Another Miss Oh Episode 4 Recap

Our leads feel a physical connection.

Another Miss Oh (Another Oh Hae Young), Episode 4 “Let’s Buy a Humming Tune and Go Home” Recap 

I still like the opening credits on the show.

Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) and her friend are driving past a race. Hae Young sees somebody with the same name as her. She yells encouragement to the other Hae Young. She sees that it is the other Hae Young from high school.

Park Do Kyung (Eric) has a premonition of Hae Young telling him that the other Hae Young is back. He flashes back to a scene where the other Hae Young tells him that his heartbeat is her favorite sound in the world. You would think for somebody like Do Kyung talking about sounds would be an aphrodisiac. Another flashback where we see them happy and in love. Flashback to his wedding day pain.

Hae Young learns the other Hae Young has returned to Korea. She recalls the previous evening with Do Kyung where he put his shoes with hers so men wouldn’t think she lives alone. That puts a smile on her face.

Do Kyung is seeing the doctor and talking about how Hae Young does not know he’s the one that ruined her fiancé. The doctor wonders how Do Kyung feels when he sees Hae Young in the visions. Do Kyung responds he feels lonely. Oh no! Do Kyung says to the doctor he has a feeling that his life will end in tragedy. Okay that totally bums me out I do not want this character to die. This character dies at the end of the series, I will be upset.

Do Kyung enters an eatery and sees Hae Young eating. He goes to another table. She stares at him. He relents and joins her at her table. Hae Young tells Do Kyung the other Hae Young from her high school is back. He flashes back to the premonition of her in this exact spot saying those exact words. Once again a premonition has turned into Do Kyung’s reality. Hae Young complains about the other Hae Young coming back. Hae Young was happy when the other Hae Young suddenly disappeared because she’d never have to be compared to her again. Hae Young tells Do Kyung she saw the other Hae Young yesterday running a race. In all of this Do Kyung says nothing. Hae Young does not seem to notice that Do Kyung’s preoccupied when he says nothing. Yes, I think Hae Young is a little self absorbed.

Do Kyung has another premonition of Hae Young looking stunned. In the present, she comes up behind him. He has another premonition of her saying to the night breeze is warm. In the present, she walks towards him and says the night breeze is warm. Do Kyung says nothing starts walking. She joins him and they walk companionably home. Hae Young tells him she’s glad that he’s there. She can share her pain with him. She makes a joke that even cool people get dumped before their wedding. She apologizes for telling him that his pain makes her feel better. Do Kyung never seems to say much. When they reach the house, she asks what should they do about the adjoining door between their apartments? Do Kyung says let’s just leave it as it is. We will block the door with the furniture as were doing now. She is impressed that he doesn’t want to put a permanent wall between them and wants to leave the door. I like the symbolism of that door being opened between the two of them. He has a premonition of her coming to him and hugging him. He watches her go up the steps and into her apartment.  I like that he physically feels the premonition.

Hae Young’s mother comes and checks out the outside of her apartment. She notices her daughter is eating carry out. That frustrates her. She notices the doorknob is wobbly. She calls her husband to install a keyless entry.

Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) (recall she is Hae Young’s boss) yells at his brother Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min). Hoon says it wasn’t him that did the offensive thing. It was his best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk). It looks like Jin Sang will be living with them while he is laying low for getting a criminal acquitted. The victim’s family is mad and once retribution from him. Do Kyung’s sister warns him to behave while he’s living in her household. Turns out Jin Sang is really hiding because he was dating a married woman. He claims that he did not know she was married. Do Kyung and Hoon chuckle not sure they believe him. Do Kyung tells him just be glad gun laws are strict in Korea so the ex-husband can’t come after him with a gun. Jin Sang agrees that is good.

Hae Young’s mother visits and is horrified to see how messy her daughter’s place is. Jin Sang decides he wants to take a peek at Hae Young. Do Kyung stops him and tackles him in his apartment before Jin Sang can go through the door to Hae Young’s apartment.

Hae Young hears the men scuffling in Do Kyung’s apartment. Hae Young’s mother tells her she better stop drinking so much. Hae Young is embarrassed at her mother’s pointing out that she drinks a great deal knowing that Do Kyung is listening to their conversation. The boys make a noise and Hae Young’s mother hears it. She notices the door in the wall. She opens the door and finds the back of Do Kyung’s furniture. She shuts the door. Hae Young’s father is installing the keyless entry. Hae Young is mortified that her father and mother are making so much noise.

