Another Miss Oh Episode 10 Recap

Do Kyung steals my heart. Our leads decide to give it a go. 

Another Miss Oh Episode 10 Recap “On My Way to You”

We start the episode with the replay of that fabulous first kiss between Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) and Park Do Kyung (Eric). The passion, the longing, the need is palpable in that kiss as well as a certain amount of raw honesty. As before, Do Kyung pulls away and leaves a stunned Hae Young behind as he walks away.

Do Kyung sits at a playground and remembers a moment with his father when he was a young boy. His father also liked sounds. When he asked his father why he liked the sounds, his father said because everything in life is transient, and when you realize that, you don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter. I love the present day Do Kyung and the young Do Kyung and his father in the same scene.

Hae Young waits impatiently for Do Kyung to call. She’s got a point when she yells “you kiss me like that and you don’t even call me”? The good news for parents she does laundry with her excess energy and anger. Though her mother shudders to hand over a perfectly clean comforter to the laundry bucket. Hae Young is excited to hear her phone ring but disappointed when it’s Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) who invites her to supper. She hesitates, but realizes that she doesn’t have a good excuse and agrees.

As she drags the laundry into the house her mother demands to know “who’s making you do this, the guy next door (Do Kyung) or Tae Jin”? Hae Young tells her mother she’s got to go out. Her mother yells at the closed bedroom door “I won’t accept either one of them”!

amo_ep10_2b amo_ep10_2a
Do Kyung’s doctor meets him in front of his house and they go have a drink together. He tells Do Kyung his theory is that time isn’t the past, present, or future. Only your body is constrained by time. Your mind is not constrained by time. The doctor says that Do Kyung isn’t spiritually enlightened but has ability to see the future of one woman. The doctor says that soon Do Kyung will be in the car accident that he had the premonition about. Do Kyung will lie on the ground and think about that woman and miss her. Do Kyung has the premonition about the car accident looking into the night sky, seeing the cherry blossoms fall, and missing are Hae Young. Do Kyung asks the doctor “I’m going to be in a car accident and missed the woman while I’m dying”? The doctor confirms this. Do Kyung calls him a weirdo.

Hae Young calls Tae Jin and bails on dinner. That bums Tae Jin out.

As Do Kyung walks away the doctor yells “Let’s do this together. There could be a different conclusion”!

As Do Kyung stares at the spot where he and Hae Young shared a kiss, Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won), drunk as usual, arrives. He walks past her, stops and tells her to come home with him. He asks why can’t she live life sober? She mutters her life’s too pitiful to live in a sober state.

As Do Kyung sister sits outside Do Kyung’s best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk), drunk as usual, arrives. He blathers and urinates. She gets upset and runs away. He’s clueless that she was even there.

Do Kyung drinks at home alone. I guess every character is going to get blitzed in this episode right?

Our Hae Young drinks after telling her friend Do Kyung kissed her on the street. Her friend assures her Do Kyung will call. Her friend says that Do Kyung just needs to get his act together before they can date publically. Hae Young doesn’t understand how Do Kyung could wait. She cannot control herself, how can he? Her friend urges her to wait for Do Kyung.

Our Hae Young literally waits outside of Do Kyung’s house. She walks to her apartment then she turns away. Then she turns back but turns away, finally sitting outside her apartment wondering how Do Kyung can hold himself back from her. How can he be so cautious? She likes him, he should just go with it. She leaves the house.

Do Kyung has an even clearer premonition of the auto accident. He sees his bloodied face, the cherry blossoms, the sound of the ambulance coming. He thinks of our Hae Young.

Do Kyung’s brother greets his girlfriend with enthusiasm outside the convenience store. He shares his screenplay with her. She loves it. She wonders why he chooses to work with another producer other than his mother.

Original Hae Young’s (Jeon Hye Bin) visits her former stepfather and Do Kyung’s mother’s current boyfriend. He wants to know why she broke up with Do Kyung. He wants to know if things are over between herself and Do Kyung. She tells him that it is over between her and Do Kyung but that doesn’t stop her from still liking Do Kyung.

Driving home original Hae Young remembers a sweet moment between her and Do Kyung. It makes her cry, the memory and the loss.

Do Kyung’s brother gives his script to our Hae Young’s friend. She promises to read it carefully.

Do Kyung’s mother wants him to attend her boyfriend’s birthday party. Do Kyung asks why she needs another potential husband. She gets angry, she’s of a certain age, she needs a man to take care of her. Do Kyung says she could just come home. Egad, why would you want that woman in the same home you live in? Do Kyung notes her boyfriend has “women problems” (cannot be faithful). She rejects the thought and flounces away.

