Come Back Mister Episode 10 Recap

We learn that Gi Tak has someone in his past he doesn’t want anyone to know about…too late…the cat is out of the bag.

Episode 10 Recap:

cbm_ep10_1b cbm_ep10_1acbm_ep10_1c
Kim Young Soo (Rain) surprises his wife (Lee Min Jung) when he asks if he can take her dead husband’s place. That’s bold! He asks if he can like her. She asks why he likes her. Trying to figure that out is his response. Not exactly overwhelming words. She suggests he doesn’t want to be alone and she’s convenient. She did that once in her love life. Young Soo immediately worries that he was the convenient love. He suggests they test it out and see who’s right. He warns her not fall for him. As they walk home she wonders why he doesn’t pick from the available single ladies. He can’t handle her. He says he knows that her husband didn’t know the real her. She says her husband was generous and didn’t ask about her past. Young Soo proposes they begin again. They do and laugh on the way home. Okay, I’m wondering why doesn’t she say, I’m newly widowed and not ready to move on. Doesn’t that say something about her marriage that she’s not saying that? Young Soo puts black shoes outside her bedroom door. Will she accept them?

The next morning she can’t find her shoes. Young Soo pretends not to know where they went. She immediately knows he took them to force her to wear his shoes.

Song Yi Yeon (Lee Ha Nui) gives Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) a handbag to replace her fanny pack.  Gi Tak is touched to receive a gift from Yi Yeon. She declares she’ll use the purse forever. Yi Yeon grooms Gi Tak who is impressed how she looks. She gets a text that the comatose big boss isn’t doing well. Gosh, I’d forgotten about the Big Boss character.

She arrives at Big Boss’s hospital room to find Na Suk Chul beating up Seung Jae.  She blocks Suk Chul’s next punch and tells him as Gi Tak’s sister she’s there for revenge. She’s going to build up Yi Yeon then tear her down. Suk Chul laughs that the Department Store President (the chairman’s son and Yi Yeon’s ex-husband) won’t let that happen. Gi Tak says the President will have his hands full with his illegitimate brother (Young Soo).  She wonders if the President knows that Suk Chul’s facial scar is because he attacked Yi Yeon. He agrees to side with Gi Tak but warns her he’s intense. She doesn’t flinch.  I like how Gi Tak able to be firm and believable. When he originally took over the body he had no power, now he’s got swagger and moxy. 

Suk Chul asks Seung Jae if he likes Gi Tak. He warns Seung Jae that he’s owed money in this situation. As Suk Chul drives away he muses he doesn’t need to take sides. He’ll watch Gi Tak and the President battle it out and he’ll take the spoils.  I must say, that’s a solid plan. He’s not as dumb as I thought.

At work, Young Soo carries a box for his wife. Section Chief Jung watches their interchange.

Young Soo directs Section Chief Jung to make the employee break room and min-spa. He brags to Section Chief Jung that he bought the shoes. Section Chief Jung warns him that the employees know who he is know. His wife overhears the employees talking about Young Soo’s plans.

cbm_ep10_3a cbm_ep10_3b
The President reads a report supposedly from Young Soo that recommends turning full time workers into part time worker to reduce costs. Young Soo denies sending the report. He refuses to implement this. The President says he’ll sell the store. Young Soo laughs at him and leaves.

Young Soo beseeches the guardian to discern if the President would sell the store. She confirms the President has no love for the store only a love for money. Young Soo worries what to do next.

His wife shoots him daggers. He says he won’t be firing people. She believes him. He’s surprised and pleased.

Gi Tak helps Seung Jae back to the apartment. Seung Jae is not happy she admitted she’s Gi Tak’s sister. The guardian pops up in the background and motions to not talk about revenge or the controller in heaven will be displeased. Gi Tak grabs Seung Jae declaring they have to vanquish the President, make Yi Yeon successful, and be there when the big boss wakes up.  The guardian pops up behind Seung Jae and coos how good looking he is. She’s got that right! Yi Yeon finds Gi Tak holding Seung Jae’s head and jokes they are cute together.  They all leave for the set.

