Descendants of the Sun Episode 12 Recap

It’s not dull as we wrap things up in Urk.

Descendants of the Sun Episode 12 Recap

Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) calls the Arab Minister’s aide and asks for his gold card favor. He requests a chopper. He says he has another date. As the sun sets, Shi Jin drives to his date with destiny.

Officer Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won) wakes to find Dae Young (Jin Goo) watching her. He’s in special forces gear. He tells her that he’s going after Shi Jin who is doing a one man rescue of Mo Yeon. He kisses her forehead. He gives her his dog tags. Love the way he yanks them off. She tells him to return.

Dae Young briefs 3 soldiers. This mission is off the books and you may not come back alive. They suit up and the fab four leave.

Shi Jin takes down one goon. Shin Jin takes down another goon. Inside he finds…children? He knocks out a CCTV. Mr. Bad is happy (he emotes that effectively). The deal is done. He has cash, diamonds, and weapons. Like a one man wrecking machine Shi Jin takes out goon after goon until he’s cornered. But the fab four show up and neutralize the goon. Shi Jin asks why Dae Young is there. Dae Young asks why Shi Jin had his hands up. Shi Jin says he was nervous on this solo mission and he wanted to welcome the fab four with his arms open wide. Ha! Shi Jin orders two of the team to keep the children safe. He orders Dae Young and another to accompany him.

At the Blue House, Lieutenant General Yoon (Kang Shin Il) briefs the special forces are currently running a rescue operation. That doesn’t go over well. They want the US to perform the rescue. Lt. Gen Yoon clearly states that Korean Special forces are the right people for the job. He takes responsibility for the mission. The politician tells Lt. Gen Yoon he may have to lose the uniform if the operation fails. Lt. Gen Yoon agrees.

dos_ep12_2b dos_ep12_2a
Myeong Joo is given the herbal drink Daniel’s fiance brewed. The medical team wants the details on Mo Yeon, Shi Jin, etc. She tells them it is best they not know the details. I like how calm she is. She believes in Shi Jin and Dae Young’s abilities.

Mr. Bad tells Mo Yeon the time has come to see if Shi Jin will deliver with the promised transportation. He takes Mo Yeon with him.

Shi Jin, Dae Young and the other are ready. They begin the mission.

The helicopter circles the building.

dos_ep12_3a dos_ep12_3c dos_ep12_3d
Shi Jin tells Mr. Bad he kept his end of the bargain. He tells him Mo Yeon should be released. Mr. Bad brings out Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo). Shi Jin sees her bruised lip and is angered drawing his weapon. Dae Young has Mr. Bad in his sniper sights. Mr. Bad reveals that Mo Yeon is wired with explosives. Shi Jin calls off the snipers. Quickly he and the team discuss options. I like that they do this. They have communication devices and they use them. It’s not looking good. Mr. Bad demands Shi Jin order the helicopter to land before he releases Mo Yeon. The solider named snoopy arrives and tells Shi Jin to stall for time. The wireless transmitter for the detonator is a weak spot. Mr. Bad asks Mo Yeon what they are talking about. She states the local weather is the topic under discussion. Angered, Mr. Bad puts a gun to Mo Yeon’s head. In a bold move, Shi Jin shoots the gun out of Mr. Bad’s hand stunning him. I love it! Shi Jin tells Mr. Bad to only talk to him. He offers himself to swap for Mo Yeon. No way, Mr. Bad says. Snoopy tells Shi Jin that the flashing green light on Mo Yeon’s should is the point of weakness. Shi Jin realizes he’ll have to shoot Mo Yeon to save her. He lowers his weapon, looks into her eyes and tells her not to move. He tells her to believe in him and not move. He draws his weapon and fires at the flashing green light. He hits it! The shooting mele begins. Dae Young sharp shoots the goons while Shi Jin and Snoopy handle the up close work. Mo Yeon crawls away from the line of fire. Mr. Bad and his goons are eliminated.

dos_ep12_3edos_ep12_3f dos_ep12_3g
Snoopy works to disarm the bomb vest. Shi Jin tells Mo Yeon to look at him. He tells her calmly that Snoopy is the best and she won’t die. She frets as the clock ticks down. No need. Snoopy disarms the vest and tosses it out the window as it explodes. Oh no! Mr. Bad isn’t dead and shoots Shi Jin in the back while taking off with the suitcase (of money?). I’m assuming Shi Jin’s bullet proof vest was essential. Dae Young tries to take out Mr. Bad but misses. Shi Jin is holding Mo Yeon and watches Mr. Bad raise his gun to shoot him. Shi Jin has no choice. He covers Mo Yeon’s eyes and tells her to forget this moment. Then he shoots Mr. Bad repeatedly (the dude is like the terminator taking a ton of bullets before falling) a tear down his face killing a man that used to be his comrade in arms.

