Another Miss Oh Episode 11 Recap

Everything implodes.

Another Miss Oh Episode 11 Recap “In Pain, In Pain…”

We begin episode 11 Park Do Kyung (Eric) stroking Oh Hae Young’s (Seo Hyun Jin) hair as they take the taxi back to Seoul. He shields her face from the sun. He thinks ”let’s go all the way“.

Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) waits outside of our Hae Young’s home. He calls her but she doesn’t answer. Her parents arrive and are surprised to find Tae Jin outside their home. He falls to his knees and apologizes for his previous behavior. Her mother says that he needs to leave. She cannot accept him. She goes inside. Father tells Tae Jin he understands he’s had a rough go of it.

amo_ep11_1b amo_ep11_1a
Do Kyung and Hae Young arrive at their house. She sees she’s late for work and rushes off to get dressed after they promise to see each other after work with goofy grins. Hae Young stops, turns and jumps into his arms. They spin and hug, smiles all around.

Do Kyung’s brother Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) accidentally flicks jelly on Do Kyung space at the breakfast table. He asks Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) to put jelly on a piece of toast for him. She refuses, he’s got two hands. He shows his hand with each nail individually decorated. Hoon tells Do Kyung he was going to have a go at him and then leave the house but now that he’s got these decorated nails he’s too embarrassed. Do Kyung encourages him to go ahead anyhow. Hoon refuses, the vibe is not right. Do Kyung’s best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) comes to the breakfast table telling everyone he’s found out his car is at the prison parking lot. He tried to get charges dropped for his latest woman. Do Kyung’s sister doesn’t like that. She tells him to leave the house. Jin Sang, in French, says she’s the one that had an affair with a married man. Do Kyung’s sister, in French, says at least she was in love. They continue to argue in French. Do Kyung leaves the table while they bicker.

Tae Jin goes to Hae Young’s workplace, but she’s not in. Original Hae Young’s (Jeon Hye Bin) sees him and learns that he is our Hae Young’s former fiancé.

Our Hae Young spots Tae Jin getting into his car outside of her workplace. She avoids being seen by him. He texts her and says continue he will continue to ask for her forgiveness until she gives it. She texts him back saying that they should talk tonight.

amo_ep11_2b amo_ep11_2a
Do Kyung calls our Hae Young about getting together that evening. To her credit, she tells him she will be briefly meeting with Tae Jin. She says they are not getting back together. She needs to meet with him to end things. Do Kyung wants her to meet him first, to put himself in front of Tae Jin (and explain his back story with Tae Jin?) Our Hae Young says it will only take a minute to meet with Tae Jin. Do Kyung won’t take no for an answer and says he’ll come to her work. Our Hae Young is pleased that he is adamant to see her. She warns him not to make a grand embarrassing gesture (tongue in cheek). They both smile.

Do Kyung thinks to himself while he walks along the street “I won’t push you away anymore. I just want to love you. No matter what I say please don’t abandon me. Please hold on to me tightly.” This all makes sense, Do Kyung fearing abandonment above all. His father died, abandoning him as a young child. His mother was never engaged in his care, an absent mother, effectively abandoning him. I was surprised Do Kyung used the word love at this point, but considering that he wants to go as far as he can with our Hae Young, that certainly would include love.

Our Hae Young calls Tae Jin and tells him she can’t meet tonight. She promises to meet him tomorrow. He’s not happy, but what can he do? Looks like he won’t be needing the two dozen roses. Wow, he’s got a ring box too! He ignores our Hae Young’s wishes and texts her that he has something to tell her and will meet her outside of work. If I were her, I would not like him ignoring my wishes.

