Another Miss Oh Episode 2 Recap

Proximity between our leads increases.

Another Miss Oh (Another Oh Hae Young), Episode 2 “A Relationship Due to Willful Negligence” Recap 

We start the episode with the scene where Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) brings Park Do Kyung (Eric) his wallet. Still digging whatever this song is. He recalls the premonition where she tells him she’s not dying. Present day she asks if he’ll thank her for giving you back the wallet. Jarred back to reality, he responds thank you. She suggests they go for a drink. He says nothing. She tells him she’s thinking about getting her nose redone. It will only cost 2M to 3M. If he had said yes to that drink, she would’ve forgotten the nose job costs. She walks away. She turns. She asks him can I pick the spot where we get our drink?

The bar she picks is loud and she has to yell to be heard. She asks what her friend told him about her. Do Kyung claims nothing. She realizes her friend gossiped about her. She says your eyes just told me everything I need to know. Do Kyung claims her friend only said that she was pretty. She laughs in his face. She stares at him. She talks and he stares. She gets drunk. This chick just does not impress me. Do Kyung drives her home. She blathers about there being many girls in high school with the same similar names. She says there was another girl in high school with the exact same name. We know that that woman is his ex-fiancé. He flashes back to his scene with his ex-fiance discussing how to say her name. Do Kyung tells her that he doesn’t drink. I wish she would do the same because she’s an annoying drunk. She claims drunk women don’t tell tales. That’s a lie. She suggests to him that they may never see each other again. Do Kyung looks at her. She looks at him. He must like that idea because he speeds up and gets her home lickety-split. Do Kyung pulls over and gets sick on the side of the road. This premonition stuff seems to be really messing with his head. I suppose it would totally freak me out to if I keep having visions.


Do Kyung tells his best friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) that he could not admit to Hae Young about his connection to Hae Young’s fiance but instead told her how pretty she was. Jin Sang thinks if she ever finds out they ruined her wedding he’s in big trouble. Jin Sang asked about his ex-fiancé. Where is she? Do Kyung claims not to know. Jin Sang thinks maybe his ex-fiance is in hiding. Jin Sang asks are if he is clairvoyant. Do Kyung clarifies that she pops into his head like a vision. Irritated Do Kyung walks away. Jin Sang advises him not to tell others about his clairvoyant abilities. A drunk Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) (recall she is Hae Young’s boss) comes home. Is every woman in this series destined to be drunk? Do Kyung tells her to go to bed.

His brother Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) comes home with his new convenience store girlfriend An Na Do Kyung. Does everybody in this series live in this apartment? Do Kyung asked the girl how old she is. She claims to be 21. Do Kyung demands to see her ID. She offers it and it does seem to prove that she’s 21. If it’s a legitimate ID. Do Kyung asks why she would want to date a 33-year-old guy when she’s only 21. He tells Park Hoon not to bring her around. Park Hoon counters Jin Sang is there all the time. He takes her back to his bedroom. They claim they will only kiss. While they are kissing on his bed Soo Kyung rears her head up off the floor. Needless to say she scares them.

The next morning Do Kyung gets up and he stores a tape away with the night sounds. Does this guy just like constantly record life and keep it on tapes? He has a premonition of Hae Young being in his apartment he turns around looks for her. But she’s not there.

amo_ep2_3a amo_ep2_3b
Hae Young has a hangover and complains that her mother is being too loud. Her mother asks is someone beating you up? Hae Young tells her mother her nose was just an accident, no big deal. Her mother cites her hurt arm and now her nose.

Hae Young looks for her cell phone but can’t find it. She dashes outside to find Do Kyung waiting for her. He has her cell phone. Hae Young is grateful. Do Kyung turns to leave but remembers the premonition of her in his apartment. Do Kyung turns to her and ask if she knows where he lives. Hae Young assures him she does not. Do Kyung drives off as she tries to apologize for being drunk.

At work she offers the next menu to her boss Soo Kyung. She apologizes for her behavior last night. Hae Young muses that she would beat her boss in a battle. Her boss counters that she would win the battle.

Hae Young complains to coworkers that she’s got a class reunion. She’ll be there and another beautiful girl with the same name will be there. Hae Young just doesn’t want to be compared to that gorgeous Hae Young. She recalls the other Hae Young being beautiful and well-liked in high school while she was just a plain quiet girl. She recalls everybody always wanted to talk to the other Hae Young but never her. We see flashbacks of this. Her coworkers encouraged her to go to the high school reunion.

