Come Back Mister Episode 16 (Final) Recap

Our leads make their last moves before the clock ticks down ending their time on earth.

Episode 16 (Final) Recap:

Na Suk Chul overhears Young Soo’s wife (Lee Min Jung) ask if Han Gi Tak was her brother. Kim Young Soo (Rain) and Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) are surprised, Gi Tak admits that she is not Gi Tak’s sister but Young Soo’s wife is. That blows her away. Gi Tak tells her not to tell anyone the truth of who she is.  Overcome, Gi Tak leaves. Young Soo’s wife cries. Suk Chul smiles his evil smile. Young Soo urges her to be open to love. Young Soo tells her he’s leaving in 2 days.

Ex-Department Store President and Yi Yeon meet at his office. She wonders if he’d met someone else, wouldn’t his life have been better? She wants to end things peaceably.

Young Soo sits in his office and muses at all he was able to achieve during his time at the department store. Young Soo tells his former boss he may act strange in the future. They hug.

Gi Tak drinks with the former employee and Seung Jae. She tells them she’s going to the United States. She tells them to take care of the eatery. She tells Seung Jae to take care of Yi Yeon. Seung Jae asks her to leave until he takes care of Suk Chul. Gi Tak tells him revenge isn’t the way to go.

Song Yi Yeon (Lee Ha Nui) learns Gi Tak is going to the states. Yi Yeon has a photo shoot. Gi Tak watches knowing he’s leaving Yi Yeon in a positive state of mind.

Seung Jae tracks Suk Chul who in turn confronts him. Suk Chul admits to killing Gi Tak. He tells his goon to beat up Seung Jae. The goon knifes Seung Jae. Suk Chul tells the bleeding Seung Jae that Gi Tak’s sister is next.

Young Soo’s wife gets a call from Suk Chul pretending to have Gi Tak’s belongings and requesting she come get them. She agrees. Suk Chul laughs his evil laugh. Young Soo’s wife calls Gi Tak who doesn’t pick up, saying he can do nothing else for her. When Seung Jae calls he struggles to warn Gi Tak not to come but Suk Chul is after her.

Young Soo’s wife arrives at Gi Tak’s apartment. Suk Chul enters and smiles.

Young Soo gets a call and overhears his wife talking to Suk Chul (who has their conversation on speaker). Suk Chul tells Young Soo that he better bring the secret account information or Gi Tak’s sister will die. Young Soo drives quickly and call Gi Tak. He tells her that Suk Chul has his wife. Gi Tak races to his apartment. Young Soo races to the apartment. Gi Tak prefers running to a cab. Young Soo’s wife sees the collage of her brother’s life in his apartment. Gi Tak races to the apartment and finds the bleeding Seung Jae.  He’s in a bad way. Gi Tak can’t believe that Seung Jae went after Suk Chul alone. Seung Jae passes out.

When Young Soo’s wife is done gathering Gi Tak’s items. Suk Chul menacing tells her they need to talk. Young Soo arrives and puts himself between his wife and Suk Chul.  Unfortunately Young Soo isn’t much of a fighter but he does have stamina. Suk Chul demands the secret account information. Young Soo vows to protect his wife.

Yi Yeon sees Gi Tak in the photo from her photo shoot. She runs after him remember the good times.

