Come Back Mister Episode 11 Recap

Gi Tak’s sibling…is revealed…it surprised me.

Episode 11 Recap:

Section Chief Jung is on the phone and asks if Gi Tak had a younger sibling. Who ever he’s talking to invites him to visit.  Section Chief Jung stares at the part of the photo that is the younger brother. He looks up to find Kim Young Soo (Rain) and Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) staring at him. Everyone stares. We see the photo that Section Chief Jung is looking at is a solo picture of the boy. Is Section Chief Jung the boy in the photo? Young Soo and Gi Tak brush past Section Chief Jung. Seung Jae approaches Section Chief Jung, stares and considers. Poor man has such limited dialog. The actor, Lee Tae Hwan, has to emote everything. Section Chief Jung walks away.

Young Soo’s wife (Lee Min Jung) thinks about the almost kiss with Young Soo.

Gi Tak and Young Soo discuss the Chairman’s decision to have Song Yi Yeon (Lee Ha Nui) be the department store’s spokesperson. They present the contract to Yi Yeon who plays hard to get.  Angered Gi Tak tells her she should be grateful. The ladies argue. It’s Young Soo that stalks away angry.

Young Soo meets his wife while she walks home from work. She asks him not to stay with them beyond the agreed upon 2 months. Young Soo is happy she’s noticed him. His wife confirms he gets on her nerves.  Young Soo tells her he’ll leave in 1 month and never return. He claims he is just a passerby in her life. Gosh, I’m glad to see him tell her this. The make her fall for him seemed cruel considering his limited time on earth.  He encourages her to lean on him while he is around. He only wants to protect her family. She stares at him confused why he cares about her family so much.

In the kitchen Young Soo and his wife work around each other. Outside Young Soo’s wife tells the dog she’s tired of the hot and cold routine Young Soo gives her. She promises the dog she’ll never fall for him. Unbeknownst to her Gi Tak is watching. When she spots him, she’s startled.

Inside the house, Young Soo asks for snacks. His wife isn’t thrilled but when he flashes the smile face sticker she’s stoked. She’s racking up the stickers.

cbm_ep11_2b cbm_ep11_2a
Gi Tak tells Young Soo that Yi Yeon won’t settle down until he leaves. He complains about her bad attitude. When Young Soo’s wife brings the snacks, Gi Tak invites her to drink with them. Let the booze university commence and Gi Tak is the professor! Young Soo’s wife admits that she originally thought Young Soo was too kind to marry. Gi Tak offers Young Soo as an alternative. The wife says he’s cool but strange. He’s like Young Soo but not. Both Young Soo and his wife nod off. She puts her head on Young Soo’s shoulder. Gi Tak thinks they are a beautiful couple.

Young Soo attaches his wife’s barrette in his hair. He gets in bed with his wife. They sleep. Young Soo is startled to be in bed with his wife when he wakes. He can’t resist stroking her hair and face. When their daughter calls for her mother she finds Young Soo in the bed. He bribes her silence with stickers. The kid drives a hard bargain. The daughter switches place in bed with Young So. The wife never knows he was in her bed.

Young Soo tries to explain how he happened to be in her mother’s bed but it doesn’t go well. She hands him her cell phone.

Yi Yeon asks Seung Jae where Gi Tak went. He doesn’t. Yi Yeon texts Gi Tak she’ll sign the spokesperson contract. Young Soo and Gi Tak are stoked.

The Department Store President (the chairman’s son and Yi Yeon’s ex-husband) learns Yi Yeon will be signing the spokesperson contract. He decides to threaten her with custody of the child.

Yi Yeon arrives to a red carpet welcome at the department store. She’s flanked by Gi Tak and Seung Jae. Young Soo sprays misting water when she complains about dry air. Ha! The Department Store President invites Yi Yeon et al to his office. Love that Yi Yeon took his chair! He asks what she wants. She asks for A list celebrity treatment. Young Soo agrees. She asks that the department store increase it’s appeal. Young Soo agrees. Yi Yeon taunts her ex-husband that he’ll have to step up his game to beat Young Soo so he can retain President status. They stare at each other.

Gi Tak doesn’t understand why Yi Yeon deliberately provoked her ex-husband to do well? That surprises me. I didn’t consider Yi Yeon’s words to be caring but taunting of her ex-husband. Doesn’t she know that he’s scum? Yi Yeon asks Seung Jae if Gi Tak is jealous. That irritates him and he stalks away. Yi Yeon yells not to be out all night. Gi Tak tells her he will. Seung Jae takes off after Gi Tak.

