Would I Date Them? Descendants of the Sun, Part 1

This time on Would I Date Them? I consider the leading men of Descendants of the Sun. Each guy deserves individual consideration, so this is a two part post.

Our candidate: Officer Yoo Shi Jin, portrayed by Song Joong Ki, from the series Descendants of the Sun.

His Background: Special Forces Captain who pursues his career and his love life with commitment and passion. 

Pluses: Uber cool, witty, protective, a leader to be respected, with a killer smile. Shi Jin was suave and engaging. It would be difficult not to fall under his spell. Joong Ki made you wish you knew this guy, could hang out with this guy, and could count this guy as a friend. He had excellent chemistry with everyone. He and leading lady Song Hye Kyo created a memorable couple.

Minuses: Dangerous profession with separations that happen without warning. When he’s off on a mission, those who love him can only wonder – when will he return alive? A side effect of loving him is a life of loneliness and fear when he’s away. To be fair, Shi Jin’s belief in service for country requires sacrifices. This is not just a job but a personal mission. Those that love him have two choices – accept it and live with it OR let him go.

Would I date him? Shi Jin the man? Yes. Shi Jin the solider? A guy who could disappear from my life without explanation and never return? Hmm, that is not easy. His job is not just a job, it’s his passion and identity. In the end, I’d take the risk. This would necessitate independence to survive the “alone” times and be able to relish the “together” times.


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4 comments on “Would I Date Them? Descendants of the Sun, Part 1
  1. Beez says:


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Shi Jin is “Uber cool, witty, protective, a leader to be respected, with a killer smile”. I love that he would rescue for his woman, innocent citizens or his military comrades. He is fun loving guy…he melts my heart with that killer smile and mischievous twinkle in his eyes, but can be serious when it counts…couple that with his being very easy on the eyes, well isn’t that the cream cheese frosting on the rich carrot cake chock full of nuts!

    I can also understand Beez’s choice–the potential for being left alone–especially with Shi Jin the soldier it would be not only stressful and a big risk factor in a relationship.

    I would have no reservations whatsoever dating 💋 Shi Jin the man. However dating ❤ Shi Jin the soldier–potentially disappearing without warning and possibly never return–gives me pause…but the bottom line is I would still take the risk and date him and then pray he would return safely!

    I would even consider marriage with Shi Jin the soldier–I would hope he would gradually move into higher leadership roles with less potential combat/dangerous situations as our children come along…that would be my biggest concern.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Love your “mischievous twinkle” description, that is apt for Shi Jin. Indeed his looks are the cream cheese frosting!
      I understand your thought process in dating and marriage. I had to think about whether I could cope with Special Forces life/death/separations. This is a good ‘exercise for the reader’.

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