Favorite Scene – Descendants of the Sun – “Knife Fight”

If I’ve got only a moment there are certain scenes I watch for a quick hit of kdrama goodness.

Lest you think my favorite scenes are only kisses…Today’s Favorite Scene is the “Knife Fight” from Descendants of the Sun episode 1. I love great fights, whether they be fists, swords, knifes, etc. Descendants of the Sun opening scene is the first Special Forces mission for our male leads.

The setup – Our leading man Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) and our second leading man Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo) are Special Forces sent to disarm a tense political situation at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. A small group of North Korean soldiers have taken two South Korean soldiers hostage. Shi Jin is the leader of the Special Forces unit and Dae Young is second in command. When they arrive, the North Korean soldiers and two South Korean hostages are in a building. Shi Jin’s mission is clear – negotiate first, use force second, but resolve the situation. Shin Jin and Dae Young enter the building. Shi Jin talks to the North Korean Leader recommending they release the hostages. If they so, they can leave without retribution.

The North Korean Leader tells Shin Jin they can’t just walk away. He must show the North’s prowess by fighting. Shi Jin squares off with the North Korean leader. Dae Young engages the North Korean second in command. I won’t go blow by blow, but this is a terrific knife fight. It is not too long nor too short. When Shi Jin’s side is cut by the North Korean Leader, Shi Jin’s knife is at the North Korean Leader’s throat. Both sides declare it a draw. The fight ends. The North Korean soldiers leave.

Even better was that this was not a one and done scene. The North Korean Leader reappears in later episodes.

When watching this scene, you can clearly see that actors, stunt doubles, producers, etc focused on creating a tight and compelling fight that proved that Descendants of the Sun had a Special Forces focus.

Check out the video of this scene via this link or the embedded video below. The video is a bit blurry. Feel free to access your favorite site to watch this opening scene for crisper video. The fight starts approximately at the 4 minute mark of episode 1.


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2 comments on “Favorite Scene – Descendants of the Sun – “Knife Fight”
  1. Beez says:

    Thanks kjtamuser. I had a hard time with this scene because dark scenes with action and my eyes don’t mix. Half the time I didn’t know what was going on. So thanks for the blow-by-blow. And like you said, it was good to see that come full circle.

    I personally really liked the frienemies fight with the American officer. It had rivalry and comraderie (kinda bromancy but not?) SJK climbing him like he was a moving tree is so vivid in my mind. Loved everything about it, especially the lockerroom/barracks talkin’ smack! Ahhhh, boys. lol
    (Also, I remember Ha Ji Won pulling that move on Ji Chang Wook in Empress Ki. It was fun there but in DOTS it was exciting because the American soldier had skills to challenge Shi jin.

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