Another Miss Oh Episode 6 Recap

Our leads are drawn closer to each other.

Another Miss Oh (Another Oh Hae Young), Episode 6 Recap 

This will be a nutshell recap as I’m traveling and cannot do my usual “blog as I watch” recap.

Episode Highlights:
1. Our Hae Young was upset to learn that Do Kyung was taping room sounds while he was at work. He caught her confession that she liked him and wanted him to be around more. Recall last episode Our Hae Young admitted she liked Do Kyung from the first moment he barrelled into her. She makes him promise that he won’t tape his room anymore.
2. Original Hae Young is upset that Do Kyung isn’t interested in her romantically anymore. In an excellent confrontation, Do Kyung tells Original Hae Young that the only reasonable excuse for her dumping him on their wedding day would be an incurable disease. Now that it is 1 year later and she’s alive, that excuse isn’t viable. He tells her to leave and not to interact with him again.
3. Our Hae Young is upset when Original Hae Young interrupped her conversation with Do Kyung. In a fit of anger she throws a rock thorough Do Kyung’s window. As he peers through the broken glass and sees Our Hae Young below the preminition becomes reality. Mortified by her childish behavior Our Hae Young bikes to her friend’s house and pours out her pain over liking Do Kyung, over Original Hae Young always having the advantage and now wanting to rekindle her romance with Do Kyung. She sleeps over at her friend’s house until Do Kyung texts her to return home. In warp speed Our Hae Young bikes home and sees Do Kyung watching as she gets home.
4. Original Hae Young finally gives us a clue why she bailed on Do Kyung on his wedding day. Turns out Do Kyung’s dreadful mother had been hasseling Original Hae Young about her family and Do Kyung’s lack of love for her. Do Kyung’s mother gave Original Hae Young a recording to listen to before the wedding. She told Original Hae Young that she’d regret it if she didn’t listen to the recording.
5. Do Kyung decides to listen to more of the recordings of Our Hae Young in her apartment. He finds her ways endearing. He drives to home. When she has a pizza delivered, she calls out for Do Kyung to join her, to make the delivery guy believe she’s not alone. To her surprise, Do Kyung comes through their interior door. He tells her that he won’t block the door between them anymore. He tells her that she can decide to put a lock on the door, if she wants. Those words perfectly mirror his growing feelings towards Our Hae Young and his willingness to let her come into his life even more.

My Thoughts
1. Do Kyung’s has a loser mother. She only sees Do Kyung as a source of money. She saw Original Hae Young as having the ability to stop Do Kyung from funding her once he was married. What’s a self centered mother to do? Of course, she decided to implode Do Kyung’s and Original Hae Young’s relationship, to keep the money flow alive. Now Do Kyung’s mother is worried her current boyfriend may not marry her, thereby cutting off her second source of income. Do I feel sorry for her? No way. She’s a self centered person. For the first time in this series, Do Kyung’s sister mattered. Her confrontation with her mother was excellent. She had long suspected that her mother caused Original Hae Young to ditch Do Kyung, now she knows it is true. She doesn’t know the details because her mother won’t tell and Hae Young won’t cast aspersions.

2. Do Kyung is starting to come back to himself and I’m loving it. Our Hae Young put it perfectly when she asked buddha to stop by and help Do Kyung shuck his miserable life and start living again. Do Kyung can’t help but see that Our Hae Young is drawing him back to the land of the living. Eric is terrific as he is slowly draws closer. His little smiles and looks, tells us he’s liking Our Hae Young more and more AND he wants her in his life. I enjoyed his confrontation with Hae Young. I wish he’d demanded the truth from her, but she likely wouldn’t have thrown his mother under the bus, more is the pity for that.

3. I’m pleased to say Hae Young is coming into her own.  She wants a relationship with Do Kyung and likes him. That confession is done and cannot be taken back. Her shock and pleasure when he came through the door for pizza, when he gave her the lamp so she wouldn’t stub her toes getting into bed, and when he told her that he’d stop blocking the door so if she needed an alternative escape route, she’d have one. Sweet! I enjoyed when Our Hae Young got the text from Do Kyung to sleep in her apartment. He didn’t need to ask her twice, she was there in a flash. I also liked that she declined to go drinking with Original Hae Young. What does that relationship get her? Not much, so she declined to pursue it. Atta girl!


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3 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 6 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    It would be freaky to have someone taping sounds that would include your apartment—it would feel like an invasion of privacy. I was surprised that after our HY confronted DK that he listened to the recordings anyway. Add DK listening to the recordings to removing the door block from his side is a reflection of “his growing feelings towards our HY” DK coming in for pizza when our HY called out for him when it was delivered was hilarious. ❤ DK was very sweet to give her a lamp and our HY was touched. I like where this is going! 💋

    Has old HY’s life been that charmed that she thinks she can ease her way back into DK’s life after leaving him at the alter? I am annoyed at old HY again by her interrupting our HY’s time with DK. I can understand the motive behind our HY throwing a rock through DK’s window, but I cannot condone this childish act. Although overall I am glad our HY is becoming for assertive about going for what she wants and NOT capitulating to old HY. 🙂

    So it was revealed that DK’s hideous mother may be the source of old HY breakup with DK. What in the world is on the recording that DK’s mommy dearest gave to old HY?

  2. Waky says:

    I love this drama, cos sometimes I’ve had like DK’s,like dejavu. Btw, pretty OHY too white? Lol…

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