Do Kyung heads to the next job site. They record sounds at a race horse race. The director asked Do Kyung to put effort into making quality sound for his movie. He asks Do Kyung if he’ll be coming to Jeju island next month. He tells Do Kyung they need to have fun while they work. Stern face Do Kyung says that’s not easy to do. They record sounds of the horses. Kinda cute watching Do Kyung hold a microphone and having a horse lick it. He seems to have a good rapport with the animals.

Do Kyung’s boss tells Hae Young that everyone else is getting promoted but her. She tells Hae Young that the assumption that she would get married and quit work did not happen. She tells Hae Young it will be difficult for her to find another man. She asked Hae Young if she has a rich family. Hae Young lies and says she does.

Hae Young complains to her coworker about her boss’s treatment of her. Her coworker tells her that he’s been replaced by a new director. A director from outside Korea. Hae Young is happy to hear the new director is a woman. She vows to work hard.

At the convenience store, Hae Young buys the two bottles of booze that a drunk woman (her boss though she doesn’t not recognize her) wanted to purchase. Do Kyung’s brother’s girlfriend runs the register and asks Hae Young if she knows her. Hae Young boss grabs one of the bottles. Hae Young grabs the bottle back. Her boss does her hair to reveal to  Hae Young that she is her boss. This surprises Hae Young. As they walk home Hae Young is even more surprised to find out her boss lives in the house. Her boss invites her to come into the house and drink with her. Hae Young asks who she lives with. Her boss says she lives with other men. They drink together. Holy smokes her boss can down alcohol. Her boss asks Hae Young where she lives. Hae Young waves her hand and says over there. Her boss wants more specifics but Hae Young keeps it vague. Her boss muses that eating is one of the best things in life. Hae Young counters that love is even better than eating.

Jin Sang arrives home. As he walk to the house, he notices that Hae Young’s light is not on in her room. He goes into the house Do Kyung’s sister tells him that this girl is a coworker. Jin Sang does not know that Hae Young is the girl living in the storage room. Jin Sang and Hae Young have some laughs teasing Do Kyung’s sister. Jin Sang introduces himself. Hae Young introduces herself. Jing Sang is stunned to hear her name is Hae Young. She was one of 2 Hae Youngs in her high school. He is realizing exactly who is Hae Young is. He leaves the room and calls Do Kyung who is just walking in the front door. Do Kyung is surprised to see Hae Young in his home. Hae Young is surprised to see Do Kyung there. She surprised to learn her boss is Do Kyung’s sister. She tells Do Kyung that she lives up the road. She says she’s going to go home now. Hae Young tells Jin Sang she’s not married. Her boss demands to know why. She fumbles and ends up saying she just wasn’t sure she loved her fiancé and not. Do Kyung’s sister says those are silly reasons. Hae Young says the real reason was she couldn’t stand the way he ate. That reason resonates with Do Kyung’s sister.

Do Kyung sister walks outside with Hae Young and Do Kyung. She tells her brother to escort Hae Young home. They start walking up the street. Hae Young admits that she does not have a great relationship with Do Kyung’s sister at work. She tells Do Kyung she may need to move out. Do Kyung asked if she hates his sister. Hae Young says she just doesn’t want to live near her. Hae Young and Do Kyung come upon the convenience store girl and his brother Hoon making out. Hae Young comments is in it disrespectful to make out in front of somebody else’s home. Do Kyung’s brother says this is his home. He points to Do Kyung and says and this is my brother. Well she’s met everybody in the household now. At least that secret is no longer.

Hae Young is embarrassed how she lied to his sister about her broken engagement. Hae Young askes Do Kyung how long since he was dumped on his wedding day. He tells her one year. Hae Young notes after one year and Do Kyung is still depressed. Do Kyung claims he’s not depressed. Hae Young states everything about him reeks of depression. She says your clothes are miserable and your shoes too. She tells him he looks pitiful and fragile. She tells him he’s emotionally disabled. She knows she’s emotionally disabled. Do Kyung counters I’m not emotionally disabled. Hae Young counters you don’t even laugh. Do Kyung says there’s not much to laugh about. She scoffs. She strides off alone. He has a little smile on his face. The fact that he finds her intriguing puts a smile on my face. At home his sister admits she abuses Hae Young because of her name. Jin Sang can’t believe that Hae Young lives next door. Do Kyung just walks away.

Hae Young arrives at her apartment and sees Do Kyung shoes.

Do Kyung’s mother gets a purse from her rich fiancé. She’s disappointed to find out there’s no money in the purse.