Gi Tak tells Gi Tak that she better not stay out all night. He believes Na Suk Chul is watching her.

Section Chief Jung has a relationship board in his office. He wonders if Gi Tak’s sister is really his sister. That’s interesting. Section Chief Jung hasn’t been much of a thinker or an important character in this series.

Department Store President does not believe Suk Chul’s claims that Gi Tak is to be ignored. Section Chief Jung suggests that the Department Store Manager work the contract directly with Gi Tak, cutting out Young Soo of the contractual process. Why? Yi Yeon already got a contract from Young Soo. I assumed she signed it. Maybe not? Nuk Sul gets cut out of the action when the Department Store President likes his suggestion and gives him the go ahead to pursue this. When Suk Chul learns Section Chief Jung doing his own investigation, he’s not happy.

cbm_ep11_5b cbm_ep11_5acbm_ep11_5c
Gi Tak and Seung Jae visit the restaurant. Gi Tak tests the waiter/cook on taste. He’s insulted. His palette is bad. Gi Tak gets a call from Suk Chul that Section Chief Jung is investigating her. Speak of the devil, Section Chief Jung shows as the restaurant. He asks Gi Tak to help with Yi Yeon’s contract. Seung Jae remembers Section Chief Jung visiting the restaurant looking for Gi Tak previously.

Gi Tak tells Young Soo Section Chief Jung is not to be trusted.

Young Soo’s wife drops laundry off. Young Soo pushes her onto the bed onto a massage pillow. She bolts when Gi Tak wakes up. She can’t believe she’s falling for Young Soo.

Department Store President meets with Yi Yeon. He asks her to sign the contract with him. He promises to treat her like an A list celebrity. He doesn’t have ideas to bump up the prestige of the store. Yi Yeon walks away and tells him to worker harder. He doesn’t like that.

Young Soo is stressing about ideas to bump up the prestige of the store.

When a customer complains about an employee, the Department Store President sides with the customer and fires the employee. The employee elects to apologize to the customer. Young Soo arrives. He tells the employee not to bow to the customer. The Department Store President tells Young Soo to back down, this customer is important. Young Soo tells him that the employees are important too. He counters the Department Store President’s decision.

Young Soo meets his daughter to teach her to ride a bike. The training wheels are helpful. Young Soo beams watching his daughter take this step.

Gi Tak provides Yi Yeon’s preferences to Section Chief Jung. He’s interested in her relationship with Young Soo. He mentions that he knew Gi Tak well. She says Gi Tak never mentioned him. Section Chief Jung tells her she’s a fake. He offers details over dinner. Seung Jae is eavesdropping and recalls Gi Tak claiming plastic surgery to transform to a woman.

Gi Tak tells Young Soo she doesn’t understand why Section Chief Jung is seeking her out. She gets a fortune stating X is waiting to meet with her.

The employees coo over the video of Young Soo siding with the employee against the Department Store President.

Young Soo asks Section Chief Jung why he accused Gi Tak over being a fake. Section Chief Jung asks if Young Soo uses dead people for his schemes. He tells Young Soo that Gi Tak is not the sister. He tells Young Soo this is all part of the plan to beat the Department Store President. Section Chief Jung notices Young Soo’s wife blush when Young Soo winks at her.

Later Section Chief Jung asks Young Soo’s wife why she’s interested in Young Soo but not him. He asks if it guilt over the fact they spent the night together on the night that Young Soo died. What? She was waiting for the anniversary dinner. She left and went to Section Chief Jung that evening? That surprises me. She admits she feels guilty for going to him when Young Soo did not put her before the Department Store. She can’t forget this. Section Chief Jung wants to share information with her but she walks away without listening. Young Soo watches this.

Later she listens to music. Young Soo sits next to her. He apologizes for putting the department store first. She can’t hear him because she’s listening to music. When she senses him, he tells her that he wants to make sure he doesn’t have any regrets when he leaves.

Gi Tak stares at old pictures. She wonders what Section Chief Jung wants. She wonders if he knows his sibling.

Seung Jae reports Gi Tak is the younger sister to Suk Chul. He in turn, reports this to the Department Store President.

cbm_ep11_9acbm_ep11_9b cbm_ep11_9e
Young Soo makes the announcement that the store will close 1 hour early tonight. He wants employees to spend more time with their families. When his wife starts to leave, he grabs her hand and declares it is time for their date. He bring her to a mannequin with an outfit, shoes, etc. She tries it on. She looks lovely. Young Soo is blown away. He asks for one more act of faith. He takes her an outdoor feast…at her house! Dad and daughter come out to join them. She’s happy. Young Soo grills the food. Everyone is smiling (even the dog). But it starts to turn cold and the meet is taking longer. Everyone is chilly now. The wind kicks up and the balloon full of confetti pop. Now everyone is happy again. This is a bit contrived.

