Another Miss Oh Episode 8 Recap

Our leads care for each other but only one will admit to it.

Another Miss Oh Episode 8 Recap “I’m not crying because of him, but because of you”

amo_ep8_1b amo_ep8_1a
Park Do Kyung (Eric) and Original Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin) meet. She admits to pretending to be happy her entire life and that’s just who she is. Do Kyung tells her that he would’ve married her no matter what. He tells her pity is an emotion he feels towards people that he loves. He pities his brother, his sister. She tells him she doesn’t like pity in her life. He tells her then it’s a good thing that you left me. She says she’s not thinking that they will rekindle. She just wants them not to be angry every time they see each other. They both wish they could be strangers to each other but they can’t. She suggests they create a new last memory together. She suggests they play ping-pong together 10 times. On the 10th day that they play ping-pong they will drink a beer and go their separate ways. Original Hae Young says there are 20 guys I want to date. I need to resolve my feelings for you before I can date another man. As they say their goodbyes she tells him that he smells good, he looks good, and she’s glad that they are finally talking again. Original Hae Young wishes him a good evening and goodbye. Flashback to them playing ping-pong when they were couple. They really are a cute couple in these flashbacks. He took lessons to become a better ping-pong player. He finally wins a game. After he won he asked her to marry him. She was thrilled. His best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) calls Do Kyung and tells him that Hae Young’s former fiancé has been released from prison. Do Kyung has a premonition of our Hae Young walking and looking dazed.

Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) is not impressed with our Hae Young’s suggestion for a new restaurant menu. Everyone likes original Hae Young’s suggestion. Her boss goes to bat for our Hae Young. Do Kyung’s sister is unimpressed and says our Hae Young needs to fight for herself, not have her boss do it for.

Original Hae Young asks our Hae Young to have a drink. Our Hae Young declines. She asks original Hae Young why she would want to have a drink. Original Hae Young says even though they find themselves in a weird situation at work, and personally with Do Kyung, they can still be friends. She tells our Hae Young that she met with Do Kyung that afternoon. She’s telling her so there are no secrets between them. She and Do Kyung will see each other for a while as they sort out the remnants of their relationship. She asks if it’s okay. Our Hae Young says no; it is not okay. She walks away. Do Kyung calls his sister to ask what our Hae Young was wearing. Undoubtedly he wants to figure out whether or not the premonition is happening on that day. His sister’s info confirms what she’s wearing matches his premonition.

amo_ep8_2b amo_ep8_2a
Now we see our Hae Young waiting at the bus stop. Her former fiancé, Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) drives past stops and gets out of the car. He walks towards her. She is stunned. He still good-looking by the way. She stands to greet him. He says long time no see. She agrees. He asked if she’s doing well. She confirms she is. She starts to suggest they get together for a bite to eat but then thinks it would be weird. He agrees to eat with her. She tries to backtrack. He tells her to call him, he wants to eat with her. He walks away. She stares at him. She spots a girl in the passenger seat.She thinks that’s a low blow to have another girl in the car. She flashes back to him dumping her. She turns to her old friend alcohol.

The girl in the car looks like it was a secretary or something. Her former fiancé is set up in a room. He gets a cell phone. Not sure exactly what’s going on there.

amo_ep8_3b amo_ep8_3a
Do Kyung keeps seeing the premonition of our Hae Young walking across the street. He’s worried that she’ll get injured. He looks for her. He realizes she’s at a likely spot per the premonition. He doesn’t see her. She’s there, and staggers across the street before the cross light turns green. Do Kyung sees her walking across the road. He calls her name. She’s oblivious. He keeps yelling her name. She finally recognizes that she’s in the middle of the street. She continues to stagger across. He makes his way after her. He catches up to her. He grabs her arm and asks where she’s going. Dazed she looks around. She mutters she wanted to get something to eat. He takes her to eat. She shoves the food in. He watches. She tells him he’s acting oddly. If he doesn’t like her, why is he sitting there? He says it looked like she needed comfort. She can’t believe that he knows that her ex-fiancé saw her that day. She’s embarrassed she wasn’t looking her best. She says he wanted to go out to eat with her. She can’t believe he wanted to eat with her when he told her he hated the way she ate. When she throws up, she’s at home. Do Kyung listens to her struggle around the apartment. Good grief, she is blitzed. Again this show proves that being drunk is not attractive. If I wasn’t clear on that fact, I am now. She crawls into bed and goes to sleep. He enters a room and leaves medication for her to take before she falls asleep. She’s not asleep she cries it has been a bummer of the day. She ignores the medicine.