At work she tells the nerd writer that she wants money from this man. She tells nerd writer she is shallow. I can only agree. She looks for Do Kyung, startling the sound guys who are listening and watching porn. She demands to know where Do Kyung is. She strides away.

amo_ep4_7b amo_ep4_7a
Hae Young gets off the bus and it’s raining. Her umbrella is shabby. Old Hae Young strides past her with a beautiful red umbrella looking perfectly polished and gorgeous. Hae Young stops and sees her. She admires the woman not knowing this is old Hae Young. At work the stylish woman enters the building. She gets on the elevator. She turns and as the doors shut Hae Young sees that is the old Hae Young from high school. Good grief, her namesake/nemesis is in the flesh and working at her work.

The coworkers are all talking about old Hae Young. Our Hae Young just stares and says nothing. Flowers arrive. But they’re not for our Hae Young but the other Hae Young. Hae Young has a flashback of this happening in the past. Hae Young returns the flowers to the delivery man. The deliveryman delivers the flowers to old Hae Young. The director and Hae Young’s sister meet with the new director Hae Young. Hae Young is thankful that he is kind to her. Hae Young tells Do Kyung sister she’s glad she works there. Do Kyung sister just stares back. Man if I were Hae Young I would not be happy to see that Do Kyung’s sister where I work. Do Kyung’s sister introduces Hae Young to the bullpen of colleagues. Our Hae Young tries to hide but cannot when individual introductions are made. Old Hae Young is pleased to meet her. Hmm, she doesn’t recognize our Hae Young from high school. After she walks away, old Hae Young comes back and asks our Hae Young the same high school. She recognizes her now. She tells our Hae Young they used to have lots of fun because of having the same last name. Our Hae Young pretends to just now remember that they were indeed high school classmates.

amo_ep4_8b amo_ep4_8a
Hae Young berates herself for pretending not to remember old Hae Young. She considers resigning. Her friend tells her don’t run away, face it head on. Her friend asks why our Hae Young becomes so small when her old Hae Young is around. They drink.

We see old Hae Young why unpacking in her apartment. She looks at the yearbook. She sees a picture of herself and our Hae Young.

Do Kyung arrives home and ignores a phone call from his mother. Next door

Hae Young is drinking beer and having snacks in her apartment. She hears Do Kyung come home. She listens. He knows she’s listening. He tells her to keep the volume down and not ears to eavesdrop. She turns a volume down on her TV as he requests. Do Kyung’s mother comes to the front door she demands he opens up for her. Do Kyung lets her in. He asked his mother to keep her voice down. She wonders if somebody’s there. He wants to talk outside with her. Outside her mother complains that he doesn’t answer her phone calls she asked Do Kyung for money. She promises to pay it back…this time. She complains her rich fiancé isn’t giving her money like she wants. She starts crying. She begs Do Kyung to help her. He says I’ve already helped you 12 times and you never paid me back. Do Kyung is frustrated with her he’s tired of her making him feel guilty just because she’s a failure. She runs off upset. She runs into his apartment and demands that he transfers money to her account. Hae Young hears the demand. Do Kyung stands outside. Do Kyung comes in and does the money transfer. Her mother checks her phone the money is transferred. She promises to pay him back. She smiles and leaves. Good grief his mother is not nice.

Do Kyung knows that Hae Young overheard. She pretends that she is just coming in to the apartment and didn’t hear anything. Do Kyung says I know you were in the apartment the whole time and overheard everything. He exits his apartment, she exits her apartment. She watches him leave with his sound equipment. She runs up to them and apologizes. She asked where he is going. She goes with him he sets up the nighttime sound equipment. She watches him work. I’m telling you Eric looks good with headphones on. She asked what he does with the sounds that he records. He tells her he she puts him he puts them in films. He explains how he does what he does. Cool. Did I mention Eric looks good in headphones? Do Kyung shares that his father is dead. Hae Young is glad she came with him. She thinks he would’ve looked pitiful if he’s was out there on his own. Gosh he’s out there on his own every night! Hae Young tells Do Kyung she’s feeling calm being out there and listening. He tells her there’s never any need to curse those that have left her. She only curses people that make her feel pitiful. She looks at him. She asked him not to treat the she asked him not to act pitifully towards anybody again. He looks at her. There is something between them.

amo_ep4_11b amo_ep4_11a
They enjoy food at an outside eatery. He tells her she looks pretty when she’s eating. She stares at him in disbelief. He says he said that because she told him her former fiancé said that he hated the way she ate. He wanted to make her know that she eats normal. Ah, that is so sweet, Eric, my man, can deliver those lines in a way that just makes him seem so genuine. Hae Young asks why he explained what he did. Do Kyung says it’s because she seemed touched by his actions. She tells him she wasn’t touched by his actions. She gets embarrassed about her eating and strides away. He packs up and follows her. That puts a little smile on her face. Kinda cute, she’s smiling and he doesn’t look unhappy either.