cbm_ep16_4acbm_ep16_4bcbm_ep16_4d cbm_ep16_4c
Meanwhile Suk Chul beats Young Soo. Gi Tak arrives with the information Suk Chul needs. Suk Chul wants the information. Gi Tak fights him. As we know Gi Tak fights like a man now. Gi Tak screams is money worth all this? Suk Chul screams that Gi Tak was the person that ruined his life. Gi Tak burns the secret account information and throws it over the roof. Suk Chul goes over taking Gi Tak with him. Young Soo manages to grab Gi Tak’s hand but he cannot haul up both men. Gi Tak tells Young Soo to take care of those he loves.  Young begs him not to die with Suk Chul. Young Soo’s wife realizes it is Gi Tak she is looking at. Young Soo cries remembering their friendship. Gi Tak pulls his hand away from Young Soo. He falls to his death taking Suk Chul with him. Young Soo weeps. Young Soo and his wife only see Suk Chul’s dead body on the pavement. Yi Yeon arrives screaming for Gi Tak. She turns and sees him. Gi Tak tells her this is their good bye. Yi Yeon asks him not to go and cries. Gi Tak tells her not to cry. He kisses Yi Yeon (switch to the original actor) and we flashback to their “good times”. The guardian stand with Gi Tak. He tells Yi Yeon he’ll be around. He disappears. Yi Yeon sobs. I like the both actors fading away in front of Yi Yeon. Gi Tak is erased from all photos, mugs, etc. I did not expect that. They are erasing the character?

Yi Yeon is alone at the apartment. She looks around puzzled.

Young Soo learns Suk Chul died from the fall. He checks his wife who is sleeping and dreaming of Gi Tak. The guardian appears and tells Young Soo that Gi Tak’s will be erased from his wife’s memories. Young Soo asks the right question – will I be erased too? Young Soo’s wife wakes and smiles at Young Soo. I’m still surprised they erased Gi Tak’s existence.

Young Soo gives his daughter winter coat, bra, etc. since he won’t be there for her future life milestones. He gives her a tiara for her to wear on her wedding day. They practice getting married while her mother and father watch smiling. Flashback to family “good times” with Young Soo.

That night Young Soo watches his father sleep. He tells his father to watch over his wife and daughter. He cries.

cbm_ep16_6acbm_ep16_6b cbm_ep16_6c
Young Soo finishes putting stickers on the board. He  finds the picture from Gi Tak with the account information. He puts a sticker on it and leaves it for his wife. He packs his bag. His wife offers a curry breakfast saying her husband used to like it. Young Soo tells her they won’t see each other again. He recommends should they see each other again, they should pretend they don’t know each other. She agrees. I never get that sentiment though it is prevalent in kdramas. Young Soo leaves the house. He sees the guardian waiting for him. She asks if coming back was worth it. Young Soo confirms it was worth it. He looks back at his house. He admits he’d hoped his wife would recognize him in this body.

His wife stares at the curry bowl with the uneaten carrots. She realizes who Young Soo was. She runs after him. Flashback her “good times” with Young Soo. She runs to Young Soo and gives him a back hug. She cries and tells him her standard greeting that he worked hard. Young Soo cries knowing she knows. He puts his hand on hers. He extracts himself and tells her good bye. Turn around Young Soo…say it to her face. His wife watches him go and wishes him well.

Young Soo (original actor) and the guardian walk away together.

Yi Yeon is interviewed as a successful actress. She’s at peace. She meets Seung Jae and the former employee. Seung Jae become her new manager. While Yi Yeon talks to her son on the phone Seung Jae looks at a picture on his phone. Gi Tak (the woman’s body) jogs past Yi Yeon and Seung Jae. He truns to look at her.

The illegitimate son arrives at the department store. The employees fawn all over him. He is polite but walks away. The employees are reminded the Department Store manager hit his head in the hit and run accident and isn’t the same man. The Chairman’s secretary recalls Young Soo asking her to distribute his stock to the employees. The illegitimate son reads a memo from Young Soo where he admits to impersonating him for 2 months. Young Soo says he left him a store full of happy memories. Young Soo wishes that the illegitimate son won’t waste time with sibling rivalry.

The chairman meets with both his sons. The former department store president offers to help. The illegitimate son calls him brother and the chairman father. They are shocked. The chairman’s secretary tells the men to talk to each other and leaves the room.

Yi Yeon’s son plays while Yi Yeon and her ex discuss having a meal together.  She’s surprised at his positive attitude.

Young Soo’s daughter and Section Chief Jung share a drink in the park. They discuss her father in positive terms. She asks him to teach her to dance.

