Descendants of the Sun Episode 18 (Special 2) Recap

In this second special episode Shi Jin and Mo Yeon’s relationship from episodes 7-16 is the focus. Dae Young and Myeong Joo get screen time too.

Descendants of the Sun Episode 18 “See You Again” (Special Episode 2) Recap


We begin in Urk with Doctor Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) stitching a wound on Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki).  He admits he missed her terribly when they were apart. That was more effective with his back to her, it seemed more raw.  Later he comforts her when she’s upset about the day. Then we hear Mo Yeon’s confession over the base broadcast system. Shi Jin’s smile is fabulous as he finally gets confirmation of her feelings. I also liked the way she did not acknowledge him as she yanked her phone away. Next Mo Yeon asks Officer Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won) about loving Dae Young and the risk and fear his job brings. Myeong Joo’s matter of fact manner is helpful. Then we get the double kiss scene in the truck. I get irked when this scene gets boiled down to only the second kiss. What makes the second kiss great is the first kiss that Shi Jin initiated followed by the second kiss that Mo Yeon initiated. If you don’t see both kisses you don’t get the context and impact. Then the darling scene with the straw on their backs as observed by the doctor and nurse.

dos_ep18_2b dos_ep18_2a
Mo Yeon announces on the base broadcast system there is a package for Dae Young (Jin Goo). That broadcast system seems to stir things up! Shi Jin and Dae Young run as their lives depend on it but to no avail. Myeong Joo gets to the package first and rips it open. Both women are miffed by the photo of their men with two other women. Out of breath the boys lie, the women grill them, the men throw each other under the bus. Myeong Joo effectively deals with Dae Young. Mo Yeon effectively deals with Shi Jin. The cuts between both couples was well done by the production team, it heightened the humor.

Alpha team saves annoying manager. Shi Jin corners Mr. Bad leaves but must leave with only the annoying manager. Annoying manager surgery sprays Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo putting them at risk for the virus. Ice bath for Myeong Joo. Drugs stolen by the goons. Alpha team readies for their retrieval mission. Mo Yeon provides Shi Jin the diamonds to trade. He hugs her before taking off on the mission. I liked the way she admitted she liked him and he touched her lips. Now Mo Yeon is Mr. Bad’s captive. He intones “Shi Jin is smart and funny but he has secrets. He’ll disappear. One day, he’ll never return.” It’s operation save Mo Yeon as Shi Jin calls for a helicopter from the Arab. Face off between Mr. Bad and Shi Jin. Mr. Bad puts the gun to Mo Yeon’s head, Shi Jin shoots the gun away from his hand. That was bold. Now Shi Jin amps up the bold moves by shooting the trigger on the bomb vest which is disabled then flung out the window to detonate. Mr. Bad tries to exit and Shi Jin shoots him dead while covering Mo Yeon’s eyes. Later Shi Jin cries remembering he shot a former comrade in arms. Then Mo Yeon comforts him. Lovely moment. The next day Mo Yeon declares her acceptance of Shi Jin and his job (the package deal) when she hugs him and tells him they need to accept each other as is. Smartly she asks for the code phrase “department store” to signify a dangerous mission. He agrees and hugs her back. He promises she’ll never need to worry. She’s not sure he can keep that promise. Mo Yoen was right on that! They hug.

Myeong Joo and Dae Young have their special moment when he admits he loves her. She wonders if they are breaking up. He repeats, I love. She smiles, he smiles. Drat, they cut the scene where they walk away holding hands.

Back in Korea Mo Yeon and Shi Jin admit they love each other in the coffee shop. Next Shi Jin tells Mo Yeon he must visit the department store. She tears up and he hugs her. He promises not to get hurt. He promises to return. On the mission, Shi Jin and Dae Young are under fire while waiting for transport. Both of them are shot. Their position is bombed. Alpha team fears they’ve just witnessed Shi Jin and Dae Young die. Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo learn of their deaths and receive their written wills. Interesting how they cut out Snoopy and the other soldier that gave them the news and left only the women’s reactions. That worked. Mo Yeon reads Shi Jin’s will. She rushes to Myeong Joo who is sobbing. She realizes this is real. She sees Myeong Joo has Dae Young’s will. She breaks down knowing she’ll never see Shi Jin, the man she loves, again.

Mo Yeon mourns. Mo Yeon goes on with her life but she can’t forget Shi Jin. Back at Urk, she makes a memorial to Shi Jin in the desert. She remember the promises he made not to get hurt and always return. She sobs he was a liar. Shi Jin’s voice comes from the walkie talkie. She spots him over the rise. She runs to him. He lifts her up. With tears in his eyes, he says it’s been a long time on a long mission. He hugs her. She can’t believe it, but then it’s real, he’s alive, and she’s in his arms. That is an effective and moving scene.

Next up, Dae Young returns to Myeong Joo in the snow. Tears streaming he apologize for being late in his response that he won’t break up with her. She hits him while she cries. He kisses her. She pushes him away and hits him again. He pulls her to him for another kiss. Drat, they cut that scene too quick. Even so, that is an effective and moving scene.

Back at their beach, Shi Jin and Mo Yeon frolic. He admits she brightens his life. She admits she wished for a kiss. He obliges. He declares his love. She concurs. They laugh. She declares her love. He concurs. So darn cute!

My Thoughts
* This was the second of three special episodes. Special Episode 2 was a compilation of our lead’s relationship from episodes 7-16. This episode showed more of Dae Young and Myeong Joo. They were best in the second half of the show, so I agree with showcasing them in this second special episode. Watching this scenes again, you can clearly see the chemistry between our leads, our second leads, the male leads, the female leads, and all our leads when they acted as a foursome. This was the strength of this series.

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3 comments on “Descendants of the Sun Episode 18 (Special 2) Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    This was a nice complementary episode with the last episode. I concur that it was nice to see more of Myeong Joo and Dae Young. It was nice to see some of the best 💋romantic ❤ moments of the series.

    I can wait for your recap of episode 19. It was more of what I expected to see for a special episode with some commentaries and outtakes.


  2. kpopmystars says:

    thanks… like this drama


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