Another Miss Oh Episode 7 Recap

Our leads are not in sync.

Another Miss Oh (Another Oh Hae Young), “I Wish I was the Only Woman in the World” Episode 7 Recap 

amo_ep7_1aamo_ep7_2a amo_ep7_3a
Park Do Kyung (Eric) has a premonition that Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) tells him his hand is warm. Our Hae Young wakes up at 4:30 AM and decides that she needs to pack a lunch. She goes grocery shopping and shows up at her parent’s house asking for help to pack the lunch. They are gob smacked that she stopped by their home that early. But her mother remembers the cute guy that lives across the wall, and decides to help her daughter. Dad gets in the act too. I love the way her father caught the rolling pin midair. The family teamwork was impressive. Our Hae Young presents a lunchbox to Do Kyung. She tells him it’s payback for the lamp and breaking his window. She tells him they’re even now. She goes back to her room. When Do Kyung initially leaves for work he does not take the lunchbox. But then he has second thoughts and decides to go back for the lunchbox. But then he has second thoughts and decides to leave without the lunchbox. Finally he grabs the lunchbox, heads to his car hoping no one sees him, and goes to work.

Our Hae Young is caught sleeping at work by Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) (recall she is Hae Young’s boss). But surprisingly there are no consequences. Hae Young is in a good mood and her coworkers notice.

Do Kyung and his team are doing sound effects to a race. That looks exhausting. When they break for lunch, everyone gets in the car ready to drive to a restaurant. Do Kyung hesitates, then tells his team he’s got a packed lunch in his car that he’s willing to share. I think everybody surprised with the offer. His coworkers are so stoked about the food, it is darling. They ask if his girlfriend packed the lunch for him. Do Kyung denies this. Do Kyung’s brother Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) tells his coworkers that Do Kyung will never wear a party hat on his birthday or eat a lunch packed by his girlfriend. And he’s right, Do Kyung refuses to eat the food. But his brother cajoles him into eating. He finds the food is delicious.

Our Hae Young impresses her coworkers with the leftovers of the lunch she packed. They want to know if the lunch was for the guy they saw her with after the group dinner. She confirms it and says he works in the movie industry. Original Hae Young joins the group and her coworkers say that Hae Young is working hard to get married again. The two women look at each other. They both know that the packed lunch was for Do Kyung.

Do Kyung and his coworkers finish lunch and get back to work.

Original Hae Young gets out her memory box. She takes the voice recording that Do Kyung’s mother gave her before the wedding and transfers it to her PC. When will we get to hear the recording?

Park Hoon and his convenience store girlfriend are always happy to see each other. Park Hoon gives Do Kyung the lunchbox and tells him to wash it thoroughly and return it to our Hae Young. As he walks towards the house, Hae Young sees him with her lunch box. They end up walking together towards the house. She offers to carry the lunchbox. He refuses. He thanks her for it. Oh our little Do Kyung is opening up a bit. He tells her it was good. She says obviously because she made it. The cherry blossoms fall down. That’s always a sweet omen in dramas. Hae Young comments cherry blossoms are beautiful and make her happy. Do Kyung’s drunk sister comes up behind them. Do Kyung grabs Hae Young’s wrist and pulls her into an alley so his sister does not spot them. As his sister comes towards the alley he takes Hae Young’s hand and shifts her over. They stay in the shadows to avoid detection and Do Kyung continues to hold her hand. When a motorcycle illuminates them, Do Kyung presses Hae Young into the wall and shields her with his body. Finally drunk sister leaves. Do Kyung pushes himself back from Hae Young’s body. They stare into each other’s eyes. He pulls away and begins to walk. She follows. She comments his hand was warm. And once again his premonition comes true. Hae Young asks why they had to hide. Do Kyung says nothing. His best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) reveals he was hiding in the alley too. He spots the lunchbox in Do Kyung’s hand. Do Kyung puts the lunchbox behind his leg. He starts to say something but Do Kyung’s look stops him and he walks away.