Young Soo’s wife gets on the elevator with the illegitimate son. He ignores her. She smiles. She tells him she’s applying for workers comp. He walks stares as she exits the elevator.

cbm_ep16_11b cbm_ep16_11a
As the illegitimate walks in the lobby, Gi Tak (the woman’s body now with short hair) literally runs into him.  They stare at each other. She asks if they’ve met before. He says no and chuckles. She denies she’s not coming onto him. She gets miffed and walks away. He smiles and walks away. They both turn and stare at each other and smile. Oh Yeon Seo looked great in that haircut and dress.

cbm_ep16_12acbm_ep16_12c cbm_ep16_12b
Epilogue: Gi Tak takes the photo of his young sister.  He then has the photo taken with his sister. The man that takes the photo is Young Soo’s father and a teenage Young Soo is in the car. His father pulls him out of the drivers seat. Young Soo winks at the young sister. He walks away. Gi Tak and his sister walk away. We now understand how the erased Gi Tak picture has the teenage Young Soo in it.

My Thoughts
* I don’t understand why Gi Tak’s existence was erased. I really don’t. What purpose did it serve other than erasing the pain of Yi Yeon and his sister?
* With Gi Tak never existing the epilogue ended with the illegitimate son and the body of Gi Tak meeting. The writer wanted to go full circle and this was path chosen.
* Young Soo walks away knowing his wife finally realized he was in the body. Not sure what purpose that served either other than making him feel like his time on earth left a permanent mark. The good bye between Young Soo and Gi Tak was well done. Rain and Oh Yeon Seo had excellent chemistry throughout the series.
* Gi Tak dies to protect his sister. I liked that he was able to beat up Suk Chul since he could fight like a guy. I wondered if he had to make the choice to die with Suk Chul. I liked the final scene with Yi Yeon when both actors that played Gi Tak said goodbye to her.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, tried to stop Gi Tak from leaving. She was too late but still had closure with Gi Tak. I thought she’d figure out that it was Gi Tak in the body, but that did not happen. That honor went to Young Soo’s wife.
* Young Soo’s wife realized Young Soo was in the body. She back hugged him and he walked away.  Previously she realized Gi Tak was in the body, but forgot that when his existence was erased. As Gi Tak was erased, her memories of him were erased too.
* The epilogue was a bit confusing. To explain how the teenage Young Soo was in the revised photo with Young Soo’s wife (with Gi Tak erased), we see they met years earlier when Gi Tak took his sister to the orphanage. I don’t mind Young Soo and his wife meeting at a young age, but having Gi Tak in that scene didn’t make sense, if he was erased from earth.
* This show had the misfortune to air opposite the mega hit Descendants of the Sun. The ratings were small as everyone watched DOTS.
How did I do on my wishlist for the final episode? Pretty bad. I didn’t guess Gi Tak would be erased. I was sorry not to see the final one, Young Soo and Gi Tak happy in heaven.
** Yes – Gi Tak will die fighting Suk Chul to the death to save his sister / Young Soo’s wife. Suk Chul will die in the fight. Seung Jae may be there and able to say good bye. Outside chance Yi Yeon will be there too and be able to say goodbye.
** No – Young Soo will disappear after giving his wife the bank account information of Big Boss’s stash of cash. This will allow her family to be financially independent.
** Epilogue will show
a. Yes – the illegitimate son is now the Department Store President.
b. No – the former Department Store President is in jail.
c. No – Yi Yeon has full custody of her son. She and Seung Jae are an item.
d. No – Yi Yeon and Young Soo’s wife are friends and fondly remember the men they loved.
e. No – Young Soo’s wife tells Section Chief Jung that he is the father of her daughter after she realizes that denying her daughter a father is wrong.
f. No – We will see Young Soo and Gi Tak happy in heaven as they remain good friends knowing they did what they could to assure their loved ones are happy.
* The 8th part of this series strong OST has been released. Three new songs:
* Two Faces by Jung Seul Gi
* Falling in Love by ToppDogg
* Even A Single Day by Kim Su Yeon
Playlist with the 8 part OST is below:

1-2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | Series


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10 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 16 (Final) Recap
  1. Beez says:


    Should be taught to all kdrama writers & producers – Ep16.101 HOW TO TOTALLY F*CK UP A PERFECT SHOW!

