Another Miss Oh Episode 5 Recap

Our leads face the reality of the original Hae Young.

Another Miss Oh (Another Oh Hae Young), Episode 5 “Crazily Heart Wrenching” Recap 

We start with one of the better hugs I’ve seen in a while in a series. Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) jumps into Park Do Kyung’s (Eric) arms. He considers between not catching  or catching her. He catches her and hugs her for real. She is initially startled but hugs him back. There is connection between them. This is a special moment for this couple. What happens next? She pulls away. He calls her crazy for even attempting that move. She walks towards Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) (recall she is Hae Young’s boss) and his best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk), flips her hair, and looks at them with smug satisfaction. Do Kyung’s sister points out that her bra insert fell out and is on the ground. Hae Young turns around and sees her bra insert on the ground. With shame she walks to Do Kyung, picks up her bra insert, and slinks away.

Do Kyung can’t help but laugh that evening in bed as he remembers the moment. Hae Young gets a little irritated but she does enjoy hearing him laugh loudly and for real. Folks, Eric has a lovely smile, I’m glad when I get to see it.

The next day Do Kyung drives Hae Young to the subway. She tells him for making him laugh last night he owes her an expensive dinner. She says it was highly embarrassing to lose her bra insert. He can’t help but laugh. She chides him for laughing at her. Eric’s really cute when he smiles and I like seen this character happy. This character hasn’t had a lot of joy in his life. So if you gotta have your bra insert fall out to make this man laugh, I’m all for it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a series or drama that had a bra insert fall out as a gag. Did I mention Eric had a great smile? She’s really good sport about it too.

At work original Hae Young tells the coworkers they will have to work hard to get out of second place and beat the first place company because there’s such a large gap between the two companies. She tells them that sometimes you get support from unexpected places and that can be your inspiration. She thinks back to calling Do Kyung and his unhappy response at that phone call. She wonders if rekindling things with him is the right thing to do. Flashback to the race were our Hae Young gives her encouragement.

Original Hae Young decides to call Do Kyung. But he doesn’t pick up. She calls his workplace. When Do Kyung gets to work, he plugs in his cell phone. He gets several messages from our Hae Young stating they should have dinner, someplace expensive, someplace that sells meat. Do Kyung looks and sees a post-it note from Hae Young asking him to meet her at 7 PM at the steak eatery. He smiles looking forward to dinner with our Hae Young. Little does he know it won’t be our Hae Young, it will be the original Hae Young. He texts our Hae Young that 7 PM is too soon and 7:30 PM will work better for him. She asks where they are dining. He says I thought you wanted to go to the steakhouse. She’s pleased. The steakhouse is expensive and delicious.

Both of them leave from work looking forward to having dinner together. The initial stages of a relationship are always loads of fun. Original Hae Young is at the steakhouse but he’s not there. She’s been waiting for 20 minutes. Our Hae Young walks in and original Hae Young approaches her. Our Hae Young is surprised to see original Hae Young. Original Hae Young asks if our Hae Young is meeting a man. She confirms this. She asks our Hae Young if she’s dating the man she’s meeting. Our Hae Young hesitates. Original Hae Young states that the initial stages of a relationship are the best times. On that point I do not disagree. Original Hae Young says she’s getting stood up by the man that she was going to have dinner with. Original Hae Young hugs our Hae Young for saying that she thinks she’s confident. Both women sit at their respective tables and wait for their man. Little do they know they are both waiting for the same man.


Original Hae Young spots Do Kyung walking into the restaurant. She stares intently at him. Our Hae Young calls to him. Original Hae Young calls to him. Do Kyung stops and turns and sees original Hae Young. She’s nervous clasping her skirt. He puts it together and realizes that the post-it note was from original Hae Young. Do Kyung says to our Hae Young “let’s go someplace else”. He walks out of the restaurant. Original Hae Young is shocked. She asks our Hae Young if that’s who she started to date. Original Hae Young tells our Hae Young she left him a note to meet her for dinner at this restaurant. She realizes Do Kyung thought it was from our Hae Young. Our Hae Young asks the crucial question, how do you know Do Kyung? Original Hae Young hesitates, unsure of how to answer. Do Kyung comes back into the restaurant, grabs our Hae Young’s wrist. Is it a drama without a wrist grab? Do Kyung takes her out of the restaurant. Do Kyung hustles our Hae Young into his car. Original Hae Young rushes out and wants to talk to him. She grabs him and he pulls away. He tells her he came to see our Hae Young not original Hae Young. He says eat by yourself. Original Hae Young says that she’s missed him a lot. That’s bold! He rams his fist into his car window. Both women are stunned. Ouch! He gets into the car. He drives away quickly leaving original Hae Young staring in shock. Great scene! Tons of emotion!

