Come Back Mister Episode 13 Recap

We learn the back story of Young Soo’s daughter and what Suk Chul wants from Gi Tak.

Episode 13 Recap:

Young Soo’s daughter’s sticky note states she’s going to visit her father. Young Soo’s wife (Lee Min Jung) finds the note but not her daughter. She calls Kim Young Soo (Rain) in a panic. Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) is sleeping on Seung Jae’s lap. Love the prim upright stance Seung Jae has. Young Soo calls Gi Tak and tells him about the missing girl. He asks Gi Tak to go support his wife (and Gi Tak’s long lost sister). Young Soo and Gi Tak arrive and assure Young Soo’s wife together they will find the little girl. They fan out and search. Meanwhile on a bus, the little girl is on her way to visit her father.  Back at home Young Soo’s father gives him an idea where she might be. Gi Tak stays with his wife while he goes to find her.

The Department Store President (and Yi Yeon’s ex-husband), who wears some crazy pattern apparel, is not happy that his illegitimate brother is popular and doing better than he is in revitalizing the store. He asks Section Chief Jung if he knows anything about Yi Yeon’s manager, Gi Tak. They seem close but he can’t understand what the connection is between them. He orders Na Suk Chul to see him. He wants information on Gi Tak. Section Chief Jung pauses when he hears this.

cbm_ep13_2b cbm_ep13_2acbm_ep13_2ccbm_ep13_2d
Young Soo finds his daughter by the ferris wheel. Her father promised to take her. She feels bad that she’s been enjoying her time with Young Soo and not missing her father as much. She asks if she’ll be closer to her father high in the sky. He takes her on the ferris wheel. They hold hands. She comments the Young Soo smells like her father. She asks Young Soo if her father sent her. He nods yes. He what she wanted to tell her father. She can’t tell him. Young Soo hugs her. They both cry. The guardian arrives and blows magic dust on his daughter. Now she sees her father (original actor Kim In Kwon). Oh my, this is a touching moment. She hugs him. She demands to know why he left her behind. He apologizes. She apologizes for not being his daughter. Unfazed he tells her he was happy to be her father.  They hug and cry. Me too. Lovely moment between these two. The inference seems to be they both know that Young Soo is not her biological father.

Young Soo drives his sleeping daughter home. In a flashback we see Young Soo rejected by his wife. She claims she’s tired of him. He claims he’ll live a great life. She bids him goodbye.

At home, Young Soo brings his daughter home. His wife is simultaneously relieved and upset. He urges his daughter to apologize for scaring her mother. The tears flow and mother and daughter hug. Gi Tak watches relieved.

Yi Yeon misses Gi Tak. She orders Seung Jae not to let Gi Tak come near her again repeatedly. He agrees.

Young Soo’s wife tells her daughter that when she was pregnant her father called her his little blessing. She tells her mother she dreamed she saw her father. She tells her mother that her father said he was happy to be her father. Both of them smile. Young Soo’s wife wishes she could see him too. Flashback to a dizzy moment at the hospital where she’s surprised to find Young Soo claiming to be the baby’s father. She stares at him stunned. He smiles hopefully. Back to the present, Young Soo’s wife receives a text.

Gi Tak tells Young Soo that she’s even more lonely now that she knows his wife is his long lost sister. What could does this do her? She cannot reveal herself. She cannot acknowledge the relationship. Young Soo shares that his daughter told him, she knew he was not her father. They both agree this 2 month stint on earth is harder than they thought it would be.

Section Chief Jung is relieved when Young Soo’s wife tells him her daughter is home safe and sound. He directly asks her if he is the biological father. He says that her daughter is aware of the similarities they share. Young Soo’s wife gets angry. Gi Tak and Young Soo overhear them. His wife states that Young Soo is the father. Gi Tak looks questioning at Young Soo. He stares at his wife walking away from Section Chief Jung. Gotta say that I feel a pain of empathy for Section Chief Jung. He is being denied his daughter.

Gi Tak demands to know what Young Soo is not saying. He won’t say. She directly asks him if he knew that Section Chief Jung was the biological father. Young Soo says he didn’t know who the biological father was until now. Gi Tak can’t believe he didn’t realize the truth. Young Soo states he and his wife promised they wouldn’t talk about it and live the lie that he was the father in every sense of the word. Young Soo admits he thought that his wife and Section Chief Jung were having an affair during his marriage. He calls himself foolish for being jealous of Section Chief Jung.

