Descendants of the Sun Episode 11 Recap

I’ve got good news…medically things improve. I’ve got bad news…sub par actors have a featured plot point.

Descendants of the Sun Episode 11 Recap

Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) and Officer Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won) wait for the results. They ask each other if they are scared that the virus that could be coursing through them. Shi Jin and Dae Young stride down the hall. Dae Young (Jin Goo) bursts through the door and hugs Myeong Joo. She asks if he’s crazy. Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) enters the room. He looks at Myeong Joo. She realizes what this means. She admits this is scary. She asks Shi Jin to take Dae Young out of the room. He tells her he’ll stay with her.  She states Dae Young must be isolated separately from her now they’ve had contact. He stares into her eyes, tears on his face.  Later he asks Mo Yeon if Myeong Joo will die. She tells him Myeong Joo is strong and healthy.  Later she tells Shi Jin that Myeong Joo’s health could work against her. She promises to do everything to win this battle with the virus. The medicube is ground zero for quarantine, testing, and treating the M3 virus. Mo Yeon and Shi Jin rally their respective troops and tell them to press on.

dos_ep11_2b dos_ep11_2a
Dae Young and Shi Jin talk through the door. Ah, it is the same place Shi Jin was restricted after the surgery on the Arab President incident in episode 4. Shi Jin pushes a walkie talkie through the door so Dae Young can talk to Myeong Joo. Sweet! Myeong Joo calls his name on the walkie talkie.  He answers. He asks how she is feeling. She tells him she misses him. He asks if she ate. She tells him she misses him. She asks how he’s doing. He tells her he misses her. They both have tears. She asks if he ate. He tells her he misses her. He asks if she’s crying. She asks if he remembers calling her the virgin ghost. He counters she is his angel. Sweet! She complains now that she’s sick, he’s sweet to her. Guess what folks, they miss each other, and they wonder if they’ve wasted too much time. The mirroring of the dialog between them was a nice touch.

The medicube is quarantined. Daniel has ordered the medicine that Mo Yeon requested. Shi Jin is tracking down everyone that the annoying manager had interactions with.  It’s a good thing he wasn’t on the plane to Korea. The commander wants Myeong Joo transferred. No can do per Shi Jin, they must follow the infectious disease rules. The commander is nervous and scared he or his troops will become ill. The Korean hospital medical team learns about the infection disease and everyone worries. The young doctor’s mother demands the chairman bring her son home. He promises to bring him home. The doctor who may have the virus (or a cold, it is unknown) texts Mo Yeon’s best friend for data. She sends snapshots with her phone. I love that he’s not just lying there, he’s working to solve the problem. The others are impressed. The annoying manager is still alive. Myeong Joo is hanging in there.

Shi Jin and Mo Yeon catch up. He asks her blood type. She counters she’s his ideal type. They banter more. I like her being cutesy and putting a big smile on his face. She splits. Nice smiles from both of them.

There’s a blackout / power outage. Annoying manager’s respirator isn’t working. The young doctor holds him down while Myeong Joo sedates him. Holy Smokes! The annoying manager bites the doctor! Myeong Joo sedates him. The young doctor administers CPR. Mo Yeon bursts through the door. Myeong Joo tells her the young doctor was bitten. After the power is restored, Mo Yeon tends the young doctor’s wounds and tells him the annoying manager owes him his life. The last survivor asks if the young doctor will become infected. Mo Yeon says this is possible. Kim Bum tells the young doctor he was brave and cool. The last survivor tells the young doctor he acted like a doctor. For that guy, that is high praise. The young doctor cries. Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo are surprised. The young doctor tells them he’s okay and is ready to go back to Korea. He calls his wife and tells her he is quarantined but he hopes not to have caught the virus. He declares he loves his wife. She’s in tears. Her husband is back.