At the reunion everybody’s disappointed it’s the wrong Hae Young that shows up. That would be annoying. Nobody knows what’s happened to pretty Hae Young. Nobody’s heard from her in two years. They know she dated somebody but they don’t know who he is. Oh no, one guy doesn’t realize that Hae Young broke up with her finance the day before her wedding. I must say she handles it well. Hae Young tells her coworkers that she broke up with her fiance because she loves men too much and living with one man for the rest of her life just didn’t seem fair.

The friend irritates her mother once again.

amo_ep2_5a amo_ep2_5b
Do Kyung returns home to his apartment and finds his brother Hoon pretending that he wasn’t working on a script. Do Kyung gets a phone call. Convenience store girlfriend tells Do Kyung to pick up but he won’t. Do Kyung takes his phone to his bedroom. His brother guesses that his ex-fiance is the one that called him. Hoon recalls trying to find Do Kyung when his fiance left without a trace. He searched but couldn’t find her. His brother says Hae Young is a name that is banished in this household.

We see the flash back of Do Kyung waiting in vain for his bride Hae Young. He calls she doesn’t pick up. Do Kyung searches hospital emergency rooms but she’s not there. Do Kyung can’t find the woman he loves and was expecting to marry that day. I like is his hair style in the flashback. He finds pictures of her with another man. That’s not good. Back to present day. You see why he shut himself off from this world. Why go back to emotions when emotions just cause pain? After the high school reunion Hae Young comes home and makes herself food. Her mother watches her eat and walks away. I’m just not really getting the whole comedic aspect of the mother. Next day he dresses for work. The ten missed calls were from his mother. Do Kyung assures his brother he will call his mother. He meets his mother at a restaurant. The mother tells him Chairman Jung wanted to meet him too. I guess she’s engaged this guy. His mother is all smiles when her fiance Chairman Jung shows up. So Chairman Jung helped him get revenge on the wrong fiance, who is in jail. His mother asks why did he get revenge on this guy? He doesn’t answer.

amo_ep2_7a amo_ep2_7b
As Do Kyung drives away from the lunch we see the flashback again with him and Jin Sang where they spy on the fiance with Chairman Jung. Jin Sang encourages him to take revenge against the fiance. Initially Do Kyung wasn’t interested at all. Jin Sang gave him something to drink and told him that his true intentions would come out after he had alcohol in the system. Do Kyung ended up getting drunk. Now Jin Sang asks if he wants revenge against this guy. Do Kyung stares at the fiancé. Do Kyung decides to throw at the dartboard. A bull’s eye means revenge otherwise he lets the poor guy go. Holy smokes! From across the room he lands a bull’s eye. I’m not sure who’s more startled. The best friend or him. Hugging and smiles all around. Do Kyung looks at the fiance with murder in his eyes. Do Kyung gets on the elevator with Chairman Jung. Do Kyung smiles at the fiance with menace. Jin Sang learns that when Chairman Jung pulled out his money in the firm all the other investors did too. The company collapsed. He went bankrupt and had to go to jail. Do Kyung realizes they need to fix this. Do Kyung wants to get the poor man out of jail.

We see a friend visit the fiancé in jail. He asked about Hae Young. Flashback to the breakup scene. Nice touch that at the end of the breakup scene Hae Young wakes up in her bedroom. I like that transition from the prison to her bedroom. She puts in a tango CDM grooves to it. Her long-suffering mother watches then joins in. That’s a nice touch. Her parents watch her groove. Her mother worries about the mental state of her daughter.

amo_ep2_8a amo_ep2_8b
Outside the prison Do Kyung waits while Jin Sang meets with the fiance. Jin Sang tells the fiance he’s there to help him get out. The fiance refuses his help. He asks why did Chairman Jung turned against him? What was the problem? Jin Sang meets him outside of the prison. He wants to know why DK did that to them. He encourages DK to tell the fiance the truth. DK wonders if that would just make things worse the truth.

Hae Young rides through the park but then a ball comes in her path that she topples over. She has to walk or bike home and she’s a mess. All the neighborhood ladies stare at her. Oh no more gossip about HY. Her mother will be embarrassed yet again. Ouch! Her dress was tucked in her in her underwear. Not good.

