Another Miss Oh Episode 13 Recap

I’m proud of the steps Do Kyung takes to be true to himself and make his own future.

Another Miss Oh Episode 13 Recap “The Heart I’ve Understood” 

Park Do Kyung’s (Eric) tells his doctor that he’s not going to live with regrets. He’ll follow his heart even if he dies from the car accident. At least he’ll die knowing that he followed his heart to the end.

Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) and her friend muse that life is different from what they expected. Hae Young thought at this point she’d have an apartment, a car, and go abroad once or twice a year. But her life is different than her fantasies. She chastises herself for stumbling over love like an idiot. Her friend is jealous that Hae Young has experienced love to that level. Our Hae Young tells her friend that Do Kyung dumped her. Her friend doesn’t believe that Do Kyung dumped her. She counters that he took the role of bad guy so that Hae Young wouldn’t have to. Hae Young counters that Do Kyung never loved her as much as she loved him. Her friend counters it is not that Do Kyung doesn’t love her, he just doesn’t know how to love her. Personally, I think that’s an excellent distinction. She points out the Tae Jin did something similar. He dumped her so not to burden her with his troubles. So in other words, men can either tell you the pain upfront when they dump you, or hide the pain from you and then you feel the pain for the rest of your life. Hae Young wonders when she’ll be able to dump the guy first. She vows to dump the next guy she dates. She and her friend get an unexpected opportunity to frolic in a fountain.

Hae Young catches a bit of a chill from the wet clothes due to the fountain frolic. At home her mother gives her hot tea. Her mother suggests that she move to the countryside with her father and her. Hae Young says she’s not going to run away from problems. She’s going to stand strong, and face what lies ahead.

Do Kyung comes to the house. Hae Young’s father runs interference and tries to get him to leave but Hae Young’s mother comes outside and sees him. There is a bit of a chase, but eventually Do Kyung, Hae Young’s father, and Hae Young‘s mother land in the same spot. Do Kyung apologizes to her mother. Hae Young’s mother says she can’t believe it but she was fooled by Do Kyung’s sad brown eyes. She declares she and Hae Young were both idiots to be fooled by him. Hae Young’s father steps away from the conversation. Do Kyung apologizes again. Do Kyung’s mother tells him that nothing in life is free and the misery that he brought upon her daughter will come back on him two fold. Hae Young’s mother says he will pay for ruining her daughter’s wedding and for rejecting her. Do Kyung apologizes again. He apologizes well and often in this show. Hae Young’s father goes to the house and tells our Hae Young that Do Kyung is there. Hae Young and her father come out to join Do Kyung and her mother. Hae Young tells her mother to go inside. Her father takes his wife inside.

amo_ep13_3b amo_ep13_3a
Do Kyung approaches Hae Young. She moves away from him. She asked why he is there. Do Kyung says that he missed her. He apologizes. Hae Young chuckles, “I couldn’t get you to deviate from your position even when I was at my lowest point. Now you’re feeling better and come around?” She tells him they were not meant to be. Their timing is bad. She tells him it’s over and not come back. She tells him to continue paying the rent and she won’t say anything to the owner of the house. Do Kyung says he’s made mistakes and he’s wrong. He promises never to act like a loser in front of her again. His feelings won’t vacillate again. No matter what, he’ll never let her go. Hae Young tells him she’s going to be firm about her feelings too. She’s going to let him go. In fact, she’s already let him go. Do Kyung reaches out to her, but she pulls away. She tells him she won’t fall for him again. Do Kyung says he had willingly pushed her away even though he likes her. Hae Young has no need to do that anymore. She’s never going to come back to him. She suggests they not greet each other when they see each other again. She can’t fake feelings. She starts to walk away, turns and says thank him for letting her dump Do Kyung this time. She walks away. He watches her go. Do Kyung, buddy you made this mess, how you fix it? Do Kyung waits outside of her house. Hae Young returns the lamp to him. She goes back into her parent’s house.

Do Kyung’s premonition includes her mother’s mother begging him to ask forgiveness from Chairman Jang, and Tae Jin saying they both ended up with the right people. He tells his doctor that he agrees with him. These are visions of what he’ll see just before he dies. A future that can’t be changed. Do Kyung says it only hurts him to see the future. His doctor tells him that he can accept the premonitions, and feel at ease with the future he sees. He tells Do Kyung to examine his heart so he can understand what his heart wants.

