Another Miss Oh Episode 9 Recap

Our leads sizzle together….for a moment.

Another Miss Oh Episode 9 Recap “The Wind Blew in His Heart”

Park Do Kyung (Eric) has the premonition that he and our Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) have a fight and kiss.

At work our Hae Young finds out while her coworkers metabolic ages are in the 20s, hers is early 40s.

Our Hae Young’s mother calls former fiancee’s mother and tells the other mother that her daughter will never marry her son.

At work our Hae Young’s metabolic age is about the same as Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) while Original Hae Young’s (Jeon Hye Bin) metabolic age is 21 years old. I have yet to enjoy any of these work gatherings. Our Hae Young Young gets drunk, no surprise, and embarrasses herself, no surprise. Our Hae Young tells original Hae Young that she needs to change her name. She isn’t joking, she’s serious. Our Hae Young yells at original Hae Young, why did you leave on your wedding day? Do you think he will come back to you? Original Hae Young doesn’t take that lying down and counters why did you leave on the day before your wedding? Our Hae Young is stuck by the lie that she called the wedding off. She warns original Hae Young that one day she may beat her up.

Do Kyung makes an actor repeat his lines multiple times. The actor gets angry and they yell at each other. Do Kyung gets pushed into his office to take a break from the scene. Original Hae Young calls him to let him know she can’t play ping-pong today. She tells him about the metabolic age game where she’s 21 and our Hae Young is 41. Little does she know our Hae Young overheard the conversation. Our Hae Young cries. Flashback to her getting beaten up in school. Present day Our Hae Young stalks back into the group of coworkers, yells at original Hae Young demanding that she let her win, just once, and she’ll drop all the grudges that she has against her. Our Hae Young stalks towards her ready to head but her, but Do Kyung’s sister literally inserts herself between the two women and our Hae Young hits Do Kyung’s sister’s head. This knocks her out cold.

Outside the house original Hae Young and Do Kyung’s sister try to wake our Hae Young who is still unconscious. Do Kyung drives up, sees our Hae Young unconscious. He says he’ll take her home and tries to get her out of the car. Our Hae Young wakes up, runs into a wall and falls down. Ouch, this girl has terrible luck. Do Kyung put her into his car ignoring original Hae Young’s offer to help. Do Kyung’s sister tells original Hae Young to go home.

amo_ep9_3b amo_ep9_3a
Best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk), Do Kyung’s brother Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min), and his girlfriend are all charmed by original Hae Young thwarting their intentions to read her the riot act for dumping Do Kyung. Do Kyung’s sister can’t believe they all melted like butter in front of original Hae Young. Do Kyung circles the block not wanting to bring our Hae Young home so that everyone would know that she lives next door.

Do Kyung buys some antiseptic cream to put on our Hae Young skinned knee. But he’s too shy to put it on the knee so he covers her knee with his jacket instead. He recalls his premonition where she has an injury below her lip. Her lip is fine now so this must come later. Original Hae Young calls him and wants to see him. He lies that he’s at the studio. She says I’ve got something to give you.

Do Kyung opts to drive home. Original Hae Young looks into the back seat and sees our Hae Young is no longer there. She asks Do Kyung where our Hae Young lives. He just points way over there. Original Hae Young whines a bit to Do Kyung that our Hae Young got drunk and tried to hurt her and his sister intervened. She doesn’t think Do Kyung’s sister intervened to help her but rather to help our Hae Young. She thinks Do Kyung’s sister is looking out for her. Original Hae Young gives Do Kyung his ping-pong paddle. She asks when they will meet up to play ping-pong. He’s not really into that. He says I know why you left me, isn’t that enough between us? She states they still don’t like each other and they have unresolved feelings. She wants to resolve them. He doesn’t care about that. He leaves. Original Hae Young cries watching him drive away.

Our Hae Young wakes in a hotel room. She remembers somebody helping her but doesn’t know who. She sees the scrape on her knee, the bump on her head but doesn’t know how she got them. She checks out the extremely nice hotel room. When on the other person enters the hotel room she’s ready to fight. She’s relieved it is Do Kyung, not some guy she didn’t know. Do Kyung explains he took her to the hotel room because he didn’t want everybody to know she lives next door. She asks if they slept together. He says no they did not sleep together. He tells her it’s time to go. She asks if he’ll sleep with her just once. He throws the antiseptic cream towards her and tells her to come out of the room when she’s sober. He comes back into the room and yells at her it would be embarrassing if we slept together in a hotel room. Get your life together! He tells her she’s a drunk 32-year-old that can’t remember how she got into this room and she needs help. When she gets to his car she sees the ping-pong paddle. He moves it off the seat and she gets in. He drives her to the river and they watch the sunrise. She tells him she’s will move back home. She says it’s too weird living next door to him after he’s rejected her. She says her parents are worried about her. She asks if Do Kyung will cover the security deposit. He says he will take a little time to get the money together. She thanks him for everything. Because of him she was able to get through a hard time in her life.