Do Kyung’s sister is stunned when the waitress tells her the man she used to date was there last night, he’s moving to Brazil, he wanted to stop by the restaurant one last time before he moved. She cries on the way home. Jin Sang sees her weeping. He gets out of his car to help. She tells him in French that her former love is moving to Brazil. She’s upset he doesn’t want to see her. She runs away. She returns to Jay Sing saying that she misses her former love. He surprises her by saying in French she should meet her former love. He admits that he’s fluent in French and pretended not to understand because she seemed to want her thoughts to be private. He recants many of the things she said about her former love, who was married. She screams in agony. He repeats that she should go see her former love. Before he leaves, he dabs her tears. I feel no sympathy for this woman. Don’t like this character and don’t enjoy the amount of airtime she takes away from the couples that I want to watch.

Do Kyung’s brother Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) frolics at the beach with his girlfriend. She tells him she wants them to live together and she will ask this of him on their 100-day anniversary. That freaks him out.

Our Hae Young’s former fiancé Tae Jin’s mother calls our Hae Young’s mother. They meet and discuss their children’s non-wedding. Tae Jin’s mother asks our Hae Young mother if she might be able to convince her daughter to try again.

Our Hae Young mother decides not to say anything to our Hae Young about the meeting. But then she calls her daughter and asked her to come over. Her mother asked her daughter to go see her former fiancé. Our Hae Young starts crying. She admits he dumped her. Her parents are surprised. Our Hae Young admits she’s humiliated. Her mother cries. I’m assuming she’s crying because she feels the pain for her daughter. She remembers all the grief she gave her daughter after the marriage dissolved. I must say the ladies in this household are a bit dramatic. Even dad gets teary. Is it just me or is this scene going on way too long?

Do Kyung sits in his car outside of our Hae Young house he considers calling her but decides not to do it her former fiancé Tae Jin pulls up in his car, stands outside the gate, and considers approaching the house. Do Kyung watches him. Tae Jin ends up getting in his car and driving away. Do Kyung follows him. Is it just me or this scene going on way too long? What the heck? Do Kyung rams Tae Jin’s car. When Do Kyung goes to check on Tae Jin he recalls Do Kyung’s smug face from the past. He asked Do Kyung is this how celebrates him getting out of prison? Yes. What did he ever do wrong to him? Why did Do Kyung ruin his business? Do Kyung says it was a mistake to ruin his business but he did mean to ram into him today. Do Kyung tells him to sue him if he likes. Tae Jin hits Do Kyung. He demands to know why Do Kyung ruined his life. Do Kyung thanks him for punching him first. The two men look at each other as Do Kyung promises to punch Tae Jin at least once. Tae Jin punches Do Kyung, then kicks him. Tae Jin’s doing a pretty good job of beating Do Kyung. We know Do Kyung deserves this for blowing up this guy’s life. Do Kyung encourages him to hit him. Tae Jin calls him crazy. Do Kyung spins around and hits him. The police come and break up the two men. Do Kyung demands to know how Tae Jin could say such a thing. That’s the most emotion we’ve seen from Do Kyung.

What’s family to do when you’re depressed? Karaoke…karaoke. Crying scenes are interspersed with karaoke scenes. That’s what I call some real family bonding. Is it just me or is this scene going on a little bit too long?

Tae Jin room Do Kyung remembers his visit to his doctor. He tells the doctor that one day he will cry because of our Hae Young.

Karaoke is done. The parents go get beer leaving Hae Young to ponder the river by herself. Do Kyung calls her and ask why she’s not home. He says he wonders about her. He asked her to come home. She tells him to admit he misses her then she will come home. He tells her to come home. She says no I won’t come home and hangs up on him. Atta girl! Our Hae Young says I wish people who don’t love me would all die. Do Kyung has another painful premonition. This painful premonition is starting to concern me about the longevity of this character for the length of the series or him dying at the end. We don’t see exactly what the premonition is. Do Kyung gets up out of bed and runs out of the house. He calls her and demands to know where she is. She won’t tell him but he listens to the sounds of the boats in the background. He realizes where she is. She hangs up on him. He takes a taxi to the river. doesn’t answer his call. He texts her to stay where she’s at.

