Descendants of the Sun Episode 14 Recap

The North Korean solider drives the story line this episode…is he friend or foe?

Descendants of the Sun Episode 14 Recap

At the hospital…Doctor Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) cries and begs Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) to wake while they wheel him into emergency.

Flashback to the parking lot…Shi Jin recalls the incident. He and Dae Young (Jin Goo) pull their guns on the North Korean soldier who puts his hands up. Shi Jin asks the North Korean why he came. Surprisingly the North Korea asks Shi Jin to send him back to the North. Dae Young clarifies – back to the North not asylum in the South? Shots ring out from an approaching van. The North Korean soldier is hit. Dae Young and Shi Jin duck behind cars in the parking lot.  The van sprays them with bullets. Shi Jin calls for back up. Men exit the van and grab the North Korean solider shoving him in the van. The van takes off. Dae Young does a stellar job of shooting the back of the van causing it to weave. Shi Jin slides over an incoming white van. Totally awesome move, sliding over the van! Shi Jin runs parallel to the van. No way Dae Young and Shi Jin could overcome the semi automatic weapons with their pistols. This was an exciting grab, go, and pursue scene.

Back at the hospital…Shi Jin goes into cardiac arrest. They shock him with the paddles. No change. Mo Yeon gets on top of him compressing his heart. Reminds me of when the young doctor did this in Urk without success.

Back to the parking lot…Shi Jin has 1 shot in his pistol and stands directly in front of the van. He vows to stop the van. He shoots a fire extinguisher and white smoke sprays out blinding the driver. The gunmen repeatedly shoot Shi Jin. The van runs into a parked van. Shi Jin rolls onto his side, his bloody body evidence of the multiple bullets that hit him. He sees his alpha team members running towards him and he passes out.

Back at the hospital…Mo Yeon stops compressing his heart and cries asking how he could do that to her. Shi Jin tells her that hurt. The young doctor notes his pulse came back. Look I wanted Shi Jin to live to but that was poorly done and not realistic. Let’s move on. Mo Yeon peppers Shi Jin with questions. He asks about the other patient. Mo Yeon is upset he is worried about someone else. He almost died. He calls her pretty. She calls him cruel. He sits up – turning my brain off now – and asks about the patient. Mo Yeon asks if the patient did that to him. Shi Jin says that did not happen. They learn the other patient is causing problems.

The North Korean solider has the nurse while a member of the alpha team holds a gun on him. He threatens the nurse. Shi Jin arrives with Mo Yeon and tells him to get treated by the doctors. The North Korean solider does not believe he’ll be treated properly. Shi Jin urges him to receive treatment. He passes out. Mo Yeon asks them to take the North Korean solider to the waiting surgeon. Shi Jin asks her to operate. She directs her team to take care of Shi Jin tying him down or hitting him if needed. Shi Jin not being badly injured when he was obviously hit multiple times is a bait and switch. This is sloppy by the writer. Have the medical team cut away his bullet proof vest to reduce my ire. Also his ability to pop up after dodging a cardiac arrest is suspect. I’m done complaining.

Mo Yeon operates on the North Korea solider. They remove 3 bullets and notice a strange wound on his arm.

Back to the parking lot…Dae Young reports to the commander the North Korean soldier was on leave when all this happened. He tells the commander the van full of professionals were assigned to retrieve the North Korean soldier. The number of professionals is high. It’s like they stuffed the van with as many mercenaries as possible. We learn these are soldiers from the mythical country of Matoyniya somewhere near Russia. The soliders claim they were pursuing the North Korea solider because he had a forged passport. Dae Young manages not to laugh at the absurdity of that statement. Of course the soldiers have diplomatic immunity. They learn the North Korea solider is out of surgery.

Mo Yeon tells Shi Jin the North Korea solider survived the surgery and is in recovery. Mo Yeon reminds Shi Jin she suffered when he had the cardiac arrest right in front of her. She’s not happy that he isn’t concerned about what she went through and is only focused on the North Korean solider that he doesn’t know well. She’s about to give him something when the North Korean is rolled into the room. Dae Young tells Mo Yeon that this room is now access controlled.

In private Mo Yeon gives Dae Young an item, it looks like a micro Secure Digital (SD) card, she extracted from the strange wound on his arm.

The medical team are concerned about treating a North Korean solider. The doctor rushes the nurse upset that she was held her hostage. He is chagrined to learn the patient he performed surgery on was the hostage taker.

