Another Miss Oh Episode 1 Recap

The first episode introduces all the characters.

Another Miss Oh (aka Another Oh Hae Young), Episode 1 “Can I Cry” Recap 

I love the opening credits which totally featured Eric. I didn’t think I’d love his hair with that style but he’s looking good. I don’t know why I’m surprised.

I really enjoyed watching Park Do Kyung (Eric) do all the sound effects even though I know that wasn’t Eric doing it but the character doing it that that was pretty cool and it was perfect the way they took that opportunity to work in the first song of the OST which was beautiful. That was all cleverly done.
Now we finally get to hear Do Kyung speak at the end of that scene where he pretends he was the chick running in the film.

Our leading lady, Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin), is engaged to be married. She arrives home and finds everyone including her parents having a celebratory meal. She announces to her mother she’s not getting married. Her mother freaks, the wedding is tomorrow. Hae Young says she fought with her fiance. Her mother says everybody fights with fiance. Hae Young says she’s not getting married. Everybody turns and stares at her stunned.

Hae Young’s mother calls the fiance to warn him to be at the wedding. She tells him all girls get upset before wedding. It doesn’t sound like he’s very receptive to that and is intractable as her daughter. She yells at Hae Young. Why are you calling off the wedding? Hae Young says because she can’t stand to see her fiance’s face.

Hae Young’s father is stuck with sending out a text saying that there will be no wedding. The phone starts ringing off the hook with people asking why. Hae Young’s mother gets livid that her her daughter has put her put the family in this embarrassing situation. She marches into her daughter’s room and hits Hae Young repeatedly with a pillow. She demands to know why Hae Young brought this man home? Why did she say that she was marrying him when she would eventually embarrass her parents like this?

One month later…we see Hae Young working at an eatery where she lovingly makes the rice and takes a lot of pleasure in the fact that people like her rice.

amo_ep1_3a amo_ep1_3b
Hae Young meets with her boss, Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won), and offers a new menu for the eatery. Her boss tells her it’s not about the rice, stop focusing on the rice. Her boss gives her back the menu and tells her to create a new one. The boss wants to know why she’s called psycho at work. Hae Young has to explain that it’s because her boss comes and goes so often that she makes the employees nervous. Her boss claims she has a weak stomach. Her boss belittles her for thinking she’s brave by not getting married, when really she was just stupid. Hae Young tells her boss that she has been belittled for breaking off the wedding seven times. Her boss counters know it’s been nine times. Ha!

Hae Young goes out to the open office area with her coworkers and complains about her boss. Everyone is laughing with Hae Young until they don’t. Hae Young continues on, and yes you guessed it, her boss is standing there listening to her. Her boss glares at her. Hae Young berates her coworkers for making her look like a moron. Honey you did that all yourself by mocking the boss openly.

Do Kyung watches a team of three do the sound for a fairly intricate fight scene. It’s interesting to watch them make all the sound effects to go with the action. As Do Kyung plays it back in notices that the incorrect sound was made for a bone breakage and stops the action. One of the three gets very irritated and yells at him. Do Kyung glares at him. The man apologizes. Do Kyung tells them they have one hour to do it over and get it right. Do Kyung leaves the room. The remaining men are frustrated that Do Kyung is so demanding and a perfectionist.

Do Kyung reviews the work of a coworker, Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min). He is very displeased that Park Hoon used daytime sounds for a nighttime scene. He whacks Park Hoon on his head and tells him he has got to get these kinds of details right. Park Hoon is frustrated. He’d hoped that Do Kyung would not notice, but Do Kyung is going to notice everything. Park Hoon has a hissy fit and yells at Do Kyung…not a smart thing to do. Do Kyung yells back and Park Hoon cowers.

Later we see Do Kyung just listening to sounds to try and find the perfect sound for bone breaking scene and he comes up with celery snapping of all things. Do Kyung takes it back to the team of three and they use the celery. It works.

amo_ep1_5a amo_ep1_5b
Hae Young goes out with a friend and defends her decision to not get married. Her friend says people are still wondering why Hae Young didn’t get married and what went wrong?

Do Kyung comes out of the sauna with his friend Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk). Do Kyung has a sense of déjà vu. Jin Sang friend tells him no big deal everybody gets those. But then Do Kyung has a premonition of what will happen next for his friend…Jin Sang will get a ticket. And sure enough Jin Sang walks to his car, and there’s a ticket. Yeah that’s a little freaky.