amo_ep5_3c amo_ep5_3a
Our Hae Young sees the bloodied hand. She puts it together and realizes original Hae Young is the woman that dumped Do Kyung on his wedding day. Flashback to original Hae Young and Do Kyung kissing as the spring blossoms fall. She watches him drink. He’s the one in pain tonight. She says very little. This actually surprises and impresses me. Guess she’s the designated driver. Our Hae Young asks if original Hae Young is the woman that dumped him. It’s a rhetorical question. She says this is a really bad situation. Now she’s drinking. Are they both going to get drunk? She comments that from the beginning she didn’t understand why he looked at her weirdly. Now she gets it. His former fiancé had her name. Of course it was uncomfortable. She asks why he never said anything when she told him about the original Hae Young in high school. She said why did you make me a fool? He gets angry and turns away. She asks why he held her wrist. She asks if she’s just some prop in his weird romantic life. Did he use her to make original Hae Young jealous? He yells and apologizes for grabbing her wrist. She doesn’t go quietly. She yells back that was a childish thing to do. He stalks away. Good exchange between our Hae Young in Do Kyung. She has every right to call him on the fact that while she was pouring out of her heart about the pain that original Hae Young caused her in high school, he said nothing. The logical question to want to know why he kept this from him. Of course from his perspective original Hae Young is like salt in a wound. He doesn’t want to talk about her. He doesn’t want to think about her. But he was a friend to our Hae Young and listened when she talked about original Hae Young. But he didn’t want to engage in conversation about original Hae Young.

Do Kyung doesn’t come home. Our Hae Young worries about him. She calls him and tells him to come home. She goes outside and waits for him. His car finally appears. Dude should you been driving with that much alcohol in your system. It wasn’t him driving he’s in the backseat. Our Hae Young knocks backseat window and tells him to go inside and get some sleep. He’s passed out. Holy smokes our Hae Young is one strong lady! She carries Do Kyung on her back and gets him into his room his bed. I’m thinking she must be superwoman to carry him like that. She takes his shoes and socks off makes sure he settled on bed. She lays exhausted on his bed while he sleeps peacefully. Next morning he wakes up and our Hae Young is there (a premonition came true again). She’s relieved he’s okay and awake.

amo_ep5_5b amo_ep5_5a
Shower scene with Do Kyung. I can take those kinds of scenes. I’m not adverse. He looks down on his hand and realizes that our Hae Young took care of his wounded hand. She’s a sweetie! She makes breakfast and brings it over. She tells him she’s steeped her life in alcohol so she knows what to eat after. He sits down next to her. She comments that her coworkers are trying to get access to original Hae Young through her because they know she knew her in high school. She offers to help him make his recovery. She suggests they put on a show. Pretend to date. She promises to act all lovey-dovey in front of original Hae Young. Our Hae Young is excited about the idea. She’d be real competition for original Hae Young, a position she’s never been in before. She suggests they go out that night. She smiles at the thought of original Hae Young being bummed out when Do Kyung picks her up from work. He refuses. She begs him. He counters that pretending would make him pitiful. He tells her the best revenge is cutting original Hae Young out of his life. She wants to do it. He doesn’t want to do it. Our Hae Young keeps the door open and says if he changes his mind, just let her know.