Mo Yeon is peppered by questions about Shi Jin and the men in black by her nemesis Doctor Kim. Mo Yeon offers little information. Doctor Kim is annoying and not worth the air time she is given.

The medical team goes through the North Korean’s belongings. That seems inappropriate. Dae Young stops the doctor from putting the pen to his tongue. Yep, it was a poison pen.

The chairman raises a ruckus about the access control of the alpha team. He complains to Mo Yeon. Who is the other patient? The chairman enjoys his own conclusion that the other patient hurt Shi Jin. He quips that Shi Jin isn’t as good of a fighter as he claimed. He directs Mo Yeon to solve this mess. He stalks away. That dude is a jerk. Oh, you already knew that?

Shi Jin interviews the North Korean soldier. He refuses to answer Shi Jin’s questions. Shi Jin asks if he wants political asylum. He refuses to answer. The commander has a hard time believing the North Korea solider chose this method to defect. He urges the man to declare he needs political asylum. He leaves.

Dae Young reviews the North Korean’s belonging with the commander. Snoopy reports that Shi Jin is discussing buckwheat noodles with the North Korean soldier. That earns a smile from Dae Young and outrage from the commander. When the politician from the blue house calls, the commander can only report they are watching the North Korean soldier. A North Korean representative is en route to take and return the solider to North Korea. If they don’t hand over the soldier the talks will be suspended.

Who is the North Korean soldier? He’s wanted for murder by Interpol. Turns out he killed the soldier that Dae Young fought in the episode 1 knife fight. Shi Jin and Dae Young wonder what is the motive. Dae Young says the micro SD card Mo Yeon extracted will take a while to crack. Shi Jin understands that the North will want him returned. He decides that Mo Yeon and the micro SD card could help. Shi Jin laments not making a duplicate before handing it over. No worries, Dae Young has a duplicate.

dos_ep14_5d dos_ep14_5ados_ep14_5bdos_ep14_5c
Mo Yeon tells the North Korea soldier his condition. She tells him he is lucky to be alive. She tells him he is a reckless idiot for risking his life. She tells him someone else in this room is a similar idiot. She looks pointedly at Shi Jin who looks away. She goes on a tirade and Shi Jin is forced to cover her mouth because the room is bugged. He lets her know. She chatter aimlessly while he write a request for a private place to speak with the North Korean solider. Mo Yeon nods that she understands. He tells her she can decide the location. She tells him she doesn’t want to. He promises all will be well. Mo Yeon says his promises never seem to hold true. He pleads with her with his eyes. She sighs and nods her concurrence. She asks him to come to her sitting room in 30 minutes for an exam. Shi Jin’s gratitude is evident. This was a good scene and shows our couple’s strengths. Shi Jin asks Mo Yeon’s help but she doesn’t just do as she is bid. She is clear this is not a good idea in her opinion. She doesn’t believe his easy promises that all will be well. This is what I like about Mo Yeon, she speaks her mind and she supports her man. I like that Shi Jin trusts her implicitly even in a crucial situation like this.

Mo Yeon practically fawns over the commander when she runs into him in the hallway. Ha! Mo Yeon asks her best friend for the room. She confides she’s working for the nation. Ha!

Shi Jin assures the North Korea soldier he can speak freely. He asks why he killed the other soldier. Shi Jin returns the micro SD card. Finally the North Korea soldier says the special forces were used as hit men for the mob. Shi Jin asks for the password for the micro SD card. Even better if he’d relay the contents. The North Korean swallows the micro SD card. Shi Jin tells him that he’ll be returned to the North tomorrow. The North Korean soldier must have the motto “trust no one”.

Shi Jin thanks Mo Yeon for her help. He tells her the soldier’s name. She wonders why. He tells her, he wanted her to know. That makes me nervous.

dos_ep14_7b dos_ep14_7a
The North Korean soldier is handcuffed to the bed. He manages to escape through the window and into another room. This guy is like iron man. He runs into Shi Jin holding a gun on him. Shi Jin says he can’t leave the hospital without doctor’s permission. The North Korea solider wants to go complete his mission. Shi Jin asks if they have a mutual enemy. Is that why the North Korean solider sought him out? He wonders if the soldier betrayed his homeland or his homeland betrayed him. The soldier pulls Shi Jin’s gun into his chest and declares he would never betray his homeland. Shi Jin is shocked at this bold move.