The next day at work the guys hold the elevator for the old Hae Young not our Hae Young. She watches as old Hae Young goes onto the elevator to a gaggle of men fawning all over her. The weight limit is reached and they literally per push our Hae Young off. Holy smokes that’s rude. Everybody asks Hae Young about old Hae Young. Hae Young says nothing. She decides to think about something pleasant so she remembers Do Kyung telling her she’s pretty when she eats. That puts a smile on her face.

amo_ep4_12b amo_ep4_12a
Hae Young walks home and Jin Sang comes up behind her. He notices she’s kind of down. She claims she’s just hungry. Convenience store girl runs into Do Kyung’s brother’s arms. Do Kyung sister watches them twirl, thrilled to see each other. She fantasizes having a man she can do that with Jin Sang and Hae Young come up behind her. She correctly tell Hae Young that she must be jealous she doesn’t have that in her life. Jin Sang is actually kind of mean when he tells Do Kyung’s sister I bet you never embraced anybody like that. You couldn’t because of your weight. Ouch. Do Kyung’s sister says that Hae Young couldn’t embrace somebody like that either. Hae Young says she could  and has done that. Hae Young tells Do Kyung’s sister to stop comparing herself to her. I’m prettier and thinner than you and I’ve dated more men. Do Kyung’s sister throws down the gauntlet. Go ahead embrace somebody. Do Kyung’s sister directs Jin Sang to stand over to the side. She tells Hae Young if she can throw herself into someone’s arms she will buy her drinks.

Hae Young sees Do Kyung drive up in his car. You know what she’s going to do. She watches him get out of his car. She takes off her purse. She gets a running start. She runs towards Do Kyung. He stops and sees her. Ready set go she goes full tilt at him. He stares. Here she comes, my goodness she’s got a head of steam. Do Kyung is stunned his vision is once again becoming reality. He knew she was going to embrace him after running towards him. She’s got a great smile on her face I must say. He thinks what if I don’t hold on to her. Can he eradicate her from his life? Hae Young makes the leap. Everyone stares as she goes up into the air. It’s almost farcical the way they’re producing this moment. She comes down from the high heavens and Do Kyung embraces her. She hugs him with vigor. He hugs her back. Her eyes open in surprise at what his hug tells her. That’s a sweet moment! Best moment of the episode. Nice way to end it. They’re both surprised and pleased… nice!

My Thoughts
1. This series is starting to gel as the characters come together. Last episode I said all the other characters besides Do Kyung and Hae Young seemed ancillary and not part of the cohesive story. This episode when Hae Young finds out the Do Kyung lives with his brother’s sister and finds out to her horror that is sister is her boss and then also meets Jin Sang it all seems to gel. I like everyone living in the house. I like the that they hid that Hae Young is living in the storage room from Do Kyung sister. I like the way that Jin Sang Racz is Do Kyung sister. There is no love lost between those two. I did find Do Kyung’s mother a pitiful excuse for a mother. While I’m not overly wild about Hae Young’s mother, in comparison, Hae Young’s mother is light years ahead Do Kyung’s mother. I continue to enjoy the premonitions plot device, it is working well. It adds an interesting layer to Do Kyung and Hae Young’s interactions. I was NOT happy to hear Do Kyung say he thinks his life will end tragically, no, no, no!

2. Do Kyung doesn’t really say much when he’s with Hae Young. Initially she blathered on and he would just sit there and listen. But this episode it seemed like that he enjoyed her talking. And her talking didn’t seem as excessive as it has in the past. Like there was a camaraderie between the multiple points in this episode. I also like that when Do Kyung is with Hae Young she seems to lighten up a bit. Couple little smile moments. I absolutely adore Eric’s smile. Any chance I can see it even in a tiny just kick up of the mouth works for me. The ending of this episode was interesting. I like the production values of it. While it was a bit ridiculous how far Hae Young leapt into the air, what worked was the flashback to Do Kyung talking to the doctor and trying to determine if he didn’t grab her in that moment (as he knew he would) would did their relationship never occur? Fascinating question. And in the split second when Hae Young launched herself into the air and was coming down, Do Kyung had two choices – catch her or let her drop to the ground, Do Kyung dropped his sound equipment, and caught her, and hugged her, and she hugged him, and they connected. Simply lovely.