Yi Yeon tells her son she’ll be in the public eye more. He reports his father spent time with him. He asks were Gi Tak and Seung Jae are. Yi Yeon claims they’ve been busy.

The Department Store President enters Gi Tak’s old apartment. He sees the collage of pictures. He sees Yi Yeon’s films on the bookshelf. He sees the pictures of Yi Yeon in Gi Tak’s bedroom.

Suk Chul is excited that the Department Store President will soon see his worth.

When Yi Yeon returns home, she finds the place trashed.

Gi Tak arrives to Section Chief Jung’s apartment for dinner. He shows her the relationship board. She asks why he investigated those around Gi Tak. He asks Gi Tak to stop pretending to be the sibling. He says he know who the real sibling is. He pulls out a box and shows the boxing gloves Gi Tak gave his sibling. He says he knows who the sibling is and that person is close.

cbm_ep11_10acbm_ep11_10bcbm_ep11_10d cbm_ep11_10c
Later Gi Tak runs down the street full of memories of her sibling. Then she thinks of Young Soo’s wife. What? She arrives at Young Soo’s house and sees the family dinning outside. Everyone is happy. Young Soo spots her. His wife invites her to join them for food. Gi Tak smiles and cries. My head hurts. Is Gi Tak’s sibling Young Soo’s wife?

Epilogue: Illegitimate son and the pilot tries to signal an off short boat.

My Thoughts
Is Gi Tak’s sibling Young Soo’s wife? I thought the sibling was a boy and Gi Tak lied about that because he was placed in a woman’s body. Why was Section Chief Jung was entrusted with the identify of Gi Tak’s sibling? Why did he claim to know Gi Tak? Gi Tak didn’t seem to know him?
* Young Soo continues to score points with his wife. He tells her he’s only around 1 more month. I’m still unsure why he’s pursuing her romantically when he’s leaving in 1 month.
* Gi Tak has a younger sister? That picture looked like the sibling was a brother. That Section Chief Jung has the gloves Gi Tak gave his sibling was a surprise. That Section Chief Jung was investigating Gi Tak was a surprise. I went back and looked at the photo and the sibling gender is indeed open to interpretation. Gi Tak has been practically living with Young Soo putting him in closer contact with Young Soo’s wife. When I rewatched the last 5 minutes, I saw that Oh Yeon Seo delivered the emotional shock and realization that Young Soo’s wife was his sibling. Next job!
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, is agrees to be the department store spokesperson. She found her apartment trashed. Will she figure out her ex-husband is the culprit?
* Young Soo’s wife is Gi Tak’s sibling? This is a surprise. This would tie all the characters tighter but the reveal seems out of left field. I am in shock. I still don’t get why Young Soo is pursuing her when he’s leaving in a month. How does her life improve with this short term relationship?
* The sixth part of the OST contains two songs: a lovely ballad “Sadness of Love” by Na Yoon Kwon and the pop tune “Back Then” by Ho Joon of Topp Dogg. Check them out via the “Sadness of Love” link or “Back Then” linkor the embedded videos below:


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4 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 11 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    “Section Chief Jung, stares and considers. Poor man has such limited dialog. The actor, Lee Tae Hwan, has to emote everything.”

    Hadn’t thought about this but that’s oh-so-true. I’ll be waiting to see if this actor gets more substantial roles so I can see more of him.

    kjtamuser, you picked up on Young Soo’s wife[what IS her name?]’s connection to being GiTak’s sibling waaaaay quicker than I did. I think I still wasn’t clear until the next episode.

    A part of your recap made me realize a whole THING in this episode that taps into the big reveal next episode and makes me go “ohhhhhh” about Young Soo’s wife’s entire attitude about everything (which has been a mystery up ’til now). I’ll wait to bring up what you’ve written in this post that made it click for me in the next recap.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Yi Yeon’s ex (Jae Guk) is so mean and 😡 violent, I’m surprised we haven’t had any indication that she was physically abused.

    Da Hye being GT/HN’s sibling is awesome, it ties them all together a bit more tightly. It looks like Seung Jae may have overheard the revelation—it makes me wonder if he will be the first one to figure out that HN is GT?

    Since Da Hye has already rejected her former lover Section Chief Jung and it turns out he is not GT’s sibling, will he have much more relevance I the future of this drama outside of Sunjin?

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