dos_ep11_5b dos_ep11_5a
Daniel drives kids to the UN camp. Good news! Everyone at the camp does not have the virus. Dae Young hurries to watch Myeong Joo sleep. Shi Jin tells him that the camp alert has been lowered. Dae Young isn’t listening. They hear there is an incident in the cafeteria. Myeong Joo’s vision is blurry. Dae Young and Shi Jin arrive in the cafeteria to find Mr. Bad and his goons. Mr. Bad declares he and his goons have tested negative. Mr. Bad wants to see the annoying manager. Shi Jin tells him to leave. Mr. Bad wants the diamonds. Shi Jin tells him to leave. When Mr. Bad reaches in his pocket, he pulls out medicine. He asks Mo Yeon to save the manager with the medicine. He and his goons leave. Too bad, this guy isn’t a good actor. That role screams for menacing and he just doesn’t have the skill to deliver.

The doctor bets he doesn’t have the virus. The nurse confirms it. She hugs him in relief and cries. With dignity she pulls away. The doctor grabs her and hugs her. This is mutual! He gives her the name of the live cure. The doctor tells Mo Yeon his research is right. She respects his analysis.

dos_ep11_6b dos_ep11_6a
Mo Yeong isn’t looking good. She calls her father and tells him she’s sick. Lieutenant General Yoon (Kang Shin Il) knows. She asks why he didn’t call. He tells her he can’t do anything but wait for his daughter’s call. She promises she’ll get through it. She asks him for two favors. First, she asks for forgiveness for what she said to him last. He forgives her. Second, she asks him not to take Dae Young from the army. She tells him she heard him telling Dae Young to leave the military. She wants Dae Young happy. She promises to call again. She faints as Mo Yeon enters the room.

Daniel runs into a road block.

The medical team puts Myeon Joo in an ice bath to lower her temperature. Mo Yeon gets a call from Daniel. She tells Shi Jin and Dae Young the truck with the medicine has been stolen. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Mr. Bad wants to trade the medicine for the diamonds. Shi Jin’s phones rings. It’s Mr. Bad, he wants to trade the diamonds for the medicine. Bingo! Shi Jin and Dae Young meet Mr. Bad’s goons. They trade the diamonds for the medical supplies with a smirk. Enraged, Dae Young hits and kicks the goon.

Myeong Joo waits in the ice bath for the medicine to arrive.

The police take the young girl away. Mr. Bad’s goon gets out of the police car. Mo Yeon lies she gave the girl the medicine. The police don’t care.

Kim Bum doesn’t understand why there isn’t a cure. Daniel’s fiance works on herbs to reduce the fever. The medicine truck arrives. Myeong Joo receives the medicine. Dae Young and Shi Jin arrive. Dae Young holds Myeong Joo’s hand while she sits in the ice bath. Her fever is going down with the medicine. He lifts her out of the ice bath.

dos_ep11_8b dos_ep11_8a
The next morning Shi Jin learns that Mo Yeon went with the police and the young girl. Shi Jin worries it wasn’t the police. He gets in the car and almost runs over the girl. The girl is shot in the leg. The goons come out with Mo Yeon as their hostage. Shi Jin puts down his weapon. Mr. Bad arrives. He wraps the girl’s leg. Mr. Bad tells Shi Jin he’s in control. He has his men put Mo Yeon in the car. Shi Jin and Mo Yeon stare at each other. Mr. Bad demands that Shi Jin provide an escape route at 2am after the gun delivery. Shi Jin promises in Korean that he’ll kill him. Mr. Bad doesn’t understand what Shi Jin said. Mr. Bad leaves with Mo Yeon. He tells Mo Yoen she’s the perfect person to spend his last night with. Shi Jin comes on the walkie talkie and declares he will save her. Through her tears she listens and agrees to wait for his rescue. Mr. Bad tells Shi Jin he’ll see him later. He throws the walkie talkie out the window. While the production of the scene was as positive as possible, it doesn’t cover up that this is a weak and manipulative plot point. The writers glossed over the stupidity of Mo Yeon heading off solo with the police. The writers glossed over the stupidity of Shi Jin going after Mo Yeon solo. Get Mr. Bad and his guns off the island is the demand. Shi Jin has no choice, he must save Mo Yeon.