Walking home in our Hae Young thinks about the text that Do Kyung sent her to stay still. She tells her parents to go on ahead without her. She tells them she’s got a quick meeting with a friend. She promises to come home soon.

amo_ep8_8c amo_ep8_8aamo_ep8_8b
Do Kyung arrives at the river and runs searching for our Hae Young. His hair looks good when he’s running’s, off his face my preference stylist if you’re listening. He spots her walking along the river. She spots him. They look at each other across the field. He jogs towards her. A large group of bikers come between them. He wants to get to her. She calmly stares at him. Finally, the bikers pass. He tells her to come with him. They walked together but not close together. It’s an interesting stylistic decision by the director. Shows the gap between them literally. Hae Young has a little smile knowing there are feelings even if he won’t admit it. On the subway she calmly stares at him. He stares out the window. She asks who he got in a fight with. She tells him he looks cool. I am surprised how effective that scene with her steady staring and he not even looking at her.

Walking home Hae Young tells him she admitted to her parents that she was dumped on her wedding day. She says it’s tough at the house right now. She says her parents will not be happy to know that she is trying to hold onto Do Kyung. She tells him she’s like a fool because her heart flutters whenever he wants her. She asks him not to make her feel like a moron so she can quit him. He says nothing yet again. They stare at each other. He tells her to watch out for cars. OMG! That’s his response! What a non-response that is, holy smokes! He walks away. She walks into the house. Once again Do Kyung wakes clutching his side. We don’t see what the premonition is but it’s not good. I don’t like the physical pain he’s feeling. Not digging this part of the storyline.

Her mother tells her it makes her sad that Hae Young was unable to share everything with her. She thought badly of her daughter because she thought she was the one that broke it off it wasn’t loyal to her man. But now she knows differently. He was the one that broke it off with her. It makes her sad but relieved to know her daughter wasn’t the fickle one. Her parents ask you to move back into the house. Our Hae Young doesn’t want to move out. They ask if she’s holding onto Do Kyung. She says she will move out soon.

Do Kyung waits for his doctor to arrive at the medical building. Do Kyung explains he heard the sound and felt the pain. He felt his body breaking. But he didn’t see her. The doctor is confused just like we are. Why isn’t he seeing her? Do Kyung says it’s not about her, it’s about me. The doctor wonders if he’s reenacting the car accident. Do Kyung says know the sounds of the car is different from what he’s hearing in his premonition. After the visit to the doctor Do Kyung walks to his car. He hears the sound when he touches the car. Now he has a premonition that he and Hae Young are arguing. He sees himself clearly in the premonition, I like this. He sees she’s trying to leave he’s trying to stop her. They physically grapple with each other. She demands that he let her go. He sees himself kiss her. He looks shocked.

My Thoughts

* I’m concerned about Do Kyung’s physical well-being. We had the former episode where Do Kyung had stated that he was concerned about his own well-being that he could possibly get injured or even die. I’m watching this series for Eric. If we end up with the 18th episode of the series and Eric dies, I will not be happy. Now that I got that out of my system, I feel like this episode was a good advancement for Do Kyung. Yes, he is still mired unable to fully feel. But he cares for our Hae Young. That is an absolute. No matter how much he denies it, that is absolute. His caring scares him. These premonitions freak him out. And who wouldn’t be freaked out by having premonitions of this woman? I like that in the last premonition he saw himself clearly in it. I’m all for them kissing. This is a natural next step between the two of them. She’s blunt that she likes him. He’s bluntly in denial, refusing to admit it. The other interesting thing was Do Kyung feeling the pain of the premonition but not knowing if the premonition was about her or him. That’s interesting. It adds a nice murky level to this whole premonition thing. It isn’t just her. Now there’s a darker edge to it. I’m concerned but like the edge of danger to the premonitions.

