Another Miss Oh Episode 12 Recap

No one is happy in this episode.

Another Miss Oh Episode 12 Recap “Wish you misery once you leave me” 

We begin episode 12 with Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin)  guzzling homemade wine in the morning and her parents worrying about her.

Park Do Kyung’s (Eric) sound crew are recording race car sounds. Do Kyung is still bummed out even with his crew’s efforts of telling him bad jokes.

amo_ep12_1b amo_ep12_1a
Drunk on homemade wine, Hae Young calls a radio station and pours out her sad story to a visiting psychologist who wants to know what she wants. Hae Young explains one minute she wants to kill the man, and the next minute, the psychologist interrupts her and just tells her to sleep, eat, sleep until she’s been reborn. Hae Young thinks that’s ridiculous advice. Angrily she tells the psychologist she can’t just forget what happened. She wants to kill the man and Hae Young. Jin Sang who has been listening to this on the radio now knows that this indeed is Hae Young talking about Do Kyung. The radio show host tells Hae Young that she just revealed her identity by naming her nemesis’s name. The drunk Hae Young is shocked. Her mother listening to the radio show is shocked to hear her daughter on the air.

Hae Young’s friend calls her and tells her not to check the school’s chat room, to hang up her phone, because everyone is talking about her and it’s not pretty.

Hae Young takes a shower with her clothes on. Will anyone ever learn that alcohol does not help anguish?

Original Hae Young’s (Jeon Hye Bin) hears everyone snickering and talking about our Hae Young’s radio show appearance. Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) approaches original Hae Young who clarifies that she only found out about Do Kyung’s actions a couple of days ago. Do Kyung’s sister asks if Hae Young realizes that all this happened after she disappeared before the wedding. Hae Young says she sees that. Do Kyung’s sister states she should feel some remorse as she was the catalyst for this mess.

Do Kyung’s best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) calls Do Kyung and explains that Hae Young poured out her pain on the radio and everyone is listening to clips of her conversation. Do Kyung is not happy to find his own team sharing the clips of Hae Young’s conversation.

Hae Young’s mother brings in food and advice to hold her head up during this bump in the road. When she puts a piece of meat on Hae Young’s rice, you can see her mother’s support touch Hae Young. She advises Hae Young forget about Do Kyung. She says if you continue to pursue him you’ll look the fool. When Hae Young doesn’t agree, her mother calls her the biggest fool in the world for still having feelings Do Kyung. Hae Young says she knows this and she cannot control how her heart feels.

amo_ep12_4a amo_ep12_4bamo_ep12_4c
Jin Sang tells Do Kyung it is relief that Hae Young did not reveal his name. They look up to see Do Kyung’s drunk sister coming home. Jin Sang comments here comes another woman that’s out of her mind. Do Kyung’s sister tells Do Kyung that she can’t believe it but she’s embarrassed by Do Kyung’s actions. Then she hugs him and tells him to cheer up. I believe that was support for Do Kyung, kinda awesome. Jin Sang can’t believe his ears. Do Kyung’s sister says that you should not kick a man when he’s down and knows he’s done wrong, because he’s already in pain. Sweet! She staggers into the house. Jin Sang asks if Do Kyung called our Hae Young. Do Kyung says he did not call her. Jin Sang calls him cruel and asks if he ever really liked her. Do Kyung questions what could he say to her? Are you okay? That’s worthless. I couldn’t find a single word to say to her. Jin Sang says Do Kyung should have told our Hae Young that he loved her. Do Kyung counters that would be said just to calm her down. Jin Sang asks why Do Kyung never interprets that phrase positively. Do Kyung says that phrase does not apply to this situation. Jin Sang counters that “I love you” is always the right thing to say. That’s twice Jin Sang has said something that I agree with. Is the character of evolving?

Our Hae Young’s sees that Do Kyung did not call her. Do Kyung waits outside her home. He calls her but she’s turned her phone off again and doesn’t get call. Do Kyung walks away.

No one is overly excited when Do Kyung’s mother shows up at the house the next morning. Do Kyung’s sister, Do Kyung’s brother Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min), and Jin Sang are surprised when Do Kyung’s mother announces she’s getting married tomorrow. Do Kyung’s mother announces no one needs to show up besides Do Kyung. She wants to know where Do Kyung is. She asked them to tell her that Do Kyung doesn’t need to buy a wedding gift. Do Kyung’s mother comments that after she’s married she’ll be able to give the children a life of luxury. Do Kyung’s sister yells at her mother and tells her to take her money and keep it. Do Kyung’s mother tells her daughter that she looks old. She’s really kind of a heartless witch. To her credit, Do Kyung’s sister congratulates her mother on her wedding away.

