Would I Date Him? Oh My Venus

I’ve watched a lot of leading men waltz into my life. I’m been wondering…Would I Date Him?

Our candidate: Young Ho portrayed by So Ji Sub from the series Oh My Venus.

His Background: Secret chaebol that has been a fitness trainer to the stars returns to Korea and helps our leading lady lawyer get in shape. Of course, they fall in love.

Pluses: Sexy, confident, caring. He had a knight in shining armor need to rescue the leading lady. Bonus – open caring for his fun loving sidekicks…he’s almost too good to be true.

Minuses: Went noble idiot for a single episode deciding to fight a physical issue alone and shutting out the female lead deliberately in the process.

Would I date him? Yes. It’s a no brainer.

Would it last? Let’s see, he’s amusing, he wants my happiness, and wants to share himself with me and vice versa. If I turned noble idiot, the relationship would implode. Otherwise, I’m keeping this guy for a long time!

After reading her insightful comments of the Oh My Venus recaps, I got the idea for this article. Thanks Jane Tilly! jt


Asian drama fan

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7 comments on “Would I Date Him? Oh My Venus
  1. Beez says:

    kjtamuser – love that you started this! I hope you do one for all the popular (and the not as popular as they once we’re) Korean actors.

    What about me? Would I date Young Ho? I’m not crazy! He has So Ji Sub’s face and body!

    Would I want to spend the rest of my entire life with Young Ho though? Nah.

    I don’t know exactly why. Maybe because he doesn’t laugh enough. As a whole package with his sidekicks – yes! But what happens when the sidekicks get married and go off to live their own lives? Something about Young Ho just felt distant to me. I love a knight in shining armor, but it seems like he would always choose to try to handle everything without me “for my own good”.

    • Beez says:

      P.S. That one episode where he went noble idiot was AN ENTIRE YEAR! Nope,scratch him off my list. I would’ve gone and found me a still single guy like Joong-Won (Master’s Sun) or Shi jin (DOTS) or Dae Young (DOTS) but I wouldn’t wait for an azzhat. Sorry,I’m still mad about that unnecessary year of noble idiocy.

      • kjtamuser says:

        You are right. The one episode equaled one year of separation.

        I’m planning on doing more of these. I expect that certain drama dudes I would not date others would in a heart beat and vice versa.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I love the “would you date him” concept. Young Ho is a good place to start–count me IN!💋 The knight in shining armor is HUGE for me! Who can pass up a confident, loving, and caring man who not only knows how to forgive his enemies, but is a 💋sexy💋 chaebol! BONUS: Ladies, he does NOT wear suits made from upholstery fabric!!! 😛 OK the his comeback overcoat might qualify as upholstery, but that is at least outerwear!

    The overall Young Ho package deal is VERY appealing! However, while I am a patient person–IF there were a Round 2 of noble idiocy–it could be a deal breaker. 😦

    kjtamuser I’m so pleased my comments were a spark for your inspiration! I 💋LOVE💋 your blog! I’m going to start DOST next to check out these other potential candidates…

    • Beez says:

      @Jane Tilly – lol @ upholstery fabric. lol

      I used to look at the too short pants as “floods” but, strangely,they bite soak to me (on the right actor)

      • Beez says:

        Ohhhhkay. That was auto correct at work on my new phone. But now I have no idea what “bite soak” was supposed to be. But i like the short pants on some guys.

    • kjtamuser says:

      What can I say…you inspired me. Thx! I am planning to continue this article series. Potential candidates are everywhere!

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