At home Jin Sang is all over Do Kyung. What’s going on between the two of you? DK denies anything is going on.  Do Kyung explains the lunch is a payback for breaking the window. Jin Sang says it’s more than that. He sees that they are becoming a couple. Jin Sang thinks that Do Kyung is playing with fire. Is he getting involved with her because he feels guilty for ruining her romance? Is he excited to date another girl named Hae Young? He warns Do Kyung that the fiancé is going to get mad once he finds out that Hae Young is seeing him. Jin Sang demands to know if Do Kyung likes Hae Young. Do Kyung doesn’t answer. Jin Sang yells that her fiancé will get out of jail. He will want to resume his romance with Hae Young.

amo_ep7_5b amo_ep7_5a
Do Kyung stands outside and frets about the situation he’s put himself in, Hae Young in, because he knows there’s feelings between them. When she hears him come into his apartment she tells him to sleep tight. He says nothing. I can see that he’s got a heavy burden there. You know that when the fiancé gets out, and Hae Young learns that Do Kyung put her fiancé in jail and thereby ruined her romance, this will negatively impact their relationship. Impossible for that not to happen.

Hae Young is practically glowing as she tells her friend of the items that Do Kyung gave to her.

amo_ep7_6b amo_ep7_6a
Original Hae Young sends Do Kyung an email with the recording his mother gave her before their wedding. Finally we get to hear what triggered her to run away. The recording is between Do Kyung and his mother. His mother tells Do Kyung that Hae Young was abandoned at a young age. What Do Kyung feels is pity. He doesn’t want to abandon her. Do Kyung says he does feel sorry that she had a hard young life. She does want acceptance and love. His mother tells him he doesn’t love her, he only pities her. She says that’s no basis for marriage. Angry, Do Kyung yells so what if I only pity her, I still won’t abandon her. Hae Young is horrified to hear that the man she loves only pities her. And who wouldn’t be upset? Original Hae Young writes Do Kyung on that day her perfect past was exposed to be a lie. She was ashamed. She had taken the fake it till you make it approach. But now he knew the truth about her parents and her childhood. When Do Kyung goes to drop off original Hae Young on the night at her home on the night before their wedding, he wants to pick her up in the morning. She tells him she’ll drive solo and meet him. He agrees. She walks away. He watches her go. Back to the email where she tells Do Kyung that having him know the truth about her past humiliated her. The man that she loved, became a reminder of her humiliation. So she left him. And every day for a year this past year, she missed him, she cried, and regretted she left. She had to come clean to him. Do I think that’s a sufficient reason to leave the man that you love the day before on your wedding day? While I don’t find this egregious, it is not a strong reason to walk away from the man you love on your wedding day. A conversation seems like the normal reaction, versus abandonment.

The next day a good-looking man asks our Hae Young out. She’s taken aback. She doesn’t know this guy. Hey it is Yeon Woo Jin from Divorce Lawyer in Love. He’s persistent and says she is his type. He offers his business card so she can check him out. She goes to a restaurant with him. She can’t get over the fact that a good-looking guy just asked her out without knowing anything about her. Then the light goes on. She realizes that he asked her out on purpose. She demands to know who sent him to meet her. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes, we are both right, our Hae Young figures it out. The lawyer enters Jin Sang’s office, with Hae Young behind him. Busted! She demands to know why he set her up with his lawyer friend. She asks if Do Kyung asked him to do that. He admits he did it by himself. He didn’t think she was the best match for Do Kyung. Why he didn’t just set her up with his lawyer friend? Did he want Do Kyung to find out that she had gone out behind his back? Jin Sang denies trying to create an issue between her and Do Kyung. She tells him he’s a bad liar. She demands to know why she can’t date Do Kyung. Jin Sang says they’re not meant to be. She wants to know why. Jin Sang yells that Do Kyung used to be involved with another woman with her name. Do Kyung is only seeing her because of that. He says Do Kyung is not over his former love. He tells her to stop seeing Do Kyung, his former girlfriend is back, undoubtedly they will get back together. Our Hae Young screams in frustration and leaves his office.

