Another Miss Oh Episode 3 Recap

Our leads have another moment where they connect.

Another Miss Oh (Another Oh Hae Young), Episode 3 “Love if You Want to Live” Recap 

Park Do Kyung (Eric) walks out of the bathroom clad only in a towel and is stunned to see Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) in his apartment.  She stares at his chest and utters “wow”. I understand that reaction by the way.  He flashes back to her in his apartment uttering “wow”. Once it again the premonition, becomes reality. How did you get in here? She explains the wall broke and she found a door.  She shows her apartment to him (still clad only in the towel). He says her apartment used to be a storage room. She comments the heat is poor in the room. She says she moved and just today. He goes back into his room.

Do Kyung calls someone upset that the storage room was transformed into an apartment. He demands the tenant be kicked out. He calls his best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) telling him to stay away from Hae Young.

He returns to his apartment and finds Hae Young there. He tells her they need to go to the real estate office so she can break the lease. Why should I break the lease? This is a natural response. He says it is uncomfortable you living here. She says I’m not uncomfortable we know each other. He says hey because we know each other that makes it more uncomfortable. She’s a bit taken aback at how straightforward (ala rude) he is. She asks if he had a sense that this would happen? She assures him this is a coincidence and unintentional. She had no idea she would find his place. Do Kyung tells her to return to her room he’ll see her tomorrow. What can she do? She heads back to her room she shuts the door he moves a large piece of furniture in front of the door.

Do Kyung and Hae Young go to the rental office. The manager is unmoved. He will not kick her out. He remodeled the storage room. It’s legal. What is Do Kyung complaining about? He has no right to complain. The assistant realtor tells Hae Young the back story between Do Kyung in the realtor. Seems that Do Kyung’s mother borrowed money from the realtor or had him invest into one of her movies. The movie was a bomb. The realtor has had a chip on his shoulder ever since. Renting out the storage room is a little bit of payback. The realtor declares he will have the door blocked off. He tells Do Kyung he can’t do anything about it. Do Kyung is not happy this did not go the way he wanted.

Do Kyung offers Hae Young the security deposit and moving costs if she’ll go. She doesn’t understand why he hates having her as a neighbor. He doubles his offer. She throws his words back in his face. You told me to live even if it hurts. She tells him if he’s so afraid of her then he can be the one to move out. She will not fall in love with him. She tells him that everything she told him yesterday was in confidence because she thought they would never see each other again. She warns him to keep her confidence.

Do Kyung’s sister Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) (recall she is Hae Young’s boss) learns from his brother Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) that the storage room has been remodeled and rented. How can one woman drink that much water? Good grief. Do Kyung’s brother tells his sister go see the new tenant, that will scare the guy away.

amo_ep3_2a amo_ep3_2b
Do Kyung tells the doctor he foresaw this girl showing up. He asked the doctor do you think I’m crazy? The doctor who kinda has slept through the appointment asked Do Kyung how much sleep he’s getting. All the platitude of not enough sleep equals delusions. Do Kyung is an excited to hear that. Oh he sees a vision of the doctor. He tells the doctor in a couple seconds you to be very surprised. The doctor freaks out when he sees a window washer appear in his Windows. Just like Do Kyung foresaw. Do Kyung leaves. The doctor goes after him. He tells Do Kyung his results are normal. He wants to know he thinks they should talk about the woman. Do Kyung just walks away. The doctor yells at them you’re not crazy something else is going on. Do Kyung walks away and doesn’t answer him or stop and respond.

Do Kyung is filming sound effects of daytime. I must say, like the fuzzy boob bikes that’s going to cool. The way Do Kyung closes his eyes now he sees a vision of Hae Young. She asks him why he’s late and makes a comment that she’s been waiting forever. It’s a nighttime scene.

