Come Back Mister Episode 15 Recap

Our leads make choices that will shape the final showdown / episode of this series.

Episode 15 Recap:

cbm_ep15_1c cbm_ep15_1b cbm_ep15_1a
Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) sets a pretty table for Young Soo’s wife (Lee Min Jung). She arrives at Gi Tak’s eatery. Kim Young Soo (Rain) crosses the road to the eatery, flowers in hand. Deliberately Na Suk Chul aims his car at Young Soo and hits Young Soo.  Gi Tak cuts his finger. Something is amiss. Young Soo lands on the road. He stands. Blood drips down his face. He staggers and falls. The onlookers seem only to stare and not assist Young Soo.  He rises again, grabbing his cell phone and flowers.  Why isn’t anyone helping him walk? He staggers towards the eatery. You’ve got to be kidding me. Young Soo’s wife remembers multiple times Young Soo was just like her husband. Bedraggled Young Soo makes it to the eatery and sees his wife from the outside. He apologizes for being late. He offers the flowers. She asks if anything is wrong. He says he didn’t want to be late this time. The meal is the chief’s special which looks like butter sauteed steak and mushrooms. He cuts his steak and switches plates with her. They smile at each other. Gi Tak watches his sister enjoy the meal and remembers the fateful night Young Soo and his wife ate there previously. Young Soo’s wife asks why he wanted to take her out. It’s simple, to thanks her for her caring, her family, he had to tell her, no matter what. Nice! He grimaces and says he kept his promise. She realizes something isn’t right. He falls to the floor. Gi Tak rushes over. An ambulance is called. Young Soo whispers he was hit by a car. Turning brain off that he was hit by a car, walked to dinner, ate, then collapsed.

Young Soo is wheeled into emergency. His wife asks the right question…why did he wait so long to say anything about his injuries? Gi Tak orders the guys to find the hit and run driver. He watches his sister sit by Young Soo. Gi Tak calls to the guardian who appears and grimly says Young Soo will die in 2 days. Gi Tak is shocked. He grabs the guardian demanding Young Soo be saved. The guardian sadly states she cannot interfere with the life and death of humans. Gi Tak asks the guardian to allow Young Soo to wake so he can say goodbye. She admits there is a way but Gi Tak would have to share his remaining time with Young Soo. Gi Tak stares shocked. I like that he did not quickly answer. This is a big decision.

Young Soo’s wife pleads with Young Soo to wake. He was to leave smiling not injured!

cbm_ep15_3b cbm_ep15_3a
Gi Tak and the guardian watch Young Soo. Gi Tak nods his head in agreement to share his remaining time with Young Soo. This choice is exactly who Gi Tak is. He gives of himself for those he loves. The guardian walks to Young Soo and lays her hands on him. Gi Tak smiles knowing she’s made the right choice for her friend. Young Soo’s wife wakes to find Young Soo waking up and holding her hand. He tells her they need to go home. She can’t believe his ok. Young Soo asks to go home and be with her family. She smiles her agreement. The doctor can’t believe that Young Soo left.

Song Yi Yeon (Lee Ha Nui) wonders what the next move her ex-husband the Department Store President will make. Gi Tak arrives at the apartment. Yi Yeon tells him that she had dinner with her ex-husband and it was weird. She finds Gi Tak kept an old interview she did 10 years ago. She smiles in pleasure.

cbm_ep15_4bcbm_ep15_4acbm_ep15_4d cbm_ep15_4c
The Department Store President meets Suk Chul. He demands the voice recording. He gives Suk Chul the money. His men surround Suk Chul. He’s surprised and tells the Department Store President he ran down his rival that evening. Suk Chul claims he did it because the Department Store President ordered him to do it and he’s willing to testify to this. The Department Store President kicks him. He take the voice recording. Suk Chul taunts the Department Store President that he has a surprise for him and runs into the river. Of course Suk Chul gets away and smiles malevolently at the Department Store President. That was a bit silly that Suk Chul escaped with 20 goons around him. Suk Chul is excellent at evil looks.

Young Soo’s wife watches him sleep. His daughter watches him sleep. His father watches him sleep. Nice scene!