The helicopter takes them back to base. En route, Shi Jin reports that the target has been eliminated. He tells Lt. Gen Yoon he’ll accept whatever disciplinary action is appropriate. Lt Gen Yoon tells him there will not be reward or censure for this mission. The Blue House politician is not happy and tells Lt. Gen Yoon he is responsible. Surprise, surprise, the President arrives. He learns that the CIA aren’t happy they were circumvented. He learns that Shi Jin won’t be censured. Lt Gen Yoon tells the President he’ll take responsibility. In a cool move, the President declares that the military mission is Lt. Gen responsibility. His responsibility is the political stuff. The President thanks Lt. Gen Yoon for saving the Korean citizen. He bows. Lt. Gen Yoon salutes him.

dos_ep12_4a dos_ep12_4b
Myeon Joo runs into Dae Young’s arms. She has the dog tags in her hands. She caresses his face. Tears stream.

Mo Yeon watches Shi Jin look at the picture of Mr. Bad then burns it.

The medical team takes care of Mo Yeon’s gunshot wound. She begins to cry overwhelmed by the day’s events.

The next day Mo Yeon and nurses watch the shirtless soldiers jog. The doctor is jealous and calls Dae Young over. He asks him to stop this obscene running. Dae Young and Shi Jin always have their shirts on I note. Dae Young smiles, pats the doctor’s shoulder, then runs to join the jogging soldiers.

dos_ep12_5a dos_ep12_5b
Shi Jin and Mo Yeon meet. He asks how her wound is. She asks how the girl is. He tells her the girl is fine. She doubts him, saying he’s lied to her. She cites that the children were supposed to be safe, yet some were in the building with Mr. Bad. Chagrined Shi Jin apologizes for lying. He says he did not want her to worry. She asks what other lies he’s told her. Drats, she’s going into that cold judgmental mode. He remembers other times but says there aren’t other lies. She calls him a liar. She tells him his lies cannot be challenged because someone’s life is a stake when he’s lying. Upset, she declares he jokes to cover the awful things he does or knows about.  Crying, she continues she wants to talk about the mundane – bad parking, bad food, bad delivery. Shi Jin tells her everything she tells him matters. She believes that. But she’s can’t get over that he blocks bullets with his body. He asks if she’s breaking up with him. She wonders if she can handle who he really is. She walks away. Mr. Bad’s voice intones “Shi Jin is smart and funny but he has secrets. He’ll disappear. One day, he’ll never return.”

We see Mr. Bad’s coffin loaded onto the plane. Shi Jin stares at it. The American jerk is NOT a jerk when he tells Shi Jin that no soldiers lives were lost, so the mountain of paperwork is a small price to pay. As Shi Jin walks away, the American tells him to stay alive and well. Nice to see the cross country comradery. 

Mo Yeon briefs the medical team they’ll leave Urk in a couple of days.  They all have mixed feelings. They check on Myeon Joo impressed with her progress. They discharge her. Myeong Joo reminds Mo Yeon that she’s a patient too who needs take her medicine the gun shot wound. Mo Yeon tells the annoying manager he’s past the critical stage. She hopes he gets the punishment he deserves in Korea. He asks about his diamonds. She tells him the diamonds were given to the US. She’s glad that upset him. Mo Yeon tells the last survivor he’s going back to Korea. The young doctor’s results are in. The last survivor delivers them personally. The results are good! The young doctor is stoked. The last survivor is happy too. It’s a mini moment between them. The last survivor leaves. The young doctor is thrilled. Life is good! The young child that is all knowing tells him, he’s healed. The young doctor gives the boy sneakers. The kid wants a goat instead. They don’t understand each other. The young doctor hugs the boy good bye.

dos_ep12_7a dos_ep12_7b dos_ep12_7c dos_ep12_7d dos_ep12_7e
Mo Yeon remembers Shi Jin using his body to shield her from Mr. Bad’s bullets. She remembers Shi Jin burning the picture of Mr. Bad.  That scene is framed nicely as she’s on one side of the walls and he is on the other. I like that killing someone isn’t easy for Shi Jin. Mo Yeon remembers telling the crying Shi Jin that he should forget what he had to do as he told her to forget what she had to see.

dos_ep12_8a dos_ep12_8b dos_ep12_8c dos_ep12_8d
She invites Shi Jin to have coffee with her. He’s surprised at the invitation. He brings the coffee. She hugs him. Sweet! She tells him she couldn’t find any hair ties. She tells him from now on, he’ll hear the mundane matters from her. She promises to do her best to accept all that he is. She warns him to deal with her mundane chatter. She asks that he understand that sometimes she’ll be insecure and she’ll want to know when he’s going to do something dangerous. She suggests a code phrase like visit the department store when he’s going on a dangerous mission. She tells him not to joke about the danger to her. She asks his priorities – is it her or Korean? He tells her, his priority is her. The banter and he jokes Korea trusts him implicitly. Mo Yeon bemoans this kind of love where she has to share him. He smiles and hugs her. He promises she won’t have to worry. They hug both happy they crossed that hurdle. Well written scene. Mo Yeon is at the disadvantage of not being a military person so these dangerous missions freak her out. I liked that Mo Yeon controlled the conversation. She made her points. Shi Jin saw that Mo Yeon was taking him, job and all.

