Come Back Mister Episode 12 Recap

Last episode Gi Tak’s sibling was the surprise…this episode delivers another surprise.

Episode 12 Recap:

cbm_ep12_1ccbm_ep12_1a cbm_ep12_1b
Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) arrives at Young Soo’s house and sees the family dinning outside. Kim Young Soo (Rain) and Young Soo’s wife (Lee Min Jung) see her and invite her to join them for food. Young Soo comes to the gate and asks Gi Tak to come in. Gi Tak asks if Young Soo remembers that she’s been searching for her sibling. Young Soo remembers. Gi Tak says the sibling has been found. Young Soo is pleased for Gi Tak. Young Soo sees the tears. He looks at his wife. He looks at Gi Tak. She confirms his wife is her sibling.  Young Soo asks the right question “what kind of twist of fate is this?” Gi Tak says now he understands why they came back together, why he came back as a woman, he understands everything now.

Gi Tak remembers dropping his sister off at the orphanage to avoid the bad influence of the gang he was in. He gifted her with the boxing gloves. At dinner and Young Soo’s wife calls Gi Tak back from his memories. Young Soo and Gi Tak smile. They all enjoy the family  meal.

cbm_ep12_2b cbm_ep12_2a
In the kitchen Gi Tak enjoys cleaning up with Young Soo’s wife. Gi Tak states that she has an older brother. Young Soo’s wife says that must be nice. Young Soo’s wife admits she does not have many memories from her childhood. She wanted to find her brother or father but that stopped once she got hit by the food truck. She comments she doesn’t usually talk to other people about her past and notes she feels comfortable with Gi Tak.

Young Soo’s daughter draws a picture of the evening. Young Soo asks his daughter if her mother shared any secrets.  She won’t divulge this. Young Soo leaves the room.

Young Soo arrives at Section Chief Jung’s house. He sees the relationship board. Section Chief Jung promised Young Soo’s wife that he’d find her family. Young Soo cannot believe that he didn’t know about his wife’s sibling. Young Soo regrets not making his wife as happy as she deserved during their marriage.

Gi Tak asks Young Soo’s wife to hit his hands. She shares her older brother taught her that. Young Soo’s wife smiles.

Section Chief Jung tells Young Soo that he wanted to tell Young Soo’s wife that he’d found her brother, but couldn’t.  Then Young Soo died and Gi Tak died. Young Soo asks if he’ll share about Gi Tak. Section Chief feels that will only hurt Young Soo’s wife. Young Soo tells him that he’s sure that Young Soo would be grateful to him for finding the brother. But it will only make Young Soo’s wife cry. He asks Section Chief Jung to keep the secret of who the brother was. Why make Young Soo’s wife needlessly upset? Section Chief Jung can’t believe the Gi Tak told him the same thing. He declares he’ll protect Young Soo’s wife going forward.

When Gi Tak leaves the house he stops and asks if he can hug Young Soo’s wife. She smiles and hugs him. Gi Tak hugs her back. The original actor, Kim Su Ro, swaps in bumping the emotional impact. Lovely!

cbm_ep12_5ccbm_ep12_5d  cbm_ep12_5acbm_ep12_5b
Gi Tak walks home and sees Young Soo. They are both are angry they both died and left Young Soo’s wife alone. The original actors, Kim Su Ro and Kim In Kwon, swap in and they grab each other’s collars in anger. Young Soo is angry that Gi Tak deserted his sister. Gi Tak is angry that Young Soo didn’t make his sister happy in the marriage. They grapple until Young Soo is on top of Gi Tak and about to hit him.

Seung Jae grabs Young Soo’s arm and the lead actors swap back. Seung Jae cannot believe Young Soo was about to hit a woman.  Seung Jae helps Gi Tak and piggy backs her away. Young Soo watches them leave.

Young Soo has a cut on his face that his wife tends when he gets home. She doesn’t understand how he got hurt. He worries the truth will hurt his wife.

Gi Tak thanks Seung Jae and asks him to say nothing to Yi Yeon. She asks why he followed her. We hear Seung Jae think that she is not Gi Tak’s sister.

When they enter the apartment they see the wreckage. Gi Tak finds Song Yi Yeon (Lee Ha Nui) in the bedroom putting the collage back together. Gi Tak asks if the Department Store President (and Yi Yeon’s ex-husband) did this. Yi Yeon says as long as he does not know that she is Gi Tak’s sister, everything will be fine. She hugs Yi Yeon and tells her everything will be fine. Yi Yeon misses Gi Tak.

cbm_ep12_7c cbm_ep12_7b cbm_ep12_7a
Young Soo’s wife has a misty memories of Gi Tak dropping her off at the orphanage. She wakes to see her husband in the bed (original actor). In actuality, Young Soo (Rain) is watching her sleep and worries about her restless sleep. He hopes she can have happy memories of their marriage.