Her mother tells her father they should abandon their daughter because she’s crazy. That’s the first time I ever found them amusing. When HY comes home all her stuff (and I mean all of it including the appliances) are outside. The note from her father reads “We release you. Have a good life”. They change the code on the house! That is most definitely see you later from her parents. She calls her friend. But she’s busy at work and can’t come out. She sees her fiance’s friend and asks how her ex-fiancé is doing. The guy says he’s doing well. She’s relieved. He walks away. I am surprised she doesn’t know that ex-fiance is in jail. I would think something like that might be in the papers and she would reenter. Or certainly somebody would gossip and get that back to her. As she walks to the crowd she starts crying. She can’t believe her fiance is doing well. He’s without her. He is supposed to be miserable!

Do Kyung spends a lot of time deciding whether or not to take the incoming phone call. Do Kyung takes it and this time it is his ex-fiance Hae Young. He’s not happy to hear from her. She tells him she misses him. That infuriates Do Kyung and he throws the phone.

amo_ep2_10a amo_ep2_10b
Another round of drinking. He’s at the bar. He’s pounding the booze. Do Kyung demands the music be turned down. Hae Young is there drinking alone too. They stare at each other. She looks out of it. Do Kyung sits back down in his chair with his back to her. She continues to drink alone. Do Kyung starts to leave the bar but comes back to her table. Do Kyung asks if someone hurt her?

amo_ep2_11b amo_ep2_11c
Now under the cherry blossoms they sit. Hae Young tells them he’s not the most miserable person in the world. She’s the most miserable person in the world. It’s a contest I don’t want to enter. She suggests they share why they are miserable. She says if they say it then they’ll forget. No surprise, she starts first. She shares she was dumped the day before her wedding. She says it’s the first time she’s really said that out loud. She shares her fiance said he wasn’t sure he could lover for the rest of her life. She starts crying. Do Kyung is looking miserable at this point. She shares the fiance said he couldn’t stand watching her eat and laughs. She is still crying while she’s laughing, but she is laughing. She shares she asked for the right to say that she was the one canceled the wedding. He looks at her. She shares she just had to tell somebody the honest truth just once. To somebody that just is a passerby. And to somebody that is in as much misery as she is. She tells him now it’s his turn. She stares at him. Tell me why your miserable she encourages. He says nothing. She’s okay with that. She gets up and tells him they should never see each other again. He says I’m sorry. She was about what? They stare at each other. He says nothing. She walks away. He stares at her. He puts his head down. She walks away drunk and unhappy. This time it looks like she’s not navigating the road so well lovely Do Kyung pulls her out of the road. Do Kyung puts her in the back of the cab and he takes the front with the driver. I love the juxtaposition of him in front of her in back with him staring at her at the rear view mirror. Nicely done producer. He gets her out of the car. He takes her to her parents house. We know this is not her home anymore as her parents kicked her out. He doesn’t know that. Do Kyung encourages her to live no matter how it hurts…just live…if you survive, you’ve won. Do Kyung walks away. She stands there, a tear goes down her face. She sits in the garden of the house next to the refrigerator. She tells the appliances it’s tough luck that she’s their owner. She says it’s time for them to go together.

amo_ep2_12a amo_ep2_12b amo_ep2_12c
Next morning moving guys get all her stuff out of the front yard of her parents house. Her father watches the moving guys pack things up. She gets in the moving van. They drive away with all her stuff piled high. Father tells his mother her mother that she’s gone. Her mother starts to cry. Her father’s upset too. At her new apartment she tells herself live no matter how it hurts. She moves her furniture right through the wall. She finds out the wall is a flimsy just a sheet of drywall. Behind the drywall is a door. She knocks. No one answers. She opens the door. OMG Behind the door is Do Kyung’s sound studio / bedroom! That was a surprising twist. She creeps into his sound studio. She walks around. It certainly looks like his place. Do Kyung walks out of the bathroom clad in a towel. She stares at him, stunned. Do Kyung looks up and sees her, stunned. Do Kyung has flashbacks of her. Now the premonition he had of seeing her in his apartment comes true. Do Kyung stares at her. She stares at him. Little smile on her face and she utters “wow”. Do Kyung stares stunned that another premonition has become reality.