In a flashback we see that after committing the murder that his boss creepily tells him he’s not a hero but a traitor. The North Korean solider understands he has been used. He flees the soldiers but to no avail.

Back in the hospital room…Shi Jin and the North Korean soldier argue about him returning to the North. It is suicide Shi Jin maintains. So what, I want to die in the North, the soldier maintains. He asks Shi Jin to let him leave. Shi Jin refuses. That scene had some power between our two actors. Nice!

As the North Korean soldier is taken away we see he holds a snack package. We see Shi Jin gave him the snack package and told him to eat is sparingly. What’s in the package?

Mo Yeon tells Shi Jin the chairman is bothering her about the costs of the windows the North Korean soldier broke. Bill the government, chairman. She tells Shi Jin that she’ll be back in 2 hours. She tells him to stay put. Shi Jin removes his IV after she leaves the room.

The pregnant nurse goes into labor while holding onto the annoying Dr. Kim’s hair. Mo Yeon gets the bill for the windows. The young doctors learns his wife is in labor. Mo Yeon runs from the man with the window bill.

dos_ep14_8b dos_ep14_8a
The North Korean soldier is alone with his commander. He reports he knows the voice that gave the orders. His commander pulls back the curtains. A sniper’s laser is on the North Korean’s heart. His commander asks if he has anything to say. He asks for buckwheat noodles from a specific hotel at his funeral. His commander asks if there is anything else. The North Korean soldier says he will now kill the commander and rushes him with a broken shard of glass in his hand. The sniper shoots him before he can harm the commander. He dies. The commander walks away.

The commander negotiates with the politician from the Blue House. As he prepares to leave the politician shows him documentation that he made money selling out his countrymen. As the commander leaves he is surrounded and learns that the North Korean solider needs to be returned to the North. The commander is surprised the North Korean soldier is alive. In flashback we see the sniper was Shi Jin. The hotel name was the password to the micro SD card. The North Korea soldier complains the Shi Jin shot him so he wouldn’t die. He eats the snack Shi Jin gave him and thanks him that he can return to his country. Later Shi Jin looks at the snack packet and finds the micro SD card. That was a nice sequence of events from the writer.

dos_ep14_9c dos_ep14_9ados_ep14_9b
Dae Young acts as look out letting Shi Jin when Mo Yeon approaches. Shi Jin is getting back into the hospital outfit but can’t get his pants off because of the cast. He jumps into bed and feigns sleep while Dae Young feigns reading a book. Mo Yeon is pleased to see Shi Jin sleeping. She asks Dae Young if he just got back from an outing. She leaves. Dae Young starts to help Shi Jin out of his pants when Mo Yeon returns. Dae Young leaps into the bed and Shi Jin pretends to read a book. Ha! Mo Yeon comments that trusting men like them is a waste of time. She leaves. They bicker about covering the cost of the broken window.

Mo Yeon meets Officer Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won). She is there to see Shi Jin. Mo Yeon tells her that Dae Young is in Shi Jin’s room. Myeong Joo coolly informs Mo Yeon that she and Dae Young broke up. Mo Yeon is surprised but not. She calls them Dumb and Dumber.

It’s atmosphere is frigid in Shi Jin’s room. Dae Young and Myeong Joo won’t talk or look at each other. Myeong Joo decides to leave. Dae Young decides to leave. Shi Jin asks who will keep him company. He and Dae Young bicker. Myeong Joo declares they are Dumb and Dumber. She leaves. Shi Jin asks why they broke up. Dae Young admits he filed for a discharge. Shi Jin is shocked. Dae Young apologizes. Shi Jin tells Dae Young to grab onto Myeong Joo. He reminds him that he risked his life for her.

Dae Young finds her. He stares at her. Her back is to him. The doctor and nurse watch. They both correctly assume what’s going on. The doctor asks the nurse out. They go car shopping. The nurse admits she likes him. He smiles. He buys the car.

Mo Yeon watches the news about the North/South reunion. She visits Shi Jin. She asks where he went. She asks if he went to the department store. He confirms this. He confirms he went with the North Korean soldier but he came alone because they had different paths to follow. He’s worried about his friend. Mo Yeon tells him she’s worried about him. He invites her to sleep in his bed. She gets a cot and sleeps there. He complains. She tells him that the young doctor became a father today. Shi Jin is happy for the young doctor. He apologizes for making her worried. He thanks her for saving his life. She wonders why they always are thankful for saving each other’s lives. Most couples thank each other for innocuous things. She thanks him for his work that keeps the peace. She asks him not to show up again at the hospital covered in blood. He understands. He asks if she wants to watch a movie. They watch the movie together. They fall asleep together.