Section Chief Jung replays Young Soo’s wife’s words. He is stunned when Gi Tak hits him calling him a blabbermouth. She got some excellent shots in!

cbm_ep13_6b cbm_ep13_6a
Young Soo looks at his daughter’s ultrasound picture. He remembers calling her his little blessing. Flashback to his wife tripping and Young Soo’s concern for her health and warmth. He was sweet in his geeky way. She relents and asks him to buy her Christmas cake. He is giddy. He promises to guy a diamond ring if she wants one. He suggests they call the baby little blessing. He thanks her for making him a father. They smile at each other. Present day she cries at the memory. She believes she sees Young Soo (original actor Kim In Kwon) and she cries in his arms. Switch back to Rain as Young Soo and he gently kisses her forehead. They stare at each other. They both are crying. She runs away.

Yi Yeon asks Seung Jae how long Gi Tak lived in the apartment. They stare at the latest advertisement for the department store. Gi Tak is staring at the same advertisement. Yi Yeon reads on old article with an interview of Gi Tak. She imagines Gi Tak, original actor Kim Su Ro, telling her his responses. She realizes that he named the eatery after a book she gave him. Back to the present and Yi Yeon reads the article alone. Gi Tak stands outside the apartment door and Yi Yeon is on the other side. They both grasp the door knob. When Yi Yeon goes outside, Gi Tak is gone. Gi Tak walks alone. I’m a bit mystified what the resolution for Gi Tak will be.

Young Soo and his wife have coffee. She admits that when she married Young Soo she was so grateful that she didn’t show her true self and that she morphed into a woman that adapted to his needs. She wishes she’d been her authentic self from the beginning. She tells him that he’s been a source of comfort for her family. She admits that she’s attracted to him. She thinks that she’s searching for Young Soo in him. But she’s decided to stop their attraction. She loves Young Soo. He smiles pleased. She’s surprised. He tells her he’s just a fleeting person in her life. He asks if she needs him to leave the house. She asks him to stay until his 1 month window is up. But she asks that they not see him after. She leaves. He whispers he’ll be able to keep that promise. So Young Soo’s wife stopping the attraction for him because she realizes that she still loves her dead husband is it? This does not satisfy.

In his room Young Soo finds Gi Tak. She kisses his cheek and calls him lovable. She thanks him for loving his sister. Gi Tak thinks they were allowed to depart heaven so they would learn new things, like the fact that Young Soo is her brother in law. Young Soo asks Gi Tak if he could start over with Yi Yeon, would he?

Walking alone he admits he’d want to Yi Yeon’s hand. She walks up. He walks past. She stops him. They snipe at each other. Gi Tak promises he’ll disappear forever and strides away. He stops and strides back. He yells that he doesn’t have to bend to her will. Yi Yeon smiles and wishes that Gi Tak had gotten mad like that when he was alive. They walk together their hands close. Yi Yeon admits she misses Gi Tak. She admits she knew that he called her manager 10 years ago. She admits she was worried that her husband would hurt Gi Tak. She appreicates Gi Tak’s candor. He thinks to himself just being by Yi Yeon like this is sufficient. Yi Yeon admits she missed Gi Tak. They smile. They hold hands. They walk home.

Yi Yeon serves the soup his mother used to make him. Gi Tak gets emotional. Young Soo’s wife calls and invites her for dinner tomorrow.

Section Chief Jung remembers Young Soo’s anger at his actions (taking the bribe money). Young Soo arrives asking why Section Chief Jung wanted to see him. He admits he made Young Soo’s death look like a suicide. Young Soo tells him that doesn’t matter now, just like a positive life, maybe one day he’ll help someone. Section Chief Jung decdies to warn YOung Soo that Gi Tak is being watched. There’s something fishy about Gi Tak’s accident that involves the Department Store Presdient and Suk Chul.

Young Soo wonders if the Department Store President ordered Gi Tak killed. He sees the fortune cookies and reads one that asks…is that the real you? He asks who put the fortune cookies in his office. No one knows.

At the hosptial, the big boss wakes and tries to strangle Seung Jae. He asks about Gi Tak’s sister. Seung Jae asks if Suk Chul was involved in big boss’s accident. In a flashback, Big boss remembers Gi Tak telling him that the money was hidden in a place that only Gi Tak and his younger sister knew about. He asks to speak with Gi Tak’s sister.