At the bus stop Jin Sang tells Do Kyung’s sister that she is nothing like her mother. She and Do Kyung are like their father, honest and kind. Sweet! Ignoring his complement, Do Kyung’s sister asks where Jin Sang left his car after getting drunk. Jin Sang says he’ll find it somewhere. Do Kyung’s sister falls asleep on the bus. When the bus breaks suddenly she somersaults to the front of the bus. Jin Sang is surprised. He ushers her off the bus. She berates him for not helping her. She falls down. Jin Sang can’t wake her and takes her to the hospital. The doctor asks if she’s been tired lately. He tells her to stop drinking. Why? Because she’s pregnant. She’s stunned. Jin Sang is stunned. Is it Jin Sang’s baby? Jin Sang offers his congratulations but finds a situation funny at the same time. He asks if the baby’s father is her ex-love who she saw before he left the country. Jin Sang says they should have used protection. He uses himself as an example of someone that sleeps with many people and is always careful. Do Kyung’s sister starts to cry and yells at Jin Sang to leave her alone. When Jin Sang leaves to get the doctor, she wonders if they ever really slept together.

Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) listens to our Hae Young’s radio conversation. He replays the part where our Hae Young admits to falling in love with Do Kyung. Then he replays the part where she says that she wants to kill those that hurt her. I don’t like the look that he has on his face.

Tae Jin has dinner with his business partner. He states that it was Do Kyung that hurt Hae Young. His business partner watches him as he waits for the elevator to go up to his hotel room.

Our Hae Young comes storming out of her room looking pulled together. Her mother yells at her to go bite his head off.

Do Kyung sits in our Hae Young’s apartment. He plays the music box he got her and remembers the moment he gave it to her and how happy she was. Hae Young is surprised when she comes into her apartment and finds Do Kyung there. He says he was delivering a package left for her. He starts to walk into his room. She asks if he can ask if she’s okay. He says he knows she’s not okay. She confirms I’m not okay. I’m a total wreck. I can’t sleep. I’m mad. But I miss you. He turns and looks at her she has tears in her eyes. He hugs her. She hugs him back and cries. He encourages her to curse at him and move on with her life. Curse at him with others. Call him and curse at him. He’ll always answer her calls encourages her to torture him. She pulls away and asks can he just see her until she is sick of him? She says that would be easier on her. She says she just can’t end it with him now, it hurts too much. She says if she breaks up with him now, she will suffer forever. She asks if they can continue to see each other secretly and break up later. He apologizes. He says it’s right to end it now. He tells her to drive her home. He goes into his apartment. Unbelievable, that she bared her heart and soul, and he told her that breaking up was the right thing to do. That’s effectively a sucker punch to her heart. He looks back at Hae Young, crying in the apartment. Come on Do Kyung, give her sweetness not sanction.

She leaves the apartment with Do Kyung hot on her heels. He tells he will help take her home. She pushes his arm away. She strides away crying. He watches helplessly. I am disappointed in Do Kyung’s behavior. That wasn’t the right time or the right place.

Our Hae Young’s father moves her out of the apartment. The movers bring all Hae Young’s stuff in her parent’s apartment.

Do Kyung’s mother and Chairman Jung are married. Do Kyung does attend. Chairman Jung’s daughter tells Do Kyung this is her father’s fifth wedding. She asks if he thinks her father will be a good stepfather. Do Kyung says it doesn’t matter to me. She accuses him of wanting her father’s money. She says she’s embarrassed to call Do Kyung’s mother her step mother. Do Kyung congratulates Chairman Jang. Chairman Jang chides his daughter for looking unhappy at his wedding. He tells his daughter no matter how many wives he has, his estate goes to her. Chairman Jang’s daughter tells Do Kyung’s mother that one day her father will be bored of her. Do Kyung’s mother laughs and says Chairman Jang won’t get bored of her quickly. Chairman Jang’s daughter comments that all of Do Kyung’s mother’s other two wealthy husbands died during the marriage. Chairman Jang’s daughter states that if her father dies she’ll investigate Do Kyung’s mother and suspect her of murder. Do Kyung’s mother tells her she’ll kill her first. Chairman Jang’s daughter dares her to try. Do Kyung’s mother walks away. Do Kyung watches and drinks. Do Kyung drags Chairman Jang’s daughter to his mother and demand she apologize. The women tussled with each other. It’s quite the scene. Later Do Kyung’s mother asks why he did that. Why did he ruin everything? Do Kyung asks her not to live this way. He tells her you only live once, do not do it pathetically. Do Kyung’s mother yells at him unless I bring back your dead father’s fortune you’ll never treat me with respect. That’s an interesting statement. She says this is the only way she’s has to bring his father’s fortune back. Do Kyung tells her it’s okay not to have money. He hates the mother that always wants money and doesn’t hate the mother without money! She cries. He leaves. Do Kyung’s very good at leaving.

