Would I Date Him? Pinocchio

This time on Would I Date Him? I consider the leading man of Pinocchio.

Our candidate:
 Choi Dal Po portrayed by Lee Jong Suk from the series Pinocchio.

His Background: His father was falsely accused of murder by the rating obsessed press. Years later our lead seeks to right the wrongs of the unethical reporting that torpedoed his family.

Pluses: Smart, wears his emotions on his sleeve, caring. He battled for justice and along the way learned to rely on his girlfriend and other friends. Lee Jong Suk coxed a comfortable couple hood from Park Shin Hye including a kiss that sizzles. You heard me, Park Shin Hye actively participated in kissing Lee Jong Suk instead of the static lip press she typically employed.

Minuses: Willing back away from the woman he loved because of disapproval by his/her family and his concern his quest would ruin her life. To be fair, the leading lady self sacrificed and released him from their relationship urging him to do what he must to right the wrong her own mother perpetrated. He has a long lost brother who is willing to kill to extract revenge.

Would I date him? No. To each his own, but this sweet intense guy just doesn’t appeal.


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2 comments on “Would I Date Him? Pinocchio
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    In fairness, it has been a little over a year since I saw this drama, so I am relying on my memory. I certainly would not hold what his father may or may not have done (in this case NOT done) against Choi Dal Po. Just like I would not hold Dal Po responsible for his (bio) brother’s actions.

    I do find Dal Po’s sweet nature, goofiness (think cone umbrella), sense of justice and respect of elders charming. ❤ BONUS: he looks like a good 💋kisser💋. I would go out with him. Who knows if it would work out long term—but why not give him a chance?

    However, if I grew up thinking he was my uncle—I say NAY!

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