The next morning Jin Sang asked Do Kyung’s sister if she’s going to go see her ex-love. He tells her to go so she doesn’t have any regrets. She doesn’t like his suggestion and stalks away. Do Kyung’s brother has no idea what they are talking about.

Do Kyung’s sister does contact her ex-love. He spends a lot of time reminiscing. I’m not sure she’s really into him anymore.

amo_ep9_6b amo_ep9_6a
Jin Sang and his girlfriend decide to sleep at his place. But her husband is lying in wait for them. He chases Jin Sang with an ax. He de-pants Jin Sang and takes him to his mother’s house with a sign around his neck stating he is dating a married woman. Jin Sang’s mother is horrified and falls to the ground in shame.

Jin Sang is at home getting drunk. Do Kyung’s sister comes home drunk. Jin Sang asks if she saw her ex-love. Do Kyung’s sister says yes she did see her ex-love. She states he has moved on. Jin Sang is not surprised. Now they’re both drinking. They do many shots together. The scene goes on for a long time. This show loves alcohol.

Do Kyung’s sister wakes up to find herself in bed with Jin Sang. She gets out of the room without Jin Sang realizes they were in bed together. She’s not happy with what she’s done.

The next morning Do Kyung’s sister doesn’t say much Jin Sang. On the elevator she yells how embarrassing and asks everyone to leave as she screams this repeatedly. She’s horrified that she slept with Do Kyung’s friend.

amo_ep9_7b amo_ep9_7a
Former finance’s mother rips into former fiancé, Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) for getting blindsided by our Hae Young mother about Tae Jin being the reason the wedding was called off not because of our Hae Young. Tae Jin tells his mother to be quiet and go back to the states. He leaves his mother without answers.

Tae Jin thinks about calling our Hae Young. He flashes back to when he told our Hae Young that he didn’t like the way she eats as the reason for breaking up per the recommendation of the bartender. Just like the bartender said it was enough of an explanation that she didn’t ask for more details and walked away. Present day he struggles with the reality of his actions.

amo_ep9_8b amo_ep9_8a
Tae Jin texts our Hae Young and asks why she finally came clean that she didn’t call off the wedding. She thinks to himself she just wanted to be honest and cry so the world knew what really happened. When she exits work Tae Jin is there. He offers to take her to dinner. She says that’s mean. She tells him if they continue this conversation she will get angry and starts to leave. He decides to confess. He tells her that he was in jail. He got arrested the day after they broke up. She turns and stares at him. He tells her he could’ve been arrested during their wedding, that would’ve hurt her family, and hurt her too. He thought he would be in jail for several years and he didn’t want her to waste her life waiting for him. So breaking up with her was the right thing to do. He came up with a silly reason why they needed to break up. He’s got tears in his eyes. He apologizes. She cries. He goes to her. She pulls away from him. She walks away crying. Tae Jin doesn’t follow. The truth hurts, what can I say.

Our Hae Young runs into her parent’s house crying. She tells them that Tae Jin was in jail, that’s why they broke up. Lots of tears… lots and lots. Her mother hugs her and supports her through this major crying jag. Dad wants to know why Tae Jin got arrested and is promptly shushed by mom. Now mom’s crying. I feel sorry for the dad in this family.

Do Kyung stands outside the house waiting for our Hae Young to come home. Next he waits in her apartment waiting for her to come home. Do Kyung almost texts our Hae Young asking if she’s going to come home. Do Kyung listens to the tape where she made the confession that liking him had perks like wanting to come home early. Do Kyung recalls her running and jumping in his arms and telling him to sell it. Do Kyung recalls her pretending that she lived with him so the delivery guys think she did not live alone. Do Kyung recalls her prayer asking that he learn how to live again.

Tae Jin wants to stop by her parent’s house. Her mother demands that our Hae Young not date him again considering what he put her through.

amo_ep9_10b amo_ep9_10a
Original Hae Young plays ping-pong. Do Kyung shows up to play with her. It’s a good game. She invites him to dinner. He tells her that he has plans. He tells her that he’s not going to play ping-pong with her anymore. He tells her that he’s released the negative energy. If Do Kyung sees her on the street he can greet her with a smile that’s genuine. Do Kyung thanks her for making the first move. He offers his hand. She comments this is a weird plot twist. He says anything else would be weird. They shake hands. He walks away and out of her life? She watches him go. This is not what she wanted.

Do Kyung feels good, he’s resolved things. He’s ready for a relationship with our Hae Young. He calls her and tells her to come home. Our Hae Young asks why he is calling. He says come home, it’s time. He tells her he’s outside her parent’s house. She comes outside and sees him. He smiles at her. Tae Jin comes out the house behind her. Ouch! Tae Jin gets in his car and drives away. She stares at Do Kyung. Now Do Kyung’s look is not one of happiness.