Hae Young explains to her coworkers about her crazy neighbor that wants to kick her out. A coworker asks is he good-looking? She admits to herself he is but tells her coworkers he’s okay. She claims many think she’s pretty. Her coworkers almost spit out their drinks. Although the boss is coming everybody scatters to get to their places. Do Kyung sister arrives the boss. Next I

Do Kyung’s mother meets with the script brighter. She tells him he needs to be more nerdy in his writing and stop pretending to be cool. Embrace your inner nerdiness is the message. She assures him if the writing is nerdy the movie will be a masterpiece. She sees her son Do Kyung. He turns and walks away. She tries to follow him into his office but he literally shuts the door in her face and locks it. Looks like his offices soundproof so he can’t hear her. Got awesome. She stocks away. Two of Do Kyung’s coworkers think she’s trying to get money out of Do Kyung again.

amo_ep3_3a amo_ep3_3b
The workmen come to block the door access between each wise apartment in Do Kyung’s apartment. They need access to his side of the apartment. But nobody’s home. She calls him at work. He’s not next to his phone but one of his coworkers answers it. He tells her that he will relay the message that he is to call. Do Kyung’s brother asks who was on the phone. The coworkers says Hae Young. This surprises Do Kyung’s brother. He’s probably thinking of the former fiancé. Not the woman he’s never met here the other Hae Young. Yeah he thinks Hae Young is Do Kyung’s former fiancé. He takes his brother phone. He calls Hae Young. He says to Hae Young a it’s own don’t you remember me. No I don’t remember you. He warns her not to call Do Kyung again. His brother is an easy. He threatens to hurt her. He calls her a horrible witch. With the B by the way. He yells and threatens her again yes the language only goes up. Do Kyung grabs the phone out of his brother’s hand. Do Kyung asks who called? His brother says it was Hae Young. Do Kyung realizes it’s not the ex-fiancé it’s the new Hae Young. He answers. She’s upset can’t believe that she was being here his brother was so rude to her. He ends the call. She can’t believe he hung up on her. His brother asked why did he call her if she wasn’t going to say anything. That’s a good question by the way. Do Kyung motions to the coworker to shut the door. The two brothers look at each other. His brother answers Do Kyung’s phone thinking it is ex-finance Hae Young. He’s rude and yells at Hae Young who is started and speechless. Do Kyung tells his brother he’s going to kill him. His brother yells back hey I don’t need to be the one the die it’s her.

Do Kyung has a flashback to his former relationship with Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin). She gets a piece of mail from the other Hae Young and laughs that Hae Young is geeky. She says Hae Young to was just one of those unlucky unfortunate people.

amo_ep3_4a amo_ep3_4b
Hae Young returns home to her apartment. She makes dinner. Do Kyung hears every sound she makes. She finds the door to their apartment open. She kicks his bookshelf. She leaves the door open. He pushes the bookshelf aside. He enters her apartment. She tells him he’ll need to be around to have the door blocked off. Do Kyung apologizes for his brother’s rudeness. He tells her his brother confused her with another woman. He tells her he’ll move out. Hae Young tells him now you’re the one making me feel bad. He tells her she’s not the problem, he’s the problem. She wants to know what the problem is. He won’t say he tells her to take the time but the construction that’s needed. He moves bookshelf back in place after he goes into his apartment. She continues making supper. She glares at the door. He glares at his bookshelf.

Jin Sang cannot believe Hae Young to moved into the storage room. It makes them creeped out and nervous. Jin Sang worries maybe Hae Young knows everything. He guesses maybe she knows that Do Kyung ruined her life by framing her fiancé and getting him sent to jail. Do Kyung says he will move out (to the second floor). Do Kyung’s sister gets home. She is drunk again. Jin Sang asks the question we all are thinking about. How can she get drunk every night like that? I just don’t find the drunk characters in this series amusing not at all.

Hae Young watches TV. She calls her mother. Her mother tells her I wanted you out of my sight. Her mother says go ahead be successful. She hangs up on Hae Young. Now we see her parents are outside where her apartment. Her father accidentally removes a screen frame on a window. Hae Young opens the door to her apartment. But her parents are gone. Hae Young is upset that the security frame on her window has been removed. Her parents are hiding from her. Her family dynamic has yet to be amusing to me.

Do Kyung sees her parents taking the security frame with them. He stops them. The mother says they took it from her daughter’s room. The father leaves the poor mother alone with Do Kyung. She says that the frame fell off. She begs him to not tell her daughter that she was there. Do Kyung takes the frame from her. The mother stares at him. I can’t believe there’s a nice guy in this world she must be thinking. She tells her husband is tacky. They walk home together.

Hae Young tries to find somebody to take a reservation that she had made long ago to celebrate with her fiancé.