Do Kyung is almost hit by a coworker’s car. The coworker feels terrible. Do Kyung stalks away.

At the coffee shop Do Kyung sees our Hae Young’s friend. They say hello. He sees his brother’s script on the table. He asks if she’s reading anything interesting nowadays. She realizes he saw his brother’s script. She asks Do Kyung not say anything to his brother. Do Kyung realizes she doesn’t like the script. She confirms this.

Do Kyung reads the script. He doesn’t like it. His brother comes home. His brother sees he’s got the script. Do Kyung advises him not to try and get the script made. He recommends that he keep working in the sound industry where he can make a decent living unlike trying to get his movie made which is belittling and underpaid. His brother still wants to try. Do Kyung tells him script is bad. His brother is shocked that he is so blunt. He doesn’t mind being embarrassed while he grovels as long as he gets his script made. Do Kyung urges him to become a sound producer like him. His brother tells him no one respects him. Everyone finds him a pain to work with. He yells at Do Kyung to let him live his life the way he wants to live it.

Do Kyung’s brother tells his girlfriend that Do Kyung did not like the script. She gets angry and vows to kill him.

amo_ep10_7b amo_ep10_7a
Do Kyung can’t get the fact that people don’t like him out of his mind. He remembers his father’s words not to waste time on useless things. Anybody else thinking we could be an auto accident territory? Do Kyung has another sweet memory of his father telling him his voice was the best sound of the world to him. Do Kyung’s mother comes into the room drunk, interrupting the moment and bringing the fun to a halt.

The next day Do Kyung’s father takes him to a cliff where he records sounds of the sea. His father tells Do Kyung to play away from the cliff. When some of his father sound equipment goes over the cliff his father instinctively grabs for it and goes over the cliff as well. Do Kyung finds his father’s lifeless body on the beach. The blood on his father’s face is eerily similar to the premonition Do Kyung’s has had about his own auto accident and how his face will look. Wow! What a traumatic experience for Do Kyung. Because of the remote location Do Kyung has to drag his father’s lifeless body to the car. He has to drag his father into the car. That makes me think of how he put our Hae Young in the back of the car last episode, I see a correlation there. Holy smokes! Do Kyung literally pushes the car with his father’s lifeless body down the road until he collapses from exhaustion. Horrific experience for Do Kyung. Present day Do Kyung runs in circles around while remembering his cries of pain from his father’s death. My heart goes out to that the young Do Kyung, my heart goes out to the adult Do Kyung. That’s an unexpectedly poignant plot point.

Do Kyung calls Hae Young. She answers the phone earlier than she told herself to. Do Kyung has tears in his eyes from his mental memory. She has tears in her eyes from missing him. She tells him he called her so he needs to talk. He asks her to come to him. She says “you think I’m just going to come to you because you ask”? Softly he says “I miss you”. Okay that totally got me. I’d be in my car to him right away. Tears rolled down his face and he says it again “I miss you”.  Hae Young runs to him. They run towards each other. They stop, they smile, they have that awkward moment, they smile, they start walking together. Gosh that’s awfully cute…they are both giddy. She asks what he needs from her. He asked for a hug. She gives him a sweet hug. He hugs her back. They both feel that hug.

Now they drive, both smiling. She warns him not change his mind about her or she will kill him. He promises he won’t change his mind about her. That makes her giddy with joy. That makes him laugh. They frolic on the beach. She wants to know when he started liking her. He tells her when she told him the story of voting for herself for class president. He said that was bold. She laughs. She comments she has many embarrassing stories. So true so true. I do like seeing them both laugh together. I like the light filter the director used on that scene.

amo_ep10_11b amo_ep10_11aamo_ep10_11camo_ep10_11d
They eat together outside at an eatery. He remembers with fondness the time they ate with her parents and her mother put meat on his rice. Hae Young promises to treat him just as nicely. He just smiles and stares at her. Suddenly Do Kyung gets up, turns her chair towards him, and plants a lovely intense kiss on her. This guy doesn’t know how to do subtle kissing, he goes all in. I love the passion of their kisses, it is unusual and gratifying.