amo_ep11_4b amo_ep11_4a
Our Hae Young calls Do Kyung and tells him that she’s outside of work. Tae Jin spots her. Our Hae Young spots Do Kyung. Tae Jin realizes Hae Young is waving to another man. He sees that man is Do Kyung. He recalls Do Kyung running his car into him, he recalls Do Kyung’s smirk, he recalls Do Kyung’s non answer when he demanded to know why Do Kyung ruined his business. Livid, Tae Jin rushes to Do Kyung, hits him, shocking our Hae Young (who is across the street). Tae Jin stares at a shocked Hae Young. She rushes across the street. She gets between the two men. Tae Jin demands that she get away from Do Kyung. Angered, our Hae Young tells him she’s no longer his fiancée. Tae Jin demands to know when they got close. She won’t tell him. Tae Jin says Do Kyung is the scum that ruined his business and got him sent to jail. Our Hae Young turns to Do Kyung, questions in her eyes. Tae Jin demands to know if Do Kyung sent him to jail because he liked our Hae Young. He demands to know if putting him in jail was a plan to prevent their marriage. Hae Young stares at Do Kyung who says nothing. Tae Jin takes a dozen roses and bashes them against the lamp pole creating a shower rose petals. Visually, that’s effective, well done. Do Kyung saying nothing…not a wise move.

Tae Jin explains to our Hae Young that his primary investor removed his financial backing at the request of Do Kyung. Tae Jin doesn’t understand why, he didn’t know Do Kyung. Tae Jin says that Do Kyung’s lawyer told him that he made the mistake because he thought he was marrying Hae Young. Our Hae Young is not stupid, she realizes there was a mix-up between her and original Hae Young. She tells him “it wasn’t me”. Do Kyung arrives and tells Hae Young he has something to tell her and they need to go. His timing in that conversation wasn’t good. He spins Hae Young around, but she breaks his grasp, and walks away. Both men watch her go. Tae Jin hits Do Kyung, way too many times – ouch! Tae Jin cannot believe Do Kyung could steal his woman after what he did to him. While I understand Tae Jin’s anger, the number of punches and kicks he got in on Tae Jin was difficult to watch. I’m confused why Do Kyung just took the hits, when previously he rammed into Tae Jin’s car and went all alpha male on Tae Jin in that interaction.

The shirt that our Hae Young is wearing with the “make me smile or cry”, is perfect.
Our Hae Young stands at the subway station immobilized. She remembers all the pain she went through over her broken engagement. “So all these things I’ve been through are because of original Hae Young? Because Do Kyung was in love with her?” She ignores Do Kyung’s phone calls (he’s called her 15 times). She recalls Do Kyung’s battered face on the subway. She recalls wanting him to tell her how it happened, but he didn’t. She recalls them frolicking on the beach and that sizzling kiss at the eatery. She sinks to her knees on the subway and cries. Here’s the part I don’t get. Even if Do Kyung framed Tae Jin for the wrong Hae Young, why would our Hae Young not realize that his involvement with her was a separate action? Our Hae Young finds original Hae Young in a bar and tackles her yelling “you, you, you! That’s one action I completely understand. Original Hae Young has been a force in our Hae Young’s life for so long. Everybody’s got a breaking point, and to find out that her relationship with Do Kyung was tainted by original Hae Young, that is more than our Hae Young can bear.

Do Kyung is followed by his male posse. I can’t believe he’s able to walk, with that beating Tae Jin gave him. Do Kyung’s male posse gets into a car and follows him while he walks. Jin Sang explains to the others about Do Kyung situation and that there are two Hae Young in this story. I must say his male posse are not the smartest bunch.

Hae Young’s friend realizes that her conversations with Do Kyung’s lead him to thinking that Tae Jin was marrying original Hae Young not our Hae Young. She cries and apologizes to Hae Young.

The male posse can’t find the correct Hae Young. They grab Do Kyung and put him in the car. It’s time for male bonding. They drive to the beach and frolic. They end up throwing Do Kyung into the water. That’s kind of a cute moment. The male posse looks at the beach in contemplative silence. Jin Sang meets a group of women and flirts with them. As they all walk together one of them says her name is Hae Young. The irony of that is lost on no one. That breaks the party up. The men walk away. Do Kyung is back to being bummed.