Hae Young lawyer tells her fiancé, Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) that Do Kyung and Jin Sang said the case against him was just a misunderstanding. Flashback to Jin Sang telling his lawyer that they didn’t know that Hae Young was really Hae Young. The lawyer tells the fiancé all of this was a misunderstanding. The fiancé asks the lawyer to look into Do Kyung.

Do Kyung sees Hae Young. They stare at each other. She walks away from him. He has the premonition about her but it doesn’t come true in that moment.

amo_ep3_6a amo_ep3_6b
She shows up the fancy restaurant. Are you wondering what I’m wondering? Why did she keep the reservation? Wouldn’t it be easier to cancel than go alone and suffer with memories of your ex-fiancé and how happy you were and how miserable you are today? Flashback of her and her fiancé in their loving time. The reservation was made for one month after they would be married. Hae Young has more chemistry with the fiancé than she with Do Kyung at this point. Present day, Hae Young watches the sunset and ignores her food.

Do Kyung is working sound with his brother. He yells at Hoon that he is not learning what he needs to learn. Hoon put the sound of the closing door instead of an opening door yes Do Kyung is exacting and Hoon isn’t. Hoon asks for kindness. Do Kyung cannot be be kind about this. Do Kyung tells him to insert the sound of sunlight. Hoon doesn’t understand how he’ll accomplish that feat.

Hae Young meets with her ex-high school buddies. She has certain amount of bravado. She claims she is just back from a blind date. Flashback to both Hae being nominated for class president. Hey, even the teacher numbers their names, HY1 and HY2. It’s a landslide victory for Hae Young original. Hae Young to got two votes – herself and the other guy. Present day Hae Young thanks her classmate for his single vote in her favor. Everyone goes out dancing.

Her mother says to her father let’s bring Hae Young back home. She claims she can’t go on without her daughter. She cries.

amo_ep3_7a amo_ep3_7b
It’s night and Hae Young walks home. She gets to her apartment door and can’t find her keys. Oh no. It’s called she’s tired she decides to call a locksmith to get somebody to let her into her apartment. Locksmith doesn’t answer his phone. She’s outside her door cold tired and frustrated. Meanwhile at work Do Kyung has a premonition of Hae Young asking why he came home so late. Back to Hae Young cold outside her door. She heads down the stairs. He has another premonition this time he sees Hae Young walking and a man following her late at night. Do Kyung realizes in the premonition that she is wearing the outfit that he saw her wearing today he realizes that she’s being stocked probably as he sits there. Do Kyung drives home worried that Hae Young could be in danger.

amo_ep3_8a amo_ep3_8b
Hae Young walks up the street. A man follows her. Do Kyung sees her going up the street with a man following her. Just as the man goes to snatch her purse, Do Kyung calls out. The man walks past Hae Young. She turns around. Do Kyung knows he just saved her from her purse snatching or worse. He asks where she’s going just like in the premonition. She asks why he came home so late. He sees the premonition. He stares at her. Do Kyung lets her into his apartment. He moves the bookcase so that she can go through the door. She thanks him and goes through the door into her place. He puts the bookcase back in place. Not the friendliest guy she’s ever met. If the bookcase is on wheels why does he have to struggle that hard to move it? Her apartment is cold she can’t get any heat going. He invites her over nice and they both sip tea companionably. Hae Young tells Do Kyung about being nominated for class president. She tells him she voted for herself because she didn’t think that she would get any other votes. It makes her mad now that she thinks about it. She comments that everyone voted for the pretty Hae Young. Hae Young comments that she was always second best. She muses did she really want to be Hae Young? She tells him no she just didn’t want it she didn’t want to be Hae Young one she wanted to be herself only better. She says she loves herself the way she is. She only wants to have a good life. She gets a little upset. I like the fact that she can be honest with him including her emotions. Do Kyung doesn’t say a darn word to her but she spills her guts. She wonders about Hae Young. Did she get married? Hae Young to tells him that she’ll move out. She tells him it is sad she’s pushed out of her parent’s house and now she’s pushed out of this house. He offers to move out. She refuses. She tells him she wishes somebody would tell her that being dumped the day before wedding was no big deal. He stares at her. She stares at him. He says nothing. He remembers back to his own day wedding where he was dumped. Finally her tells her the world sentences you to death. Tells her it’s like getting kicked off the universe. Like you’re no longer welcome in this world but you still must keep going. Do Kyung finally admits that he got dumped on the day of his wedding. He walks away. She stares at him. Do Kyung I’m loving that you finally finally opened her. He tells her she must take the punch and get back up. That was a moment between those two I saw. She apologizes for getting emotional.