Do Kyung sister is walking home when Jin Sing drives up next to her and gets out of the car. He tells her he’s going to a roof top party. He shakes his booty multiple times in front of her. She is drawn to his booty. She can’t believe she’s attracted to Jin Sang. He gets in the car and drives away. She finally corrals the ladies of the neighborhood to walk her home. She includes inviting them into her home. Was more surprised when she asked ladies how many men they’ve slept with them or me? She admits once she sleeps with the man she falls in love with them. She asks them why is she falling in love with that loser (Jin Sang)? She has a flair for the dramatics. She orders the ladies out. That scene went on too long.

Do Kyung’s brothers girlfriend says now that she knows that he and Do Kyung are not blood related she thinks that Do Kyung loves him as a brother would. Do Kyung’s brother has a flair for the dramatics.

amo_ep10_12aamo_ep10_12b amo_ep10_12camo_ep10_12d
Do Kyung is drunk. Hae Young suggests they go someplace together. He says he already called for a driver. She’s not happy with this. She suggests that they could do something else with their time together. They ate, they drank, they kissed, they hugged, the meaning is clear…they could take it up a notch. The driver shows up. The driver knocks down the price when Hae Young complains about the cost. As they dive down the road Hae Young looks longingly at a motel. Do Kyung jokes that women should not sleep at motels. She counters do men sleep at motels alone? Excellent point! Do Kyung says he wants their first time together to be at a nice place all. Sweet! She wants to know when. Roger that! I would probably have asked the same thing. They fall asleep together in the back seat. When the sun comes up Do Kyung finds Hae Young asleep on his lap. He brushes the hair from her face. Sweet! He shades the sun from her face. That’s a standard thing but very sweet. He thinks to himself “let’s go all the way”. Sweet!

My Thoughts

* I’m surprised and pleased by the level of romance. Frankly, Do Kyung is surprising me with his sweetness and tenderness. Yet there is a juxtaposition of passion and fire. I may be falling in love with Do Kyung too. When he said “let’s go all the way” it reminded me of the Coffee Prince Man or Alien Kiss scene where he says “I tried getting rid of my feelings, but I couldn’t… So let’s go, as far as we can go.”

* Do Kyung, the little boy, stole my heart. What a horrific way to lose your father! Do Kyung peered over the cliff and saw his father, he ran to the beach and found his dead father, he dragged his dead father to the car, he hoisted his dead father into the car, he pushed the car until he could push no more and someone came. My heart totally went out to the young Do Kyung. His mother…total loser. No wonder he is aware of alcohol. No wonder his sister has an issue with alcohol.

* Do Kyung, the man, reached out to our Hae Young. By reaching out, he stole my heart again. He had tears when he asked her to come to him. He was heartfelt when he said he missed her. While she cooked over the grill they were cute, happy, with the glow of initial couple hood. Then overcome with passion and he lays another great kiss on her. Swoon!

* Based on the first three points, I’m going to declare that Eric crushed it this episode. He was fabulous!

* Our Hae Young rejects Tae Jin to wait for Do Kyung. I was disappointed (but understood) when she used Tae Jin as substitute and block for Do Kyung. But this episode she wanted and waited for Do Kyung. And who wouldn’t after that kiss that told her everything she needed to know? I loved Hae Young’s active participation in both kisses. None of that wide eyed shock and no lip movement for Hae Young. She gave as good as she got! I understand her anger and disappointment that their relationship did not go to the next level. When she looked wistfully at the motel sign, yep, it was clear what she wanted to be doing with Do Kyung.

* Original Hae Young admits she still wants Do Kyung. I don’t care. You walked away from him. You live with the results.

* Tae Jin got stood up by our Hae Young. I don’t care. You walked away from her. You live with the results.

* Do Kyung’s sister is now in love with Jin Sang because she slept with him. I have a hard time believing Jin Sang has no recollection of that. They deserve each other.

* Do Kyung’s brother’s script is subpar. I don’t care. I did find it insightful when his girlfriend commented that Do Kyung’s treatment of him was wonderful, considering they are not blood related.

* Do Kyung’s mother is a loser. I don’t like her. When Do Kyung was little she drank., complained about her husband’s absence and sucked the joy out of her husband and son’s time together. Selfish, selfish. Do Kyung’s brother commented that the second man she married she chose the same last name so folks would assume the two brother were related. I don’t know if that is true or not but interesting that Do Kyung is dealing with two women with the same name. When Do Kyung suggested she live with her family, she rejected that. I don’t care why she rejected that option, but that is the best option for everyone. It also shows that Do Kyung has a soft spot (though undeserved) for his mother. It was touching when Do Kyung had a sweet memory of Hae Young’s mother offering him the meat.