Next we see Young Soo he sleeps in the massage chair. His wife checks the scar from his accident. Young Soo wakes and says he feels much better. He gives her a sticker and thanks her for her car. She leaves the sticker with him. He checks his watch and calls the guardian. He doesn’t understand why he know has MORE time left on earth than before. The guardian tells him everything will be explained when he returns. She urges him to finish his business before he has to leave. He complains there isn’t enough time. The guardian says everyone is in the same position.

Young Soo meets with the Chairman’s secretary who was behind the fortune cookies and suspects he is not the illegitimate son. She tells him that important male in his life was her father, not his father. That surprises Young Soo. She asks if he wants her help to win the difficult game he is playing. Okay, I thought she pegged him as a fake, so I’m surprised that she doesn’t believe that anymore.

cbm_ep15_6b cbm_ep15_6a
Yi Yeon, Seung Jae greet Young Soo’s wife at the department store. They chuckle over Gi Tak. Yi Yeon shares about Gi Tak. Yi Yeon is surprised. Yi Yeon shares that Gi Tak died but his men protect her. She looks at Seung Jae. She notices Young Soo’s wife is troubled.

The Department Store Manager asks Section Chief Jung if the sale of the department store is proceeding. Section Chief Jung asks if the Department Store Manger ordered murder because there is a voice recording on the internet. The Department Store Manager denies this. His assistant bursts in the office. Section Chief Jung tells him that if it is true, he cannot help him.

As they walk through the department store Yi Yeon notices everyone staring at her. She asks what is wrong. Seung Jae gets a text with the voice recording. He plays the voice recording. Yi Yeon recognizes the Department Store President’s voice ordering Gi Tak killed. She tells Young Soo’s wife she must leave. She turns and sees Gi Tak. Young Soo confronts the Department Store President who claims this is nonsense. Young Soo claims if it is true, he’ll destroy the Department Store President. He laughs and says Young Soo is finally revealing his authentic self. Young Soo says he’ll feel the pain of those he used and abused.

cbm_ep15_7b cbm_ep15_7a
Gi Tak and Yi Yeon stare at each other. Yi Yeon doesn’t want to believe the Department Store President would order Gi Tak killed. She leaves. Seung Jae believes it. Gi Tak orders him to take care of Yi Yeon. He wants action but complies. Young Soo’s wife asks if Gi Tak is okay.

Young Soo asks if Gi Tak is alright. She isn’t. She can’t believe that someone deliberately killed him. Gi Tak tells Young Soo to stay by his wife’s side and protect her. Young Soo promises to stay by his wife’s and Gi Tak’s sister’s side.

Young Soo’s wife dreams of her older brother. Young Soo wakes her concerned that she’s crying. She says she has a premonition that something bad will happen. She makes him promise to say goodbye before he leaves. That’s heavy foreshadowing folks.

Yi Yeon asks her ex-husband if he ordered Gi Tak killed. She demands he tell her. He confirms he did it. He blames her for his death order for Gi Tak. She falls on the floor sobbing. He is angry that she still cries and cares for Gi Tak.

The Department Store President prepares to meet with the police. LOL when his assistant asks if a more conservative jacket would be in order.

cbm_ep15_9bcbm_ep15_9d cbm_ep15_9c
Young Soo is trying to determine the truth behind Gi Tak’s death. Gi Tak arrives and they looks at the evidence together. Young Soo declares they must comb their memories to determine what happened that fateful night. Now we see the additional details. When Gi Tak’s car was overturned Suk Chul approached the car saw Gi Tak unconsciousness in the car. Suk Chul sent the photo of Gi Tak and Yi Yeon hugging to Department Store President and calls him what his next step should be. Livid the Department Store President tells Suk Chul to kill Gi Tak. Suk Chul agrees. Suk Chul recorded the phone call. Smiling he’s thrilled Gi tak will now die. He puts a cigarette in Gi Tak’s hand and walks away leaving the truck to plow into Gi Tak’s car and kill him. You can’t get any colder or evil than that. Gi Tak declares the Suk Chul will burn in hell for using the Department Store President’s uncontrollable jealousy of Gi Tak to order his death. The Department Store President was manipulated by Suk Chul. Young Soo asks what Suk Chul wants. Gi Tak says that Suk Chul also killed the Big Boss. The reason is simple…the money Big Boss put in Gi Tak’s care. Gi Tak says that Suk Chul must continue to believe that he is Gi Tak’s sister. Suk Chul can never know that Young Soo’s wife is Gi Tak’s sister. Human sacrifice, thy name is Gi Tak. Gi Tak declares that he must catch Suk Chul before he leaves. They both look at their watches. Young Soo can’t believe that he has 43 hours while Gi Tak has 28 hours. Young Soo realizes that Gi Tak gave him some of his time. Gi Tak says he did for his sister. Young Soo hugs Gi Tak. Okay, that got me. Gi Tak chides him to take care of his sister. Young Soo cries knowing his friend will soon be gone. Touching moment between our leads.

