Descendants of the Sun Episode 13 Recap

Our couples work to flourish now that they are back in Korea…but there are challenges.

Descendants of the Sun Episode 13 Recap

Our medical team is back in Korea and heading into their first day at work at the hospital.  There is a welcome back ceremony with the chairman addressing the young doctor first. The ceremony is brief. The chairman thrusts flowers at Doctor Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) and complains that she did not come home on the plane he sent for her. Mo Yeon’s best friend is thrilled to see her. Mo Yeon shares her experiences in Urk.

Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) and Mo Yeon talk via phone. He’s still in Urk. She tells him she misses Urk. Of course he knows she misses him. She tells him she’s going to open her own medical practice. She asks what his salary is wondering if he can support her should her medical practice fail. Shi Jin pretends to have a bad connection but he’s not fooling Mo Yeon.  He promises to get her a job on the special forces team. She promises not to go broke.


The Chairman apologizes to Mo Yeon for his thoughtless behavior in the hotel (episode 2). She tells him she’s resigning and slaps the resignation letter on his desk. She asks he accept her resignation. He’s enamored of her and doesn’t want her to leave the hospital.

Unfortunately for Mo Yeon her loan is denied. Turns out resigning adversely affected her ability to get a loan.

Officer Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won) tells Dae Young (Jin Goo) that she’s a top notch doctor for the army and leaving the military is not on her agenda. Shi Jin delivers transfer orders to Myeong Joo. She and Dae Young are returning to Korea together. They are surprised. Shi Jin claims it is not her father’s doing but the commander’s and his choice. Dae Young wants to know how Shi Jin managed to convince the commander. In a flashback we see Shi Jin telling the commander that Myeong Joo needs stability and rest. The commander is doubtful. Shi Jin reminds the commander that he wanted to send Myeong Joo to the US Army hospital. He knows Myeong Joo would feel disappointed should she learn of this. The commander identifies this correctly as a threat and immediately caves.  Yes, we’ve got another skill Shi Jin possesses…manipulation.

Mo Yeon calls Shi Jin and asks him to save her. He immediately worries it is a physical threat. She announces she can’t get a loan. Shi Jin is visibly relieved. He tells her the order of the resignation before the loan wasn’t wise.  She retorts that he shouldn’t return to Korea to see her, a woman that can’t think a problem through. She hangs up.

Her co workers tell her to plead with the chairman. When the lunch table shakes, the medical team duck under the table, assuming an earthquake. When they see a jackhammer next door and realize they are the only diners that reacted, they are embarrassed.

Mo Yeon decides to grovel to the Chairman. He quickly understand that her loan was denied without her job. She asks for her job back. He rescinds her VIP ward and assigns her to the Emergency ward. He tells her it will be mostly night shifts and she’ll be on call often. He wonders if he’s taking his revenge on her. Mo Yeon tells him the Emergency ward will be great. He returns her resignation letter. She tears up the letter and thanks him.

Mo Yeon returns to the Emergency ward. Looks like the medical team is reunited. She tells them she was reassigned from the VIP ward.

The young doctor and his wife learn that baby is doing well. Unfortunately they need to refrain from sex until the baby comes.

Mo Yeon and her nemesis Doctor Kim talk. Mo Yeon tells her she learned that everyone deserves to be happy and including her. Doctor Kim insults her and the entire team. She flounces off. Everyone wants to bash her. Sorry but Doctor Kim is annoying and not worth the air time she is given.

The doctor and nurse have a moment on the roof. The nurse tells him she’s almost done paying back the loan for her daughter’s tuition.

Back at Urk, Snoopy can’t believe his eyes when the soldiers have facial masks on. They want to look their best when they return to Korea. He’s even more shocked when Dae Young removes his mask. That guy can even rock a facial mask and look manly! Snoopy says his daytime face doesn’t matter. It’s his nighttime game that matters. Dae Young takes the patrol duty and puts his mask on Snoopy.

dos_ep13_4ados_ep13_4bdos_ep13_4c dos_ep13_4d
Dae Young ponders Myeong Joo’s father’s request to leave the military if he wants to date Myeong Joo and to decide before he returns to Korea. Wait a minute, I thought Myeong Joo got her father to rescind that request when she was deathly ill. Myeong Joo finds him. He literally puts her on the rocks to rest. He tells her he loves her. She wonders if he’s breaking up with her. He repeats he loves her and will for a long time. He tells her they will not be breaking up. Tears spring to her eyes. They smile at each other. They pull the mine field sign (the one the Shi Jin and Mo Yeon made) out of the ground. Dae Young offers Myeong Joo his hand. They walk hand in hand. Gosh that was just adorable! We get final shots of Urk (Greece) which are lovely.