My thoughts
*This episode was better than the first one. It was less about Do Kyung having the premonitions and more about him wanting to right the wrong of ruining the wrong finance. She, on the other hand, struggled with her new reality, the class reunion, and her parents kicking her out. I can see that the writer is pulling these two together. It’s like threads that were far apart and now being drawn close together so they can intertwine. What are the odds that she would get an apartment that is right next to his ultra posh pad. Look at the difference between her tiny room and his ultra posh brick apartment. You must suspend your brain and just go with it. The flashback premonition was minimal in comparison with how prominently it was showcased in the first episode.
* Okay I had a semi-breakthrough connecting with Hae Young this episode. For the majority the episode I am was not digging this character. She just doesn’t garner much empathy from me. But I had a breakthrough at the moment where she was miserable in the bar and Do Kyung took her to the park and encouraged her. I like the fact that she encouraged Do Kyung to share misery with each other since they were equally miserable. It felt raw and real. For the first time I felt something for her. I like the fact that her parents kicked her out. Having the character out of her family home is a plus. Now she lives right next door to him, it’s even better.
* What is it with Do Kyung having like the smallest batch of dialogue of any character in this series? It’s bugging me that Do Kyung doesn’t have much to say. What did I like this episode? I like the fact that Do Kyung felt bad about messing with the wrong fiance . I like the fact that Do Kyung and his lawyer friend decided they were going to try and make amends. I actually like the fact that the fiance said no I don’t want your help. I want you to tell me why you did this to me. That’s the question…why did you do this to me? And I like the fact that Do Kyung reached out to her. In the bar. He initially walked away. Do Kyung was going to cut her out of his life. But the premonitions, the fact that he wronged her fiance, the fact that she’s miserable because of him, he’s too good of a guy just to ignore that. Do Kyung reached out to her. He listened to her. He wasn’t able to share in return. But he did listen. And Do Kyung got her home safely. So we see an edge of caring. Do Kyung is emotionally shut down because his fiance dumped him on the day of their wedding, not the day before the wedding like she suffered through, but the date of the wedding. You saw in the flashback how upset Do Kyung was as he searched for her but to no avail. And then to know that she just dropped out of sight with out an explanation. So she never told him why she just disappeared. If I were him I would have a hard time getting over the fact that someone walked away, on the day of the wedding, without an explanation. Then Do Kyung gets the phone call from her, and she says she misses him? Small details – I find his mother a bit annoying. I kinda like the vibe with his brother. I’m looking forward to this character’s growth from almost shell shocked withdrawn guy, to a man that makes amends and re-engages with the world.


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6 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 2 Recap
  1. Phi says:

    It’s destined Dokyung is to mess up with Taejin’s business when that dart landed that bulls-eye is it? Also lesson learnt, don’t make any decision when drunk!

    As you pointed out, I’m also curious as why OHY1 didn’t know Taejin was in jail. Completely shut him out from his sudden change of heart (as so she thought) over silly thing like hating the way she eats… or she not really loves TJ that deep to even question such out of the blue decision?

    I’m also looking forward to OHY2’s appearance even though it’s not comfy to OHY1 & Dokyung. She might give more light to a lot of question I have right now XD

    Looking forward to more recaps! 🙂

    • kjtamuser says:

      Yes, drunk actions aren’t doing anyone favors in this series.
      I look forward to OHY2’s in present day not just flashbacks. Why did she disappear without a trace on her wedding day? Why is she coming back now? Looking forward to finding out.
      Do you like OHY1?

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I think OHY is still hard to like, it is difficult to like someone who seems to be in a perpetual funk, but I do care about her. OHY still doesn’t seem to get a break—it seems all the crap life has to offer, keeps showing up in her face. It is as if in her funk she is willing bad stuff to happen…it can’t get any worse…right?…WRONG! Holy smokes the aftermath of her bicycle accident—skirt tucked into panties

    OHY2 is the one I dislike…what gall OHY2 has calling Do Kyung saying that she misses him—well, if you hadn’t left him at the alter you wouldn’t be missing him, would you Missy! Do Kyung must be short on dialog due his either suffering in silence, taking revenge, and/or just feeling guilty over wronging the OHY and fiancé. I’m glad he is starting to reach out to OHY despite is resistance to getting involved with her. I am interested in how this will play out.