Shi Jin explains the situation to the commander who is livid. Shi Jin says he must leave and save Mo Yeon. Blue house calls the commander and on speaker phone asks about the kidnapping. Shi Jin confirms the kidnapping. The Blue house tells them to do nothing. Shi Jin says he will run a rescue operation. The Blue house yells at him not to go rogue again. Shi Jin calmly tells the Blue House he will do what he must. As Shi Jin tries to leave the base, the soldiers tell him to stop. The commander calls the guard house at the gate. The solider hands Shi Jin the phone. The commander tells Shi Jin he has 3 hours for the rescue mission that the commander knows nothing about. Basically the commander disavows Shi Jin for 3 hours. Kinda like Mission Impossible “As always, should you or any of your I.M. Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.”

Shi Jin call Dae Young for an update on Myeong Joo. He tells Dae Young he’s stepping out for a while. Dae Young cuts the call when Myeong Joo beings to stir. Shin Joo goes all black and gets his guns from the bar. Isn’t this the same bar that doesn’t sell information or weapons? He’s looking good and righteous in black.

Mr. Bad hits Mo Yeon and puts the gun to her head. He tells her to speak English. This is physiological warfare. Mr. Bad tells Mo Yeon the Shi Jin has secrets and one day may never return to her. He recommends she break up with Shi Jin. She cries and tells him he is trash (in Korean).

Dae Young calls Shi Jin but gets no response. He learns that Shi Jin left camp. He learns that Mo Yeon went to the police station last night and has not returned. Dae Young realizes something bad is going down. He stares at Shi Jin’s bed where his uniform and dog tags lay. Yep, the dog tags are a bad sign.

Shi Jin calls the Arab Minister’s aide and asks for his gold card favor. He requests a chopper. He says he has another date. Shi Jin drives to his date with destiny.

My Thoughts
* I suspected the Mr. Bad, his goons, and the police would one day be featured and they would not be up to the task. That day has come. No surprise, Mr. Bad and his goons have been sub par from the get go. We are in episode 11. The writers have to keep putting obstacles in front of our leads. It was Mr. Bad’s turn. As I stated in the recap, how Mo Yeon got taken and Shi Jin went after her, required us to “turn off our brains”. Fine. Here’s my request, dispatch Mr. Bad is in the next episode and don’t repeat this plot point again.
* I was glad the young doctor got his groove back. It did seem a bit silly to have a single semi-positive comment from the last survivor turn his frown upside down but I’m okay with it because it resolves this issue.
* The doctor researching the virus and connecting with the nurse was a well done subplot point. I’ve enjoyed their interactions throughout the series. Today they had a shining moment.
* Song Joong Ki delivers a steely Shi Jin. He had no choice but save Mo Yeon and go directly against Mr. Bad. Joong Ki looks great in all black. I did enjoy their blood type banter.
* Mo Yeon is the kidnap victim. Weak plot point to put her in peril. But it is done. I hope this resolved in the next episode and never repeated again. Song Hye Kyo brought the cute in the blood type banter scene.
* Dae Young saying he missed Myeong Joo during the walkie talkie conversation was the highlight. Their chemistry was excellent. His tears were touching. Well done.
* Myeon Joo survived the deadly virus. This virus forced Dae Young and Myeong Joo to confront feelings. This virus allowed Myeong Joo to ask her father to drop his request that Dae Young leave the army.
* The eight song of the OST is the ballad “By My Side” by SG Wannabe. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below.



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28 comments on “Descendants of the Sun Episode 11 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    kjtamuser – I like when you add your comments throughout the recap. (Don’t stop the summations at the end though! )

    As to Mi Yeon, I agree about her running off half cocked but I can see her going with (whom she thought) was the legit police.