    • kjtamuser says:

      I was surprised and don’t understand the writer’s choices in this final episode.

      • Beez says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong (cause I do tend to doze), but even if I could accept this ending: Gitak didn’t come anywhere near as close to breaking the disclosure rules like Yong Soo did. Yi Yeon figured it out on her own whereas Yong Soo was constantly dropping hints about “last time I brought you here…” etc.

        So effectively, they made Gitak’s life a wasted life. For a person who selflessly gave love that is a horrible message the story left us with. And if he’s erased, wouldn’t Seung ji and the other guys be hoodlums because they had no mentor?

        And don’t get me started on Dae Hye having semi fallen in love with HaeJoon/Yong Soo and now she will accept seeing him almost daily at work and never say anything to him? What if she’s feeling lonely or upset and thinks “I’ll go talk to this man who I know loves me just for a moment of comfort because he understands me” and gets the total “you must be a crazy woman stare”?

        Or does she think Yong Soo was possessing Hae Joon’s body and is permanently gone now?

        They should have given us a reason when Gitak was suddenly able to fight like himself back in Ep 14, I it was. Even if it was just “I had to get used to the [body,high heels, something]”.

        Oh and Hae Joon and that training bra! As a viewer who knows that is Hana’s dad, I’m fine with it and I get the heart tug.
        But if Hana’s mom or Yong Soo’dad had seen this semi-stranger man giving her that bra…not funny at all.I do hate that we live in a world where I couldn’t just enjoy the poignancy of that scene without that hideous thought but…

        • kjtamuser says:

          Your points:
          1. Gi Tak did not disclose his identify while Young Soo practically flaunted it at times. CORRECT.
          2. “Gi Tak’s life was a wasted life. For a person who selflessly gave love that is a horrible message”. CORRECT. I don’t understand WHY the writer chose this.
          3. Young Soo’s wife will keep the “act like you don’t know me” pact. CORRECT. I don’t understand this mantra which is used many times in dramas.
          4. Young Soo’s wife figured out that Young Soo was in the body. CORRECT. She also figured out that Gi Tak was in the body but that realization was erased when Gi Tak was erased.
          5. Young Soo’s final family moments. The years of gifts to his daughter were a stretch but Young Soo had brazenly inserted himself back in his family from the beginning. He was consistent.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    No kidding—the writers 😡 MESSED UP a perfectly good show!!! If GT and any memories about him disappear and Seung Jae is okay, wouldn’t the same logic have Suk Chul okay and YS and any memories about him disappearing when he leaves?

    How could they negate the existence of such a main character? So many people had sweeter, richer lives thanks to GT. GT’s guys would have been Suk Chul’s goons. Who would Da Hye be? Where would Yi Yeon be? The only ones that benefit from GT not existing are possibly Seung Jae and then Suk Chul (if we were logical, he would not have be dead) and Jae Guk—who is now no longer a murderer, but still an excrement doppelganger!

    What about the unfinished side stories?:
    • Da Hye: 1) As mentioned, how or does she interact with the real HJ? 2) No indication she got the secret bank account—does it even exist anymore without GT? Would she even be able to access it? 3) What about Ha Na and her bio dad? We saw them talking together, will he get a chance to be the dad that I’m sure he would like to be?
    • What about YS’s dad and his Alzheimer’s? Why bring this up at all?
    • What was the purpose of the mysterious X? She was the chairman’s secretary, but informant for the real HJ—what was the reasoning for this? What was the point?
    • We saw Seung Jae show recognition for a long haired Hong Nan; which makes me think they may have a future—why then does she show up in front of HJ with short hair?