    I am confused—isn’t Park Soo Kyung (actress Ye Ji Won) Do Kyung and Hoon’s mom? Is Park Soo Kyung also OHY’s boss? I thought Mom was a director/producer. OHY works for a restaurant chain. We see OHY’s boss always wearing a variety of cat eye glasses having stomach issue—I don’t see that in Do Kyung’s mom.

    Having premonitions would be just a bit freaky. My question is did Miss Snoopilocks say “Wow” because the place turned out to be Do Kyung’s or was it for seeing Don Kyung in only a towel? ❤ 😛 ❤

  3. imberreader says:

    I feel strange relation and also the exact opposite for Hae Young. I don’t like her drinking, in that part I am Do Kyung as I don’t drink at all, but her exhausted bluntness I really *feel*. When you’re just beyond point of tiredness, you stop caring but also somehow do, and it is tragically liberating. As such, she’s rather blunt and straightforward, from her disbelief about the nice lie Do Kyung said to saying what she thinks about other people. Sure, she isn’t perfect and likes to badmouth people some, but it’s not as if she badmouthes those that are particularly good to her. Her boss is quite the witch, her friend is only her friend now, for about a year, and does not always have the kindest words about her as well.

    I relate to her exhaustion, emotion emptiness such as with the ‘I want to die the most but I never get what I want’ – her job is far from emotionally satisfying because of so many things, though she truly enjoys the basis of it (her smile when she’s making the rice in ep 1 could warm a house). Her gilded relationShip turned into Titanic and sank pitifully. She’s the end of every rumor and gossip, even among friends and family that only grill her about it. To the point her parents throw her out of the house like a broken toy.

    She doesn’t know how to deal with it and as such, makes only bigger messes, as with the blind date. There is probably even a state of disassociation from the situation, like she’s standing at some vantage point and the life and her actions are kind of beyond her control, to point of everything becoming absurd, pointless and funny. Like with that laughing toy in episode 1. I felt those strings of depression and disassociation around her in the bike riding scene, too, the wish to escape the hollowness like the birds can fly and recklessly pedalling as fast as you can, letting wind whistle the emotions away. I’ve felt it, though for me it didn’t end as embarassingly as for her. Poor Hae Young.

    I feel as if the actreess portrays it very well, too, with eye and mouth expressions, even tone of her voice, subtle gestures.

    But I still appreciate her bluntness in general and that she keeps on walking, with strength she isn’t even aware of. When she stops drinking so much and wields her own backbone for better purposes, she could truly become a character I could draw strength from. (As someone who was bullied all through the school and never was part of any ‘group’, I also felt sorry/related to her ‘regular Hae Young’ that gives old classmates a scare as possible ‘ruined’ pretty Hae Young.)

    Of course, there’s a bit of pity party in all of it, too, towards herself, but it’s very human, there’s just been too many drops in her cup recently and it’s overflowing. Even so, she doesn’t deny other people have it crappy, too, and encourages Do Kying to talk it out. And she doesn’t approach him the second time with her need to vent either, after her initial offer.

    Talking about him, she is also a lovely contrast to him, who is also emotionally overloaded and keeps it inside, but to point he could inwardly explode. There’s no let out other than his aggression in job. For him, the music is too loud and overbearing, for her silence lets the thoughts rattle in her mind too much and she needs the noise to drown it all out. At least I translate it as such, as it is for me, I suffocate in silence when I feel bad/am depressed. When she replaces memory and thoughts with the tango music, my theory is further proven.

    (I won’t comment that she totally barged in another apartment beyond odd-wall door, but then again, it seems totally dreamlike, so yeah…)

    Since I grave-dug a really old post, I won’t rant my thoughts about rest of the episode(s) and series as I watch, I just really wanted to share my initial thoughts and opinions on Hae Young after I read your insightful recap.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Hae Young…I don’t like her drinking…but her exhausted bluntness I really *feel*.
      That’s great that you felt a connection right away.

      But I still appreciate her bluntness in general and that she keeps on walking, with strength she isn’t even aware of.
      Well said!

      him, who is also emotionally overloaded and keeps it inside, but to point he could inwardly explode. There’s no let out other than his aggression in job.
      Good point.

      Since I grave-dug a really old post, I won’t rant my thoughts about rest of the episode(s) and series as I watch
      Feel free to continue to comment as you watch if you wish. This series has Eric. I can talk about him anytime. But more than that, this is a good series. I hope you enjoy it too!

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