    Yeah,the smarter move would’ve been to wait for Shin jin but I can see her concern for the young girl being scared so she wants to provide some comfort by going with her. Mi Yeon probably thinks her being a doctor (and the head one at that) would carry some weight. Remember she doesn’t have all the details we have about the police getting in Argus’ pocket. (Which is why I hate plots that always have someone keeping info to themselves under the guise of protecting a person and inevitably that person doesn’t know they should avoid the bad guys *sigh*. Even the hospital should have briefed them before sending the staff there – (as in, don’t be too trusting of the local police. The laws over there work differently than ours, etc.) But then this is k-drama. But I also hate that kind of “omit to protect” in American shows too.

    As to McInnis’ acting, I’m going to go pull s post I made somewhere else to see what you think about it.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Yep, the blog while I watch lets me free flow my thoughts in the recap. Sometimes when I get to the summary I’m burned out and don’t have much more to add, so it can be a double edged sword.

      The situation Mo Yeon is in and Shi Jin’s required superman response, it doesn’t surprise me.

      I’m wondering what the writer has in store next. Are we done with Urk? If not, what is left to do? If so, does everyone go back to Korea?

      • Beez says:

        I was thinking that to. They overcame a deadly virus. The bad guy is dead. Mr. Annoying Jin is flat on his back and the diamonds are long gone. For a minute I thought we were going to spend the next 4 eps with Mi Yeon backpedaling about his dangerous job but they surprised me. So what’s left? I hope they came up with something original.

  2. Beez says:

    On another site, bloggers and postets were commenting on McInnis’ acting as well. Here is my post but I’m curious if anybody else feels this way about what westerners think is good acting versus what Koreans think is good acting:

    You know I’ve been wondering about this a while. Maybe Actor McInnis (Argus in DOTS) can act to Koreans. Hear me out:

    So many American fans think that Song Seung Heon is a really good actor (myself included except Dr. Jin and I stick to believing that was all the director’s fault). I mean East of Eden was my junk until everybody started crying every single episode after ep 28 or so.

    So I was very surprised to find out he’s called “Mr. Dish Towel” and has gotten a lot of flack over “he only looks good but can’t act”. (Oh and “A Better Tomorrow” – beautiful AND badazz. *sigh*)

    I know there are a lot of American actors/actresses whom I’ve noticed they have the facial expressions right but their voices or how they choose to say a line throws the whole thing off.

    So I wonder if McInnis seems good to Korean audiences the way Song Seung Beautiful seems good to us?

    • kjtamuser says:

      Brace yourself, I’ve never seen Song Seung Heon act so that comparison doesn’t work for me. My complaint about McInnis and police and the goons is that they are “speaking” the lines, which makes me not “feel” what the dialog intended to deliver. In this episode, Mr. Bad is not menacing to me when the set up is perfect for me to feel menancing. Kinda like Keanu Reeves in any movie he’s been in, limited emotional range. That doesn’t mean he can’t deliver a decent performance for a character (The Matrix and Speed).

  3. Beez says:

    Haha! I think this guy is far worse that Keanu. lol

    I cannot believe you have not seen Mr. Beautiful with the perfect abs in anything! But then, he is getting older and has been making more movies than dramas the last few years. He was my “intro” into kdrama and because I tried to watch everything he’d ever been in, that meant I caught up on the old classics that everyone is always referencing when discussing kdrama history/evolution.

    Who is your all time 2-3 biases,kjtamuser?

    • kjtamuser says:

      So is Mr. Beautiful another drama I must check out? I’m almost done with the Good Doctor then Sungkyunkwan Scandal is next. Boys over Flowers was my intro to kdrama. I must admit I don’t get all the references others make. By biases do you mean favorites?

      • Beez says:

        Yes, “biases” means your favorites. I’ve never heard it applied to actresses though. I think it’s one of those Korean things where they take an English definition and, while its not technically wrong, it almost has a new meaning that applies strictly to the K-drama world.

        I’m sorry, when I said “Mr. Beautiful”, I was referring to Mr. Hotness Song Seung Heon, himself.