Her mother still suffers humiliation among her neighborhood friends as being the woman with the daughter of the called off the wedding the day before. Her friend offers to set her daughter up on a blind date. The mother talks to the daughter about going on a blind date. The daughter refuses saying that it’s too soon. They certainly don’t see eye to eye.

Do Kyung insults a director who is complaining that he’s taking too long doing the sound effects. Do Kyung tells the director, he won’t rush his work. His boss, whoi turns out to be his mother, comes in and tries to calm the director down. Later Do Kyung tells his mother that she’s throwing away her money on bad films as a producer. Do Kyung asks does she no longer realize what is good and what is bad? His mother stalks away and says “one day you’ll kill somebody with those words”.

Later Do Kyung has a premonition of a bird running into a window. He walks along the bank a windows and a bird runs into the window. This is interesting seeing his premonitions come true. Frankly I’m wondering what’s the connection between our leads? When do they cross paths?

Hae Young goes on a bad blind date. He’s more interested in looking at his phone and eating and frankly just ignoring her. I’m a bit mystified when after the date she tells him that they need to see each other for a week. She vows that she’ll make him he’ll show make him fall for her in just one week’s time. Why bother with a jerk like that?

The blind date mother calls Hae Young’s mother and complains about what Hae Young said. To her credit, Hae Young’s mother isn’t impressed that the blind date told his mother everything and hangs up on her.

Do Kyung researches déjà vu. Do Kyung calls Jin Sang to have a drink. When Jin Sang comes arrives, Do Kyung has a vision of a sign falling on his friend’s car. Do Kyung tells his friend to park in a different spot. Jin Sang doesn’t want to. Do Kyung says he has a bad feeling. Jin Sang starts towards the car but Do Kyung stops him afraid that his friend will get hurt. Then the sign falls on Jin Sang’s car pretty much annihilating it. Later Jin Sang asks Do Kyung if he saw the sign swinging? Do Kyung doesn’t answer.

Broody shower scene, I love those!
Now Do Kyung has a vision of Hae Young. He sees blood coming out of her nose. He sees Hae Young crossing the street.

Do Kyung goes to a doctor to explain what’s happening to him. It’s not déjà vu. He’s having premonitions. The doctor is doodling on his pad while he listens to him. Do Kyung explains that he sees this woman. He’s never met her before. But he sees bits of her during his days and Do Kyung thinks one day they will meet. The dialogue on how he explained that was nicely done. Do Kyung says their paths may have already crossed. We see a scene of Hae Young walking up to Do Kyung looking at him and passing. Then she stops and looks at Do Kyung. He looks at her. She turns and walks away.

Hae Young sees her mother while she’s walking home. She’s injured her arm when she fell back while drinking with her friend. Her mother is embarrassed when Hae Young tells a local vendor that she hurt her arm while drinking. Her mother rips into Hae Young at the house. Hae Young takes off to get away for her mother’s complaints. Ah, it is the premonition that Do Kyung had coming to pass as she comes out of the house it’s just like he envisioned.

Park Hoon burns his ex-girlfriends gifts to him. Then he takes the box of ashes and dumps it on a table that she’s sipping a drink at. Park Hoon kinda freaks out and he yells. Everyone stares. She laughs. Park Hoon yells at everyone don’t smile don’t smile. Park Hoon grabs a snack at a convenience store and tells the clerk, Yoon An Na (Heo Young Ji) he broke up with his girlfriend and is trying to decide who to date next. An Na offers herself as a candidate.

At work Hae Young’s boss says it’s time for a random check of store number one. Hae Young takes off after the boss. She’s just about to text the store or the surprise visit. Her boss declares do not text. The random check doesn’t go well. The boss yells at the manager the employees and Hae Young. Later at an after work company party at a bar/eatery Hae Young considers herself pathetic. She gets drunk. Her boss walks out and Hae Young has words with her boss. Her boss is upset that Hae Young canceled her wedding and she missed the buffet that she starved herself for. Weird!

As Hae Young walks home drunk we see a flashback where her fiance tells Hae Young that he doesn’t love her enough to marry her. Ouch! So he was the one that broke it off. Hae Young asks him to let her say she was the one that canceled the wedding. She wants to save face. No wonder she’s feeling pathetic. She was dumped by her fiance. Her boss berates her. Rejection seems to be a theme with her right now. And who wouldn’t feel bad about that?

Do Kyung has a premonition of Hae Young, a car honking at her while crossing the street. He wonders who she is.