Original Hae Young lodges a complaint to Do Kyung’s sister about our Hae Young’s behavior at the bar. She’s a whiner. Do Kyung’s sister wants to know why our Hae Young through the first punch. Original Hae Young wants to know why Do Kyung’s sister is always taking our Hae Young’s side. Frustrated, she asks why she is supporting our Hae Young?

Original Hae Young texts our Hae Young demanding to know why she accosted her yesterday.

Our Hae Young tells her mother that original Hae Young was the reason for multiple smashed windows during high school. Flashback to a rejected young man throwing a rock through Hae Young’s window. Hae Young came downstairs and yelled at him “pretty Hae Young doesn’t live here you idiot plain Hae Young does”. Hae Young suggests the family moved to a new town where she’ll be more desirable. She refuses to tell her mother the details.

Our Hae Young’s friend meets with Do Kyung’s brother supposedly about the script he wrote. She tells him it will need work. She says because I am Hae Young friend I don’t think I can work with you. Do Kyung’s brother quickly says he only found out about the mix-up between Hae Young yesterday. He said he was so angry at Do Kyung’s behavior he threw him into the ocean but regrettably Do Kyung survived. Ha! She asks him to take off his nail embellishments. He does while admiring her legs. Do Kyung’s brother’s girlfriend is not excited to find out that he removed the nail embellishments. They fight.

Do Kyung takes his sound equipment and records at a pretty river. He checks his phone, but still no messages from our Hae Young.

amo_ep11_11damo_ep11_11b amo_ep11_11a
Do Kyung texts Hae Young and tells her he’s sorry. She’s wearing blue denim dress with red fishnet stockings and tons of blue eye makeup with a bold red lip. Not her best work. She calls him and says “I thought you’d write more after saying I’m sorry”. She accuses him of being crazy. He asks where she is. He comes to her. They stare at each other. I recognize this location from Divorce Lawyer in Love (episode 14). Do Kyung says he is sorry and he was wrong. She needs a better explanation. Do Kyung repeats that he is sorry. She wonders if that’s true. He wants to go someplace and talk with her. She shrugs off his hand. She asks if he’s embarrassed to be seen with her. She states “I know I look like a moron”. She says she deserves what happened to her. She’s gullible. She got caught in his love mess. She says she hates herself. She wanted to be somebody else with a different face so she put on a ton of makeup hoping she would look and feel different. He apologizes again. She demands to know how sorry he is. She demands to know why he didn’t tell her sooner. She wants to know why he did what he did. Do Kyung declares he did want to tell her. But he didn’t want to make her feel bad. She had already stated that she felt inferior to original Do Kyung. He didn’t want her to do another compare and feel bad again so he just did not tell her the truth. Our Hae Young counters “you wanted to break up her wedding until recently because you loved original Hae Young”. She says “you threw a rock at her but you ended up hitting me”. She says “while I was in pain from the rock that you threw at me you were thinking about her”. She says “I was confessed my love for you not knowing that you were in love with her”. She says “when you knew that I had feelings for you that’s when you should’ve told me everything”. She demands to know why he lead her on this far without telling her. He apologizes again. This inflames her anger. He says “what else do you expect me to do? I’m sorry!” He demands to know “what is the right thing to say in the situation? Tell me!” She stares at him in disbelief. A crowd of onlookers watch their interaction. He says one more time “I’m sorry”. When he repeats himself she demands he beg. She demands he beg on his knees. He apologizes again. She demands he beg for forgiveness. She says it again and again “beg! beg! beg!” He walks away. She yells at him “Come back and beg”. He continues to walk away from her. He turns back he turns around again. He walks away. He stops. He continues walking away. She walks and cries. She thinks “You never said anything that matters to me. That you love me. You never said that. I bet you said that to her.” Powerful exchange between our two leads!

amo_ep11_12bamo_ep11_12c  amo_ep11_12a
Do Kyung’s mother’s boyfriend Chairman Jung tells original Hae Young it will be too weird for them to continue to hang out now that he’s going to marry Do Kyung’s mother. He demands that she end all communication with him, his family, and Do Kyung. She’s not excited about the demand to end communication with Do Kyung. I understand her reluctance to lose Do Kyung but losing communication with Chairman Jung is a positive. Tae Jin shows up demanding to see Chairman Jung who motions him over. Tae Jin tells him that he pulled the money out of his company ruining him at the request of Do Kyung. Original Hae Young is startled by the statement. Tae Jin says that Do Kyung was after his fiancée. And that’s why he had him ruined. Original Hae Young is startled by that statement. She asks if Tae Jin’s fiancé name was okay Hae Young? He stares at her.