        Here’s how I discovered the classics and didn’t know I was getting the full immersion: I watched almost everything these actors were in because at one time they were THE Halyu wave (so much so they appeared in promotional tourism ads and posters):

        Song Seung Heon

        Won Bin (easy to catch up on because he’s done very few dramas and a handful of acclaimed (very good) movies) but his looks are legendary (although I think others are handsomer myself). You’ll see Won Bin’s name show up in dramas ALL the time as characters will say “he’s as good looking as Won Bin”. He’s the go-to name like we say “Brad Pitt”.
        Song Seung Heon and Won Bin were both in the classic melo “Autumn in my Heart. (I discovered I liked rom coms best myself).

        Jang Hyuk,whom I know you know (he has 2 dramas that I still haven’t seen).

        Joo Jin Mo (Empress Ki and others) He’s probably more my bias as opposed to how popular the others I’ve named.

        Ha Ji Won – actress who seems to have the most interesting roles (stunt woman in Secret Garden)

        Hyun Bin also Secret Garden (now this man had the looks when he was younger that they credit Won Bin with. My opinion is Won Bin is so scarce that it feeds his mystique.)

        Gong Woo (famous for Coffee Prince)

        Just these handful of actors were so popular at one point that catching up on their shows really informs you.

        There’s also Kwang Sang Woo but he has SO MANY standard and movies that I’ve seen a few but is too many to tackle.

        If I were to recommend shows that will inform on references you’ll come across when fans are talking or making comparisons AND that are very good, If say:
        Part 2 coming

  4. The shops doesn’t sell information and women 🙂

    (Remember Daniel’s wife buys a gun when Shi Jin and Dae Young were in there having a drink?)

    Also, I agree about Bad Guy’s acting skills. I don’t know if he’s trying to go for comically menacing or something, but it just comes off weird. Especially the scene when he pulls out the medicine (or whatever that was, because it’s not mentioned again?)… a little too off for my liking.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Appreciate the clarification about the bar motto and the reminder that a gun was bought there previously.
      I am with you on Mr. Bad’s delivery being off. The emotional intent is not there when he delivers some of his lines. He is not the worst I have seen. But he downgrades the scenes which is unfortunate.

      • Beez says:

        I think we’re all harder on Argus’ actor because he is American (Korean-American although he’s full on American – doesn’t speak Korean) and while other western English speaking actors in kdramas look like the shows put out casting calls that appear in subways and on busses “Are you here on vacation and do you speak English?” so they’ll get other nationalities that speak English and are valiently trying so hard to sound American but we expect and excuse that awkwardness from these obvious non-professionals and non-first language English speakers.

        First time I saw McInnis (Argus) in something and found out he was American, I thought he’s so good looking that I paused the show he was in (Iris) to check him out in some Hollywood shows but, at that time, he’d been in nothing. When I restarted the show and saw his acting my thought was…


  5. Beez says:


    My Name is Kim Samsoon a/k/a My Lovely Samsoon (oh yeah, I almost forgot it has Hyun Bin, and a great actress). Kim Samsoon is “horribly fat” (to Koreans. We wouldn’t think if her as plus size at all but, for her culture…) Any time someone berates her weight she is proud and sassy & replies “I’m a bakery chef. Of course I’m fat!” And you fall in love with her for it. She’s not annoying and her voice has a rich tone (or maybe it’s just normal). When I first started kdrama I was put off by the screeching whining voices that I don’t even notice anymore now. She surprises chaeboul (rich heir) Hyun Bin by sweeping him of his feet unintentionally. The show does not shy away from the topic of sex. Kim Samsoon is under pressure by family to marry but it’s clear she’s not the usual kdrama heroine who has never had a boyfriend or sex before. The show is often billed as the Korean answer to Bridget Jones’ Diary.