Dae Young and Myeong Joo are happy and discuss what they will eat and drink when they return to Korea. I like seeing both of them smile. BTW, the music…awesome…looking forward to this song in the OST.

dos_ep12_9a dos_ep12_9b
Dae Young and Shi Jin try to cook to the horror of Kim Bum. The ladies are touched by their efforts. They begin to bicker with each other about a boy from their youth. The men sit back and watch them. Once they realize they are over sharing, the men drill them for details (similar to the package from the girl situation). The ladies tell them this was nothing. The men can’t believe the ladies have a shared man in their past. They decide to go and google the guy. The ladies are left alone. They can’t believe they exposed their past to their men like that. Myeong Joo states since she just escaped death, she’s got a get out of jail free card with Dae Young. Mo Yeon envies her. Another cute scene highlighting the repore of our foursome.

Mo Yeon pretends to be sick with Shi Jin. He isn’t buying it. He wants to know if she wants to discus the man from her past. She pretends to call him. Shi Jin flips the phone out of her hand (like he did the first episode). Mo Yeon tells him to listen good – she likes Shi Jin. She does have a shared past with that guy. BUT she likes Shi Jin. She tells Shi Jin he is considerable, honorable and handsome. Shi Jin smiles and puffs up like a peacock. All is well again between our couple.

Mo Yeon was wondering if Daniel and his financee can become the young girl’s guardians. Shi Jin thinks the bartender might offer more stability. At the bar, Shi Jin tells the bartender that her efforts helped save that girl. The young girl springs up and starts cleaning. They all laugh. They wish each other well. Mo Yeon asks the girl to write or call her. The girl thanks her for everything.

dos_ep12_11a dos_ep12_11b
Mo Yeon and Shi Jin overlook the city. She tells him when she’ll get a bath when she returns to Korea. He wants to watch a movie with her. She agrees. Let’s be ordinary in Korea. He backs away. He tells her to behave in Korea until he returns. He gives her the white rock. They smile and kiss.

dos_ep12_12a dos_ep12_12b
One more shirtless jog by the soldiers for the ladies. Holy smokes! The doctor is jogging with them! LOL! He smiles as he passes.

dos_ep12_13a dos_ep12_13b
The medical team is packed and ready to go. They bow their heads to the Korean flag and remember their experiences that made them better doctors and people in Urk. Everyone takes pictures.

Back in Korea…Mo Yeon and the nurse meet walking into the hospital. The young doctor and young nurse join them commenting that this feels like the first day of work. The doctor joins them. Mo Yeon declares they really are back.

My Thoughts
* We are done with Urk. The writer’s stories in Urk were generally good. My favorite was the earthquake and all the ramifications that came from that. You could argue that love and war don’t mix. But this was a tamer peace-centric mission that had dangerous elements. The earthquake was the equalizer story. The doctors saved the patients and the solider worked to save the survivors. They all demonstrated heroics in their own way. They all grew. They valued life more, no longer taking it for granted. The soldiers and medical team bonded during the earthquake.
* Shi Jin’s mission to save Mo Yeon was a success. I was pleased that Dae Young and the other 3 soldiers went after their comrade to give him the support he needed. Shi Jin was grateful to see them too. As I mentioned in the recap, I liked how they communicated throughout the mission and especially liked how speaking Korean drove Mr. Bad nuts. I’m not sorry that Mr. Bad was killed. It was justified, as it was a kill or be killed situation.
* Song Joong Ki delivered a strong, steely, sad, and concerned Shi Jin. Going after Mr. Bad was a must. He couldn’t have succeeded without his alpha team buddies. Shooting Mo Yeon to disarm the remote control for the bomb vest took courage and skill. Killing Mr. Bad was necessary but cost him. He didn’t freak out when Mo Yeon needed time to cope with what happened. You saw his pain but he was willing to accept her decision. In fact, he’s been willing to accept her decisions all the way. And he must give her that latitude. He’s the solider. She’s the civilian. She has to accept his job as part of him.
* Mo Yeon was saved and decided the relationship was a go. I liked how Mo Yeon took a step back and assessed things. She got shot for goodness sakes, she saw her man take a bullet to save her, she saw her man gun down another to save her. That is quite a bit to process and deal with. The best part of her confrontation and resolution with Shi Jin was that she called him on his lies. She told him not to lie to her. The suggested code for dangerous mission was smart. Finally I loved hearing her tell him that he was brave, courage, consideration and good looking. We all need to hear positives!
* Dae Young giving his dog tags to Myeong Joo before the mission was powerful. Myeong Joo flinging herself into his arms while holding the dog tags when he returned was lovely. This quiet couple has wormed their way into my heart.
* Myeon Joo accepted the Dae Young’s mission but was relieved to have him back. I liked the moments of tenderness between these two. I liked the banter between the four of them. I liked how Mo Yeon and Myeon Joo bickered between themselves giving the guys ammunition to use against them.
* I think we all waiting for the release of this song by Kim Junsu featuring Song Joong Ki. Check out the teaser via the link or the embedded video below.