Original Hae Young drives and cries.

amo_ep11_13c amo_ep11_13b
Jin Sang tells Do Kyung that he should of beg for our Hae Young for forgiveness. He doesn’t understand why Do Kyung will not go that extra step. Do Kyung says I did apologize many times. Jin Sang says you think that would be enough for simple I’m sorry multiple times? For the first time Jin Sang actually makes a valid point. Jin Sang tells Do Kyung that he should’ve gotten on his knees after saying that you loved her you should’ve done everything that she asked for. Do you really like her? Do Kyung says I don’t know. That surprises me. Jin Sang says you never give straight answers to simple questions. “Why do you live your life so quiet cautious? Why won’t you let Hae Young in? Original Hae Young shows up. Jin Sang walks away in frustration. Yes, for the first time I’m in sync with Jin Sang.

amo_ep11_14b amo_ep11_14a
Original Hae Young tells Do Kyung that she’d hoped for letters from him after their original breakup. Just no sense to she’d left him without a word.  She was hoping to get hate mail at least. She says it was miserable knowing that he was living his life just fine without her. This woman’s moral compass is skewed. Hae Young wondered did I mean anything to him? Did he love me? She tells Do Kyung you thought I was going to marry Tae Jin right that’s why you bankrupt his company? She thinks him. She says now I can breathe thank you Do Kyung gets mad and says you say something like that? I ruined other people’s lives because of you. Original Hae Young says “I don’t care how many people’s lives you ruined. But you did it because you love me. All of that was because of me”. She tells him I still love you. She cries. They stare into each other’s eyes. She steps towards him. He backs away. He walks away. He’s very good at that. She cries watching him leave and says I love you.

Tae Jin remembers our original Hae Young leaving the table. He remembers Chairman Jang stating that original Hae Young was Do Kyung’s fiancé. He remembers our Hae Young saying it wasn’t her. He laughs and cries at the mess they’re all in just can’t believe it world is frankly nuts or Tae Jin.

Our Hae Young sits in her room, emotionally drained, and stares at herself.

Do Kyung has a premonition of himself. He sees himself getting run over. For those that suggested it might be Tae Jin. Now Do Kyung’s in his doctor’s office. He says to his doctor with “this woman I think it’s right to end it this way”. Now we’re back to the accident scene where he lies there. Back in the doctor’s office Do Kyung stares out the window. He states again “I think it’s right to end it this way. For her I will die anyway”.

My Thoughts

*What a mess the intersection of these four lives make! Do Kyung is believes he is acting for the best by being willing to die so our Hae Young can live without him in her life. But really Do Kyung? That’s your solution? Sacrifice your life for our Hae Young? Get in there…mix it up…life is messy!

*Do Kyung apologized to our Hae Young. But it wasn’t enough. I side with our Hae Young in this matter. I don’t care how many times someone says “I’m sorry” it is the reason for the apology that matters. I’m sorry I hurt you…. because you mean a lot to me…because I love you…because you make me happy and not having you in my life makes me sad…because being abandoned pushes every button I have. Do Kyung is like a turtle that is willing to stick out his head for a moment but when things get uncomfortable, he pulls into his shell and his wall of silence. I was glad to see Do Kyung get support from his male posse. Eric had another stellar episode.

*Our Hae Young wants Do Kyung but she needed more than he was willing to give. I disconcerted with the outfit and heavy makeup but her explanation made sense. Being myself only seems to cause me pain, let me try and morph into someone else. Then Do Kyung sends the text she hoped for “I’m sorry” but leaves it at that. I applaud Hae Young’s moxy at demanding more from Do Kyung. Fantastic scene for Seo Hyun Jin, she evolved her performance to keep Hae Young on the ragged edge but still relatable.