Shi Jin and alpha team reports to his new deputy commander. I guess they are back in Korea. He tells them they have 3 days vacation and he wants them to enjoy it starting now.

Dae Young fills out the military discharge paperwork. That’s a total bummer to me. Talk to her father.

Dae Young and Shi Jin have a drink fest. Shi Jin bemoans not getting phone calls. Snoopy joins them for drinks. When Mo Yeon arrives, Myeong Joo is there with the guys. The guys are all drunk. Mo Yeon is late because she had to work through the night. She’s bummed out their reunion is like this. Myeong Joo heads back to the base leaving Mo Yeon in charge of the drunk boys. Shi Jin tells Dae Young that Mo Yeon is pretty. Dae Young counters that Myeong Joo is prettier.

Now even more soldiers are drinking. Shi Jin and Dae Young want to sleep but refuse. The doctor is there drunk too. Mo Yeon gives them more soju. Shi Jin wants to talk to her. The doctor tells Shi Jin that Mo Yeon is his girlfriend. Shi Jin is impressed with himself. Mo Yeon starts drinking.

dos_ep13_5c dos_ep13_5b dos_ep13_5a
Shi Jin takes a drunk Mo Yeon home. She wants to drink more. Shi Jin hears a noise. He grabs her scarf and investigates. Mo Yeon recognizes her mother’s items. Yep, it is mother. Shi Jin introduces himself and tells her mother that he is Mo Yeon’s boyfriend. The drunk Mo Yeon is surprised at this statement. Okay, I gotta say this. When you get drunk you don’t forget the people you know. The she’s my girlfriend, he’s my boyfriend, shock seems silly. Her mother apologizes that Mo Yeon cannot hold her liqueur. Mo Yeon explains that Shi Jin is a solider in the army and his work is secret. Mo Yeon’s mother likes Shi Jin. She shares that Mo Yeon has never had a major boyfriend. Mo Yeon tells her to not overshare. Shi Jin says he will leave mother and daughter. He says he looks forward to meeting Mo Yeon’s mother formally next time.

dos_ep13_6b dos_ep13_6a
Shi Jin tells Mo Yeon she’s a different person when she drinks. Mo Yeon says that isn’t true. She’s got a mind like a steel trap. He asks if her mother liked him. Mo Yeon has no recollection of her mother. Shi Jin gets a phone call. Mo Yeon braces herself. Shi Jin hangs up and tells her the code phrase they agreed upon in Urk. He tells her he must go to the department store. He apologizes. She’s cool with it. She tells him they need to watch a movie when he returns. She wants to know if he likes her plan. He smiles and says he likes it. She smiles. They enjoy the moment. I felt that moment of connection. Everything has felt a bit forced and not as genuine this episode so this moment is welcome.

Dae Young and Shi Jin are sporting black suits and looking good. The commander joins them. The briefing is up next. They are surprised to see the commander from Urk. He’s excited that he’s the commanding officer for the mission. Alpha team receives their assignment and their gadgets for this mission.

At a hotel the President meets with the North Korean diplomats. Outside Shi Jin is guarding one side of the door and the North Korean soldier that he had the excellent knife fight with in episode 1 is guarding the other side of the door. The North Korean soldier asks Shi Jin how his knife wound is. Ah flashback to the knife fight and wound. Shi Jin jokes that he’s lucky to draw the escort assignment. That makes the North Korean solider smile. They discuss having another fight. I like their interchange. Shi Jin suggests they eat North Korean food for lunch. Alpha team is at one table and the North Koreans are at another table. Shi Jin suggests they eat South Korea food for their next lunch. The North Korean solider tells them he’ll be on break starting tomorrow. Dae Young and Shi Jin look at each other. Do North Korean soldiers get a vacation day while on assignment in the South?

