Come Back Mister Episode 14 Recap

Our leads know their time on earth is coming to an end…they want results but forces are working against them.

Episode 14 Recap:

Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) is thrown in front of  Na Suk Chul who looks at her with glee.

Kim Young Soo (Rain) demands to know if the Department Store President (and Yi Yeon’s ex-husband) did something to Gi Tak.  He denies it. Young Soo is forced to believe him and leaves.

Seung Jae receives a call from Young Soo saying the Gi Tak is missing. Seung Jae thinks Suk Chul took her and he has an idea where.

Suk Chul asks Gi Tak where the big boss’s secret funds are hidden.

Song Yi Yeon (Lee Ha Nui) demands Gi Tak’s whereabouts from the Department Store President. He doesn’t understand why everyone is so concerned. She threatens him. She pleads with him. His assistant enters stating Suk Chul as Gi Tak.

Gi Tak tells Suk Chul to ask the big boss. Suk Chul informs him that big boss is in a permanent coma. Gi Tak recalls the phone call from big boss directing him to find the money.  Suk Chul threatens that if Gi Tak does not cooperate, he won’t leave his side. Seung Jae makes an entrance with his fists. Suk Chul grabs Gi Tak. Suk Chul orders his men to attack Seung Jae.  Gi Tak can only watch. He manages to grab a rock and bash Suk Chul’s head. He then enters the fray managing to get some effective blows on the goons. Gi Tak stares at his girl fists in surprise.

Young Soo’s wife (Lee Min Jung) sits alone wondering where Gi Tak went. She calls Yi Yeon and for an update. Yi Yeon doesn’t have information but is confident Gi Tak will return.

Meanwhile Seung Jae and Gi Tak continue their face-off with Suk Chul’s goons.  They are finally overwhelmed by the number of goons. But wait, Young Soo and his posse arrive to save the day. You have to laugh as Young Soo darts between the fighting men avoiding contact. Suk Chul and Young Soo stare at each other.  Suk Chul leaves. After the fight is over, Gi Tak tells Young Soo that the big boss entrusted money to him. He assures Young Soo the money is in a swiss bank account that only his remaining relatives can access.  Young Soo realizes this puts his wife (Gi Tak’s sister, though this is a secret between Gi Tak and Young Soo) at risk. Both of them agree the Gi Tak needs to not see Young Soo’s wife. They don’t want Suk Chul to find out that she is Gi Tak’s sister.

Gi Tak tells big boss’s men not to get revenge.

Yi Yeon is relieved when Gi Tak arrives home.

Young Soo’s wife asks Young Soo if Gi Tak is okay. He tells her all is well. She’s relieved. She feeds Young Soo. He notices she’s wearing the anniversary necklace he got her.

Yi Yeon tends Gi Tak. It is her turn to take care of Gi Tak. A text comes from Young Soo’s wife asking if Gi Tak is okay. They converse, both relieved all is well and they care about each other.

cbm_ep14_6b cbm_ep14_6a
At breakfast, Young Soo’s daughter asked how her mother earned so many stickers. They joke with each other.  Father accidentally calls Young Soo by his name. The awkward moment is glossed over. But we see that father is keeping a journal of all his forgetful times. He also is reading about Alzheimer’s. Young Soo finds him and demands to know if he has Alzheimer’s. His father denies it. Young Soo inists he tell Young Soo’s wife. He reveals he knows about Young Soo not being the biological father. Young Soo’s wife confessed she didn’t have the right to marry Young Soo. Father pitied her and has grown to love her like his own daughter. Young Soo’s wife overhears and cries. Young Soo cries. Father warns him not to mention Alzheimer’s. Young Soo promises.

Seung Jae thinks about the similarities in Gi Tak’s fighting style. He’s sure he’s feeling loyalty (not love) towards Gi Tak. When Gi Tak tell Seung Jae he’s going out, he’s not happy. Seung Jae tells Gi Tak that all the recent issues have been caused by Suk Chul. Gi Tak asks Seung Jae how he knew where to go yesterday. Seung Jae doesn’t say. Gi Tak says she raised her boys right. I must say Gi Tak makes many verbal slips revealing the identity of the spirit inside the body but only Yi Yeon during the drowning incident seems to have sensed it though only for an instant.

cbm_ep14_7b cbm_ep14_7a
Section Chief Jung and Young Soo’s wife have a civil conversation. He offers his help in the future should she need it. She thanks him and leaves.