cbm_ep10_4ccbm_ep10_4d cbm_ep10_4e
Section Chief Jung doesn’t understand why Young Soo is staying at Young Soo’s wife’s house. He notes that Young Soo will fire the employees. She doesn’t believe him and walks away.  Young Soo and Section Chief Jung stare at Young Soo’s wife. She looks good in those shoes. Section Chief Jung warns Young Soo not to mess with her. Young Soo wants to punch him. To prove that point he invites all the employees to the roof where a boxing ring is set up. He invites Section Chief Jung to fight him.  Both men square off.  “Eye of the Tiger” plays in the background while Section Chief Jung warms up with punches and the splits! Section Chief Jung is skilled. When they get each other locked they tell each other they are the better man for Young Soo’s wife. Section Chief Jung claims Young Soo has no idea what she wants or needs. He knocks down Young Soo who gets up.  He knocks down Young Soo again!  Young Soo ends the fight joking that Section Chief Jung has relieved his stress. The next employee is a burly woman who promptly puts Young Soo on the mat again. I loved how the guardian ignored Young Soo’s pleas for help. 

On the set, Yi Yeon is given papers from the President. Yi Yeon’s son asks Seung Jae who is in the photo. Seung Jae recognizes Gi Tak and wonders if the young boy is Gi Tak’s brother. He hides the photo when Yi Yeon sends her son to visit his father. The papers are a request for denial of custody. Gosh the President really doesn’t have a heart, it’s obvious Yi Yeon is a good mother who their son adores. But the President doesn’t care about that, he is a power and money driven person.  Gi Tak asks what Yi Yeon wants him to do when he looks at the papers. She tells Gi Tak not to worry and they head to the filming.  Unfortunately the lead actress is late so all the minor characters, and this includes Yi Yeon, must wait. After several hours, the director orders them home. The young actresses complain to Gi Tak they haven’t been paid. Yi Yeon and Gi Tak sit on either side of the director. The young actresses take photos of the encounter. Yi Yeon comments he’s taking advantage of the talent. He says he doesn’t have the money. Yi Yeon calls the the President and complains. Gi Tak also makes a phone call. The director says he’ll pay them.

Young Soo’s wife arrives to find Young Soo with an ice bag on his face. He tells her this isn’t a date but a tasting. He takes her shoes and notice the blisters on her feet. He soaks and washes her feet. That’s simple but effective. She admits working here is hard but she’s there because her husband devoted himself to the Department Store and this building holds many memories. Young Soo says he needs to know more about her. He wants to know more about her. He knows one thing for sure, he’ll protect the Department Store to protect her memories. Nice scene building the connection between the two characters. 

The President asks his son why his mother doesn’t call him. When she calls she only wants to speak to her son. She tells him to enjoy his time with his father and grandfather. She bids him goodbye and hangs up. The President isn’t stung that she didn’t want to talk to him.

Gi Tak and Young Soo work out and promise to take down the President.

cbm_ep10_7a cbm_ep10_7b cbm_ep10_7c
Young Soo’s wife brings him dinner when he works late. He asks her to leave it on the desk. She puts 2 bags on his desk. She’s startled to find Gi Tak there. She wishes them good evening and leaves with the second bag. Young Soo stops her at the elevator and wants to know what’s in the second bag. She doesn’t want to give it to him but he snatches it away. He finds a change of clothes. He notices that she’s flushed. He wonders if she’s jealous of Gi Tak. He walks her to the front of the store. He offers his car to take her home. Yes, he’s scoring points with her!

At home she thinks about him and smiles.

cbm_ep10_8b cbm_ep10_8a
Gi Tak and Young Soo enjoy the meal. They can’t believe they are 1 month into their 2 months on earth. Gi Tak bemoans that Yi Yeon isn’t the success yet that he hoped he could make her.  She recalls meeting Yi Yeon and the pain when Yi Yeon left him when her manager called with an opportunity. The twist is that Gi Tak called her manager and Yi Yeon doesn’t know this. Gi Tak wonders why he can’t tell Yi Yeon this. Young Soo sympathizes with Gi Tak. Seung Jae arrives and sees their comradery.  The guardian plasters herself on Seung Jae. Young Soo and Gi Tak wrest the guardian off Seung Jae. I liked the support Young Soo offered Gi Tak. Seems like the guardian is breaking some kind of rule doing that. 

