Favorite Scene – Healer – “Knit Cap” Kiss

If I’ve got only a moment there are certain scenes I watch for a quick hit of kdrama goodness.

Today’s Favorite Scene is the “Knit Cap” Kiss from the superb series Healer (episode 8). The chemistry of the two leading actors hits you in this scene…and she’s got a cap over her face!

Background– Our leading man Healer (Chang Wook) has just saved our leading lady, Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young), from plunging to her death in an elevator by going into full hero mode. How did he do this? Healer wrapped himself in a fire hose and slid down the elevator shaft to Young Shin. Be still my heart, that was an awesome entrance to a rescue. Healer pulled Young Shin’s knit hat over her face so she could not see his face and wrapped the hose around her. Once she was secured, he secured himself, and as the elevator plunged down the shaft, they rocketed up the shaft.

The setup – Now on the rooftop Young Shin guesses it was Healer that saved her. She is not happy that he risked his life. But she is thankful. He is silent. She reaches out to touch him. He steps back. He turns and begins to walk away.

Healer stops. He realizes that he has avoided entanglements with people for the majority of his life. Maybe it is time to change that.

Healer strides to Young Shin. He stands in front of the silent Young Shin.

He lifts her knit hat enough to expose her mouth. He stares, considers, then tilts his head and gently kisses Young Shin. Wow! That was the perfect amount of anticipation and hesitation before a kiss that had sweetness and sizzle!

How did this scene stack up on my kissing scene criteria?
* Active participation between both parties – His participation was obvious, her participation was more subtle.
* Initial kiss then follow on kiss – No
* Deep stares at into each others eyes – He stares deeply in her eyes. That was sufficient.
* Banter is a bonus – No, silence was more powerful in this scene
* The production value of the scene makes you feel the kiss – Excellent camera work.

Check out the video of this scene via this link or the embedded video below.


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3 comments on “Favorite Scene – Healer – “Knit Cap” Kiss
  1. Beez says:

    haha! kjtamuser! Everyone that writes about this scene mentions their eyes! Either they say “finally! a heroine who kisses with her eyes closed instead of like a deer in the headlights” or as you did “they look deep into each other’s eyes”.
    Remember, the hat is over her eyes the entire time! lololol

    It is truly a testament to the writers and actors because, I watched Healer late, by marathoning, long after everyone else. And before I started the series, I saw clips of the “snow knit cap” kiss, but without any context, it just seemed odd. But once I saw the episodes leading up to that kiss…The impact of it…wow!

    Thanks for these “quickies”. I’m going go cue this elevator rescue-kiss scene up and rewatch it right now!

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Oooh this is a favorite scene of mine too! I watched it again after reading your recap.

    Our Healer ❤ pauses and considers the consequences before he 💋gently kisses💋 Young Shin. The 💋kiss did have “sweetness and sizzle”. ❤ As mentioned, Young Shin’s participation was subtle. I cheer that we saw NO lamppost stiffness or “deer in the headlights” look—having her eyes covered took care of that! In fact as the Healer pulled away just as Young Shin started to reach for him…leaving us wanting more💋!

    Excellent choice of a thoughtfully orchestrated and executed scene! I look forward to more of these "Favorite Scenes" segments!

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