2. I’m pleased to say Hae Young is growing on me more and more as the series goes on. She is not my favorite female character. But she is gotten to the point where she doesn’t grate me. I don’t mind her. Hyun Jin has toned down her portrayal. Less hectic less drunk, more human, less comedic relief. When the old Hae Young comes into her domain at work and everyone starts fawning over her, you feel sorry for Hae Young. This was her domain. No, she wasn’t top dog in this domain but it was her pond. Now she has to share that pond with old Hae Young. And what do I think about old Hae Young? Nothing at this point. She’s pretty and she seems nice, but you really don’t know if there’s any real kindness in her. I wonder if I’ll ever care about old Hae Young. I’m predisposed to dislike her. This woman broke Do Kyung’s heart. I like Do Kyung. Therefore any woman that breaks his heart, I don’t like. And why was Do Kyung’s sister so nice to old Hae Young? She’s not nice to Hae Young because she shares the same name as old Hae Young. She parades old Hae Young at work to make her pay penance for old Hae Young who hurt her brother. When old Hae Young appears she doesn’t read her the riot act? I suppose it’s all about position and power within the company. Do Kyung’s sister seems to focus her life energies at work. Therefore she has to protect that turf and if her boss is enamored of old Hae Young, she has to play the game.


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4 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 4 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    If you had not mentioned in an earlier recap that SK was DK’s noona AND HY’s boss, I would not have made the connection until this episode when noona transitions from noona to boss.

    What a pitiful human being SK is…vindictive dictator by day and zombie-like drunk by night—what is her backstory? We discovered noona is so mean to HY because of her name (presumably due to the havoc and pain OHY2 wrecked on this family with dumping DK on the wedding day). Maybe SK’s backstory might help me warm up to her—but can’t seem to care about her her, other DK family members, or even HY family members. Gold digger mama is another shallow piece of work—serially borrowing money from her son and expecting $cash$ from her chaebol old geezer boyfriend. No wonder the mom lost the family house. How did DK develop any compassion or fiscal responsibility growing up in this household?

    Jin Sang, DK’s bromance, is another loser…talking DK into revenge, dating a married woman and making snide comments about SK noona’s weight. He keeps saying he is creeped out–well JS creeps me out!—he should be feeling plenty o’ guilt over the revenge scheme and the resulting havoc he helped spread to the innocent HY and her former fiancé. Guilt should not equal creeped out—is this term “creeped out” a language barrier issue?

    As for the return of HY2—not loving the woman who wrecked DK’s bliss and yet seems to be living well with everything going her way…career, money, looks, men clamoring to be in her good graces and getting her way. Life can be so unfair. I do like that at least after HY2 walked away from the team, she came back as she recognized HY and was friendly to her and even felt bad when the male coworkers push HY out of the elevator.

    Isn’t it odd that SK is pleasant to HY2, as HY2 is the responsible for her brother’s unhappiness, and abusive to HY for having the same name. Does SK not know who HY2 is? If so, did she not have any say in hiring people for her division? Why would she hire HY2, who is responsible for her brother’s unhappiness? If not, why isn’t she as mean to HY2 as she is to HY?

    I suspect the reason HY2 is happy to be working at the same place as SK, is because she either has no clue to SK is or wants to use that connection to reconcile with DK—there is not enough information to determine if she is calculating. Since everything seems to always go HY2’s way, does she think if she wants to get back with DK, why wouldn’t she be able to? I am rooting for justice to prevail so that HY2 reaps the consequences of leaving DK at the alter—that he NEVER takes her back. I suppose someday we will get that backstory too.

    Did I mention I am warming up to HY? As HY & DK are spending more time with each other, I can see they do help each other, even if it is to be a sounding board for one another, and it seems that they are starting to like each other. I think the honesty they shared by revealing the truth of their own wedding disasters—except for that niggling detail of DK’s revenge that impacted HY’s life—has been the beginning of their bonding. Even the truths they overhear through their mutual door contribute to getting to know the real person. Now they are starting to do things together.

    While DK knew what was going to happen as HY ran towards him, it initially looked like he was going to hang onto the sound equipment in his arms…I was pleased that he embraced the embrace…they have finally made a physical connection. ❤ Now we are getting somewhere… 💋

    • kjtamuser says:

      You articulate all your points beautifully. Let me know when you start your blog.

      I too scratch my head in confusion that DK’s sister didn’t rip in original HY, especially considering how mean she is to our HY.

      I thought the hug between DK and our HY was fabulous. I have to admit I’ve gone back and watched that scene a couple of times! ❤❤❤❤

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I highly doubt I will be starting a blog–too time consuming–but I am VERY happy to contribute to yours! ❤

    The ❤ hug ❤ was fabulous! Their body language and facial expressions tell me their is mutual attraction! 💋 ❤ 💋 Can't wait to see what happens next…

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