Come Back Mister Episode 9 Recap

Everyone comes together…can you believe it…the two families click.

Episode 9 Recap:

Kim Young Soo (Rain) offers a solution…they should all live together. Young Soo’s wife (Lee Min Jung) is stunned. He explains that he’s been secretly envious of the family that Young Soo had. Being the secret child of his own father, he wants a sense of family. Young Soo’s wife rolls her eyes and tells him to live at a hotel. Besides that, having a stranger live with them is uncomfortable. When Young Soo offers rent, you can see he’s baited the hook properly. The daughter and father think it is a good idea. Young Soo’s wife agrees to the arrangement. His only request, treat him like family. Young Soo gets a kick out of boxing in his wife in with his fabulous body. That was pretty cute! You can see they might have chemistry. I like it! Rain is at his best in these light fun scenes.

cbm_ep9_1b cbm_ep9_1a
Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) is pummeling the boxing bag when Seung Jae asks what she’s doing.  He knows she went to Department Store President (the chairman’s son and Yi Yeon’s ex-husband) house. Gi Tak counters that she knows he turned over the actor to Na Suk Chul. She tells him she’ll get the restaurant back. He wants her to leave. No way, I’m staying is Gi Tak’s response. Seung Jae is pleased with that.

Gi Tak watches Song Yi Yeon’s (Lee Ha Nui) and her son sleep. The original actor (Kim Su Ro) swaps into the scene. His love for Yi Yeon is evident. I love it when the show swaps the original actors in a scene. It ups the emotional connection of a scene.

Over at his house, Young Soo relishes his bed. The original actor (Kim In Kwon) swaps into the scene. Listening to the sounds of his family makes him happy. Rain swaps back in and stares at his wife’s hair barrette his picked up at the department store. His wife stares at the anniversary necklace her husband got her.

Lovely scenes for both leads and the song was perfect for the montage.

The next morning Young Soo is woken by his wife. He grabs her thinking he just woke from a dream. She hits him repeatedly with a pillow. Young Soo realizes his reality is that his wife cannot recognize him stuck in this body. Young Soo admonishes his wife for the extravagant breakfast. He wants to be treated like family not company. He drives his daughter to school leaving his wife behind.

Seung Jae drops Yi Yeon, her son and Gi Tak off at the department store. Yi Yeon switches clothes with Gi Tak, twice. The lead actress thanks the Department Store President for allowing a location shoot.

cbm_ep9_3c cbm_ep9_3b cbm_ep9_3a
Young Soo urges his employees to have fun and play. He urges a worker to rest her hip and another to eat snacks. He eyes his wife as he strides away. The female employees think he is cool.

The lead actress tries to flirt but the President ignores her.

On the set, the director worries about Yi Yeon’s son being there.

Young Soo shoves his wife into the car and takes her to lunch. He’s happy to spend the time together. He gives her meat. He asks for the same. He is giddy when she complies. He wants them to eat together often.

On the set, I’m digging the music, Yi Yeon enjoys the stares of the men but her ex tells her she looks shoddy.

cbm_ep9_4b cbm_ep9_4a
Young Soo tells Gi Tak he had lunch with his wife. She’s not impressed at what they ate and she puts in him a headlock. Seung Jae and Yi Yeon’s son observes this and they break apart.

Young Soo and Gi Tak bring the child. The President pretends to be friendly. Yi Yeon, the boy and Gi Tak make their escape. The President tells Young Soo to leave family out of work. Young Soo retorts Young Soo couldn’t do that.

During shooting Yi Yeon is the waitress in the scene serving tea to the lead actress. Her hands shake during this minor role. Gi Tak interrupts and makes her laugh giving her confidence. In the next take, the male actor and all the men, are drawn to her. Gi Tak praises her. The President watches the two women.

Section Chief Jung offer Young Soo’s wife a treat but Young Soo snatches it away. He asks what’s for supper. Irritated his wife asks to see him alone.

Young Soo’s wife is not happy with his high handed ways. She reads him the riot act. Young Soo is chastened. Then Young Soo uses his height advantage to tower over his wife. She regroups and stalks away. Young Soo is beside himself at how passionate his wife was. She tells herself she did well but runs into Section Chief Jung. Her heel falls off her shoe. Young Soo and Section Chief Jung enjoying watching her walk away. Best scene for Young Soo’s wife so far. She was not a doormat. She showed moxy!