Do Kyung realizes that he’s never felt comfortable with what his heart wants, examining his heart’s desires, and following his heart. He recalls his father telling him that that all things are transient and he should not waste his energy on useless things. Do Kyung’s tells his doctor is not afraid of dying. But he regrets not giving Hae Young the love that he wanted to. Do Kyung feels badly that she is suffering because of his caution.

Hae Young returns to work with a bright smile and tells her coworkers all is well. Do Kyung’s sister apologizes for her brother’s behavior. Hae Young comments she’s getting tired of hearing everybody tell her they are sorry, because it makes her feel like a loser. Do Kyung’s sister tells her that Do Kyung is in pain. Hae Young tells Do Kyung’s sister that he can release his pain, their relationship is done. She wants to live her life like Do Kyung’s sister. Who needs a man? Who needs love? She will be cool and independent. Hae Young notices that Do Kyung’s sister isn’t wearing heels. Do Kyung’s sister says her feet were getting swollen. Hae Young notices she has food on her face. Do Kyung’s sister says she was hungry.

Original Hae Young’s (Jeon Hye Bin) tells our Hae Young she is sorry. A drinking game where you had to take a shot for every time somebody tells Hae Young that they are sorry would have you loaded within the first 10 minutes of this episode. Our Hae Young says that it’s better that things are out in the open now. She thought about quitting but realized making a mark in a new company would be difficult. Our Hae Young admits that being compared to the original Hae Young, for so many years, and found lacking, is a negative. She wants to overcome this. Original Hae Young says that our Hae Young can deal with things and move on much better than she can. She always could. She invites her to have a drink with her. Our Hae Young says another day she will. She tells original Hae Young that she and Do Kyung are completely over. She wishes him her luck with Do Kyung. Our Hae Young leaves. Good conversation between the two women. They were honest and almost supportive of each other.

Original Hae Young reflects that Do Kyung and our Hae Young broke up painfully because they care about each other. Their passion is her pain. She wanted to be Do Kyung’s most painful breakup, but she’s lost the top spot.

Do Kyung’s brother gets a call from a Director Kim (Hae Young’s friend) who wants to work on his scenario. He leaves his girlfriend and hurries to meet Director Kim. She suggests he tweak an action scene. He agrees to improve it within two days.

amo_ep13_6aamo_ep13_6b Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) stuns the neighborhood watch ladies by NOT being drunk when she gets off the bus. She admits to the ladies she’s pregnant. They take pity on her and spend time listening to her complain about Jin Sang. The ladies urge her to stay calm. Do Kyung’s sister states objectively she knows Jin Sang is scum but subjectively she likes him now they’ve slept together. She worries that he’ll never speak to her if he learns they slept together. Jin Sang calls Do Kyung’s sister from a bar and recommends that she not have the baby.  Do Kyung’s sister asks Jin Sang if she should tell the father. He polls his friends at the bar how agree that the father should now about the baby. Jin Sang urges her to tell the father. Do Kyung’s sister says she will tell the father.

amo_ep13_7b amo_ep13_7a
The owner of the house calls our Hae Young and Do Kyung to meet him at the apartment. He’s not happy that Hae Young moved out without his knowledge. He blames Do Kyung for hiding this from him. He tells Hae Young she signed a contract for 1 year and he expects 1 year of rent. Hae Young states Do Kyung will pay the rent. The owner states the contract is with Hae Young not Do Kyung.  Hae Young demands to break the contract now. Do Kyung has a premonition where he tells the owner he’ll pay to break the contract. Instead of saying those words, Do Kyung pauses, then asks Hae Young to move back in. Yes, change the future Do Kyung! You are NOT a slave to your premonitions. Hae Young stares stunned. She strides away. He offers a ride. She rejects the offer.  He watches her walk away from him. He has a premonition that Tae Jin calls our Hae Young. He walks away. Tae Jin calls our Hae Young.

Our Hae Young eats with Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) . She’s quiet and admits she has a bit of a cold. Tae Jin notes he was wrong about why Do Kyung destroyed him. He thought it was take away our Hae Young. But now he knows it had nothing to do with our Hae Young. He muses revenge would be wasted. Uncomfortable, our Hae Young asks him to drop the subject of Do Kyung. She pauses then tells Tae Jin they should break up, it’s the right thing to do.  Tae Jin counters they should just be friends for now and break up later.

Hae Young arrives home and her mother frets about her health. The next morning, she reaches for her shoes and see Do Kyung’s shoes in the cabinet. She heads to work thinking about Do Kyung.