At the hospital, Shi Jin is joined on the elevator by the Chairman and his assistant. Shi Jin hears that the flowers are refused. The Chairman asks if the assistant has found out who Mo Yeon’s boyfriend is. I’m totally enjoying Shi Jin having the advantage in this situation. The assistant doesn’t have details. He thinks the boyfriend is in the special forces. He shows the chairman the group picture from Urk. Too bad he doesn’t know which man in the photo is Mo Yeon’s boyfriend. Shi Jin looks at the picture. He points himself out in the picture and says that is Mo Yeon’s boyfriend. He rattles off his details – born in 1980, Yoo Shi Jin is the name, Korea army soldier, etc. The chairman and his assistant realize Shi Jin is the man in the picture. Shi Jin confirms this and exits the elevator. The chairman follows and asks to speak with him. The chairman says that Mo Yeon rejected him in favor of Shi Jin, and his pride is hurt. The chairman asks if Shi Jin fights well. Shi Jin takes a step towards the chairman and states he knows that the chairman took Mo Yeon, his girlfriend, to a hotel on their first date. He requests the chairman be careful in the future. He leans in and tells the chairman he fights well. He walks away. Good scene. Shi Jin had an advantage but their was decent posturing between both men.

Dr. Kim whines to Mo Yeon. Fingers in my ears, I’m not listening to her baby voice. Shi Jin shows up putting a smile on Mo Yeon’s face. Dr. Kim wants an introduction. Mo Yeon doesn’t offer one. Dr. Kim introduces herself and flirts with Shi Jin. He introduces himself and declares himself to be Mo Yeon’s boyfriend. Mo Yeon pushes him away. Dr. Kim whines that Shi Jin is handsome. La, la, la, I can’t hear you.

Mo Yeon tells Shi Jin he should not introduced himself to Dr. Kim. She clearly gave him signals not to. Shi Jin asks if she is jealous. He tells her if she knew who he just met, she would not be catty with him. Mo Yeon wants to know who he met. She jokes was it the chairman? Shi Jin confirms this. She worries he might be hurt. She offers to buy dinner. He touches her neck and says he probably has the size right. He shows a jewelry box. He puts a necklace on her and declares it pretty. She huffs that she should judge if she likes it. She loves it. He’s happy. She’s happy.

dos_ep13_10b dos_ep13_10a
Our foursome meet for coffee. The waiter tells Dae Young and Shi Jin that they changed girlfriends from their last visit when they brought stuffed animals. Ha! Dae Young says Myeong Joo is his girlfriend. Shi Jin says Mo Yeon is his comrade. They fought together in Urk and won. Shi Jin and Mo Yeon fist bump several times while they banter. Dae Young and Myeong Joo are irritated. Cute! Dae Young’s phone has photos of license plates. Myeong Joo bemoans there are no pictures of her. Dae Young explains because he couldn’t take her back to the base, he would send her back in taxis, and those photo are the license plates of those taxis. Sweet! He admits when they broke up, the images of her he deleted, but the license plates images gave him the gentle reminder of Myeong Joo he could take. Touching! Mo Yeon declares Dae Young is cool. Myeong Joo declares she just fell for Dae Young all over. Myeong Joo and Dae Young then surge in the cute banter. Shi Jin and Mo Yeon decide to leave. Nice scene between our foursome. They seem comfortable together as couples and together as four friends.

In the car, Myeong Joo tells Dae Young that those license plate pictures were sweet. He holds her hand. She complains that he better not be taking her home. He says maybe he’s not taking her home. She gets a phone call but doesn’t accept the call claiming it was an unknown number. In a darling move, Dae Young puts the car on auto pilot and answers the phone on speaker next time it rings. It’s the soldier giving Myeong Joo the report on Dae Young’s activities. When the solider says Dae Young used hair wax 3 times Dae Young counters it was 2 times. Flustered the soldier apologizes. Dae Young orders the solider to have ramen ready when he returns to the base at 10pm. He hangs up. He stares at Myeong Joo. She meekly says it’s a habit to get reports on him. Dae Young leans in to kiss. Myeong Joo is ready. He states he won’t as punishment. She turns away. He turns her back and plants a kiss on her. Loving the kiss. All this with the car on autopilot…not sure I’m ready for that.