amo_ep7_8aa amo_ep7_8aamo_ep7_8bamo_ep7_8c
Do Kyung asks his sister for original Hae Young’s phone number. Our Hae Young calls him and asked him not to go see his former girlfriend. They see each other while they’re talking on the phone. She asks him not to start seeing original Hae Young again. He asks why. She tells him that it makes her mad that he would see his former girlfriend again. She admits she likes him. He puts the phone down and gets out of the car. She puts the phone down. They stare at each other. He walks to her. He tells her not to be so forward. She tells him I’m a forward person when I like somebody and I like you. He tells her that having the same last the same name as his former girlfriend bothers him. He wouldn’t get seriously involved with her. She demands to know why he was so nice to her then. He says he felt bad for her. He understood getting dumped. He felt bad and decided to be nice to her. Ouch! She tells him she can accept that he was nice to her because he felt sorry for her. At least he had feelings for her. He yells I don’t like you! Premonition time…he sees her tell him that one day he will cry because of her. And that she wants him to cry. It happens immediately. She tells him one day he’ll cry because of her and she wants him to cry. She walks away. He has a premonition/flashback of all of select moments with her. He physically doubles over at the remembrances of her. That is interesting and worrisome.He races after her and catches her before she goes into her apartment. He demands to know why she keeps appearing in front of him. He demands she move out. She won’t. Do I have to move out? She calls him a childish man. She goes into her apartment and shuts the door.

In his house he recalls her statement that one day he’ll cry over her.

In her apartment she tells herself that she’s not an embarrassment just because she likes him. There’s nothing wrong with being honest and true about your feelings. She cries. She’s embarrassed.

amo_ep7_9b amo_ep7_9camo_ep7_9d
Her parents stop by for dinner. She tells them they should call first next time. What she doesn’t know is they are hoping that Do Kyung will come through the door. They hear Do Kyung enter the apartment. All conversation stops. Do Kyung strides to the door and bursts into her apartment and sees her parents. He surprised. They are surprised. Now who’s embarrassed? He apologizes. Her mother invites him to sit down and eat with them. He goes into his apartment. Her father pulls him back into the apartment. Her father forces him to sit down. Her mother berates her for sending Do Kyung away. Now they’re all seated. Mother blathers a bit. Hae Young stares daggers at her mother. Mother offers Do Kyung food. She thanks him for putting the security bar back up on the window. She tells him they so happy that such a nice young man lives next door to their daughter. Three people at this table feel uncomfortable. Mother urges Do Kyung to drink and eat with them. As Do Kyung drinks alcohol he sees her mother’s hopeful eyes watch him. She tells him she likes his eyes. Our Hae Young cringes. She tells her mother to stop, Do Kyung doesn’t like her at all! The mother and father look at Do Kyung. He says nothing. Her mother asks if she likes him. Hae Young says nothing. Mother calls her a moron. Her mother demands Do Kyung explain why he doesn’t like her daughter. The husband grabs his wife and pulls her away from Do Kyung. He puts his hand over his wife’s mouth to get her to stop asking why don’t you like her. Our Hae Young hangs her head in shame. On the bus ride home her mother calls our Hae Young and tells her to seal the door off with cement. If she catches her liking a man that doesn’t like her, she’s dead.

Hae Young cleans up after her parents leave. Do Kyung paces in his apartment. He calls to Hae Young being wrong about something seems to run in the family. She goes outside, grabs her bike, and rides away. Jin Sang almost hits her. He’s upset that he almost hit her. She tells him that she won’t say anything about the incident from today. She claims it would be embarrassing if it were revealed that he set her up on purpose. Jin Sang is grateful that she won’t tell his best friend what he did. She rides away.

Our Hae Young rides her bike listening to music. That’s dangerous. She says to herself I want everyone in this world to die. I want to be the only woman in the world.

amo_ep7_10b amo_ep7_10a
Do Kyung waits outside. He has a premonition of her drinking and telling him that she ran into the man that she was going to marry. He sees her former fiancé in the premonition.

The next morning Do Kyung asks Jin Sang to find out whether or not her fiancé is out of prison. Do Kyung’s brother wants to know who they’re talking about. Do Kyung’s brother asks Do Kyung to have that woman pack another lunchbox for him. The first one was so good, another would be great. Do Kyung’s sister asks what woman they’re talking about. His brother says Do Kyung is seeing a woman that’s a great cook. His sister asks if it is our Hae Young. Do Kyung walks away without answering. Do Kyung’s sister asked Jin Sang if it is our Hae Young. He doesn’t answer and walks away.