The President ask Na Suk Chul what’s the deal with Gi Tak? Why is she so close to Yi Yeon? When he learns that is Gi Tak’s sister, he’s intrigued. Suk Chul reminds the President about the franchise agreement. The President shoots him down and coldly tells him not to appear unannounced.

Yi Yeon and her son are thrilled to eat casually with Gi Tak and Seung Jae.

Section Chief Jung brings Young Soo’s wife a new pair of shoes. Young Soo is not happy watching him put them on his wife. To his credit, they are pretty shoes. Young Soo walks away. His wife cannot accept the shoes. Section Chief Jung feels the sting of rejection.

Young Soo calls and complains to Gi Tak. She tells him if she’d been bolder ten years ago, she wonders if Yi Yeon would have married the President. She encourages him to be bold.

He approaches his wife and spins her into his arms. He stares into her eyes. She stares into his eyes. He dips her backward, but then he deepens the dip and it hurts her back. She grabs his hair. She walks home in a back brace. She’s not happy with him. At home he realizes that she did not accept the shoes from Section Chief Jung and is thrilled. He calls and gets more coaching from Gi Tak.

cbm_ep9_7b cbm_ep9_7a
The next morning his wife wakes and finds servants in the house to cook and clean courtesy of Young Soo. She demands the servants leave. The family has fun cooking breakfast.

Yi Yeon, Seung Jae and Gi Tak are relaxing outside. When Young Soo calls Gi Tak in distress over making a dish for his wife, Gi Tak offers to come over and help. Yi Yeon doesn’t understand why Gi Tak is helping Young Soo. Yi Yeon and Seung Jae invite themselves along. It’s a bit awkward as Yi Yeon, Seung Jae, her son are introduced to Young Soo’s family. Gi Tak offers flowers to his wife. She makes her way to the kitchen. She cooks up a storm. Everyone is impressed. Young Soo’s wife explains Young Soo presence as a way of reducing a debt. Gi Tak tries to articulate Young Soo’s strengths.

cbm_ep9_8b cbm_ep9_8a
There’s an scene where Young Soo and Gi Tak struggle over deleting porn from the computer. Yi Yeon and Seung Jae play act to cover up the sounds of porn’s lovemaking. Gi Tak tries to flirt with Young Soo to secure a copy of the porn but he resists. She’s upset when the porn is deleted. She needs it…she’s a man trapped in a woman’s body…she needed that porn. Interesting point! Young Soo’s wife sees them hugging it out.

cbm_ep9_9acbm_ep9_9c cbm_ep9_9bcbm_ep9_9d
Young Soo’s wife overhears her daughter say she wishes she had a sibling. Yi Yeon offers her son as an stand in sibling. The meal is delicious. Young Soo watches his wife feed his daughter. Gi Tak watches Yi Yeon feed her son. Gi Tak and Young Soo share a look. They understand they are watching from the outside. They get offered food too and it warms their heart. Even Seung Jae gets food put on his rice. It’s a nice scene and offers a sense of extended family. Seung Jae’s longing was nicely portrayed.

After the meal Yi Yeon tells Young Soo that her husband was kind to her at the department store when others were not. She notices how kind Young Soo is to their daughter. His wife notices too. Another nice moment.

Seung Jae carries the sleeping child as they exit the house. Yi Yeon and Young Soo’s wife agree to be friends. Smiles all round. Young Soo offers his coat to his wife. He suggests they go for a drink. She agrees.

Yi Yeon tells Gi Tak that while Young Soo is nice she must not get involved with anyone at the department store. Gi Tak laughs and says she’s not interested in Young Soo. In fact she lets it be known that Young Soo is interested in the grieving widow. Yi Yeon and Gi Tak act out a scene. Seung Jae shakes his head at their silliness.

Young Soo’s wife tells him that while her husband liked pork belly she likes chicken feet. He’s surprised he didn’t know that. He tells his wife that he once loved a woman but he’s not sure it ever meant anything to her. Now he wonders if his affection was for naught. His wife notes the woman probably tried her best. He sees there are gaps in his knowledge of his wife.

cbm_ep9_13b cbm_ep9_13a
As Gi Tak punches Seung Jae’s boxing mitts with her own, he recalls Young Soo hugging Gi Tak. He bobs her in the head several times. Love the playfulness from Seung Jae! Yi Yeon watches Seung Jae put Gi Tak in a gentle head lock and smiles. Her son finds a picture under a book shelf. Is it a young Gi Tak and Seung Jae?

cbm_ep9_14b cbm_ep9_14a
Young Soo surprises his wife when he asks if he can take her dead husband’s place. That’s bold! He asks if he can like her. She stares. He stares.