*Original Hae Young realized that Do Kyung destroyed Hae Young and Tae Jin’s relationship. She was thrilled. Do Kyung’s actions told her that he still loved her if he was willing to destroy Tae Jin because of jealously. She bluntly told Do Kyung that didn’t care that hurt others, because it proved he loved her. Certainly the women in this show are fixated on winning the man, that’s the prize. Their pride can take multiple hits as long as they get their man.

*Tae Jin couldn’t believe that our Hae Young cared for Do Kyung. I felt the most empathy for Tae Jin in this episode. Who could blame him for being stunned that his former finance was now involved (unknowingly) with the man that put him in jail and created their relationship to implode. How surreal that must have been to see Hae Young with Do Kyung. With the beating that Tae Jin gave Do Kyung, no way he was walking around town moping.

*Do Kyung’s sister was accused of favoring our Hae Young. She denied original Hae Young’s theory and offered no counter. I do like her speaking french with Jin Sang.

*Do Kyung’s brother was supportive and stupid. To his credit, he did support Do Kyung when he was hurting over our Hae Young. To his determinant, he was willing to reject his girlfriend’s nails to get traction with the script.

* I agreed with Jin Sang. Never thought I’d concur with Jin Sang, but he made sense when he confronted Do Kyung about our Hae Young. Sorry was NOT sufficient, and Jin Sang clearly told Do Kyung. Begging might have been the right choice. And then he asked the right question “why can’t you let her in?”

* The fifth song of the OST is out and a perfect fit for this episode. Check out the heartfelt ballad “If it is you” by Jung Seung Hwan via the link or the embedded video below:

The lyrics in English are below:

Why is it so hard for you?
To properly see me trying?

I get shocked to see
How much I can hurt because of you
My days are a struggle
Even my dreams are painful

It if was you, how would it be?
If these crazy days
Became yours?

If you break down as much as me
Will you know?
All the pain that fills me
To the point where my heart is about to explode
How much I want you?

If I was you
I would just love me

My heart is endlessly down in the ground
I’m afraid of everything that surrounds me

They say you’ll be happy when you fall in love
Who said that?
Because I only know a love
That looks at you from behind

It if was you, how would it be?
If these crazy days
Became yours?

If you break down as much as me
Will you know?
All the pain that fills me
To the point where my heart is about to explode
How much I want you?

I know you already answered me
I know the meaning of an answerless answer
But I pretend not to know and I’m lingering

Do you know how I’m doing these days?
I can’t even fall asleep
I can’t even swallow anything

Do you know that I’m becoming more ruined
As I look at you?
I feel like dying
Even though there’s no way you’ll come to me
Even though I know you’re looking somewhere else

I don’t think I can let go of you


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6 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 11 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    It hit the fan! DK’s apology was lame and he didn’t tell our HY how he felt about her–SJ finally had some relevance. DK’s willingness to think our HY will be better off because he thinks he is going to die anyway is noble idiocy–I think you know how I feel about noble idiocy! 😡

    This secret being revealed has given old HY some false hope for reuniting with DK–I was pretty sure that was her objective when she returned, despite the lie she gave about making an amicable breakup.

    Poor TJ and our HY–this both got the short end of the stick. I think our HY is the most pitiable–her wedding was ruined and then she fell for the instigator, who won’t even tell he how he feels. I’m more convinced than ever that TJ will be the driver of the car DK keeps having premonitions about, if not could it be our HY or her mom?

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree that original HY wants DK back, no matter what she says, this is what she wants.

      TJ is a man with a motive, a man with a temper, a man that could hit DK with his car.

  2. kd2heb says:

    Hi, Do you know where is the river that DK went on ep.11 ( 46:00) to record ?

  3. Intan Karuniatama says:

    do you know what’s the title of french song played in this drama?

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