    While the ending was a HUGE disappointment, there were a few bright spots—I’m trying to be positive instead of angry:
    • GT/HN’s sacrifice to keep his sister safe.
    • Da Hye seems to getting her groove and confidence back. Ha Na seems to be adjusting.
    • Yi Yeon is coming back into her own with confidence and having moxy with the stinky ex.
    • Seung Jae survived—I’m sure Ma Ya would have liked to have literally gotten her hands on him—as would I!
    • I loved the secretary stepping out of being the chairman’s mouthpiece! Her exasperation was great!
    • Our bromance could turn into a doppelganger 💋 romance.
    • Great soundtrack

    In my fantasy epilogue we have GT & YS giving Suk Chul the bum’s rush to the one-way express train to hell (or Ghost-esque demons dragging him to the train or down to hell). Then GT & YS walk slapping each other on the back to catch their express train to heaven, where they watch over their loved ones. ❤

    WRITERNIM: [as my glove slaps the writer's face] How dare you take us on a JOY RIDE and leave us stranded MILES from home—I DEMAND SATISFACTION!

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’ve been waiting for your final thoughts. You brought up an excellent list of dangling plot points.

      Eliminating Gi Tak does not make sense. This was a slap in the face to every viewer and the two actors that portrayed this “willing to sacrifice” character.

      Love your fantasy epilogue…that would have worked for me.

      I like your attempt to turn my frown upside down with your list of positives. This was an good soundtrack – ballads and fun songs galore.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts faithfully!

  3. Seung Jae's abs says:

    The reason why Gi Tak was erased was because his identity was revealed.I don’t think it matters as to who reveals their identity.Gi Tak turned into his real self while kissing Yi Yeon.I think it happened not just because Yi Yeon figured it out but also because that is how Gi Tak wanted to say goodbye.He didn’t seem to be sad or scared that his existence was going to be removed in this way.
    On the other hand Young Soo didn’t exactly reveal his identity.Even when he leaves and Da Hye runs and hugs him from behind he tries his best not to turn around.Why? Because he might reveal himself if he gets too emotional.I think Da Hye believes that he is a person very similar to her husband and might have been sent by him from heaven(there are people who believe that kind of stuff).She didn’t realize that it was actually her husband.If she did then she wouldn’t have acted friendly to the illigetimate son in the elevator.She had no idea that the illegitimate son was not actually the guy she met before.She still thinks that they both are the same person.
    What I am curious about is there is another woman who looks like Hong Nan?And why on earth was Seung jae’s phone wallpaper had Maya with a child???He got married to Maya or a woman who looks like Maya? WTF?

    • The reason why Gi Tak was erased was because his identity was revealed.I don’t think it matters as to who reveals their identity.Gi Tak turned into his real self while kissing Yi Yeon.
      Appreciate you sharing your opinions.

      On the other hand Young Soo didn’t exactly reveal his identity.Even when he leaves and Da Hye runs and hugs him from behind he tries his best not to turn around.Why? Because he might reveal himself if he gets too emotional.
      That is logical.

      • Kxxrol says:

        Remember how Hong Nan(Gi Tak) had to follow three rules? Well she broke all three of them, as shown halfway through the episode.
        Han Hong Nan indirectly had her revenge when she told Lee Hae Joon to “let her go” when she was hanging off the side of a building with Na Suk Chul holding onto her. She could have saved herself and Suk Chul but choose not to. In the process, Suk Chul, who is the man responsible for killing Han Gi Tak in her previous life, dies too.
        When Han Hong Nan interfered in the situation between Shin Da Hye and Na Suk Chul prior to their fight that made both she and Suk Chul hang meticulously off the side of a building, Hong Nan engaged in human affairs.
        Finally, Han Hong Nan revealed to Song Yi Yeon that she was Han Gi Tak, thus revealing her true identity.

        • Remember how Hong Nan(Gi Tak) had to follow three rules? Well she broke all three of them, as shown halfway through the episode.
          I went back to check on the rules given by the guardian: 1. Keep their identify a secret. 2. They cannot use their body as revenge. 3. They cannot interfere with the living.

          I can see your thought process that these rules were broken. Thanks for the comment and sharing your take on the matter.

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