    Coffee Prince – tomboy often mistaken for a boy. Chaeboul hires “him” to pretend date him so his family will think he’s gay and stop making him go on blind dates (almost arranged marriages but you do get to choose from the ones your parents pick). The chaeboul begins to fall in love with the other “guy” & has to deal with his feelings, believing himself to have become a homosexual. This show had the only believable girl-pretending-to-be-a-man actress out of all of this genre (except now Oh Yeon-Seo in Come Back Ahjusshi is killing it too).

    Full House (not the sequels but the original)
    Full House is not art but if you withstood Boys Before Gag Me,you’ll be okay. Is worth it for young Rain. If you don’t already know, Rain is currently playing Hae Joon in Come Back Ahjusshi. He is THE original kpop star (in my book) and is often referred to as “The Gateway Drug” Here is a sampling of his music.
    You can thank me later. 😉

    Secret Garden – body switch antics between a kdrama stunt woman and an uptight chaeboul Hyun Bin. This is one of my all time favorites.

    These are the rom-coms that will always come up, are good,and hilarious with a side of eye candy.

    There’s lots more but let me know when you want me to add on to the list.

    And let me know what you think of Rain’s other career. 🙂

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree with your selections.

      My Name is Kim Samsoon a/k/a My Lovely Samsoon was an enjoyable series. One memorable moment was the piano kiss. There was mutual participation. A must for me to consider a kiss a good one.

      Coffee Prince is one of my go to series if I want quick jolt of a top notch kdrama. The tenth episode kiss is simply one of the best ever. The 16th episode end of episode kiss is pretty great too.

      Full House – enjoyable and showed Rain’s appeal from the get go. 3 Bears song…priceless.

      Secret Garden – I fell for Hyun Bin in this series. I concur this is a favorite series of mine as well.

      I haven’t seen much of Rain’s movie career primarily the kdramas are my exposure. One thing I like about Rain is his willingness to have fun and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Rain’s appearance on the Stephen Colbert show proved what a good sport he was which I noted in my Full House review

      • Beez says:

        kjtamuser – you’ve seen “the classics” then. Something you asked me a while back made me make that list. I’ve seen some of the much older ones too, but I wasn’t all that impressed. I’d say after Samsoon, Coffee Prince and Secret Garden era is when the kdrama world began to up the ante with regard to relationships and wittiness (is that a word?). Anyway, I’m an addict. But had I discovered kdramas during My Girl *yawn* and a few others my reaction would’ve been -\_(ツ)_/¯

        I’ve downloaded a couple of apps that are getting me started with learning Hangul. I know I’ll eventually need more sophisticated lessons, but I’m surprised at how many words I’m picking out that I couldn’t hear before.

  6. Jane Tilly says:

    So McInnis doesn’t have the best acting chops–I think he has done OK up until this episode and I find him very easy on the eyes…despite that I’m ready for them to kill him off.
    I haven’t been overly impressed with Song Seung Heon, but then, I’ve only seen him in Dr Jin and My Princess.

    The only one of Beez’s recommendations I haven’t seen is Coffee Prince. I think I’ll raise its priority on my list.

    Rain is dreamy, but I was disappointed that Rain didn’t really sing in “She’s So Loveable” or even make an appearance on the soundtrack 😦 I am going to start Come Back Mister this since I have just about caught up with DOST.💋

  7. Jane Tilly says:

    Oh Beez, those are some nice pics of SSH. Do y’all have a recommendation of which drama of his makes him more impressive than Dr. Jin or My Princess?

    Coffee Prince is definitely moving up my list.

    As for learning Korean, my local school district offered a couple of Korean classes, which my unnie and I took one, but they haven’t offered any more since. I did find that after I started learning words, I started hearing them more in dramas and music. A community college or university would probably offer something, maybe even online. But I find there is nothing better than speaking to native speakers. I have a Korean friend from grad school and we stay in contact now and then. A Korean client teaches me a new phrase every month or so. I have been buying Kpop for a couple of years and search for lyrics with English translations and that has helped me pick up a few words and understand the lyrics a bit better.