My Thoughts
* The North Korean Soldier was the focus this episode. We started with the North Korean Soldier and Shi Jin treated at the hospital. I was not happy with how minor Shi Jin’s injuries turned out to be when they appeared much worse. Who easily he bounced back from a sudden cardiac arrest (which smacked of plot manipulation) was irkesome too. Then the North Korean Solider finally confided his story. Shi Jin helped him. Mo Yeon accepted Shi Jin’s special mission. They cuddled.
* Song Joong Ki brings an empathy to Shi Jin. He was willing to go rogue to help the North Korean soldier. He asked Mo Yeon to help him secure a private spot to talk to the North Korean. He stole out of the hospital to help the North Korean. He understood the North Korean’s sense of duty and need to complete his mission. I was surprised that Shi Jin turned out to be the sniper that shot (but did not kill) the North Korean. That was a nice plot point.
* Mo Yeon was horrified to find Shi Jin her patient. I can’t imagine having to try and save the man you love from cardiac arrest. She was right to be angry at Shi Jin’s nonchalant attitude. She suffered seeing him almost die. She was right to be irritated that Shi Jin lied to her. It’s straightforward to her. Tell me you are going to the department store, don’t lie to me. But you must credit Mo Yeon for recognizing that Shi Jin’s actions benefited the country, e.g. the good of the many. Finally they had a sweet moment watching the movie and then sleeping in each other’s arms. Nice way to end the episode.
* Dae Young was all business until Shi Jin told him to go after Myeong Joo. Dae Young is an excellent solider and his discharge would be a shame for the army. The tension between Myeong Joo and Dae Young at the hospital was perfect. He took Shi Jin’s advice to heart and went to find her. It was the reaching out to her to bridge the divide that we’ll save for another episode.
* Myeon Joo almost had a cameo this episode. She showed up at the end of the episode to visit Shi Jin in the hospital and was tense and uptight with Dae Young in the room. I liked how she echoed Mo Yeon’s assessment that Shi Jin and Dae Young were “Dumb and Dumber”.

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4 comments on “Descendants of the Sun Episode 14 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Wow the encounter with the North Korean was not what I was expecting since both he and Shi Jin ended up in the hospital. The writers pulled off a nice plot turn, by NOT having them shoot each other.

    However, I agree with your mini rant on Shi Jin’s injuries. I’m sorry, but I think after you just went through cardiac arrest you wouldn’t be in shape to successfully take down an armed perpetrator of a standoff within minutes of returning to life. What was up with all the blood? We basically see him with a bandage on his arm. Shi Jin sure seemed to be able to go into full action despite his injuries. It was hilarious when Mo Yeong caught the boys trying to cover up that Shi Jin had left the hospital for another military operation. 😛 I love that she essentially took it all in stride.💋

    LOL Dr. Stanky got her hair royally pulled by the expectant mother! ❤ I think the chairman is another Stanky, I’m gonna call him Chairman Stanky. You had it right about the broken window. Seems like chairman Stanky should bill the government, maybe even the North Korean government, who should be paying for the window replacements; it is not like it was Mo Yeon or her boyfriend who broke the windows. Mo Yeon getting overheard by the commander was amusing.

    Resolving the North Korean dilemma was a “nice sequence of events”. The angst between Dae Young and Myeong Joo pulled at my heartstrings. Ending the episode with our couple finally getting to see their movie and falling asleep in each other arms was so 💋swoonworthy💋 I think I just might make it until the next episode gets released.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree with the North seeking help from South was an interesting plot point, different from what most writers would deliver.

      Thank you for concurring on Shi Jin’s injuries. I am not alone!

      Mo Yeon did take the special ops mission in stride. She’s actually kinda great about this part of his job, now that she’s accepted it.

      The hospital scene between Shi Jin, Dae Young and Myeon Joo was solid. I did love the joke about Dae Young’s hair wax, though I didn’t include it in the review.

      We’ll see what the next 2 episodes deliver to wrap up this series!


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Will it wrap up with episode 16? There are supposed to be 3 special episodes, will these just be recaps of the series? I want more (bromance), more (romance), and more (action scenes)!


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