Tae Jin visits Do Kyung at his work. He comments Do Kyung’s office is nice. He says Do Kyung should have visited him first. Tae Jin comments Do Kyung could be out of a job soon. Do Kyung tells him to do his worst. Tae Jin wants confirmation that bankrupting him was a mistake but running into his car was intentional because he was falling for Hae Young. Tae Jin tells Do Kyung to stop caring for Hae Young. Their relationship is ruined, stop hoping that will change. Tae Jin everyone needs to return to their rightful place. He tells Do Kyung to return to his former girlfriend. In fact, he insists Do Kyung return to his former girlfriend. Do Kyung’s premonition of Tae Jin saying we’ve ended up with the right people pops in Do Kyung’s head and plays out before his eyes. Tae Jin walks away pleased that he bested Do Kyung.

Director Kim looks over Do Kyung’s brother’s, Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min), revisions to the script. They are incomplete. She suggests they make the revisions together. She brings him to her apartment and flaunts her body a bit. He gets nervous. She changes clothes. He gets more nervous. He ends up falling down the stairs. She realizes he thought she was trying to seduce him. She tosses his things out of the apartment.

Do Kyung watches his latest movie but memories of our Hae Young play over the film. He walks down the street and sees our Hae Young. She sees him. She passes him without acknowledging him. He asks where she’s going. She tells him not to speak to her and ignore her. He has a premonition of calling a sarcastic apology for speaking to her. Instead he tells her to change her shoes because they sound uncomfortable. She pauses then continues to walk away. Do Kyung has a premonition of Tae Jin meeting our Hae Young and walking away holding hands. Yep, Tae Jin appears. Do Kyung turns away not seeing that Hae Young does NOT take Tae Jin’s offered hand. So the future CAN change! If only Do Kyung knew this!

Jin Sang tells Do Kyung that he knows something shocking but cannot tell him. Do Kyung’s sister appears and Jin Sang mimes that he won’t tell Do Kyung. Instead Jin Sang asks Do Kyung if he wants to go out to a club. Do Kyung lies on the rug and says he is tired. Do Kyung has a premonition about being hit by the car and flashbacks to Hae Young.

Hae Young arrives home her feet sore from the too tight shoes and under the weather still from the cold. She falls in bed her face flushed with fever. She recalls the tight shoes and knows their discomfort kept her mind away from Do Kyung. She recalls his shoes and memories of him. She’s sad thinking about him. Part of her wants to go back to him and part of her wants to continue to distance herself from him. She wants the pain to increase, the fever to increase, to drive thoughts of Do Kyung out of her mind.

amo_ep13_13b amo_ep13_13a
Hae Young’s mother finds that Hae Young is not taking the prescribed medicine. She finds a feverish and listless Hae Young in her bed. Panicked her mother calls the ambulance. Her parents beg her to wake as they run through the hospital corridor.

amo_ep13_14b amo_ep13_14a
Hae Young hallucinates seeing Do Kyung. When she wakes she thinks first of Do Kyung and it angers her. She asks the nurse to remove the IV. Little does Hae Young know but Do Kyung is one bed down, getting treated too. The nurses pull back the curtains. Do Kyung sees Hae Young first.  Then she sees Do Kyung. They stare at each other. She pulls the curtain back in place. He starts to walk away, stops, turns, sees the premonition of him telling her not to get sick, walking away and her throwing her cup at him. Instead, he turns and tells her it was good to see her. He’s glad she’s sick too! Atta Boy, I like your spunk Do Kyung! You don’t know exactly how to do it, but you are trying to change the future and make a positive impact on Hae Young. “If we could turn back time, I’d ruin your wedding the same way. I would make you move next door and meet you the same way. I’m sorry I’m very sorry. But I’m not sorry I ruined your wedding!” He starts to walk away, pauses, and comes back. He says sorry and turns back to walk away again but then he stops and says “This is how I truly feel. I got sick because I couldn’t hug you!” He turns and walks away spent from sharing his true feelings. Our Hae Young sits there and does nothing.

amo_ep13_15a amo_ep13_15b amo_ep13_15c
Do Kyung walks out of the hospital upset. He strides down the sidewalk unaware that Hae Young follows him. Then he hears her footsteps. He turns. She’s there and hugs him. He hugs her back. I like that Do Kyung heard her footsteps and knew it was her. Lovely way to incorporate his super sound abilities. Gosh that’s a pretty hug.

amo_ep13_16a amo_ep13_16c amo_ep13_16d
Hae Young pulls back and looks into Do Kyung’s eyes. What she sees is a man that cares for her, a man that was sad without her, a man that’s happy that she’s there now. They kiss. I love their joint participation kisses. What a nice way to end the episode!