The dawn of a new day. Hae Young takes the album that she made of her wedding. She stands at the river with the album. She says knowing that somebody else shares the same kind of pain that she feels, makes this possible. She throws the album into the river. She bikes away. She tells herself she was down but she’s not out. She encourages herself to get her life back. She commits to stop being cautious and nervous. She commits to going for what she wants. If she meets a man she will love him. She’ will be a strong independent woman. She’s going to give life everything. A course she’s only talking about love. Women seem to focus on this quite a bit. Is that why watching this drama right now?

She almost bikes into Do Kyung. She tells Do Kyung that she will pretend to live there if he’ll just give her security deposit. She can’t believe the security screen is back on her window. Do Kyung gets into his car. Wanna bet who did that?

Do Kyung gets to work and meets with the director. Guess it’s time for a showing of the movie. The movie preview is a success. The director thanks Do Kyung for his work. Everybody’s happy. Do Kyung and his coworkers are happy that all the hard work was good. Do Kyung offers his credit card and tells them to go get some drinks.

Hoon sees his convenience store girlfriend. She runs with great vigor into his arms. He spins around. They hug. They kiss. They admit they missed each other. He sneaks her into the studio. She watches him do the sound effects. He shows her how to combine the video and audio together she thinks he’s amazing. He brags he can insert the sound of the sun coming in. Turns out the Do Kyung told him to insert the sound of kids playing for the sound of sun. Or the sound of cars honking his girlfriend thinks he’s amazing.

The patrol ladies continue not to help Do Kyung’s drunk sister. They flee from her again and she gets herself home again and again people what is the point of this drunk lady.

Jin Sang sees Hoon and his girlfriend arriving home. Jin Sang claims everybody should drink with him to celebrate the movie being complete. Once again Do Kyung’s sister is drunk out of her mind. They all make a run for the apartment.

Hae Young orders carry out. The delivery guy flirts with her andt goes back to his bike supposedly to get change. Do Kyung watches him call his boss saying he’s taking off. Do Kyung goes into her apartment. She is stunned and the delivery guy is stunned too. Do Kyung sits down to eat the food. The delivery guy gives her the change and leaves. Danger averted again. He brings a pair of his shoes puts it outside her door so that somebody will think that she doesn’t live alone. The strong silent types sometimes are quite thoughtful. He tells her to live there. He’ll there where he lives. She stares at him,  stunned. He goes back into his apartment. He struggles to move the bookcase one more time. Isn’t it on wheels?

Do Kyung remembers the doctor telling him to just go with the flow and maybe out the reason why he’s having the premonitions will be revealed. Do Kyung watches his drunk sister. He laughs. Terrific smile! He has a premonition of her he has a premonition of Hae Young saying the original Hae Young is back. Then he remembers the his ex-finacee Hae Young in flashback.

amo_ep3_13b amo_ep3_13a
Present day Hae Young and her friend are driving next to a race. She spots someone with the name tag “Hae Young”. She calls out to her and wishes her luck. She shocked to see the Hae Young from high school days. Flashback to the track scene in high school. End of episode.