Original Hae Young walks into the work followed by our Hae Young. A delivery man says there’s a delivery. Our Hae Young takes the package but it’s really for original Hae Young. At her desk, original Hae Young is disappointed to see that Do Kyung has not responded to her email where she explained why she left him on their wedding day.

Do Kyung’s mother is surprised to learn Do Kyung was actually in a good mood for a little bit of time. His coworkers complain now he is back in a bad mood.

Do Kyung berates his brother for putting in West Coast waves versus East Coast waves. Everyone avoids Do Kyung. Do Kyung’s brother waxes poetic about his girlfriend.

Do Kyung gets a text from original Hae Young. She asked why he hasn’t responded to her email. He has a flashback of yelling that he doesn’t know what love is. This is the flashback to when he and his mother had the recorded conversation that his mother gave to original Hae Young that caused her to call off the wedding.

amo_ep7_12b amo_ep7_12a
Do Kyung and original Hae Young see each other walking. She offers him a big smile. They walk towards each other. He stares at her. She stares at him.

amo_ep7_13b amo_ep7_13a
Meanwhile, our Hae Young recalls her mother berating her for liking a man that doesn’t like her. Then her mother demanding Do Kyung declare why he doesn’t like her. Then Do Kyung telling her that her family’s kind of nuts. This is frustrating to her. Holy smokes!Her former fiancé, Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) drives by, stops, and gets out of the car. He walks to her. Stunned she stands. They stare at each other. He’s good-looking. The episode ends.

My Thoughts
1. Do Kyung is in a hard spot. He likes our Hae Young. If he admits he likes her, it will blow up in his face and he knows it. Our Hae Young is almost too much for him. She so open and free with her emotions, that it freaks him out. He’s been shut down and repressed for a solid year. And now this woman who feels freely is in his life. He’s intrigued and repulsed at the same time. He’s not sure he can put himself on the line again. Complicating things is the fact that original Hae Young finally admits why she walked away from their wedding day. The voicemail where he admits that he pitied her then his mother declared that pity isn’t love. Do Kyung said it did not matter and he would not abandon her. Do Kyung and original Hae Young meet at the end of the episode. She does like a hopeful puppy. As she stares into his eyes, what will he say?
2. Our Hae Young suffers from embarrassing situations. Good grief this woman was put through the ringer. She fell asleep at work and Do Kyung’s sister found her. Though she didn’t discipline for that error. That surprised me. Then she has the humiliation of Jin Sang purposely setting her up with a guy so that she would back away from Do Kyung. Then she has a situation of Do Kyung claiming that he doesn’t like her when she admits that she likes him. Everybody knows you never want to be the one to say I like you and then have the opposite stated back to you. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Here we are at episode seven with a character I did not like the first couple of episodes. But now I see a resiliency in this woman. She’s not just some drunk lady trying to hide from the pain of a relationship that blew up in her face. She’s attracted to Do Kyung. She wants to be with Do Kyung. She is starting to chisel away at the ice around his heart. But he  won’t admit it. She is stuck. What can she do? The man she likes says that he doesn’t like her. It was almost heartbreaking when she said to him don’t go see original Hae Young. I will hate her for you. Anyone that causes you pain I will hate. Just wait till she finds out what horrible person his mother. There is somebody that deserves the hate.
3. Finally original Hae Young admits why she walked away from Do Kyung. A single voice recording where your fiancé says he pities you is worth the running away for a year. That seems excessive. His mother was so horrible to her. And yet she never told him that either. Guess you could say those two acts correlate. If she kept quiet because she loved him then she at least try and reach out to him when she fears that he doesn’t love her. Fear of rejection was her ultimate undoing. Now she’s back to try again. Does she have a chance with him?
4. We knew it was going to happen. Our Hae Young’s fiancé is back. He absolutely had to come back to propel the story forward. Now we must go into the section of the series where both have to deal with their former loves. They have to come to resolution with their former loves. Only then can they decide whether or not they can move forward together. The obvious question is does the former fiance know that Do Kyung set him up and sent him to prison? And if so will he tell our Hae Young? He should. He should be angry. He should go after and confront Do Kyung. Tell him he did was a horrible thing. He should shout it from the rooftops what Do Kyung did to him. Will he? By the way that dude’s a good-looking guy.
5. I still have a hard time with Do Kyung’s family. His sister, I don’t see that much value in her. His friend Jin Sang is not a friend that I’d want to have. His brother is fairly self-centered. And his mother, don’t get me started on her. She is one self-centered poor excuse for a mother. Our Hae Young’s family is at least basing their actions out of love. But even they are sometimes hard to take.
6. 2 Episode extension! Per Dramabeans, this series has a 2 episode extension, check out the article which states “Producers have confirmed that the show will be getting a 2-episode extension, bringing its total count to 18. They’ve also promised not to fill the extra airtime with bloated material just to prolong the existing story, and said that they were already having to cut down a lot to fit everything in 16 episodes, so the extension is really to show everything they intended.”
7. The third song of the OST is the perky “What is Love” by Seo Hyun Jin & Yoo Seung Woo. Listen via the link or the embedded video below:



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3 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 7 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Gotta love ❤ our HY’s parents helping with making “the” lunch box. What kind of dough was the shrimp mandu made from—it was practically black. Our HY tried to take the pressure off by telling him it was for the lamp and broken window. DK was a bit resistant to taking it with him, but went for it. The Oohs and Aahs of the coworkers were priceless. ❤ The lunch box caused a whole lot of assumin’ to go on…from HY’s parents to DK’s coworkers. I don’t understand why DK decided to hide in the alley when his sister appeared. Was it the incriminating lunch box?

    We FINALLY got to hear the recording—I was a bit surprised to hear DK say he pitied old HY. After the kindness he has shown our HY, it is hard to believe he simply pitied old HY. I can’t help but wonder, if this isn’t the truth, but was said for the benefit of his mother—a very untrustworthy soul—oh, does she have one of those (a soul)?. None the less, if I heard my fiancé say he pitied me—I concur with you that this would spur a conversation, not a jilting. Depending on the outcome of the conversation I would consider the action of standing him up at the altar. If I had taken old HY’s action there is NO WAY I would ever seek DK out for some closure—c’mon it appears she is really after a reconciliation—girl you already closed that door with a slam!

    When it comes to DK’s family I concur that I don’t care for them very much. His mom is a selfish, money grubbing, poor excuse for a human being. DK’s selfish brother is kind of annoying and I don’t see much value to this character. His sister is bitter drunk who picks on our HY, but has a few positive attributes—her drunk French rambling sounds sweet and she has no compunction about going after DK’s friend JS. I’ve had about enough of DK’s friend JS:
    • Egged DK on to take revenge on our HY’s fiancé TJ
    • Mooching off DK’s siblings to avoid the husband of the married woman he was having an affair with—why isn’t JS staying with DK?
    • He reams DK out about the lunchbox/alley situation—although he does have a point that liking our HY will unravel when the truth about financially ruining TJ.
    • This skunk strikes again with his lawyer buddy approaching our HY on the street for a date.
    I don’t like JS and don’t see the point of this character other than to be anti-HY.

    DK has a flash back instead of a flash forward this time—what does that mean? Our HY’s toilet yoga cracked me up! Then her parents turning up—clearly looking for a DK meet and greet—who obliges by barging in. My goodness what a noisy family (mom)—I’d be dying from embarrassment.

    It is about time we finally have TJ released from incarceration and showing up in front of our HY. He is very easy on the eyes! Can’t wait to see where this goes…

    The new song is perky and seems to be the song played for the opening credits.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I love all your comments and agree. I’ve been thinking that given DK’s family, pity is natural for him to feel. I pity DK having that family! Concur the song is the theme song. I like the OST so far. The 2nd song “Like a Dream” by Ben…I adore!

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur “LIke a Dream” is a really great one ❤

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