Chairman Jang’s daughter demand satisfaction from her father for Do Kyung’s actions. She wants Do Kyung to pay.

Flashback…Chairman Jang calls Tae Jin and invests with him. Tae Jin and Chairman Jang play together. Later we see Chairman Jang decide to pull out of the investment. It seems that it’s Tae Jin’s partner that was the problem not Tae Jin if I’ve deciphered that correctly. Even more interesting is that Chairman Jang has Tae Jin stop by the bar to tell him he’s pulled out his investment. Jin Sang calls Do Kyung. So this was before Do Kyung decided to make Tae Jin pay for marrying Hae Young. Now we see Do Kyung has been encouraged by Jin Sang to ask Chairman Jang to extract revenge upon Tae Jin. Next we see Chairman Jang promise to pull out his investment for Do Kyung. Little does Do Kyung know that Chairman Jang pulled his investment out before Do Kyung made the request. So Do Kyung is under the false impression that he was responsible for Chairman Jang pulling out his investment from Tae Jin. In actuality Chairman Jang already pulled his investment from Tae Jin before Do Kyung made his request. Chairman Jang is not a man to respect. Money doesn’t made Chairman Jang nice, it has made him have the belief that what he should get whatever he wants.

Present day…Chairman Jang wants revenge on Do Kyung. He tells his men to see what Tae Jin is doing, maybe he can use him as the instrument of revenge against Do Kyung

Do Kyung thinks about calling our Hae Young as he sits in her empty apartment. Instead he texts her and asks for her account number. He will send her the security deposit. Hae Young calls Do Kyung and asks how can he break up with her so easily? With tears in his eyes he apologizes. With tears down her face she tells him she wants him to be unhappy. She wants him to cry every night when he thinks about her. Do Kyung cries listening to Hae Young. She goes on to tell him she wants him to feel guilty for the rest of his life. She hangs up. He cries. She lies in bed and cries. He is still crying. Eric does a good job in this scene showing Do Kyung’s pain. But Hae Young can’t see his pain and remorse, so it’s all for naught. She does not understand his true feelings.

amo_ep12_10b amo_ep12_10a
What’s a guy to do when he’s depressed? Do Kyung goes to a field and record sounds. I’m not sure this is a premonition but he sees his mother begging him to ask for Chairman Jang’s forgiveness. He sees Tae Jin say he’s now back with the right people. We see Do Kyung buy his parent’s house. We see Jin sang asked Do Kyung if he ever hears from Hae Young. Do Kyung says why would I hear from her? We see Do Kyung’s brother asked if he liked his blind date. Do Kyung says he didn’t like her. We see Do Kyung’s sister say that Hae Young left the company while the other one is still there. She asks him if he wants to know which one stayed and which one left? Do Kyung does not want to know. Do Kyung sees our Hae Young walking down the street. Do Kyung sees himself get hit by the white car. We see Do Kyung on his back with blood down the side of his face. He thinks about Hae Young and their happy times together. He hears her say women badmouth men only if they’re cheap. She tells him never to be cheap. We see him tell Hae Young that he was nice to her because he felt bad that she got dumped the day before her wedding. We see Hae Young demand that Do Kyung beg for her forgiveness. We see her call him a coward. We hear Jin Sang saying ask Do Kyung, why he won’t let her in? On the road, bleeding and alone, Do Kyung says he is sorry with tears in his eyes. He closes his eyes and says “I love you”. Do Kyung wakes from the premonition with a tear down his face.