At the base, the soldier offers Dae Young ramen. Dae Young listens while the soldier gives Myeong Joo his report. Dae Young hears that the Meyong Joo’s father is returning to the base tomorrow.

dos_ep13_12c dos_ep13_12b dos_ep13_12a
The next day Dae Young meets with Myeong Joo and her father, Lieutenant General Yoon (Kang Shin Il). Her father asks if his military discharge paperwork is Dae Young’s response to his request. Dae Young confirms this. Myeong Joo is not happy. Dae Young states he’ll turn in his uniform. Myeong Joo can’t believe that her father is making Dae Young do this when she begged him NOT to hold Dae Young his request. Her father says that Myeong Joo requested that he allow Dae Young and Myeong Joo to date and both of them stay in the army. Dae Young says that promise doesn’t affect him. If Lt. Gen. Yoon’s price is Dae Young’s military discharge, then he’ll pay it. Myeong Joo tells him they have to talk and leaves the room.

dos_ep13_13b dos_ep13_13a
dos_ep13_13d dos_ep13_13e
Outside Myeong Joo tells Dae Young that his decision is a bad one. He counters the decision was made so they would not break up. She counters that she begged her father with her life for his promise to allow them to date. Dae Young is not happy she did that. She counters she had to. He kept running away from her. He counters his running away and not answering he phone was torture. He does not like that she twisted her father’s arm for that promise. Dae Young states they both treated each other poorly in this situation. Dae Young cuts to the heart of the matter. He wants her father’s acceptance, not understanding. Her father’s promise made to a dying daughter. It does not count as acceptance and he won’t accept it. He tells her they can’t be a couple. She agrees they need to break up. She says if she makes him miserable, then he needs to be happy on his own. They stare at each other. With tears in her eyes, she walks away. Dae Young stands there stunned at what just happened. Let me see if I got this right. Dae Young wants Myeong Joo’s father to accept him without the deathbed promise Myeong Joo elicited. Myeong Joo doesn’t understand why Dae Young can’t accept her father’s reversal, even if she created the change not Dae Young. She believes his pride is more important than their relationship and she’s willing to end it. I see both sides of this argument. Excellent scene for this couple. This felt real and raw.

Shi Jin and Myeong Joo watch a movie together at her place. Myeong Joo says they need to return to Urk’s beach one day. She gets a call to return to the hospital. He elects to finish the movie (recall she did that in episode 2 when he had to leave). She says that won’t work and turns on the lights and says he must go.

The next day the diplomatic talks continue and the special forces continue their escort and protect assignment. Shi Jin is the team lead. Before the diplomats arrive Shi Jin gives the team 5 minutes to relax. Dae Young eats a candy bar. Shi Jin can’t believe Dae Young isn’t sharing the candy bar. Dae Young says he’s depressed and needs the sugar buzz. A man after my own heart! Shi Jin is shocked when Dae Young says he broke up with Myeong Joo. He wants details. Dae Young simply states he got dumped and won’t share details.

dos_ep13_14b dos_ep13_14a
They both spot the North Korean solider striding towards them.

At the hospital, Mo Yeon is informed ambulances are arriving. The first ambulance doors are opened and the patient is taken inside. Was that Dae Young? The second ambulance arrives. Mo Yeon sees a bloody Shi Jin on the stretcher. She’s stunned. In flashback we hear gunshots being fired and see Shi Jin falling to the ground.