Don’t drive angry Do Kyung! Do Kyung feels like he got rear-ended. He gets out of the car. No one is around him and the car is okay. He grips his side like he’s in terrible pain. He hears a crash. He has a premonition. He sees himself on the ground. Do Kyung wakes in his bed.

He goes and visits his doctor. His doctor says he may understand what the premonitions mean.

amo_ep9_11b amo_ep9_11aamo_ep9_11c

Do Kyung walks down the street and our Hae Young comes up behind him. She tells him she’s moving out today. He says nothing. She asks if he will acknowledge her. Our Hae Young asks what he was planning tell her last night. He says he’s got the security deposit money for her. She asks if he’s mad at her. Do Kyung asks if she seeing Tae Jin again. She says yes. Do Kyung says I’m starting to get angry at you. He demands, how can you run back to the man that dumped you? Our Hae Young counters he was in jail. Do Kyung says so now you’re forgiving him because he was in jail? She counters how can you forget original Hae Young who dumped you on your wedding day? Now you’re dating her again, how could you? Do Kyung says original Hae Young at least had a reason why she dumped me. He says Tae Jin was just too embarrassed about his own personal bankruptcy! He was a coward and lied to you to hide his own personal embarrassment. How could a man that love you really do that to you? Our Hae Young yells at him I know Tae Jin prioritizes his pride over his love for me.! But I need a man, and I’ll take any man right now. Our Hae Young goes on to say she needs any man to hold herself back from throwing herself at Do Kyung. She says it’s all because of you! You make me crazy. You make my heart want to explode! He walks away. She calls him a coward and a terrible person. She runs after him. She hits him with her bag. She goes at him, pushing and clawing. Do Kyung grabs her arm and shoulder. They go at each. So the premonition come true that she hits him with her purse he grabs her. He lifts her and she bites his hand. Hae Young goes at him again and he yells stop it! They pant and stare at each other. She hits him with her purse again. She goes at him again.

Do Kyung pushes her against the wall and holds her arms up. In the heat of the moment he stares at her. Hae Young stares at him. He kisses her with passion and she kisses him back! Oh my this is a nice kiss. Wow, there is sizzle. They end up hugging after a spectacular kiss.

amo_ep9_13b amo_ep9_13aamo_ep9_13c
He pushes away from her and puts his hands up like what the heck did I just do? She looks at him disappointed. He grabs his jacket and walks away. She stands there shocked. Do Kyung grabs his head as he walks away. Hae Young stares at him watching him walk away.

We are back in the doctor’s office who says he thinks he knows why Do Kyung has been having these premonitions all along. Do Kyung asks, what it is?

My Thoughts
* That was a heck of a first kiss. Frankly that was the highlight of this episode. Our leads have this sizzle going and it completely exploded in that kiss. Yes, that was a terrific, passionate first kiss…holy smokes.
* I see the evolution of Do Kyung. I liked how he went to play ping-pong with original Hae Young. I liked how he told her he did not have unresolved feelings anymore. He offered to be polite strangers. Then right after that he goes to the woman that he does care about, our Hae Young. Do Kyung tells her that he wants to see her. He puts it on the line with her. And then he gets shot down when Tae Jin comes out of her parent’s house. The look of pain and disappointment on his face, I felt for the guy. Now granted he has not been the kindest guy to our Hae Young. But he didn’t come to her until he could say I’m ready to have a relationship with you. I like that about him. While he hides behind his feelings and puts walls up, I felt like in this episode he made a genuine attempt to be real with his feelings and address them instead of avoiding them like he’s done for a solid year. What did the doctor tell him?
* Our Hae Young is a magnet for embarrassing situations and most of them seem to involve alcohol. At least a drunk Hae Young doesn’t irk me as much as it did in the original set of episodes were she seemed to be drunk all the time. She’s trying to deal with pain by drinking. It doesn’t work. Do Kyung put it to her well, she needs to get a grip. She got the surprise sucker punch from Tae Jin when he told her that he didn’t want to break up, but was forced to because he was going to jail. Tae Jin didn’t want her to wait for him. I appreciated the fact that she didn’t just take that information, smile and say oh it’s okay Tae Jin, I’ll take you back. Of course less than 48 hours later she tells Tae Jin these very words but in the heat of the moment she had the moxie to get mad and walk away. Part of me really understands her need to put distance between herself and Do Kyung. That guy seems to have total power over her. He reject her feelings, even though he cares. She reaches a point where she has to take care of herself. I like the way that she frankly told Do Kyung that she was seeing Tae Jin to put distance and somebody between her and him. Because she so desperately cared for him and he so completely rejected her. She had to get somebody in between them or she would throw herself at Do Kyung. That was a powerful admission. My question, do I really respect that Hae Young is so focused on Do Kyung that he seems to be her entire world?
* Original Hae Young was thrilled when Do Kyung showed up to play ping-pong. But that was short-lived when he told her it was over between them. She couldn’t believe it that one ping-pong game would help him resolve his lingering feelings or lack thereof for her. I like the line the writer gave her that this was a plot twist, that was clever. There is definite competition between the two Hae Youngs in the show. Alll is fair in love and war.
* Tae Jin decided to come clean with our Hae Young. He tells her that he broke up with her because of the jail time. And he didn’t want to bring shame to her family and her. He was surprised she pushed him away and walked away crying. I also thought it was amusing that he took advice from the bartender on how to break up with a girl. It did work out as the bartender said that it would. Offer enough explanation so that she’s not saying why, why, why? I’m waiting for Tae Jin to get fleshed out. Right now he is a good-looking guy. I need more for this character to matter in this series.