Gi Tak arrives at his sister’s home. They wave at each other. Voice over of big boss asking that the item Gi Tak hid for him be retrieved before Suk Chul retrieves it. Seung Jae wheels the big boss out of the hospital but the nurse stops him. Alone in an exam room, the big boss waits. Oh no, Suk Chul arrives claiming concern for big boss. It’s obvious both men loathe each other. Seung Jae buys and clue and frantically searches for big boss. Suk Chul has positioned big boss at the stop of the stairs. He demands to know where the money is. The big boss says only Gi Tak knows. Big boss says Suk Chul killed Gi Tak. Suk Chul claims big boss killed Gi Tak when the big boss decided to turn over his organization to Gi Tak instead of him, the faithful one. Suk Chul demands to know where the money is. The big boss says he can’t remember. Suk Chul pushes big boss down the stairs. He calls his man who is tailing Gi Tak. Seung Jae arrives to sees the white sheet placed over big boss. He cries. Emotion from Seung Jae! He calls Gi Tak and tells him to stay put.

Young Soo’s wife puts on a big spread of food for Gi Tak who is touched. She forgot the rice and goes into the house to get it. Gi Tak gets a voice mail. He listens. Suk Chul sees footage of Gi Tak visiting the memorial. He tells her to run. Young Soo’s wife returns and finds Gi Tak gone. Seung Jae runs down a street. Young Soo looks at the fortune. His wife calls and says Gi Tak disappeared. He goes to the Department Store Manager and demands to know if was him.

cbm_ep13_13b cbm_ep13_13a
Suk Chul has Gi Tak surrounded by his goons. He flips out a knife.

My Thoughts
The path the writer is taking to get to the end of this series is not overtly clear. What did we learn this episode?
* Young Soo is not the father. He did not know Section Chief Jung was the father until this episode. Section Chief Jung believes he’s the father but Young Soo’s wife disavows this.
* Someone put fortune cookies in Young Soo’s office asking if it is really him.
* Yi Yeon decided that having Gi Tak’s sister around was a good thing. They made up.
* Big boss entrusted cash to Gi Tak who told big boss that only he and his sister knew the whereabouts of the cash. Suk Chul killed big boss after he would not divulge the location of the cash. Suk Chul captured Gi Tak.
* Young Soo knew he wasn’t the father of his daughter but did not know who the biological father was, until now. The flashbacks made Young Soo sweet and kind and willing to become the father to another man’s child. His wife told Young Soo that she was stopping her attraction to him because she loved her.  The best moment of the episode was the guardian allowing Young Soo’s daughter to see Young Soo in the ferris wheel. This was lovely moment between father and daughter.
* Gi Tak felt lonely. He was thrilled to find his sister but he can’t acknowledge her. He loves Yi Yeon but he can’t act on it. Gi Tak is the poster child for “so near and yet so far”.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, imagines that Gi Tak. She spent the episode longing for Gi Tak or his sister. I was glad to see the two women resolve their issues. But what is the point?
* Young Soo’s wife revealed who her daughter’s biological father is. We know it was Section Chief Jung. She lied to Section Chief Jung and said her daughter was not his. That makes thing worse for everyone. Young Soo is dead. Why deny her daughter’s real father? His wife told Young Soo that she was stopping her attraction to him because she loved her husband. That is silly that we’ve spent countless episodes of their mutual attraction and now in the 13th of 16 episodes she decides her love for her dead husband makes this attraction inappropriate. Shouldn’t she have said this from the beginning?
* The 7th part of the OST with two songs has been released.
1. First up is the pretty “X-Out” by Ryu Ji Hyun. Check out the video out via the link or the embedded video below:

2. Second up is “You” by Sang Do and Ho Joon of Topp Dogg. Check out the video out via the link or the embedded video below:

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7 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 13 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    Thanks for the recap. Still enjoying this show and so sorry for it for being this good but having a time slot going up against DOTS. It never stood a chance 😦

    As to Gitak yelling Big Hyung that only he and his sister know where he hid the money – that’s ridiculous. First, Gitak didn’t even know who or where Dae Hye was at the time he said this. Especially since, even if it’s a place from their childhood memories, why put her in danger by even mentioning her since she wouldn’t know he was hiding something there?

    Still really like the show though.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’m having a hard time grasping where the writer is going. Rain and Oh Yeon Seo have terrific chemistry.

      You are absolutely correct, this show never had a chance going against the juggernaut series DOTS.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    If I missed X before, they are now pointing out that X is giving warnings/clues to YS/HJ in the fortune cookies.

    Nasty Suk Chul is up to more misdeeds, this time of the murderous variety; poor big boss, just out of his coma. (I don’t think he will likely be confused with Big Boss in DOTS) 😛 If that isn’t enough, this greedy SOB kidnaps Hong Nan in hopes of getting Big Boss’ money. Beez, do you think that the sister they are talking about is GT as Hong Nan? Was it the * button she needs to press on his/her heavenly cell phone? When will this villain get his one-way express train ticket to hell?

    Kjtamuser—If I got ahead of myself in regards to Ha Na’s paternity on episode 12, please delete it out that portion of my comments.

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