Do Kyung sits in his car and cries. You feel his pain. Eric is compelling in these pain scenes!

Do Kyung drives down the road fast and says to himself “I don’t care if I die. I won’t die with regret. I’m never going to die with regret. I will go all the way to where my heart takes me”. The doctor who is hearing Do Kyung’s declaration yells “Go for it, Do Kyung! Be cool and go for it!” Do Kyung speeds through the traffic.

My Thoughts

*I was fascinated with the reveal that Chairman Jang had already removed his investment from Tae Jin before Do Kyung asked for it. That plot point surprised me. Then Chairman Jang seemed to have revisionist history blaming Do Kyung for having him pull his investment from Tae Jin. Chairman Jang is scum. Now he wants revenge on Do Kyung and it looks like Tae Jin might be the instrument of Do Kyung’s destruction.

* I was surprised that Do Kyung’s mother felt that she needed to replenish the fortune she squandered from Do Kyung’s father. I’m not sure I believe her. But it could be an explanation why she continues to target wealthy men for her next husband.

*Do Kyung could not do anything right. He didn’t comfort Hae Young. He apologized to Hae Young, but it was hollow. When she asked him to continue their relationship, he said no, leaving her alone again. Is he consistently rejecting her because he believes Hae Young will be better off without her? Their phone call when they were both crying, but Hae Young did not realize he was upset, was a raw and real. His confrontation with his mother at the wedding was illuminating. Do Kyung tried to defend his mother’s honor but instead became a target for Chairman Jang and a disappointment to his mother when he would not apologize for his actions. The long premonition in the field (at least I think it was a premonition as the director did not shoot the scene in the same style the other premonitions were filmed so it was not entirely clear) showed a bleak future for Do Kyung. I was impressed with Eric’s ability to portray pain when Do Kyung can no longer stuff it down and wear the impassive mask he normally wears. It seemed like every time Do Kyung expressed emotion, things went from bad to worse. No wonder Do Kyung shies away from being in touch with his feelings! He finally decided to embrace his feelings for Hae Young, much to the joy of his doctor. I’m guessing by trying to change the future, instead of passively accepting it, Do Kyung has a chance to avoid dying by the car hitting him.

*Our Hae Young was depressed without Do Kyung. A dreary episode for Hae Young. When she got the homemade wine and started drinking in the morning, you knew no good would come out of it. Then she called the radio show and embarrassed herself by revealing her story and her name. I to support her blunt anger at the radio psychologist advice to forget her pain and be reborn. That was silly and easier said than done. I felt sorry for Hae Young when she asked Do Kyung to continue to date her and he said no. What a bitter pill that was. No wonder Hae Young was angry and told Do Kyung she wanted him to feel pain because of her.

*Original Hae Young was told by Do Kyung’s sister that she was the catalyst. Do Kyung’s sister was succinct, “Do you see this mess happened after you deserted Do Kyung on his wedding day?” I’d love original Hae Young to say, “do you know that your mother was the genesis for me leaving Do Kyung?

*Tae Jin seems to have a control issue or an issue with his partner. I’d say that Tae Jin feels anger deeply. In the flashback it appeared that it was Tae Jin’s partner that torpedoed progress which triggered Chairman Jang to pull his investment. I can totally see Tae Jin leaping at a chance to further hurt Do Kyung if Chairman Jang offers it.

*Do Kyung’s sister is pregnant. She was stunned. It must be Jin Sang’s baby. I felt her pain during the interaction with her mother who was cruel to call her old. Yet Do Kyung’s sister offered respectful congratulations on her mother’s upcoming marriage.

*Do Kyung’s brother tried to support Do Kyung. He and the other sound crew tried to support Do Kyung through the breakup and radio debacle.

* I agreed with Jin Sang again. Two episodes in row, Jin Sang has said something I agree with. When he told Do Kyung that saying “I love you” is always the right thing, I agreed more than I disagreed. In his talk with Do Kyung he offered good advice, urging Do Kyung to make amends with Hae Young. He did this even though I don’t think he is a fan of Hae Young, but he wants Do Kyung to be happy. I also thought it was nice of Jin Sang to shield Do Kyung’s sister’s identity from the other bus passengers. And to his credit, he took Do Kyung’s sister to the hospital when she passed out.

