Favorite Scene – Angry Mom – Crush Revealed

If I’ve got only a moment there are certain scenes I watch for a quick hit of kdrama goodness.

Today’s Favorite Scene from Angry Mom, Episode 9. Full disclosure, I crushed on Ji Soo throughout this series. In this scene his character reveals he has a crush on the leading lady Gang Ja. What he doesn’t know is Gang Ja is not a high school student. She’s the mother of one of his classmates, under cover to determine why her daughter was bullied.

The setup – In typical teenage boy fashion, Ko Bok Dong (Ji Soo) does not know how to let the object of affection know he likes her. So he resorts to being mean to Jo Gang Ja (Kim Hee Seon).

At school he gets Gang Ja alone by motioning her to come with him. Then Bok Dong orders her to tie his shoe. Gang Ja does chiding him that he could ask nicely. Gang Ja states she knows he did not kill his fellow classmate. She wants him to admit the truth. She wants to help him beat the false charges. He doesn’t want to hear it. Bok Dong asks if she likes him. That surprises her. He warns that she’s inserting herself where she’s not wanted and that her curiosity will get her hurt.

They hear two men approaching. It is Gang Ja’s husband (dark blue suit with tie) and Bok Dong’s guardian, Don Chil (and brother to Gang Ja’s high school boyfriend). They duck to avoid being spotted. While they wait, Bok Dong sniffs Gang Ja’s hair. He smiles. Sweet! When the two men leave Gang Ja turns to find Bok Dong near and a bit dazed. Ah, he has a crush on her! He pulls away startled to be caught. He blusters surprising her. Don’t worry Bok Dong, Gang Ja is oblivious!

Bok Dong strides away. Gang Ja’s husband returns to the site and spots Gang Ja. This time she cannot hide. Her husband demands to know what is going on. She tries to placate him. He pulls her away. Bok Dong sees this. Chivalrous, Bok Dong interjects telling Gang Ja she does not have to be accosted by this man. Ah, he is protecting her!

Hearing Gang Ja call him husband, Bok Dong says she does not need to sleep with an old man. Ha!

Dong Chil calls out for Gang Ja’s husband. He thrusts Gang Ja into Bok Dong to avoid detection. He leaves with Dong Chil so Gang Ja is not seen in a high school uniform.

Bok Dong tells Gang Ja if she’s that hard up for money (assuming she’s sleeping with the “old man” for money), he’ll lend it to her. Sweetly he hands her his wallet and leaves. Darling!

Check out the video of this scene via this link or the embedded video below. No subtitles, but with the description above, you’ll get the gist. If you want subtitles go to your favorite drama source.


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