Gi Tak looks at the photo of his sister. Yi Yeon spots him looking at the photos. She admits the photos give her insight into Gi Tak’s life. Gi Tak says that you never know how you may hurt those you love.

Young Soo puts flowers in his wife’s locker at work. She blushes with pleasure.

Gi Tak urges Young Soo to call him Big Brother. Gi Tak is thrilled and touched his sister is alive.

Young Soo thrills his former boss when he tells him to expense the family vacation his just took to the company. Gosh, that will never happen to me! The manager says Young Soo makes his heart flutter. Ha!

Gi Tak, Seung Jae and Yi Yeon enjoy good weather at the first Department Store photo shoot. But no one is there. Gi Tak rushes off to see what the matter is. She learns the photo shoot was cancelled. Yi Yeon stands at the end of the dock. Na Suk Chul takes great pleasure in telling her the photo shoot was cancelled. Yi Yeon immediately understand that the Department Store President cancelled the photo shoot and trashed her apartment. Suk Chul doesn’t deny it and tells her that Gi Tak’s sister is the lighting rod for the Department Store President. Yi Yeon warns him not to touch Gi Tak. He warns her that her arrogance will only hurt her. She steps back to avoid his menacing. With bravo she tells him to go back to the Department Store President and wag his tail. He yells at her. She falls into the water. Gi Tak dives into the water to save Yi Yeon. Suk Chul block Seung Jae from going in the water. He warns Seung Jae he wants his money, now.

Yi Yeon floats down and imagines Gi Tak swimming to save her. On the dock, Gi Tak shakes Yi Yeon who opens her eyes. Yi Yeon strokes Gi Tak’s face. Does she know that Gi Tak is in this body? Does the underwater vision translate to above ground awareness? That’s interesting if Yi Yeon knows. The underwater sequence looks similar to the underwater sequence produced in Hyde, Jekyll and Me.

Section Chief Jung reports to the Department Store President that Gi Tak and Young Soo are good friends. The President wants him to get Yi Yeon to sign his contract. The Department Store Manager learns that Yi Yeon fell into the water but was saved by Gi Tak’s sister.

Gi Tak dries Yi Yeon’s hair and praises her. Yi Yeon takes over the hair drying. Yi Yeon says she saw Gi Tak while she was under the water and it made her happy. Gi Tak gets angry and declares that Gi Tak tossed his little sister aside because he didn’t want her influenced by thugs. Gi Tak never sought her out. She tells Yi Yeon that Gi Tak did the same to her. Gi Tak called the manager and put her in the Department Store President’s clutches. She demands that Yi Yeon forget about Gi Tak, he wasn’t that great of a guy. She leaves. Yi Yeon cries.

Seung Jae watches while Gi Tak visits his mother’s memorial. He apologizes to his mother.

cbm_ep12_10acbm_ep12_10b cbm_ep12_10c
Yi Yeon stares at the collage photos. She calls Gi Tak and tells her she’ll sign the spokesperson contract. Young Soo, Gi Tak, Seung Jae are there at the signing. Young Soo tells Yi Yeon he’s honored to have her. He tells her he’ll cover the cancellation fees of her contract with Suk Chul. Gi Tak is thrilled Suk Chul is getting fired. Young Soo promises to take care of her. As directed by Yi Yeon, Young Soo tells Gi Tak, she is no longer Yi Yeon’s manager. That surprises Gi Tak.

The chairman frets that his son is a loser. The secretary shows the chairman the video of Young Soo yelling at the Department Store President for mistreatment of an employee. The chairman doesn’t remember his illegitimate child being ethical. The secretary agrees his son has evolved.

Yi Yeon tells the Department Store President she was willing to give him a chance but his treatment of her was despicable. Shackling her to Suk Chul was intolerable. Yi Yeon declares that Gi Tak was the only man that stood up to Suk Chul.

Young Soo detains his wife when others exit the elevator. Young Soo tells her that Gi Tak got fired so she’ll be living with them. His wife is agreeable. He hands over the fortune cookies to his wife.

She breaks open the fortune cookie and reads waiting for you to call.

Young Soo’s daughter is startled when Young Soo tries to make her laugh. He offers to trade information. A secret from him for the reason she’s upset. He tells her he loves her. She runs out of the room.

Section Chief Jung arrives at the house. Young Soo’s daughter seems nervous around him. He asks Young Soo’s daughter why she seems upset. Both men vy for the daughter attention. They face off with a dance contest. It’s a bit silly but everyone ends up dancing and having fun. Gi Tak arrives at the house and years the laughter. She calls her former employee. Young Soo’s wife arrives home and smiles to see everyone dancing. She’s not excited to see Section Chief Jung. She avoids him. The daughter finds him putting a box in her mother’s room (boxing gloves I assume).