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10 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 10 Recap
  1. Waky says:

    I love this show. I know It’s so annoying,days with premonetion like DK. Not DK look the way out from that accident?

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks for your review. Yeah, Eric is superb! Love this show!

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Ohhh that passionate 💋 kissing again—I have to admit I want to be our HY to be the recipient of those kisses!

    What kind of psychiatrist tells his patient that the patient’s premonitions mean the patient is going to die soon??? Shouldn’t the shrink analyze why the premonitions to determine what DK is thinking?

    TJ seems to have high expectations that our HY will fall for him and thanks to DK’s lack of attention after the unexpectedly passionate kissing, she is nibbling on TJ’s bait—OK, she was using him. Mom wants our HY to be done with BOTH of these heartthrobs. I’m now invested in our HY and DK relationship so I’m glad she cancelled her date with TJ. I concur that old HY walked away from our DK and TJ walked away from our HY—too bad, so sad, but too late honey. Maybe old HY should get together with TJ.

    You are not kidding “I guess every character is going to get blitzed in this episode” My goodness there must be a huge alcoholism problem in Korea.

    Hoon is so pleased with himself for finishing his script. It’s too bad that the producer isn’t really interested and gives it to DK, who is a bit harsh with Hoon in regards to his writing. Later Hoon said he and DK have different fathers—if they have the same mother aren’t they still blood related? Half siblings rather than full blooded siblings? I do like that Hoon’s girlfriend pointed out DK treated him just fine for not being blood related.

    Horrible drunk mother saying terrible things to the dad, with tiny DK in the room. While I sometimes find our HY’s mom annoying, she is a saint compared to DK’s mom Poor tiny DK finding his dad after he went over a cliff and then dragged him to the car! That had to be traumatic! My heart also goes out to tiny and adult DK! Given his family history, it is amazing he isn’t a total drunk—he has been wise to steer clear of alcohol, at least for the most part. While I was watching I had the same thought you expressed: “The blood on his father’s face is eerily similar to the premonition Do Kyung’s has had about his own auto accident and how his face will look.” I concur that these scenes were poignant and flesh out more of DK’s character.

    I was so thrilled that DK finally called out HY and the got together. Hugging, frolicking on the beach and more kissing. You took the words right out of my mouth “This guy doesn’t know how to do subtle kissing, he goes all in. I love the passion of their kisses, it is unusual and gratifying.” This is so unusual compared to most dramas—it is a refreshing change—because it is not norm in Kdramaland. Our HY is atypical in her boldness with DK about what she says, does (active participation kissing), and where she wants this to go. You hit the nail on the head when you talked about DK having sweetness and tenderness juxtaposed with passion and fire. I am so loving ❤ this drama!!!

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’ve been looking forward to your comments on this episode…
      * ” While I sometimes find our HY’s mom annoying, she is a saint compared to DK’s mom” – absolutely. DK’s whole family is subpar. With that in mind, I understand his comment to old HY that he is used to pitying those he loves.
      * “This is so unusual compared to most dramas—it is a refreshing change—because it is not norm in Kdramaland. Our HY is atypical in her boldness with DK about what she says, does (active participation kissing), and where she wants this to go” – the smaller networks can/do push the normal boundaries for kissing, and this show is example of that. But it is more than the intensity it is the mutual participation. As you pointed out, our HY wants DK, and clearly communicates this. I look forward to the continued evolution of their relationship.
      * ” I am so loving❤ this drama!!!” This series has been a pleasant surprise. Considering I dislike most of DK’s circle of family/friends, that indicates the leading couple is strong!

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    You are so insightful, I had not looked at DK pitying the ones he love, due to the fact his family is subpar–this is a SPOT ON conclusion.

    I prefer that boundaries are not pushed most of the time in Kdramaland. I think that is why the passion and intensity of these two leads dramatically illustrates the LONGING they feel for each other. More than anything I just don’t want to see the non-action of a lamppost girl–show me that you like or don’t like being kissed–it does not need to be dramatic! 💋

    I think the big difference between the HYs is that our HY, for better or worse, lives her life as her authentic self and the old HY lives her life they way she wants others to see her. I think DK appreciates the honesty of our HY living her life as her authentic self–embarrassment be damned. ❤

  5. I am also loving this drama..their chemistry is just so intense and satisfying.:! Gosh, never felt this kind of couple aside from the descendants of sun..

    • kjtamuser says:

      I concur with your word choice – Intense and Satisfying. This couple is special and I have enjoyed them immensely. Thanks for the comment!

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