The next day at work the employees are greeted. Young Soo offers a bouquet of flowers to an employee whose birthday it is. He ignores his wife perplexing her.

On set, Yi Yeon shoots a suicide scene and her performance impresses the crew.

Young Soo continues to ignore his wife at work.

His daughter reports Young Soo was the crossing guard at school and brought hamburgers and concert tickets for her friends. His wife is touched.

When Young Soo arrives home late at night, his wife greets him. He takes her arm and puts his head on her shoulder. She remembers her husband coming home and doing the same. She almost puts her arm around him but stops when she sees her wedding ring and he admits he missed seeing her because he’s been busy. He pulls back and almost kisses her but she runs away.  In her room, she is rattled and stares at her husband’s photo.

The next morning Young and his daughter joke with each other. When his father asks his son to pick up food, Young Soo automatically answers. Father and son both apologize. His wife stares.

At work, the Chairman’s secretary demands to know why the reputation of the store is being tarnished. The President recommends cutting staff to save money. The President has Section Chief Jung list the many expensive perks the employees now enjoy due to Young Soo’s decisions. Young Soo counters all this will increase profits. He declares the department store image must be made positive again. He suggests using his Yi Yeon as the store’s spokesperson.  He cites that Yi Yeon has overcome scandals to once again be trending as a positive role model.  He cites the clothes Yi Yeon wore yesterday when that were broadcast on social media are selling well. The President is livid at the suggestion. Young Soo cites that the President claims he and Yi Yeon have a good relationship for the sake of their child. Young Soo suggests the President prove it by making Yi Yeon the spokeswoman. The President refuses. The chairman stares at his secretary. She then declares that Yi Yeon will become the store’s spokesperson. The President can’t believe it. The other board members agree with the Chairman. Young Soo and the President stare at each other.

Later in the car, the Chairman tells his secretary that the President is doing terrible things to Yi Yeon because he can’t get over her. He insists Yi Yeon as the store’s spokesperson will help his son deal with this.  Seems like a strange statement considering he tried to buy Yi Yeon’s paternal rights with cash not long ago. 

cbm_ep10_11b cbm_ep10_11a
Seung Jae startles Gi Tak with the picture from long ago. He asks who the boy is. Gi Tak claims the boy is him. She claims to have undergone plastic surgery. Seung Jae is taken aback. She takes the photo from him. She flutter her eyelashes and asks him to keep this a secret from Yi Yeon.

Later Young Soo and Gi Tak congratulate each other on their progress. So far, so good! Gi Tak shows Young Soo the picture. She admits she sent her brother away to keep his existence a secret from the gang. Young Soo asks if Gi Tak will find his long lost brother. Gi Tak believes he should leave well enough alone and not find his brother.  They both spot Section Chief Jung walking down the hall. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Gi Tak offers to take care of him. Young Soo declines the offer.

cbm_ep10_13a cbm_ep10_13bcbm_ep10_13c
Section Chief Jung is on the phone and asks if Gi Tak had a younger sibling. Who ever he’s talking to invites him to visit.  Section Chief Jung stares at the part of the photo that is the younger brother. He looks up to find Young Soo and Gi Tak staring at him. I do enjoy the snarled lip Gi Tak uses. Everyone stares. We see the photo that Section Chief Jung is looking at is a solo picture of the boy. Is Section Chief Jung the boy in the photo?

Epilogue: We see the illegitimate son find a magazine with him as the cover picture. He asks the pilot if his father, brother or Mr. X caused these events. The pilot removes the cover and reveals it is a magazine filled with women.

