Favorite Scene – Coffee Prince – “Man or Alien” Kiss

If I’ve got only a moment to watch a kdrama, there are certain scenes I watch for a quick hit of kdrama goodness.

Today’s Favorite Scene is the “Man or Alien” Kiss at the end of Coffee Prince episode 10. This was a standout moment for this series both in dialog and the interaction of the two leading actors. I’m touched every time I view this beautiful iconic scene.

Nutshell – Our leading man Han Gyul (Gong Yoo) is torn. He’s attracted to Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye), our leading lady who is pretending to be a man. Han Gyul can’t believe he is attracted to a man. He struggles with this reality and rejects Eun Chan much to her sorrow.

The setup – Han Gyul has just left the coffee shop. While driving he cannot get Eun Chan out of his mind. Eun Chan is in Han Gyul’s heart. Can Han Gyul accept his attraction to a man? Can he accept himself if he acts on his attraction? Can he accept what others will think if he acts on his attraction?

Han Gyul returns to the coffee shop to confront Eun Chun.    

Han Gyul enters the coffee shop and stares at Eun Chan. Unnerved she explains she was fixing the chalk mural on the wall.

Han Gyul takes her face in his hands and kisses her. Let me be clear…Han Gyul kisses Eun Chan thinking Eun Chan is a man, not knowing Eun Chan is a woman. Beautiful bold move. Eun Chan is stunned, unable to react. Han Gyu ends the kiss and starts to backs away.

Now Eun Chun takes the initiative and kisses him. Folks, we have active participation by both parties in this terrific kiss.

Unsettled at what they’ve done, they break apart. Now Han Gyul admits his truth to Eun Chun.

Han Gyul: “I’ll say this just once, so listen to me. I like you.”

Han Gyul: “Whether you’re a man, or an alien… I don’t care anymore.”

Han Gyul: “I tried getting rid of my feelings, but I couldn’t… So let’s go, as far as we can go.”

Tears fall from Eun Chun’s eyes. Han Gyul looks to her for the next move. Eun Chun hugs him backing him into the table. Han Gyul gently holds her head while returning her heartfelt hug.

Check out the video of this scene via this link or the embedded video below.


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5 comments on “Favorite Scene – Coffee Prince – “Man or Alien” Kiss
  1. Beez says:

    5 GOLD STARS for passing this.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Han Gyul showed a lot of moxy, going with his feelings regardless of what others (and even himself) may think!

    I just saw this recently and I must concur with other conversations we have had that Yoon Eun Hye has the MOST CREDIBLE performance of a female impersonating a male.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Is there a current drama would show a man willing to kiss a man? Are today’s dramas “safe”? I agree the Eun Hye’s performance is the gold standard for a woman portraying a man. She didn’t act “manly” but almost everyone assumed she was a man.

      • Beez says:

        kjtamuser – if my meaning of “safe” is the same as yours, I would say “yes” for the majority of the rom-coms. I consider safe something I could watch with young kids in the room and still relax knowing the show won’t create an onslaught of questions that their age may not be ready for the answers yet. Questions they otherwise would not have thought to ask if they were not exposed to the subject matter. (I do believe in answering kids’ questions truthfully and thoroughly but up to the point they will be satisfied with based on their age.

        I’m not so sure about the melodramas for very small children because the excessive tears and illnesses seem a bit much. Real life with family will serve to deal with cancer doagnoses and auto immune disorders, etc. Would watching kdrama melo make them think it’s okay for tears to flow constantly and to feel like life is unfair? Those emotions are okay sometimes, but over the course of one show, that can be reflected the entire time.

        Let us know what you meant by “safe” and/or if I’ve taken it somewhere different than you had in mind.

  3. Beez says:

    not “passing”, but “posting”. 5 gold stars for kjtamuser posting this.

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