Section Chief Jung asks Young Soo  to take care of her. When Young Soo hesitates, he’s not happy. Young Soo asks if Section Chief Jung has put his feelings for her in the past.  Section Chief Jung promises to stay by her side for the rest of his life. Young Soo watches her work and hopes she’ll be happy when he’s gone. Gi Tak watches his sister and hopes she’ll be happy after he’s gone.

When Young Soo returns to his office his finds his former boss there.  He breaks open a fortune cookie that reads “why are you avoiding me?”

cbm_ep14_8b cbm_ep14_8a
The staff enjoys all the perks Young Soo has put in place. The Department Store President is not happy. He tells Young Soo with the increased profits he’ll be able to sell the company for even more money. Young Soo is not happy to learn of the sale. The Department Store President learns that Suk Chul is a wanted for intent to murder.

Gi Tak shows Young Soo the swiss account information hidden in the picture frame. They both agree that they must not put her in danger because of the money. Young Soo suggests that if his wife learns that Gi Tak was her brother and deceased, it may help her. Young Soo wants to tell his wife the truth. Gi Tak wants to tell her the truth too. He didn’t leave her at the orphanage because he didn’t love her. They agree to tell her. Young Soo shows Gi Tak the fortune cookie messages. They wonder if the messages are from someone that now the real illegitimate son of the chairman. They wonder if the guardian could clarify. They are startled to find the guardian in the room. She tells them the fortune cookies are from the illegitimate son’s spy. Young Soo wonders if the spy knows he’s a fake. The guardian shrug and tells him she doesn’t know. He’ll have to discover this on his own. The guardian tells them they don’t have much time left. Young Soo vows to wraps things up before he leaves. Gi Tak fells like he hasn’t done enough.

cbm_ep14_9b cbm_ep14_9a cbm_ep14_4acbm_ep14_4b
Young Soo takes Gi Tak to an eatery…his eatery. Gi Tak is surprised to find his restaurant with his sign up. Young Soo bought the restaurant and gave the deed to Gi Tak’s boys. He states he wanted to preserve the restaurant as it was the only place all three of them met. That touches Gi Tak. They do have nice chemistry! Gi Tak is pleased to see things running well inside the restaurant. She find Yi Yeon there. Gi Tak comments he feels like he’s finally home. The employees bring out a cake to celebrate the return of the restaurant. Gi Tak cries. Had to laugh when Seung Jae pulled the employee away from giving her a hug. Yi Yeon tells her to blow out the candle on the dessert. Seung Jae does the honors with his phone. He smiles when he looks at the picture. Too bad Seung Jae has had such a limited story line, he is appealing. Everyone has fun. The guardian watches Seung Jae declaring he’s toally her type. Back off, I’ve got dibs!

Gi Tak inspects the kitchen and gives the staff a talking too. They are taken aback how much Gi Tak sounds like their old boss. Yi Yeon looks at mug with Gi Tak’s photo and comments it’s almost like he’s come back to life.

Suk Chul learns that the illegitimate son and Gi Tak know each other. Why is this a surprise?

Young Soo arrives home and find his wife waiting for him. She tells him to sleep well. He asks her to dinner once more before he goes. She agrees.

Young Soo tells his daughter she’ll have to walk to school solo. She call him a nag just like her dad. She kisses his cheek in thanks. She turns and Young Soo waves just like her dad.

Young Soo takes his father out to exercise telling him this can help stave off Alzheimer. Young Soo looks at his father and sees his frailty. He makes friends with some elderly ladies and introduces his father.