The next morning Jin Sang’s overnight companion meets Do Kyung’s sister who gets livid that he had an overnight guest. They both decide leave quickly. Do Kyung’s sister brandishes a bat and chases them down the street. Do Kyung drives by watching the melee. Do Kyung’s sister orders Jin Sang not to bring a woman into her sacred home again. Do Kyung drives up and Jin Sang gets in the car. Jin Sang just left his overnight companion to fend for herself against Do Kyung’s sister. Do Kyung asked the obvious question, why did you bring a woman into our house? Jin Sang says he doesn’t know why. I just don’t see what is the value add of this character.

Our Hae Young is psyched to be at work. Original Hae Young enters the elevator. The men fawn all over original Hae Young and ignore our Hae Young. Out of the elevator original Hae Young asks if Do Kyung’s mad at her. Our Hae Young says yes. Our Hae Young admits she knows their back story. Original Hae Young says but Do Kyung doesn’t know everything. Our Hae Young wants to know why she didn’t show up to the wedding. Original Hae Young dodges that question. She was surprised to think that Do Kyung would date another Hae Young. She says Do Kyung’s anger means that he still cares about her. She has to leave for meeting. What can I say, she’s right, Do Kyung is not averse to original Hae Young, she does matter.

At the sound studio moneygrubbing mother introduces Do Kyung to her new producing partner. Producer says he’s heard only good things about Do Kyung’s sound production. Do Kyung insults the man. Do Kyung’s mother hurries the man away from Do Kyung. This chick has no value. Do Kyung’s brother Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) realizes that Do Kyung gave her the money to make the movie.

Team dinner time. Do Kyung’s sister and original Hae Young join their boss in supposedly inspiring the troops. Original Hae Young is introduced to the troops. She charms the men easily. Drinking ensues. Nothing like drunk men doing karaoke. Original Hae Young dances with the guys. Our Hae Young watches. Original Hae Young has her arms around our Hae Young. She tells stories about their high school days. Our Hae Young is enduring the evening. Original Hae Young is hugging all over her. More karaoke. The scene is going on too long. Original Hae Young is all over our Hae Young. Once again a drunk woman and it’s not working for me. Our Hae Young says to original Hae Young she’s dating Do Kyung. Original Hae Young asks if she slept with Do Kyung. What will our Hae Young say? She says yes. Original Hae Young laughs and calls her a liar. She says she could never lie effectively. She hugs our Hae Young. I would totally push this woman off me right now if I were Our Hae Young. The men call original Hae Young to sing with them. At least our Hae Young as breathing space. Did I mention the scene is going on too long? Our Hae Young sings but nobody pays attention. In fact, people want her to stop singing. Our Hae Young decides to sing one more song. When drunk coworkers ask our Hae Young to take off her scarf original Hae Young offers to do so. Our Hae Young yells at original Hae Young. Her boss reads our Hae Young the riot act. She apologizes. She has her scarf off. Original Hae Young takes her scarf off. I’m telling you that scene went on way…too…long.

Do Kyung’s coworkers urge him to take minor less quality jobs. Do Kyung focuses on the sounds in the restaurant. He gets out as equipment and records the sounds from outside. Our Hae Young’s function ends. Everybody’s drunk. I love it when half the cast is drunk. We’ve achieved that. The men off fawn over drunk original Hae Young. Our Hae Young watches. She spots Do Kyung. She gets a smile on her face. She yells honey. She runs to him. She’s playacting just like he didn’t want her to do. She jumps into his arms wrapping herself around him. It’s just like other hug but without feeling. She asked him to spin her, which he does slowly. She sees original Hae Young staring in disbelief. She sees all his coworkers staring. She tells him to put his arm around her. He does and pulls her to him. All the coworkers are stunned now. She walks him towards her coworkers telling him to smile brightly. He changes direction and takes her away from original Hae Young. She tries to turn back but he won’t let her. Original Hae Young heads home.

Our Hae Young is psyched that everybody thinks they are dating. Original Hae Young is upset. Revenge is sweet. Do Kyung says he wasn’t there to agree to her plan of pretend dating. He was there to work. He tells her it was obvious they were acting. Our Hae Young asks if he still has feelings for original Hae Young, she appears to be jealous. He doesn’t want to talk about original Hae Young again. He walks away.

He walks back to his coworkers. His brother asks who she if he knows her. He gets in his car and drives away.