The convenience store clerk An Na and Park Hoon are now dating and she’s very excited about it.

amo_ep1_12a amo_ep1_12b
Do Kyung meets a Hae Young’s friend at a coffee shop. She tells him about her friend that got dumped the day before her wedding. Do Kyung loses himself in thought. For whatever reason he gets up and leaves the table. Hae Young is on the phone just coming into the coffee shop. Do Kyung comes down the stairs. Do Kyung runs into Hae Young. The force of the impact bloodies her nose. Do Kyung stares in disbelief as Hae Young turns to him with blood running down her nose just like he saw on his premonition. I like how the producer cut between his premonition and the actual reality of the moment. Do Kyung is stunned and says nothing. Hae Young’s friend comes up shocked to see blood coming down her nose. She introduces Hae Young to Do Kyung. He says nothing and just passes passes by her and leaves. It must be weird to have your premonition come to life right in front of you.

Okay it gets a little confusing as he talks to the friend at work. Is his ex-girlfriend named Hae Young too? Is she talking about the Hae Young that he just ran into? We get a little clarity as Do Kyung looks at the high school yearbook and finds his ex-girlfriend’s picture then he turns the page and he finds Hae Young’s picture. Both women are named Hae Young. So there’s two women named Hae Young that he’s dreaming about.

amo_ep1_13a amo_ep1_13b amo_ep1_13c
It becomes a little clearer when Do Kyung calls Jin Sang to meet him. He shows Jin Sang the high school yearbook. In flashback we see that they schemed to destroy Hae Young’s fiance. However it wasn’t his ex-girlfriend’s fiance. It was Hae Young’s fiance. His friend is stunned to find there were two Hae Young’s in the same high school. He can’t believe they schemed to destroy the wrong fiance for the wrong Hae Young.

Meanwhile Hae Young is out with her friend. She decides that she wants to meet Do Kyung. Maybe she can meet up for drinks. Maybe Do Kyung can pay for her nose to be fixed.

The men talk and they realized that they hurt the wrong man. They took away his business, and out of embarrassment, he broke up with Hae Young the day before their wedding. They realize Hae Young claimed to cause the breakup to save face. They both feel terrible that they hurt the wrong man and inadvertently hurt her. Their revenge plan was a bust. Instead of hurting the right Hae Young, they hurt the wrong one. Do Kyung admits he seen Hae Young in his dreams.

Jin Sang offers to drive Do Kyung home. Do Kyung decides to walk. Do Kyung leaves his wallet in his friend’s car. Jin Sang calls him and turns around to bring his wallet to Do Kyung. Meanwhile Hae Young is walking home. She’s a bit drunk. Jin Sang spots him and literally throws the wallet into traffic near him. Do Kyung tries to get to his wallet but the traffic is too heavy. Hae Young manages to walk across the road, pick up the wallet, and return it to him without incident. As she offers the wallet to Do Kyung he sees his premonition where she says to him “I’m not dying”. That freaks him out.

My thoughts
* Full disclosure…I’m watching this drama for Eric, so you might detect bias. At the end of this decent first episode I had a handle on the premise, and it intrigues me. But watching the first episode wasn’t 100% enjoyable.
* I didn’t really like Hae Young. How many times was she she drinking this episode? I didn’t like her family, friend, boss or coworkers. I’m not drawn to her in any way. That’s a rocky start for me with our leading lady. However at the end of the episode I realized that Hae Young was the one that got the raw end of the deal. Do Kyung and Jin Sang destroyed her fiance, who broke up with her because he was no longer financially stable. I have some empathy for her and there is plenty of time to grow to like this character. Let’s hope that happens.
* Eric’s character, Do Kyung, on the other hand, appeals to me. As I stated, I am predispositioned to like characters that Eric portrays. But I liked Do Kyung better than any other character in this episode. Do Kyung was intense. Do Kyung was excellent at his job. Do Kyung demanded good work from himself and others. He wasn’t happy that his mother was making sub par movies. He wanted better for her. He wanted better for his coworkers. He wanted to produce quality sound. Then we come to the freaky part. He starts having these visions. And they are premonitions of what the future will bring. The premonitions start to come true. That would make me uncomfortable. Do Kyung seemed to handle it by saying very little and looking shocked. The number of lines that Eric had in this episode wasn’t high. But he demonstrated quite a bit of feeling with his eyes.
* I’m not sure where they’re going to go with this series. Do Kyung is a major reason for Hae Young’s pain and suffering. How will that play out?  Because I love Eric, I will find out. Let’s see if the second episode draws me to Hae Young.
* I absolutely adored the song they featured during this episode. I look forward to when they release it on the OST because it was a great song.
* Interesting that the writer’s name is Park Hae Young and the character’s name of Oh Hae Young.
* The first song of the OST has been released. Nope, it’s not the one I loved, that will come later I’m sure. It’s called “Softly” by South Korean duo Wable. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:


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16 comments on “Another Miss Oh Episode 1 Recap
  1. Phi says:

    Thanks so much for this recap. You touch on something that I’ve been wondering why OHY1 dared that guy to date her for a week when he was obviously making no effort/having interest with that blind date. Was she desperate or it’s just a reason for her to scold the guy?

    Also wonder why Jinsang & Dokyung decided to destroy Taejin’s business purely to revenge on Dokyung’s ex-fiancee or they thought Taejin was a bad guy? I like the set up so far. Will see how the next 12 episodes take us.

    Looking forward to your EP.02 recap cuz I think it’s even better. And the OST and bg music are lovely!

    Love how dreamy Eric looks in those screenshot 🙂

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Nothing seems to be going Oh Hae Young’s way! Like she said “I won’t die”, because she wanted to die and nothing was going her way. @Phi I think OHY dared the boring blind date for her own confidence–trying to not lose the confidence she had left!

    I concur that Do Kyung is the most interesting (and dreamy ❤ ) character so far, between his work ethics and premonitions. The process of creating sound for movies is interesting. I was disappointed 😦 that Do Young ruined Oh Hae Young’s fiancé; even if he was drunk at the time of his decision and it was the wrong Oh Hae Young’s fiancé. I get that he was wronged, however, a truly nice guy would not follow through on a drunken decision with such huge consequences. I concur that this is not Eric’s best hair style—this hair cut would look better if it were slicked or hair sprayed back.

    The only other Eric drama I have seen was Wol Myung the Spy, which wasn’t particularly great, I don’t particularly care for Kim Tae Hee; but Eric was definitely dreamy. Any suggestions for the best Eric dramas kjtamuser?

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’ve only seen 3 Eric dramas. #1 I liked Que Sera Sera which not everyone does. It has an edge but I found it engaging. #2 Discovery of Love is the second choice. This is more main stream story and like every drama had pluses and minuses. #3 Another Miss Oh is my third Eric drama.

      I’m enjoying the premonition part of the story it adds an interesting layer. I hope it doesn’t get dropped or turn out to have a silly explanation.

      What else are you watching now Jane Tilly?

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I am currently a bit overloaded: Six Flying Dragons with my eonni; Rooftop Prince – 4th or 5th time – just got a DVD copy of it–gotta check the captions; and Neighborhood Hero on my phone. I don’t generally watch 4 at a time (only occasionally), but Another Miss Oh is only 2 episodes a week and if my eonni is not around or I don’t have access to my laptop, I wanted to watch something on my phone, hence Neighborhood Hero.

  4. DracoMama says:

    Thanks for the recap! I’ve watch two episodes and have high hopes for this show. Something has been bothering me though. I recognize the actor portraying Oh Hae-young’s blind date, but can’t remember his name or a drama he’s been in……anyone out there recognize him? Looking forward to reading more recaps!

  5. kendra says:

    I’m hoping someone knows the answer to this. In this first episode when it’s a scene before they meet where Eric is stopped and she is walking past him in a crowd of people then turns and looks at him and turns again and walks away there is a song playing. I think it’s English and the only words I can really make out are kiss, kiss, kiss. Does anyone know what song this is? The song shows up again in a later episode but I can’t figure out or find the song

  6. Jane Tilly says:

    I can’t tell you how much I ❤ your blog! kjtamuser–your recaps are surperb! I appreciate that your readers/contributors ask/answer insightful questions and your responses are timely AND informed! I enjoy the discussions and links in regards to the soundtracks!

    Thank you for the Youtube link–Enchae en Route's performance of "Uneasy Romance" with the guitar-style violin playing was fascinating!

    • kjtamuser says:

      It makes me feel good to be appreciated, thank you. I must say that soompi forums are a superb source of information. I hate spoilers (never watch previews or trailers) so I don’t visit them often during a series to minimize risk of finding out something I don’t want to know. But this case was “safe”. I checked the early episode posts and avoided the current posts. I liked the song and style too!

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