At the park the daughter asks Section Chief Jung what was in the box. She recalls overhearing her mother and Section Chief Jung arguing about being together on the night Young Soo died. She asks he likes her mother. He admits he likes the entire family. He and the daughter makes the identical gesture. Oh no, tell me this isn’t true. Is he the daughter’s father? He stares at the juice bottle which contains bananas. The daughter asks if he gets itchy when he eats bananas. She gets angry that she was nothing like her father and that her father liked Section Chief Jung. He stares at her.

Gi Tak, Seung Jae and the former employee drink together. Gi Tak reprimands the employee for giving up his studies. He complains about Suk Chul not paying for schooling. Gi Tak declares they will get the pub back. She wants to visit the big boss.

Yi Yeon isn’t happy when Seung Jae comes home but not Gi Tak. He asks if she’s serious about not seeing Gi Tak. Yi Yeon says yes, she doesn’t want Gi Tak’s sister in the line of fire from her crazy jealous ex husband.

cbm_ep12_13b cbm_ep12_13a
The President has Suk Chul visit his office. He tells Suk Chul he was impressed how much information Suk Chul learned about Yi Yeon’s past. He points to the scar on Suk Chul’s face and wants to know the story. Suk Chul claims it is a boring story. The President asks if the story involves Yi Yeon and Gi Tak. He chokes Suk Chul with his necktie. The President declares he can’t stand that Suk Chul lusted after Yi Yeon. He goes to stab Suk Chul but his assistant stops him. Suk Chul runs from the office in terror. The President sags into his chair.

As Young Soo’s wife tends the spots on her daughter’s face she remind her not to eat bananas. She asks why no one else has the bananas allergy. She distracts her daughter and doesn’t answer. She tucks her daughter in bed.

cbm_ep12_14bcbm_ep12_14a cbm_ep12_14c cbm_ep12_14ecbm_ep12_14d
Her daughter gets out of bed and looks at her father’s photo. She puts a sticky next to the photo and that states she’s going to visit her father. Her mother finds the note and tries to call her daughter who does not answer. Next she calls Young Soo’s father but he’s not with her daughter. Young Soo calls to see how her daughter is doing. He hears his wife is upset. His wife tells her that her daughter is missing. She explains about the note. Young Soo leaves the office to come to her. She sees the box and finds the boxing gloves and the old photograph of her. She thinks back to her daughter’s question about her banana allergy. Suspicious and upset, she calls Section Chief Jung and demands to know what he said to her daughter yesterday. He’s upset to learn something is wrong. Young Soo speeds home.

My Thoughts
Young Soo’s daughter’s biological father is Section Chief Jung? I didn’t see that reveal coming. I must say the writer has surprised me in back to back episodes. I’m not sure what kind of ending the writer is trying to create. I can’t see Young Soo’s wife getting back with Section Chief Jung even if he’s the biological father. This is gonna hurt when/if Young Soo finds this out. I do like whenever the original actors swap in scenes. This happened several times in this episode. It grounds a scene in emotion when all the actors share a scene.
* Young Soo wants to spend quality time with his daughter. Now that he’s on the 1 month timeline before his return trip to heaven, he’s trying to bond as much as possible. Interesting that the Chairman noted that his illegitimate son is different than he used to be.
* Gi Tak knows that Young Soo’s wife is his sister. He was thrilled to find his sister. He and Young Soo agree to keep it a secret. I doubt it will remain a secret for long. Maybe next episode that will be the big reveal. Oh Yeon Seo brought emotional punch to her scenes with her sister.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, imagines that Gi Tak saved her. I thought on the dock that she might have sensed Gi Tak was in the body but that did not play out. Maybe next episode that will be the big reveal. Interesting that she told her ex husband he ruined any chance with her when he shackled her to that predator Suk Chul. The question must be asked, why didn’t she tell him before considering how crazy (and I mean crazy) jealous he is? That would have been the quickest way to get rid of Suk Chul.
* Young Soo’s wife is Gi Tak’s sister AND she’s keeping the secret who her daughter’s biological father is. The daughter’s biological father surprised me. The antipathy she openly displays to Section Chief Jung now is completely different from their encounters in the initial episodes, so that doesn’t make sense. But ignoring the first half of this series, we’ve evolved into a different series where everyone has a secret.
* This OST has several strong songs. Check out the playlist out via the link or the embedded playlist below:

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8 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 12 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    Seung Jae looks so sad in that pic of him piggy-backing GiTak. I must have more of his story before this show ends!

    My impression is that Yi Yeon told ex-hus-jerk-off that Suk Chul attempted/raped her, hence his violent reaction. (It’s kdrama and anything that has to do with sex must be interpreted/assumed.) I kinda thought that was also implied in the backflash in the early eps of Gitak rescuing Yi Yeon from Suk Chul.