* Our Hae Young drew the wrong conclusion when she saw girl in her former fiancé’s car. That brought on a drinking binge. What else is new? Do Kyung stayed with her while she went through that binge in all its lovely glory. He tried to help her in the street crossing thing in the end she didn’t really seem to need his help at all as she drunkenly staggered across without any incidents. What would it be like to have a guy lurking in your life, always there at these weird moments, staring intently at you, but refusing to admit there’s anything between you. You feel it, you know he feels something, but he refuses to admit this. That would be frustrating. I was glad that she went ahead and told her parents that Tae Jin dumped her. Now everything is out in the open. I’m not in love with her family but at least her parents support her in their way. They care for her. They want her happiness. That’s more than Do Kyung can say. I like that our Hae Young is forthright. She tells Do Kyung she likes him. When he asks her to do something, she does, because she cares. How frustrating it must be for her to be open with her feelings but he just gives her little tiny bits that she can cling to.

* We got a smidge more background of original Hae Young’s and Do Kyung’s relationship. Lots of ping-pong. I thought it was cute that he went ahead and took lessons so that he could get better and beat her. Reminds me in Discovery of Love where he was the subpar pool player and he took lessons to get better so he could beat his opponent. I don’t have much feeling for original Hae Young. She’s pretty, she seems nice, but there’s no real draw.

* Tae Jin finally gets an opportunity to have a scene with our Hae Young. For the first time they see each other he said almost nothing, no wonder she was a bit taken aback. She misunderstood the girl in the car. Who is it that’s bankrolling him and setting it up in the new apartment? Is it Do Kyung’s money? Is Jin Sang the guy that’s doing that? I liked the confrontation between the two guys. Tae Jin is rightfully angry at Do Kyung for everything that he did and how he destroyed his life. Can’t blame the guy. The fight between them was good. The punches looked realistic. I look forward to Tae Jin evolving into a multidimensional character. Same comment applies to the original Hae Young. Neither one of them have a whole lot depth. They are memory characters that are just one note right now.  I hope the writer makes them more than that so that we can become more vested in them and actually care what happens to them. If they just a one dimensional and the show is really all about Do Kyung and our Hae Young, we won’t care about these two ancillary characters and will just feel like they’re taking up precious air time versus adding to the story.

* Taking up air time, that’s how I feel about Do Kyung’s brother, Do Kyung’s sister and Do Kyung’s friend. All these people take up air time and don’t really seem to add much to the story. The most interesting thing was the scene between Do Kyung sister and Jin Sang when he revealed he speaks French and understood that she’s mourning her ex-love. She sits in that restaurant every night and the one night she’s not there, her ex-love shows up.

* The fourth song of the OST is the pretty “Maybe I” by Roy Kim. Listen via the link or the embedded video below:


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2 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 8 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    How nice, that old HY wants to create a nice last memory with DK. Like I mentioned in my comments for last episode –Girl, you got closure when you slammed the door on DK! I am glad that our HY is assertive enough to decline old HY’s drinking invitation

    Are JS and SK going to be a love match? All that chemistry for fighting, dating married people, and they both speak the language of love…French! I do believe they deserve each other—a match made in HELL!

    Our HY has got to be confused about TJ returning, asking her out and driving away with another woman. I liked that our alpha males confronted each other and got physical—I have a feeling that won’t be the end of it—especially once the truth comes out.

    Why does DK keep having a premonition sounding like a car accident and now feeling pain—what is going on?

    Yup—many of these scenes were too long 😦
    • Our HY’s family knows the truth behind who was the instigator of the breakup between our HY and TJ. Little do they know the truth of WHY he broke it off.
    • Karaoke family bonding—nice to know they really do care about her; I wondered when they kicked her out of the house.
    • DK confronting TJ; I think DK wanted to hit TJ for the way TJ treated our HY. C’mon DK haven’t you done enough to TJ?

    DK is in denial about his feelings for our HY, while she is as open as a book. Finally…the premonition we have been waiting for…a kiss between our HY and DK.💋

    I like “Maybe I”, the latest OST release–it has a nice sound.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Your term alpha males is spot on. I agree that TJ and DK are only in the initial phases of their mutual dislike. HY is an open book is another perfect point. I am enjoying the OST too.

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