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7 comments on “Descendants of the Sun Episode 12 Recap
  1. Clara says:

    Great post! So comprehensive. Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Beez says:

    Oh yeah, that song. Beautiful. Thanks for including it. Good review cause so much happened this episode.

    Just cause I point out stuff, doesn’t mean I’m not totally in love with this show:

    The camera should’ve been further back as Myeon Joo runs into Dae Young’s arms. I thought she was having a relapse or something because he wasn’t in the frame when she suddenly stopped and it looks like she’s grabbing her stomach in pain until you see that he’s there.

    The scene was soooo beautiful of Mi Yeon placing her hand over Shin jin’s eyes but I was puzzled because the blood is gone from both of them, she had on a different (pink sweater) shirt, I think her lip is healed. Other people have told me it was a dream/wishful thinking sequence. Then they go from nighttime to daytime in the same clothes but approaching each other from opposite directions and the dynamic hasn’t changed to reflect they shared that moment. It was just a beautiful scene that I’m glad they added but it was edited awkwardly to take you out of the moment if you noticed the incontinuity of it. Just wish they’d found a way to work it in more smoothly.

    Dae Young and the salt! *why does that melt my insides?*

    • kjtamuser says:

      I look forward to the song beyond officially released. It captures the vibe of the softer side of this show.

      Like your comment about Dae Young and the salt, nice!

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    It may not be perfect, but I am loving this ❤ drama ❤ SOOO MUCH!

    It looks like you though Shi JIn took at least one bullet protecting Mo Yeon from Mr. Bad? However, he didn’t seem to be injured afterwards—a bullet-proof vest has to be the answer.

    What a refreshing surprise to see the President thank Gen. Yoon for their work in protecting ROK citizens and brush off the obnoxious politician in regards to the military taking the blame. How I wish more politicians were like this—letting the military do their job and them taking responsibility of the diplomatic issues!

    I’m with Beez about loving the ❤ tender scene ❤ with Mi Yeon covering Shi Jin’s eyes too. Shi Jin’s grieving over his former comrade in arms as he burns the picture—I agree with you too…it is nice to see that Shi Jin does not easily take another human being’s life. Mo Yeon’s compassion for Shi Jin is a reflection how she 💋 feels about him. I think this scene was a short-term flash back to just after they returned to the compound after the rescue. Didn’t they initially show her watching him burn the picture earlier without showing us what the picture was?

    I am so pleased that both couples are coming together 💋 romantically 💋! How long can it last? Will they let all these characters live? Isn’t there usually a second to last episode break up or separation?

    I mixed feelings about the gang returning to Korea: +maybe no more bad foreign actors, +hot baths (Shi Jin really wants to get an eyeful!), -no more beautiful azure water with white sandy beaches, –gonna miss the ❤ shirtless platoon ❤ jogging every morning…Mmmm💋

    I had to go back and watch this episode to catch Dae Young and the salt—how could I have missed that moment the first time through? 💋

    • kjtamuser says:

      I am nervous with the gang leaving for Korea. Urk was such a bubble for our medical and military teams. Not sure the kind of intimacy Urk gave us can be duplicated. Perhaps what they’ve built in Urk will be sufficient.

      I agree with your thoughts (and Beez) on Shi Jin and Mo Yeon. I especially liked that she laid down the acceptable way from him to keep his secret work a secret but not lie to her with the code phrase. I hope he uses it!

    • Beez says:

      @JaneTilly, watch the scene again with Mo Yeon covering Shi jin’s eyes. You’ll see that it is either meant to be a fantasy-wishful thinking of what she wish she had done or very bad continuity and editing.

      It’s an amazing scene so I’m glad they shot it and squeezed it in there, but I do wish it had been re-shot with the same clothes and blood. At first, because I knew it was a new day, I was like “is Shin Jin still crying in that same spot?”

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