    In kjtamuser’s recap of ep. 11 we see Young Soo’s wife drinking with Gitak and Young Soo. Just watching the scene didn’t trigger anything for me but reading the recap made me realize that Young Soo mentioned a few episodes back that his wife can’t drink. She responds (to Hae Joon in her eyes) that it’s not that she can’t, she just didn’t.

    But now, I’m getting the impression that she refrained from drinking because she was already pregnant when she agreed to marry Young Soo. (Mystery solved of everyone speculating on how Young Soo got someone so “out of his league”). Afterward she had to keep up the pretense with Young Soo that she can’t handle drinking.

    Poor Young Soo has been berating himself for having never really knew his wife but she mentioned he was really great about not questioning her about her past (I took that to mean past sexual experience) – when all the while, she never revealed her true self (or didn’t want to talk about it/address the past) and, out of guilt and gratitude, she catered to him instead of expressing her unfulfilled wants and needs.

    I owe Young Soo an apology for ranting about him being a good guy to everyone else but neglecting his wife.

    This is k drama so you know they’ll play it as Young Soo knew the daughter is not his biologically (whether that fits with what we’ve seen so far or not). Otherwise Korean fans would hate his wife too much. (I ain’t feeling her too much myself.)

    I agree with kjtamuser though, I don’t want to see Director Jung with Young Soo’s wife because he pulled some jerkwad stuff on Young Soo after his death and I need REALLY good explanations for that first. Although I don’t think the writers can spin it enough to get me on board that couple being reunited.

  2. kjtamuser says:

    I agree that if Young Soo knew his daughter wasn’t his biological daughter, that isn’t the vibe that Young Soo has given so far. Granted this has not been directly addressed yet, so the writer will take the direction they desire on this plot point.

    • Elle says:

      I suspected that the couple had fertility problems when Young Soo’s wife’s OBGYN appointment was mentioned in an earlier episode.

      If the section chief is the father then his actions make more sense to me now. I don’t agree with them, but I can imagine that if I thought my daughter was being raised by another man and I was still in love with my daughter’s mother that I would resent him. Especially if I thought that the other man didn’t spend enough time with them (and Young Soo was a ridiculous workaholic).

      There is still a lot of explaining to do, but if section chief is the father then I find the story pretty interesting!

      Excellent recap!

    • Beez says:

      True.But I wouldn’t be surprised if he did know but never said anything. Because he IS a really nice guy despite being clueless to what his wife needed.

      Maybe he can’t have kids because the wife said she “wanted to have lots of kids with Young Soo”. Yet they didn’t and Young Soo told Hana (daughter’s name?) a very sweet answer for why they didn’t have more kids but it was designed just to get her to drop the subject. I felt, from the way the wife/actress emoted while saying she wanted to have lots of kids “with” [translated “for”] Young Soo, that this is another thing she feels guilty about – Young Soo raising someone else’s daughter and then not being given the chance to raise his own (whether the infertility is his or hers).

      Like you said, we’ll see how the writers choose to have it play out. I’m just anxiously anticipating what’s to come. And I can’t believe this and DOTS is almost over. I think the fact that lately I’ve been watching so many 40-plus episode shows, that these two 16-ep shows are come & gone too quick!

  3. kjtamuser says:

    I concur that the 16 episode DOTS and Come Back Mister seem to rocket by compared to the 41 episode Merchant Gaekju with Jang Hyuk!

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I am liking the OST so much that I ordered it yesterday. I especially like “Alive” by Topp Dogg, it different than their other songs on the OST, which are also good.

    Excellent point kjtamuser about Yi Yeon getting rid of Suk Chul by ratting him out to her ex, Jae Guk—I like the idea of two bad guys finishing each other off. Suk Chul just may be a bit nastier than Jae Guk.

    GT/HN’s interaction with Da Hye, YS/HJ, and Seung Jae have been so good–Oh Yeon Seo is killing this role! ❤

    Ha Na’s paternity was a HUGE surprise! I did not see that coming at all. YS/HJ’s scene with Ha Na on the Ferris wheel was so sweet and tender—I was so pleased the writers let Ha Na actually see Young Soo.
    With the birth secret reveal it now makes me wonder if Da Hye should consider giving him a chance, or at least give him a chance to be with his daughter. Section Chief Jung needs to quit playing games, manipulating and get off Jae Guk’s side—I’m not liking that he seems to be on the side of the violent former husband of Yi Yeon. Hmmm…all things considered maybe they are better off without him.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Glad you like this OST. I’ve enjoyed it too. The Part 8 songs were unexpected but welcomed additions. “Even A Single Day” is inspirational. I concur that “Alive” had a unique fun feel.

      Another surprise with the paternity. I would vote to tell the father but that may not be the choice she’ll make.

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