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3 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 9 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    HORRIBLE COMPANY OUTINGS: These company outings are hideous! 😡 How humiliating to be tagged with your “metabolic age”. Ever since high school our HY has been compared to old HY and has come up short in that comparison—between that and the “appearance” of old HY pursuing DK (or is she really pursuing) I can see where our HY has reached her limit with old HY. You add alcohol on top of that and it is like you are addressing an invitation for disaster. I was surprised that SK head butted our HY, seeming to protect old HY. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like old HY for what she did to her brother–why would SK do that? When old HY mentioned that she felt SK was really protecting our HY—I thought hmmm I had not considered that a possibility.

    I was a bit annoyed with DK’s posse of how SJ and bro Hoon immediately overcame their anger and were very pleasant just being the vicinity of the “beautiful” old HY. Funny how DK got roped into taking our HY home, but since everyone was hanging out at the house she ended up in a hotel room. Our drunk HY reacted to waking up in a hotel room ranging from “I was going to jump” (suicide) to “didn’t we come her to do something” followed up with “will you do it once with me?” Which, to his credit, he did pause before he responded.

    HOME WRECKERS: SK meeting her married former lover evokes repugnance in me not the intended empathy the loss of her lover. Then SJ got busted by his married former lover’s husband–while it seemed a bit harsh, he kinda deserved it—clearly I’m not a SJ fan.. These two hooking up happened much sooner than I anticipated—they deserve each other. SJ apparently doesn’t remember a thing; while much to my surprise SK made the walk of shame to her bedroom—I didn’t think with all her drunken meandering she had any shame left.

    TAE JIN GETTING BACK ON TRACK: TJ is definitely a HOTTIE! It is unfortunate TJ was not up front about his legal troubles with our HY. I’m not convinced that our HY would have suffered any less, but would have been able to better cope with the truth than the lie intended to lessen the sting. While our HY seems to be going towards TJ, she essentially admitted in het fight with DK that she was using TJ to keep from running to DK. I can’t help wonder if TJ will be causing the accident DK has been having premonitions for the last 2 episodes.

    DO KYUNG’s MANY MOODS: i concur about being pleased that DK kindly, yet assertively bid adieu to old HY. I sense that winning DK back may be on old HY’s agenda. I found DK to be ❤ sweet, although a bit stalker-ish, waiting for our HY in her apartment. Then DK was dismayed when he saw TJ coming out of our HY’s parent’s house. Did DK give himself away during his fight with our HY by divulging TJ was embarrassed because of his bankruptcy???

    The 💋kissing💋 that ends their fight was incredible! You were spot on with your “That was a heck of a first 💋 kiss” I was truly surprised at the level of passion and intensity of this kissing—especially since it was a first kiss for these two! No lamppost action here—both DK and our HY were active participants! DK seemed conflicted—I'm sure the fallout from him financially ruining TJ is weighing on his shoulders! Well, if our HY was confused before; after the kiss she has to be going crazy! Talk about mixed messages!

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Talk about POTENTIALLY DISASTROUS COMPANY OUTINGS — reminds me of when I worked for Cabela’s. Our department had a skeet shooting outing. One of my colleagues declined to attend; thus mitigating disaster—she indicated she did not want to be responsible for her actions with a loaded shotgun in the vicinity of a certain pompous fellow employee—no, I am not either of these people! 🙂 Company outings can be risky!

  3. kjtamuser says:

    I agree that SK being protective of our HY is not obvious. She has not been kind at work but maybe with original HY back, SK considers our HY the lessor of two evils.

    I watched the hotel scene again. I liked DK’s blunt words to HY about getting herself together.

    Interesting idea that TJ may be involved in the auto accident.

    HY did not realize it if DK did over share about TJ’s bankruptcy.

    The kiss was clear but DK running away was indeed a mixed message. One of the most passionate first kisses I have seen. Smoking!

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