Yi Yeon wishes Gi Tak could have spent more time with her. She notes his sister is pretty and strong. She looks at the 10 year old interview. She sees Gi Tak in the background of the article’s picture. She smiles. He was watching over her. She does have a picture with the both of them. She tells Gi Tak that she’s sorry. Gi Tak overhears her confession. Yi Yeon admits that she pushed him away because she wasn’t good for him. She apologizes for loving him and causing his life to be wrecked. Gi Tak is stunned. The woman he loved, did love him. Gi Tak tells Yi Yeon that her ex-husband didn’t kill Gi Tak. Really? He was foaming at the mouth and ordered him killed. Manipulated or not, he said the words to kill Gi Tak. He tells her to take care of her son. Gi Tak tells her he’s done everything and now it’s time to leave. Yi Yeon watches him go and cries. She almost runs after him but doesn’t.

At the shareholders’s meeting the Department Store President arrives interrupting hte meeting already in process. He knows that they are discussing firing him. He wants to know whose idea it was to fire him. Young Soo says it was his idea. The Department Store President says Young Soo cannot put anything on the agenda without being a major share holder. Young Soo smiles and tell him he is a major shareholder. It was easy to become one with the stock so cheap. Young Soo presents all of the Department Store’s transgression to the board including the chairman. The Department Store President tells his father (the chairman) in a mocking tone, you’ve raised a great son (meaning Young Soo). They vote to fire the Department Store President. When the Chairman votes yes, everyone votes yes. The Department Store President is fired. Young Soo is declared the new Department Store President by the chairman. Young Soo tells the fired Department Store President he knows that he didn’t intend to kill Gi Tak. The fired Department Store President tells him to take a hike.

cbm_ep15_12b cbm_ep15_12acbm_ep15_12c
Young Soo tells Gi Tak they will go together and see his wife / Gi Tak’s sister one last time. Young Soo’s wife arrives. She has the picture of herself and Gi Tak. She asks what this means. Young Soo tells her the man in the picture is her older brother. She stares at Young Soo in surprise. Gi Tak stares at Young Soo in surprise. Young Soo says he cannot tell her anything about her older brother because he was directed not too. Young Soo assures his wife that her older brother loved her. Young Soo says that leaving her behind was the only way her older brother could protect her. Young Soo’s wife asks if her brother’s name was Gi Tak. Now Young Soo stares at her in surprise. Gi Tak stares at her in surprise. Suk Chul sits at a table nearby overhearing the conversation and smiles his evil smile.

Epilogue: The pilot cradles and the illegitimate son are good buddies. A boat approaches the island. They are thrilled. Finally they are saved!

