Would I Date Him? Boy Sitter

This week I ponder “Would I Date Him?” for the series Boy Sitter

Our candidate:  Jian Ren portrayed by River Huang He from the series Boy Sitter.

His Background: Modern single man who is commitment phobic. When his first (and only) love returns to town, he must face his fear of commitment. And there’s a complication…he is now a father.

Pluses: Confident, great hair, with a tender heart (when you get to know him). Once he found out he was a father, he jumped in and was a caring dad to his adorable child.

Minuses: Afraid of commitment and doesn’t want to resolve this.

Would I date him? I’d have drinks with him. He’s cute, fun, perfect for some light conversation.

Would it last? No, not without commitment.


Asian drama fan

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4 comments on “Would I Date Him? Boy Sitter
  1. mhryu says:

    I would rather date Wen Hao Ran by Melvin Sia as although he was irritating in the beginning, he truly care for the little boy and from the beginning, had truly love for Yuen Fei (Annie Chen) from the start but just protecting himself by putting the cold shell for everyone to see. A good drama that I have enjoyed

    • kjtamuser says:

      Thanks for offering your choice. He evolved into a better man during the series. He was the hero of the final episode. And he is cute!

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I haven’t seen this drama, but just looking at him–sure, why not go out on a date with him. Sounds like he turned out to be a good dad. But trying to have a relationship without commitment? No thank you Mr. Luscious Hair. I like my man to be confident in his ❤ commitment ❤ to me; luscious hair is simply a bonus in my book and not part of my dating criteria.

    • kjtamuser says:

      You made me laugh out loud with “Mr. Luscious Hair”. I concur, hair is a bonus item, but it is part of the package of the man you agree to date.

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