    • Beez says:

      @Jane Tilly
      Thanks, that’s a good idea. I’ll keep an eye out for community college classes. I don’t really need to speak it (I’ve noticed that I can know and understand a word but my pronunciation is terrible!) I just want to be able to do my other hobby as I watch a show. Since I’m no longer interested in regular tv, and my eyes have to be glued to the screen for subtitles, I’m not doing my other love. lol

      The other reason is, as we discussed before,I’d like to stop checking out more than one web site’s version when the subtitles don’t make sense. True, I fast forward to the part I want to check on, but still it’d be easier to know for myself.

      SSH in the movie “A Better Tomorrow”. My other bias is in it as well but I didn’t even notice him when I first watched this movie. (I didn’t know who Jin Joo Mo was at the time and I only had eyes for SSH.) Be warned – no romance at all because there are no women in the entire movie. But he is so badazz.*sigh* (Something’s definitely wrong with my meltdown over Alpha males.) *ahem*

      East of Eden is a lonnnnng drama. 58 eps, I think. It’s rather epic and I don’t think SSH shows up until about ep6 or 8. Oh, they have a short scene of him in ep1 or 2 as a future clip, just so fans know this is his drama, but it starts out with him as a small child. (A very young Kim Bum plays the teenage SSH). I thought his acting was excellent but around episode 28 or so the show lags, gets back in track, lags again… Very melo,lots of tears and SSH sells it for me. But I was drained with no more tears around ep 35. lol Don’t worry,is not about cancer or disease, the emotions are about injustice of the rich vs poor and over family relationships.

      Poster from the show

      And this just because!1889&authkey=!AFNgCYU3_FQXU70&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg
      (let me know me if that last image won’t open cause it’s from my personal stash and the pic had vanished from the Internet)

    • Beez says:

      @Jane Tilly
      I prepared a post about SSH’s East of Eden but as soon as I hit “post comment”, the comment vanished.

      East of Eden is 58 episodes long. I really enjoyed it. It’s epic in scope so SSH is shown in a short scene in Ep1 (so the fans know it IS his show, but he doesn’t take over the role until ep6 or 8. It starts with very young child actors. Later, Kim Bum portrays SSH’ character during the teenage years. The show lags some in the middle episodes but we get to see SSH be super charismatic (acting because his real personality is not exuberant or charasmatic at all). Then his tears over his brother (which occur often) is really good acting,in my opinion.

      Another drama of his is “When A Man Loves”. This is the first thing I saw him in. It’s frustrating as heck and will make you hate his love interest (Shin Se-Kyung). Fans hated her so much, the director apologized because he said he directed her that way – no likability and ZERO facial expressions. But we were all complaining that it was a lack of acting ability. We were wrong because she went on to show a different side in other dramas. (I think we were just mad at her on SSH’s character’s behalf).

      Would I rank either series a 9 or 10? No, but definitely 8.5 on my enjoyment meter. He plays two completely different character types and I believed him in each. In East of Eden, everybody loves him – old,young, male, female and you feel that two. In When A Man Loves, you want to beat women over the head while screaming “Stop treating Oppa bad!”

      EOE is too long to ever rewatch the entire thing but I’ve revisited certain episodes, but I’ve rewatched When A Man Loves a couple of times.

      How much of this is because the series are good and how much is because I just enjoyed watching him so much…I’m not exactly sure. 😉

  8. Beez says:

    eek! where’d my post go?

    • kjtamuser says:

      For some reason that post wasn’t approved. Don’t know why. Your comments are automatically approved without me doing anything. Let’s call it a glitch.

      • Beez says:

        Oh, ktjamuser, you must have pushed the first post thru? Now I have two very long posts on the same subject. lol. Oh well, never too much SSH in my opinion!

  9. Beez says:

    Let me know if that link won’t open. It’s from my person stash on my cloud storage. I thought that was maybe why my last comment failed to post so I sent it alone as a test. Apparently it wasn’t the problem.

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