* The sixth song of the OST has been released. Check out the soft ballad “I’ll Be There” by Lee Seok Hoon via the link or the embedded video below:


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4 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 12 Recap
  1. 이차 says:

    It was nice, the angst. But its getting irritating (maybe just me) but i never, like ever? Desperate for monday to come around. Overall PDK is so handsome when crying omg (wrong focus) and i hope they won’t get back together in ep 13, cause it dfntly will look too easy (maybe it just me again) 바이^^

    • kjtamuser says:

      I look forward to the next episodes as well. Eric is stellar in angst. I concur that we all want some evolution to our leads’ on/off relationship cycle as well as their characters. I want DK to evolve to become more open versus closed. I want HY to evolve to become more reflective versus reactionary. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    EVIL CHAIRMAN JANG – I was never overly impress with the chairman, but who knew that “Chairman Jang is scum” He never gave any special attention to DK’s mom; not that she is a great package herself. His nasty daughter made a point to let mom know that the daughter was going to inherit the company when the chairman died, which to me makes sense, but I would think that he would or should provide something for his wife—did she sign a prenup? What a loser that he would let his daughter treat his new wife that way at the wedding! DK is the only one who stepped up for his mom—and she seems to be unhappy about it. Does this mean the marriage is over? What am I thinking about—I don’t care about her marriage, I only care about the repercussions to DK. That scum was going to pull out of his investment with TJ anyway (it looks like TJ’s business partner has something shady going on), but he let TJ know that DK asked him to pull the investment, which was also true. Now the scum is going to sic TJ on DK. I wonder if the chairman or one of his henchmen will be the hit and run driver?

    IRRESPONSIBLE DRUNKS – Well, SK being pregnant is a bit of a surprise—but is an effect of sleeping together. I also think this will be SJ’s baby—and I think he is clueless that he even slept with SK as he was so drunk. I wanted to know what SK was thinking when SJ was flashing his entire collection of condoms around talking about how he is always prepared! Attention SJ you do need to put it on for it to prevent pregnancy. Both of those two need to sober up! Hello you just compounded your woes with your drunken behavior! However when it comes to DK, SJ did have another moment of relevance in telling DK that “I love you” is always the right thing to say. Even SK seemed to be supportive of our HY—I am glad to see that both of these characters have been evolving.

    SUPPORTING HIS HYUNG – I like that Park Hoon has been trying to support DK. So from this episode I gather he is a step brother to DK, I was wrong about thinking the brothers shared a mother. I also love that he fought back with the girlfriend about him removing the nail art. I am not opposed to men painting their nails, or even indulging in a bit of nail art, but SERIOUSLY, what self-respecting man would wear that frilly girly nail art—he wore it for 3 days Cotton Candy For Brains (and hair)!

    OUR HAE YOUNG DOESN’T GET A BREAK – Our HY is so depressed about DK—I feel her pain—been there done that! I also thought her blunt anger at the radio shrink was justifiable; “be born again” is not very helpful advice—it makes it sound like the radio shrink is advocating suicide. Unfortunately, our HY gave herself away and it became viral. I would have been rolling on the floor, except I felt so bad for her! It is just one thing after another and it kills me when she causes her own embarrassment.

    DO KYUNG’S NOBLE IDIOCY – Stupid idiot DK keeps saying “I’m sorry” without letting our HY know how he feels about her. If our HY could have seen what DK was going through while they were talking/crying on the phone, I think it would have made a difference to her.

    I do like that at the end of the episode DK was ready to go for it—but is it too little too late? KJTAmuser I don’t think he believes he can change the future, that is his death, but rather he wants to give this relationship his all, so that when he dies in that hit and run he will NOT have any regrets about our HY. I’m not convinced he dies from the hit and run—I’m also REALLY HOPING he does not. ❤

    Eric is killing this part—I concur that he plays angst very well. I am anxiously anticipating the next episode

    • kjtamuser says:

      * I too was surprised by the evil turn of Chairman Jung. His daughter must be sick of the many wives her father has brought in her orbit. DK’s mother is not subtle about what she wants from Chairman Jung. Little does she know he won’t give her what she wants, wealth.
      * I too shook my head when JS declared with a stash of condoms that he would not be caught unawares.
      * Good point on DK’s brother sporting the nail art as long as he did.
      * Our HY has a talent to self destruct.
      * DK does look like he wants to give it his all. I do hope that changes what happens and the premonition does not come to fruition. If he changes his actions, won’t the outcome change?

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