My Thoughts
Young Soo continues his quest to have his wife like him and Gi Tak continues his quest to make Yi Yeon successful. I liked they both realized they are halfway through their allotted 2 months on earth. I still find their end game murky and wonder if the writer has a clear path to the end. What worked this episode with Young Soo was his interactions with Gi Tak. Their chemistry is good even is the plot isn’t the strongest. The guardian loving Seung Jae is over the top…as it is intended to be.
* Young Soo had an almost kiss moment with his wife. He effectively got her interested, then ignored her, then almost garnered a kiss. Cute when he called to the guardian during the boxing match but to no avail.
* Gi Tak tried to hide the revelation that he has a younger brother. He didn’t want to find his younger sibling after putting him in hiding so many years ago to avoid the sibling being used as a pawn by the gang. But is his sibling right in front of him? Is it Section Chief Jung?
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, is trending. She’s on the upside of positive and Young Soo used that to demand she be made the Department Store’s spokesperson. To everyone’s surprise, the Chairman agreed with him. The Chairman’s logic of agreeing to this so his son would get over his ex-wife seemed unlikely. My favorite moment was Yi Yeon’s calm when she received the custody papers from her ex and then hanging up on her ex after talking to their son.
* Young Soo’s wife found Young Soo attractive. I don’t mind her finding Young Soo attractive, who wouldn’t? She stares at her husband’s picture in guilt. She’s drawn to Young Soo so quickly. Doesn’t that say something about her marriage? She loved Young Soo. But was their relationship in worse shape from her perspective than we know?
* The fifth song of the OST is a beautiful ballad “Eyes Shut” by Lee Hyun. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:

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8 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 10 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    “I’m wondering why doesn’t she say, I’m newly widowed and not ready to move on. Doesn’t that say something about her marriage that she’s not saying that?”

    Fo’ reals, doh!

    I’m right with you about this show. Don’t get me wrong,I’m loving Rain and Oh Yeon So’s antics (and Honey Lee when she’s sharing screen time with OYS, but I can’t figure out Yong Soo’s wife (or Yong Soo himself since he’s starting something guaranteed to cause his wife more hurt. He’s a very nice guy/azzhole. You know, when you know guys who are nice to everyone else but thru unintentional neglect they cause their family pain?)

    And the chairman – the only explanation would be he was testing Honey Lee? Otherwise it doesn’t make sense. I’ll still enjoy the zanyness though.

    P.S. I do not like the fake facial hair on Rain. They need to get a pic of his A Love to Kill days and place the hair like his natural growth. That is a Grocho Marx moustache!

    I know the whole show is fantasy but the writers at least need to keep the backdrop story linear.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’ve enjoyed the Rain and Oh Yeon So comradely that has built steadily throughout the series. I’m still not sure what the point of two month sojourn back on earth is or how it benefits our leads. Look at Young Soo; first it was prove I didn’t kill myself, second it is make my wife call in love with me but I’ve only got 1 month left on earth….what? That does smack of selfishness. Gi Tak is focusing on making Yi Yeon successful again…why? so when he returns to heaven the woman he secretly loved is in a better position?

      • Beez says:

        I can understand GiTak because he has a pure, true love for Yi Yeon. I think he just always wants her to be happy and that’s his priority, whether he’s around to see it or not.

        I think YiYeon’s heart is tenderer towards GiTak than she let’s on. Probably because of guilt of how poorly she treated their love in the past is why she doesn’t let anyone see her grief. Then again, since she’s had no friends up until now, who would she have felt comfortable enough to reveal it to?

        As an aside, I wonder if her son might actually be GiTak’s? woo-ho! that would throw a wedge in Joo Heoyk’s (name?) pants!

        • kjtamuser says:

          I wondered the same thing about Gi Tak being the father. There was a moment in episode 8 when that possibility was raised.
          The thing that gets me about Gi Tak is that I haven’t seen enough background to understand any great love for Yi Yeon. But it is what it is.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur with wondering about end game for YS/HJ and GT/HN—what a waste of time if they don’t! But in the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the bromance.

    I’m glad I am not the only one wondering about the paternity of Yi Yeon’s son. I loved her moxy hanging up on the ex! ❤

    Who is Gi Tak’s brother? Seung Jae thought the kid in the picture looked like himself, but since the writer likes to throw us off the path, he probably is not. I concur that Section Chief Jung looks like another promising candidate. I’m sure it is someone we already know at this point in time.

    HJ's facial hair in the epilogue is hideous. HJ asked the pilot if he was sent by his father, brother or X—who is X??? Did I miss hearing X mentioned? Have we had any clues as to the identity of X?

    • Beez says:

      I didn’t catch anything about “X” in the subs of the version I watched. I downloaded and saved this series from a different place from where I originally watched this show so I plan on watching it again and I’ll be on the look out to see if this site included that. (Although, when you’re done watching the series, you’ll know who the mysterious “X” is).

    • kjtamuser says:

      Just noticed you updated your gravatar pic. Like it.

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