He turns the car around to go find our Hae Young. She’s walking along and he drives up next to her. He rolls down the window and tells her to get in the car. Not actually a loving request. She apologizes but her tells her, don’t bother. They arrive at the house and he tells her to go in. He tells her he’s going to go back to work. She gets out and watches him drive away.

amo_ep5_9b amo_ep5_9a
Our Hae Young admits to her friend that she wants to see Do Kyung. She was willing to lie about dating just be in his life more. Her friend asks why when did her feelings for him develop? She thinks back to their encounters. The sweet things that he’s done for her – the shoes, telling her she’s pretty when she eats, that awesome hug. Yeah yeah I’d be digging him too. She declares she liked him from beginning, the first time he ran into her. If the writer wants to rewrite history, go for it.

Our Hae Young admits her fiancé was a first tier guy when she’d only been with third tier guys. That’s an interesting concept that the original Hae Young was a first-tier woman that had first-tier men. While she was dating third tier men. She goes on to admit that Do Kyung was a first-tier man. That made him even more appealing. I like her brutal honesty on that point.

In her apartment she says there’s one good thing about liking your next-door labor, you want to come home. Before she only wanted to get drunk and then come home. She asks him to think about her and come home. She cries.

Do Kyung is at his doctor’s office. The doctor asks if he’s ever seen the woman he’s going to marry. Do Kyung says no. The doctor asks what Do Kyung’s strongest image of our Hae Young is? Do Kyung considers, he smiles, and says she’s like a wounded bird that flew into his arms. He wants her to heal and fly away. He admits he’s afraid that he might fall for our Hae Young while she’s in the process of healing. Our Hae Young calls Do Kyung at work and asked why is not coming home. She asks if he’s mad at her.

Our Hae Young sees original Hae Young in the lobby of work. Our Hae Young looks at the impeccable dress original Hae Young wears. Our Hae Young walks by. Original Hae Young walks home. She looks in the shop and sees a typewriter. She seems to be in some kind of major pain.

amo_ep5_10b amo_ep5_10a
Do Kyung’s at work. He hears glass breaking. It’s a premonition. He sees the glass breaking any sees our Hae Young behind the broken glass. Is the glass breaking because of a bullet?

My Thoughts
1. Our Hae Young proposes they pretend to date. Do Kyung is understandably hesitant to do that. Our Hae Young sees it as an opportunity for him to cause original Hae Young some pain and for her to get a one up on original Hae Young. She sees it as a win-win situation. He sees it as being unnecessarily mean. He counters the cruelest thing that he could do is just cut original Hae Young out of his life. Original Hae Young seems to have stomach cramps. The work karaoke was too long of a scene. I understand everybody loves original Hae Young. She’s pretty. She’s sweet. I wish the writers would stop bashing me over the head with that message. The premonition seemed less prominent this episode, is only showed up at the end. When he heard the glass breaking, and he saw our Hae Young looking up through the broken glass. She seemed to be dressed in what she was wearing that evening. So this should be imminent whatever this scene that he had the premonition about.

2. I liked how Do Kyung behaved this episode. He got mad when he realized that original Hae Young was the one that scheduled that dinner. He did not want to see her. He was angry to be caught and stuck in a restaurant with her when he did not want to be there. He went there to spend time with our Hae Young. But he got blindsided by original Hae Young. She seems to have a complete lack of understanding that he’s mad at her. She hurt him. There seems to be no grasp of reality that she caused him pain. He went a little extreme by bashing his hand into the windshield. I thought his anger was justified. The other part of that equation that I liked in that scene was the fact that he took our Hae Young out of there. He told her to come and left. When she didn’t, he went back and got her. He chose our Hae Young. If she could see that clearly I think that she’d be a little bit more relaxed about original Hae Young. But she’s always been threatened by original Hae Young. I understand his trigger is being pressed again by original Hae Young. Do Kyung reluctantly did go along the pretend date scene. The one thing that I didn’t like but then I did was the fact that she redid the jump into his arms. In a way it sullied the original hug, but in another way it made that original hug stand out even more. That hug was genuine and filled with feeling. This hug was for show and completely worthless. It managed to hurt original Hae Young. Which Do Kyung isn’t interested in doing. That says something about Do Kyung. And it also says something about Hae Young. She wants revenge. S wants to one up original Hae Young. I liked that he did was go back and got Hae Young when she was walking alone, even though he was angry with her. I like Do Kyung. He’s torn. Original Hae Young hurt him. He is still hurting. Original Hae Young said there are things that he doesn’t know. But she did not elaborate. I look forward to the reveal of what made her walk away. Of course Do Kyung has the big secret. Our Hae Young does not know he put her fiancé in financial difficulties and eventually in jail. That is going to blow a big hole in their relationship whenever it comes out. As the series progresses, our Hae Young’s former fiancé is going to be a factor. He’s will get out of prison. And the secret is going to be revealed.

