we choose our own destiny and our choices make things happen or not. Maybe I am in denial, but I think the writers are giving us a fake out–or at least, that is what I hope for…DK oppa 💋 YOU MUST SURVIVE!

  7. kjtamuser says:

    I love your detailed comments! Couple of thoughts:
    OLD HAE YOUNG – This was the best episode for this character. She was real. I liked it too.
    TAE JIN – I look forward to the shady partner being exposed as the real issue in his company’s collapse
    RELUCTANT PARENTS – I had to look up bildungsroman, that’s for increasing my vocabulary. If you ever see it in a recap, you’ll know I got it from you.
    OPPA AND OUR HAE YOUNG – HY was understandably happy that DK made the effort
    but I think the writers are giving us a fake out– with the 2 episode extension and how the story is going I agree the writers know DK is the rock star of the series. Just like DOTS could not really have the leading men die, I’m hoping the same for this series.

  8. Jane Tilly says:

    I’ve been working on my vocabulary too! So I am trying to use my new words whenever I can, so I remember them…what can I say…I’m a nerd a heart.

    I am praying for a fake out! ❤

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