Yi Yeon finds the Department Store President at her apartment. He doesn’t understand why she lives in Gi Tak’s old apartment. Give it a rest. He changes tactics and says their son wants to have dinner with the two of them. Gi Tak watches the Department Store President talk to Yi Yeon. Gi Tak tells Yi Yeon there’s no need to fear the department store president. Gi Tak tells her to find a good man next time. Yi Yeon tells Gi Tak to stay with her forever. She hugs Gi Tak. She promises to help Gi Tak live a happy life. Gi Tak is touched.

Young Soo’s wife finds graffiti that Young Soo wrote her in the carriage in the storage area (where she set up the memorial to him).

Young Soo finds another fortune cookie in his office. He dashes out trying to find the spy that put it there. A child leads him to meet “X” who turns out to be the Chairman’s secretary.

Suk Chul calls the Department Store President. He begs for the President’s help. The President refuses. Suk Chul plays an incriminating audio file he has. That gets the President’s attention.

cbm_ep14_13b cbm_ep14_13a
Yi Yeon and her son wait for the President to show. He finally shows much to his son’s happiness.

Gi Tak sets a pretty table for Young Soo’s wife. She arrives at Gi Tak’s eatery. She remembers her anniversary meal with Young Soo. She remembers Young Soo (Rain) doing and saying things exactly like her husband. Young Soo brings flowers and is on his way to the eatery. He calls her and tells her he’ll be there shortly. He promises to be there “this time”. Young Soo crosses the road, Suk Chul aims his car at Young Soo, he hits Young Soo! Gi Tak cuts his finger. Something is amiss. Young Soo lands on the road. He stands. Blood drips down his face. He staggers and falls.

Epilogue: After 50 days on the island, the pilot cradles clothing and hums, and the illegitimate son decides to forgive his father for giving him up and ignoring him.

My Thoughts
* Our leads are in the sights of Suk Chul and that isn’t good. Suk Chul’s treatment of big boss was a perfect example of how mean he is. Now Suk Chul’s focus is retrieving the money big boss entrusted to Gi Tak. But with Gi Tak’s death, he turns his attention to Gi Tak and then Young Soo who helped and is close to Gi Tak. At this point this is all a bit murky. I doubt the writer had a clear vision when the first episode was written that this was were the story would be in episode 14.
* Young Soo works to wrap it up with his family. He spends time with each family member. Was I surprised the Chairman’s secretary was the X leaving the messages in the fortune cookies? Not really. Did I care? Not really.
* Gi Tak hits like a guy now. He and Seung Jae did well back to back in the fight against Suk Chul’s goons. He told Young Soo where the swiss bank account information was to access big boss’s stash of cash. I believe Seung Jae is doomed to have a one sided love with Gi Tak.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, was relieved when Gi Tak returned home. She definitely has loser men, the President and Suk Chul, in her past and present. I’ve kept thinking she’ll put it together who Gi Tak really is, but no.
* Young Soo’s wife is Gi Tak’s sister, but will she ever know it? Gi Tak decides to move out to keep his sister safe. I liked that she called Yi Yeon when she was worried about Gi Tak. I hope these two ladies will support each other after our leads return to heaven. Young Soo’s wife is troubled by the similarities between Young Soo (Rain) and her husband. Will she put it together who Young Soo really is?

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2 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 14 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Seung Jae to the rescue—I really like this guy! 💋 GT/HN’s sparring sessions have paid off! Thankfully the odds are evened out with the arrival of YS/HJ and the rest of GT’s boys!

    Pres. Jae Guk sure has a bunch of flashy jackets as kjtamuser mentioned in her episode 13 recap. Some have been better than others—these costumers must be having a ton of fun! The reveal of X was simply underwhelming.

    They sure seemed to gloss over YS’s dad having Alzheimer’s symptoms. YS/HJ gets to work trying to relinquish his hold on life and letting his family go on without him. I’m not quite sure why he added “ahjumma” to the messages YS left her; it is fairly obvious it was YS/HJ who left the additional writing. Omo, omo greedy, nasty Suk Chul doing a hit and run on YS/HJ.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I concur with the reveal of X being a non-event. Excellent point on glossing over Young Soo’s father’s Alzheimer’s symptoms. The writer didn’t keep tight plot point from beginning to end in this series.

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