Boy Sitter Review

Boy Sitter Review

Nutshell Summary
Boy Sitter is a 2014 fifteen episode Taiwan drama that tells the story of a couple that broke up six years ago when he refused to marry her. She left town. Now she’s back working at his company in a management position. There’s friction, friendship, and angst along the way as they sort through what their relationship will be in the present.

Nutshell Pluses:

1. Our couple cared for each other and were good parents. Were they the most mature couple? No, but not much in the series was. But you knew our couple cared for each other. Once the reveal occured that she had his son, things got more interesting. They were both good parents and wanted the best for their child.
2. Our couple had good hair. Yes, I’m serious. They had great hair and that was a series positive.
3. The story was light as air but had several solid episodes. This was a fluffy series that felt junior. But some episodes really worked and delivered good story (7, 8, 13, 14). Episode 13 was my favorite one. The adults acted like adults. For the most part their interactions were positive and supportive. It was refreshing to see everyone be honest!

Nutshell Minuses:

1. Story was mediocre, acting was mediocre, and yes, this was a mediocre series. Like every series, this show had moments but it was mired in silliness, denial of responsibility, and the irritation of two leads that would not have the conversations they need to have.
2. The male lead just couldn’t get out his own way. He had a serious hangup about marriage and his fear stopped him from being a husband and father. In the end, our couple got together because of the selfless action of another. That really bugs me, when the lead couple does NOT possess the gumption to get together. It’s almost like they lucked into it when someone else facilitates their relationship.

The Characters that worked for me:
bs_ep15_13b bs_ep15_3c bs_ep15_3a
1. Di Bao was the cutest kid ever.
The child was my favorite? Yes, he humanized and grounded the series. He was the catalyst that forced his parents to look beyond their own needs to meet his.
bs_ep15_13c bs_ep15_3e bs_ep15_2
2. Hao Jian Ren (River Huang) was our commitment and marriage phobic male lead.  He experienced the most growth during the series and surprised everyone (including himself) when he was an excellent father. The reveal of why he was marriage phobic seemed insufficient to justify denying his child and the love of his life. It was irritating to watch him unable to get out of his own way and stay stuck in fear of commitment.
bs_ep15_8d bs_ep15_6a bs_ep15_15l
3. Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) was the modern female lead stuck when the man she loved just won’t commit. She was understandably vexed at being unable to budge him even when he fell in love with their child. When she decided she could not longer wait for our leading man to get his act together, she pursued another relationship. That logic is flawed…I love you, but it is too hard, so I’m going to try and force a relationship with another. Needless to say, no one ended up happy when she walked down that path.
bs_ep15_10c bs_ep15_8e bs_ep15_15j
4. Hao Ran (Melvin Sia) other man that fell in love with our leading lady and her son. He had traditional values, i.e. the woman doesn’t work, she tends home and family all while allowing the man to make all the decisions, which chafed our modern leading lady. If you think he got the losing end of the deal, he didn’t. With our leading lady’s help he managed to repair his relationship with his teenage daughter. He evolved to see what was best for all parties and took action.

The Characters that did not work for me:

1. Best friends to our leading man and leading lady were comic relief and portrayed with over the top acting. 
 They did have moments of impact, value, and compassion. If the portrayal had been more subdued, this couple would have grated less.
2. Annoying second lead,  Xiao Ren, was desperate to be loved by our leading man.
That desperation drove her to do things that, to say the least, were irritating.

Do I recommend this series?
 This was a one and done series for me. This series did have moments that worked. Our couple cared for their adorable child, cared for each other, but the male lead could not make the commitment. In the end this series spends 15 episodes waiting for the male lead to get over his commitment phobia to pursue a lasting relationship with the love of his life and his child.

The OST has 14 tracks. See wikipedia for details. My favorite is song is soft and haunting “Stay in love, lost in love” by Shi Shi (video). The playlist has vocal songs and is embedded below or check it out via the link.

1. “Bear Homie” by 831 (Theme Song)
2. “Stay in love, lost in love” by Shi Shi
3. “Addiction” by Genie Chuo
4. “Separated, Then Cried” Instrumental
5. “Happiness, It Can Fight It?” Instrumental
6. “Confessions Of An Ordinary Girl Mood” Instrumental
7. “The Boy And The Man’s Fuzzy Boundaries, Romantic” Instrumental
8. “So To Accompany You, Not Saying A Word” Instrumental
9. “I Beg You Do Not Have Talent, I Love This” Instrumental
10. “Originally, You’re My Best Best Friend” Instrumental
11. “Silence Is My Anger Right” Instrumental
12. “Modern Woman What Conditions?” Instrumental
13. “In Love Before, Each Girl Are Equal” Instrumental
14. “Less Talented, More Painful Scars” Instrumental

Episode 1 – 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | ‎Series


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