3. I liked when Hae Young took care of Do Kyung when he came home drunk. It was improbable that she was able to lift him on her back and get him to his bed but it was still good to see that she went there and tried to help them. She stayed with him. She tended to his wounds. And she made him hangover soup the next day. She is his friend. She’s caring for him. When she gets mired down by being jealous by original Hae Young, and wanting to use Do Kyung to make original Hae Young jealous of her, that’s when her interactions with Do Kyung are lessened. As I said above I totally understand why she wants to have the upper hand with original Hae Young. For once in her life for she’s thinking to herself, why can’t I be the one that a man wants. What she doesn’t know is that Do Kyung’s giving her that already. She just doesn’t see it. Will she? I also like the fact that she admitted that she cares for him. She’s aware of her feelings. He admitted to the shrink that he’s concerned that he’s going to fall for her. They are on a collision course to a relationship. But there’s forces at play that will drive them apart

4. I’m thrilled the second song of the OST is the gorgeous ballad “Like a Dream” by Ben. Listen via the link or the embedded video below:


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One comment on “Another Miss Oh Episode 5 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    The running ❤ hug ❤ seemed to be such a success up until the bra insert came flying out—next time HY don’t go flying high! But hey it got our DK 😛 laughing—something I don’t think we have seen in this series so far. I swear DK (Eric) looks even more handsome with a smile on his face! 💋

    The mix-up in regards to the OHYs and meeting for dinner is understandable, along with DK’s anger, he had no intention on meeting old HY, but our HY—the girl who makes him laugh. I agree that DK coming back to get our HY when she didn’t come out was great—unlike our HY I didn’t see grabbing her wrist as trying to make old HY jealous; he simply wanted to leave with our HY and not spend one more second with old HY. Our HY now gets more of the big picture (except that little part about DK ruining her wedding). I too love the sweetness that our HY shows toward DK after such a rough night—I think DK appreciates it too. ❤

    Why would SK be upset about player JS bringing a woman to the house when little bro Hoon always has his girlfriend come/stay over? I concur about not seeing any value in JS’s character. Although it seems like SK was overreacting to the situation—or does it play into her elusive backstory? Besides this inconsistency we have SK treating the HYs differently—SK does realize that old HY is the one who broke her brother’s heart, doesn’t she???

    You got DK’s mom’s description down pat “moneygrubbing mother”. Didn’t she say she needed money to make payroll? Payroll for a new movie—what a poor excuse for a mother—she DISGUSTS me!

    Did I mention that the work karaoke scene was too excruciatingly long? I’m not 😦 loving old HY discounting our HY’s love interest and the way the coworkers are treating our HY. Even though DK didn’t want to play act, he still played along with our HY when she jump hugged him for the second time in this episode—luckily it was not a flying leap resulting in a wardrobe malfunction. I didn’t think it looked too staged until HY and DK differed on the direction to walk. I loved the faces of our HY’s coworkers, especially old OHY, and the even more surprised faces of DK’s coworker with nary an explanation. DK talks like he doesn’t want to take revenge—since when? Is this just not his kind of revenge or has he sworn off revenge after the results from his attempt of financially ruining TJ, who turned out to be our HY’s fiancé? DK wants our HY to heal and fly away before he likes her…too late DK, I think you are already hooked on this quirky, sweet girl despite the terrible truth hanging over your head. DK and our HY already have some chemistry going—what will the next chemical reaction bring? 💋?

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