My Thoughts

*Do Kyung gets an A for effort. Boldly, Do Kyung decided he didn’t have to follow what the premonition told him he would do. You wanted to yell at the Do Kyung, just watch what happens when you do not follow the premonition. But Do Kyung didn’t see the foretold future was altered because he couldn’t bear to watch his premonition come true. There’s something about Do Kyung that is endearing. He is trying so hard to be honest about his feelings, but it’s obviously difficult and uncomfortable, but he keeping on doing it. Absolutely wonderful! It made me fall in love with Do Kyung again. Are you surprised that our Hae Young had the same reaction? I am not. I enjoyed the heavy use of premonitions this episode. The previous episodes sparingly used premonitions.

*Our Hae Young embraced sickness and pain to avoid thinking about Do Kyung. The best part about Hae Young is that she is honest and doesn’t like to play games. I love the way that she told Tae Jin they should just break up. That’s exactly right, their relationship is merely a shell. She loves Do Kyung so she shouldn’t be hanging out Tae Jin. But Tae Jin forestalls her by suggesting they just be buddies and break up later. That is ridiculous logic. It is so obvious that he is hanging on to her. But I guess she didn’t want to hurt him or make that final break. I understand Hae Young’s hesitation to reach out to Do Kyung again. What’s the old saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. For Hae Young this would be her third time going back to Do Kyung and accepting him. While she doubts her own judgment in this matter, in the end, she had to believe his words and his feelings that wanted her. If you think about it Hae Young is lucky that Do Kyung has been more direct with her than any other person in his life.

*Original Hae Young and our Hae Young had a moment of understanding. Our Hae Young was honest with original Hae Young and she responded in kind. No, our Hae Young wasn’t ready for the offered drink, but it was a calm moment between them. I also liked how original Hae Young was honest with herself when she said she wanted to be the most important ex-love and Do Kyung’s life. I think that’s candid in the way most people feel that once they break up with somebody. That person will miss them forever and one day realize they blew it. Of course life never works that way, but we all have those fantasies.

*Tae Jin impresses me less and less. He’s trying to hang on to it Hae Young. Does he really want her back to Mark or does he just want to thwart her relationship with Do Kyung? Tae Jin basically told Do Kyung to get back together with original Hae Young and leave Hae Young alone… or else. Tae Jin has this edge of violence and anger that repulses me. I don’t care how good-looking of a guy he is, the edge to him makes me uncomfortable and I don’t trust him. I’m not saying he’s some evil villain, yet. But I see the potential and I’m glad that Hae Young pushed him away multiple times in this episode. I particularly enjoyed when she dodged his offered hand. He felt the sting that. Ha!

*Do Kyung’s sister admitted she was pregnant to the neighborhood watch ladies. Color me surprised but I’m actually enjoying the budding friendship between Do Kyung sister in the neighborhood watch ladies. She needs somebody to talk to. And there is no other woman in the show that she seems to have any kind of repore with. She’s stuck wanting to tell Jin Sang the truth that he’s the baby’s father, but not wanting to tell him because she cares about him. She also knows that he’ll doubt her word because he doesn’t remember sleeping with her. That plot point isn’t a strong one in my opinion, but there is.

*Do Kyung’s brother imagined our Hae Young’s friend was flirting with him. Was he wrong?

* Jin Sang in a bar polling his friends about Do Kyung’s sister’s situation…classy. When will he learn the truth? I can already see his shocked expersion.

* I did not miss Chairman Jang and Do Kyung’s mother this episode. I don’t like either of them.


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17 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 13 Recap
  1. Diana says:

    Great job ktjamuser. I’m so curious of the next episode (ep 13) cause I haven’t watched it myself, and you’re the first one to recap this episode. Gladly they’re back together…

  2. Sarah Tan says:

    I do look forward to the sister’s scenes, with Jin sang and the neighborhood ladies. It is so sad that he doesn’t even remember what has happened. It is a good distraction from do kyung’s impending accident.

  3. Ela says:

    Do you know the title of the new song for this episode? 🙂

  4. Greenhazel says:

    I don’t like hoon’s story haha.. Jin Sang’s and nuna is great distraction but Hoon’s is so annoying for me.

  5. Phi says:

    Thanks so much for the recap. Haven’t got to watched the whole episode but that kiss at the end is awesome. The wall kiss was intense with all the emotion & frustration that boiling up inside that vented out for the very first time. The clam kiss was hot and cute but we know it’s just temporary happiness… This one is just sweet and peaceful just like how Dokyung cracks that happy smile during the kiss. Both of their smiles are just full of happiness. I can’t pick a favorite since all 3 kisses give very different feels.