My Thoughts
* We are back in Korea. Frankly this episode took a while to gel. Nothing felt completely “normal” until Shi Jin and Mo Yeon agreed to see a movie together. Then the the pacing, interactions, and plot points for this episode began to work for me. I was pleased to see Shi Jin and Mo Yeon get comfortable with each other. I liked the confrontation and break up of Dae Young and Myeong Joo, their difference of opinion made the break up plausible. This was the best episode of the series for this couple.
* Song Joong Ki has an easy cool vibe as Shi Jin that is appealing. I liked that the North Korean soldier from episode 1 was brought back for this episode. That knife fight from the first episode was excellent. Both of them have respect for each other even though their missions do not align. I was surprised that the North Korean shot Shi Jin at the end of the episode (if that is what happened). I do not know if this makes sense yet. My favorite moment of the episode was Shi Jin’s encounter with the Chairman on the elevator, when the chairman did not know who he was, and outside the elevator, when the chairman knew who he was. The chairman was bold to challenge Shi Jin who made his point politely and firmly that the chairman should not mess with him or his girlfriend.
* Mo Yeon is back in emergency. It makes sense that she work emergency, it is most like the Urk work, which she excelled at. I dislike Dr. Kim…she’s annoying on all levels. My favorite moment of the episode was Mo Yeon’s calm acceptance when Shi Jin got the phone call and then used the agreed upon code phrase for a mission. Well done. In the last episode Mo Yeon made the point that she did not want Shi Jin to lie to her when he was going on a mission. With the code phrase he tells her he is going on a mission. The most important thing is that they both kept their promises…he told her…she accepted it. Nice!
* Dae Young and Myeong Joo were the strength of this episode. When Dae Young admitted he could only keep the license plate photos…swoon! When Dae Young turned on autopilot to answer the phone and kiss her…swoon! When Dae Young could not accept Myeong Joo’s deathbed promise she elicited from her father, it didn’t feel stupid or silly that he couldn’t accept it. I’ve seen plenty of similar plot points where I roll my eyes but not this one. Dae Young’s reaction felt authentic.
* Myeon Joo surprised Dae Young when she agreed they should break up. Myeong Joo could not accept that Dae Young couldn’t take the lifeline to their relationship and their careers that she secured from her father. It felt authentic that she thought him ridiculous to throw away her father’s promise which solved their problem of dating while serving in the army. Her argument was effective – What did it matter how the promise was secured, it was and let’s use it. Finally, before the breakup, they had lovely moments together.
* The ninth song of the OST is ballad “Wind Beneath Your Wings” by M.C The Max. Check it via the link or the embedded video below.

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13 comments on “Descendants of the Sun Episode 13 Recap
  1. Brenda Chee says:

    I think the first patient from the ambulance was the North Korean assasin.

    • kjtamuser says:

      That makes sense, the North Korean was the other possibility. Plus Mo Yeon did not recognize the first patient, so it was unlikely that it was Dae Young. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Izzati says:

    I always read your review and I like the way you summarised it. Hehe.
    Thank you for this ! I did not watch any episode yet ( can’t wait for weekend) yet I already understand the drama… heee~

  3. Beez says:

    As always, great recap. (I couldn’t get with the swoon moment and you know I lurve Dae Young) because I was freaking out over driving in auto pilot. That was just stupid. It only makes sense if that is a product placement for some new car auto pilot that can sense if you’re about to hit something and brake for you! And it’s still stupid when they could’ve pulled over to all those shadowy trees they were driving by. THAT would’ve been waaay hotter!

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I got a kick out of Shi Jin’s encounter with the hospital Chairman—Shi Jin was upfront, honest and matter of fact – don’t mess with me or my girl ❤ ! Mo Yeon got a similar chance to tell off Dr. Kim when she was kinda hitting on Shi Jin.

    Dae Young and Myeong Joo ruled this episode with their 💋swoonworthy💋 moments. The autopilot takeover was such a blatant product placement! Beez was right it would have been better to have “pulled over to all those shadowy trees”—that would have been more romantic. I hate to see Dae Young and Myeong Joo breakup, but it was well done and plausible—and I have ❤ hope they will get back together if they both survive this drama.

    Hmmm…they sure left us with a cliff hanger…at least we don’t have to wait a week for the next episode! I thought the first ambulance was the North Korean who was supposed to be on furlough.

    • Beez says:

      @Jane Tilly – You’re right – good eye about the North Korean cause at first, I thought it was a woman on the first stretcher. lol

      As to Mo Yeon failing to introduce Shi Jin to L’il Ms. Stank Mouth – Shi jin handled himself perfectly. Polite introduction, ignore her oogling which shows he has zero interest in anyone other than his girlfriend. Mo Yeon on the other hand, while I enjoy her fussing at Shi jin, her obvious annoyance in front of Ms. Stank is not cool.She should let Stanky think she’s insignificant when it comes to her confidence in her boyfriend.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree with Shi Jin’s encounter with the hospital chairman. He’s smooth and to the point. Hate Dr. Kim, her voice grates on me. Yep, you are right that the North Korean was in the 1st ambulance.

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    “Stanky” is the perfect name for Dr. Kim. So nice to see Dr. Stanky basically go unnoticed other than a polite hello. She is an annoying character who seems to think she is entitle to ALL the good stuff in life. I’m loving the confidence Shi Jin and Mo Yeon have as a 💋 couple!

  6. ngozi says:

    my best characters are the 2nd leads, so glad they finally kissed

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