My Thoughts
* Suk Chul is the big bad of this series. He assaulted Yi Yeon when they were young and Gi Tak intervened setting in motion the hatred and protection cycle that ended Gi Tak’s life early. When Yi Yeon says it was her fault that Gi Tak was killed, she played a part but the inference is that Suk Chul used and manipulated her to pull Gi Tak back into her life. Then Suk Chul used and manipulated the Department Store President to order Gi Tak’s death though Suk Chul would have killed him anyhow. I still take issue with the idea that Gi Tak and Young Soo let the Department Store President off the hook for ordering Gi Tak’s death. He gave the order. Even though he was manipulated to anger, he still gave the order. BTW, this was a good episode.
* Young Soo gets an extra 15 hours of time on earth courtesy of Gi Tak. I liked that Young Soo realized that Gi Tak gave him that gift of time. Young Soo’s tears and hug of Gi Tak was the touching moment of this episode. Young Soo’s wife, daughter and father tending him after the accident was a sweet moment too.
* Gi Tak offers to die to protect his sister. His last meeting with Yi Yeon wasn’t that satisfactory but thank goodness he overheard her admit she loved Gi Tak. It wasn’t unrequited love. Yi Yeon loved him too. Gi Tak was surprised that Young Soo asked his sister to meet him one last time. This setup of the evil Suk Chul to set his sights on Young Soo’s wife now.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, admitted she loved Gi Tak. She did not want to believe her ex-husband ordered Gi Tak’s death. When she found out she was devastated and guilt ridden. Hate to say it but she really was not a positive force in Gi Tak’s life. Granted it was the crazy jealous actions of Suk Chul and her ex-husband but it did swirl around her.
* Young Soo’s wife realizes she is is Gi Tak’s sister. I found it interesting that she didn’t share this with impression with Yi Yeon. I thought the write might go there. She surprises Young Soo and Gi Tak with the revelation. Unfortunately for her Suk Chul overheard.
* One more episode to go. What’s my wishlist for the final episode? Based on everything that the guardian has said, Young Soo and Gi Tak will return to heaven, there is no option. With that in mind, how do I want them to exit earth?
** Gi Tak will die fighting Suk Chul to the death to save his sister / Young Soo’s wife. Suk Chul will die in the fight. Seung Jae may be there and able to say good bye. Outside chance Yi Yeon will be there too and be able to say goodbye.
** Young Soo will disappear after giving his wife the bank account information of Big Boss’s stash of cash. This will allow her family to be financially independent.
** Epilogue will show
a. the illegitimate son is now the Department Store President.
b. the former Department Store President is in jail.
c. Yi Yeon has full custody of her son. She and Seung Jae are an item.
d. Yi Yeon and Young Soo’s wife are friends and fondly remember the men they loved.
e. Young Soo’s wife tells Section Chief Jung that he is the father of her daughter after she realizes that denying her daughter a father is wrong.
f. We will see Young Soo and Gi Tak happy in heaven as they remain good friends knowing they did what they could to assure their loved ones are happy.

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2 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 15 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks YS/HJ reanimation after injury was a bit preposterous. I know YS/HJ wanted to keep his promise, but at least call the police to get Suk Chul, while witnesses were still around. I figured the only reason he was even able to get up was it was the replacement body.

    GT/HN’s sacrifice of time again reiterates the bromance and the love GT has for his sister. If it turns out Yi Yeon’s son is his, he may rue that decision. It is nice to see YS/HJ was touched by this gesture. ❤

    Gotta say, I love it when bad guys fight/destroy each other. Too bad Jae Guk and his goons did take out Suk Chul! It is awesome that as a return of the favor, the audio tape of Jae Guk being responsible for Suk Chul killing GT is revealed—Suk Chul is an idiot for outing himself as a murder as well! Section Chief Jung finally shows some decent judgement by walking away from Jae Guk! Maybe there is hope for him to become a good guy! Jae Guk got his own when his dad was the first to raise his hand to fire his butt! However, I don’t think we are done with his antics yet. I concur about GT/HN and YS/HJ seemingly letting him off the hook—he did order it and probably paid Suk Chul for the deed.

    When we saw GT’s death in the first episode, I briefly thought the truck deliberately hit him as there was no slowing down—there did not seem to be any motive for it. I brushed it off as so many dramas have a truck only honk and do NOT slow down, but continue to plow into vehicles or people…I did notice that this truck did not honk—hmmm was that the writer giving us a clue?

    I am not a happy 😦 camper that Da Hye is now Suk Chul’s target; he is ruthless and will not believe that she doesn’t know about the money.

    Looks like the real HJ will be coming back just in time for the departure of YS/HJ. Will he be clueless about what has been going on in his absence? Will X fill him in on the doing and will he seamlessly fit in or will it be somewhere in between? How will the real HJ interact with Da Hye, will he end us as the man in her life or will it be Section Chief Jung? 💋 Or, as the your wish list suggest will she be left with enough money to take care of herself?

    Kjtamuser — like your wish list for the final episode; I’m off the watch it!

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