    Looking forward to the next recap 🙂

    PS: a wall kiss, a clam kiss, what do we call this kiss with?

    • kjtamuser says:

      I hadn’t thought about naming the kisses. Hmmm, not sure what to call this ending kiss either. The sweet relief kiss?

      Good to hear from you Phi. Glad you are enjoying the series.

  6. let says:

    recap please for ep 14

  7. Riri says:

    Do you know the title of the song on the last part of this ep ? Where hae young hugged do kyung and they kissed ? The singer is a girl? Thankyou!

  8. Jane Tilly says:

    SOO KYUNG TAKES CHARGE OF HER LIFE—SK’s fashion change noticed by our HY, it is too early for our HY to notice the pregnancy. Neighborhood ladies don’t recognize SK, due to her sobriety. SK is such a disagreeable person, it seems that JS is her only friend, how sad is that? Anyhoo, I am starting to appreciate her character.

    HOON DOES NOT TAKE CHARGE OF HIS LIFE—This boy, and I do mean “boy” due to his actions—even if he is 30 year old, is so distracted by Director Kim’s décolletage, he ends up making a fool of himself. Does he really even like his Cotton Candy Hair girlfriend? Do I really care? NO! If we have to have this character, can’t we have him make some personal growth to be a productive human being instead of an immature 30 year old cry baby?

    OLD HAE YOUNG MOPES AROUND—While the two HYs did have a nice interaction this episode, old HY is ridiculous that since she could not have DK, she wanted to be his most painful breakup. At least old HY has some sanity realizing that our HY and DK belong together—or at least that is what I got out of it.

    TJ IS LOSING A GRIP ON REALITY—Does TJ have a clue about his business partner being up to no good (previous revelation in a chairman Jang flashback). TJ tells DK that everything needs to return their “rightful place” right after our HY broke up with him. Didn’t he realize while being engaged to our HY that she speaks her mind and doesn’t play games? I would be curious about “who” would be the “right people” they ended up with mentioned in DK’s premonition—I am not convinced the premonition actually means DK and our HY will end up with their former fiancés…or at least that is what I hope.

    DO KYUNG TAKES CHARGE OF HIS LIFE—Yeah for noble idiocy finally taking a hike! DK is finally watching out for himself. I am ❤ LOVING ❤ the fact that he is “boldly” not following his premonitions—it looks at least small outcomes are changing, whether he sees the outcome or not—will DK be able to change his “fate”? DK tell TJ to bring it on…I am a bit afraid of what it will be, such as a fulfillment of a hit and run premonition.

    OUR HAE YOUNG TAKES CHANGE OF HER LIFE—Our HY is not being a (job) quitter despite her parent’s advice. Our HY put on her big girl panties and is moving on. She apologized to old HY and tried to make amends. She tells TJ she wants to breakup. I was so happy our HY responded positively to DK’s efforts to defy “fate”. 💋 I concur @kjtamuser that “Do Kyung has been more direct with her than any other person in his life.” As @Riri mentioned the music in the last scene was great! I ❤ LOVED the ending of this episode!

    • kjtamuser says:

      * I’m liking SOO KYUNG more and more too.
      * “Boy” is the perfect word for HOON.
      * What is the point of OLD HAE YOUNG now? Seems like both DK and our HY are done dealing with her.
      * Don’t you wonder if our HY was truly herself with TJ?
      * I’m on the DK will live because he changes his fate band wagon.
      * Our HY couldn’t ignore that DK was raw and real with her. She’s so raw and real, her heart could not reject him.

  9. Jane Tilly says:

    I think you are spot on about “Our HY couldn’t ignore that DK was raw and real with her”–how could her heart reject DK fir being raw and real–this is a new facet of DK that I LIKE ❤

    You bring up a great question was our HY truly herself with TJ? We haven't seen enough interaction to know. I'm going to say that most likely our HY is generally herself with pretty much everyone. She seemed pretty raw and real when breaking up with TJ. When TJ broke off the engagement, she was up front about asking to be known as the one that broke it off–which is a contradiction of being raw and real in and of itself….mmm

    Maybe we will get more flashbacks or interactions as I don't think TJ is giving up on this dead horse of a relationship anytime soon. TJ–you crushed her by lying, noble idiocy be damned, you lost your credibility dude.

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