My Thoughts
* The show is starting to grow on me. I can’t say that I actually love it yet. I can’t say I even love Eric’s character Do Kyung yet. The dude just doesn’t talk much. What I do like is that the ice is melting between Do Kyung and Hae Young. She feels comfortable being honest with him. He had a major breakthrough when he told her that he too was stuck. I like the synergy that’s building between the two of them. The rest of the supporting characters (his brother, his best friend, etc.) seem like clutter so far in these episodes. I know they will become more important as the series goes on but right now in these characters feel like clutter. I haven’t commented much on the premonitions that Do Kyung gets. I like the plot device. It works.
* While I love Eric, the character of Do Kyung is a little hard to love at this point. He just doesn’t say much. He’s gruff. I can tell there’s a growing friendship with Hae Young. He did recognize and sense that she was in trouble. He responded to go save her. He saw clearly that that was the right thing to do because the dude was about ready to snatch Hae Young’s purse or whatever he was going to do there. So Do Kyung saw clearly that if he had he had to have taken that action to save her. So there’s some kind of obvious connection there between the two of them the show is slowly building that relationship. I can’t comment about some fantastic chemistry between Do Kyung and Hae Young. I see the buds of friendship. And if that friendship will allow him to open up and release the demons of his past, then it’s a good thing. So now we face the obvious question how will Do Kyung react when his former fiancé reenters the picture?
* Last episode I had a mini breakthrough with Hae Young. I felt some kind of empathy for her. I’d say this episode built upon that. She seems to be able to be truthful with Do Kyung in a way that she isn’t able to be truthful with anybody else. The move in out business over apartment seemed silly. He gallantly saved her from the delivery dude whatever his intentions were. He offered her shoes. That’s sweet. That’s thoughtful. I want more of that from him. And she deserves more of that too. I guess the other thing the show is making clear is that she’s kind been dumped on her whole life. She’s at the point now where she wants to reach out and grab more out of life. Her own happiness. I like the fact that she took that wedding album to the river and threw it in. She was no longer alone because Do Kyung opened up and shared that he too was dumped on his wedding day. She didn’t feel alone she felt the strength to move on and shuck the chains of that former relationship. I liked that.


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2 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 3 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    So we are at episode 3 and DK is the only character I feel like I am only slightly invested in. I really hope something happens soon to make me feel invested in more of the characters, or I am going to have a difficult time getting through this series. 😦 I’m with you kjtamuser “I just don’t find the drunk characters in this series amusing not at all.” DK’s therapist is pathetic, sketching or sleeping during sessions. I loved his jolt to the reality of DK’s premonitions

    The housing situation is starting to clear up. This house WAS DK’s family home. DK has most of the main floor, except for OHY’s tiny apartment nee storage room, while his mom and brother have the upstairs apartment. Hmmm they couldn’t afford to keep the house themselves, but can afford to rent basically the whole house. That makes no financial sense to me but it does explain why DK’s place which seems to be in proximity to Mom (or sister?) and Hoon’s place, but appears differently. I was confused about Park Soo Kyung (actress Ye Ji Won)—wondering if was DK’s sister or mom; was she also OHY’s boss or a director/producer? I found out that the nightly drunken Soo Kyung (with wild out of control hair) is DK’s older sister and the director (with cat eye glasses and slicked back hair) over OHY. She looked so different at home compared to work—I haven’t found any redeeming qualities in her…yet. Their mom is the gold digger chasing the old geezer conglomerate president in episode 1.

    Why did OHY keep her café reservation? That girl keeps making decisions to stay in her funk. What is with OHY’s parents? I concur “Her family dynamic has yet to be amusing to me.” They kick her out and then come to visit almost immediately. Then they hide rather than admit they came to see her. Later they want to go and bring her home. I think I would be miserable with parents like that.

    For the first time DK is actively proactive with his premonitions, ❤ coming to OHY’s rescue—YEAH—unbeknownst to her drunk butt. I’m surprised that with the drunk women stumbling home in the drama, we haven’t seen more would be attackers. Looks like Soo Kyung is not the only one NOT being escorted home by the neighborhood ladies.

    So glad they had commiseration of their being dumped before their weddings. Now they are aware of something they have in common. DK to the rescue again with putting up the security screen (how much security could this have been when it so easily came off in the first place?), barging into her apartment disrupting the creepy delivery guy with ulterior motives and then leaving a pair of his shoes in her doorway.

    I am not excited that the duplicitous OHY2 is back in town—I guess we will have to see where this goes.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I understand your lack of investment in this drama at this point. I’ll be curious if Episode 4 grabs you more.

      At this point DK’s family…no interest. HY’s family…no interest. HY…limited interest.

      DK…I’m interested. Part of that is Eric, no doubt, but breaking the hard shell of this man that was dumped on his wedding day 1 year ago to help him enjoy life again, I want to see this. He’ll have to face his demon in the original HY. His guide back to living life looks to be HY.

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