Epilogue: To Rain’s hit song “Escaping the Sun” we see the illegitimate son running along the beach, trying to start a fire (with friction and kindling) when the pilot flashes a lighter. Clever and cute!

My Thoughts
This was a much stronger episode than the last two which felt a bit disjointed. It’s been unclear where the writer was heading. This episode felt like the writer had a clear vision. I liked that both families got introduced to each other. Their interactions were solid. The chemistry between all the characters seemed stronger, more natural, the moments seemed more effortless. Any time the original actors are swapped in the scene is instantly strengthened. More of this please.
* Young Soo wants a relationship with his wife. He went to Gi Tak for advice which was to be straight forward and bold. Young Soo showed his wife multiple times he was interested. I felt a pull of chemistry between Rain and Lee Min Jung, the potential for this couple was evident. I’m still irked at Young Soo’s questioning of his wife’s love for him. This episode his doubt steemed from not knowing everything she liked.
* Gi Tak supported Yi Yeon. He didn’t embrass her at the filming, he helped her. Seung Jae is watching carefully. Is he interested in Gi Tak? Was he jealous of Young Soo? Is there any potential for these two? I liked Gi Tak coaching Young Soo. Those were solid interactions between our leads.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, was more approachable this episode. She wasn’t a brat during filming, she was kind and caring to her son, she reached out to Young Soo’s wife, she ingratiated herself into going to Young Soo’s home…a good episode for the softer side of Yi Yeon.
* Young Soo’s wife showed some moxy. I liked how she told Young Soo off. I liked how she rejected Section Chief Jung’s shoes. I liked how she was open to Yi Yeon, Gi Tak, et all dropping in on her home. This was the best episode for this character.
* I appreciated the epilogue. Just a glimpse of the illegal son is sufficient. The writers and director were clever with this one weaving in Rain’s hit “Escaping the Sun”. To my knowledge, Rain has never allowed his music in a drama he was in.

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5 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 9 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    Good recap and screencaps. I especially like that you posted the headlock.

    And the fight over the porn folder was hilarious. Rain always goes all out and i have only seen the actress previously in Shine or Go Crazy. She was fine in that but that was the Jang Hyuk show and I didn’t think much about her one way or the other (blinded by His Hyukness). But based on my biases, Rain should be overcasting her (li’l pun). But here, she’s giving it her all and it’s hilarious. Even her scenes with Honey Lee when Mr. Sunshine.

    Speaking of Honey Lee, why haven’t I seen her in more dramas? It’s almost as if the heroines have to be cute or pretty but if they’re REALLY gorgeous they get regulated to playing the bad girl villain.

    Oh, about the actual show – I don’t get what YongSoo/HanSoon is trying to do – he knows he’s leaving permanently soon so why is he trying to set his wife up for more heartache by making her fall for him?

    Oh, and whoever is applying Rain’s facial hair for the island scenes, please look at pictures from his A Love to Kill days and use that as a model cause you’re messing with my “Rain on a deserted island” fantasy with the Groucho Marx look.

  2. Beez says:

    typo fix: Even her scenes with Honey Lee when Mr. Sunshine (Rain) isn’t around.

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Lovin’ ❤ the swaps to the original actors—I concur this strengthens the story. Da Hye hasn’t been a widow for very long for both Section Chief Jung and YS/HJ chasing after her. Isn’t YS/HJ being extremely selfish in seeking a relationship with Da Hye? Like Beez mentioned He only has 2 months and part of that is already gone. Why would he set up his wife for more heartache?

    The unconventional ❤ bromance of YS/HJ and GT/HN is a really great! They play so well together! I was also glad to see a friendship blossom between Yi Yeon and Da Hye. Seung Jae does seem interested in Hong Nan, but I can’t tell if it is because her resemblance to Gi Tak or if he is interested in her as a woman.

    These epilogues are so funny! Gotta agree with Beez on the facial hair comments, I’ve never seem a drama including Saeguks, where a man had so much facial hair. You would think with that much growth, his hair would have some dark roots! Thanks for pointing out that was Rain’s song. This epilogue seemed like at bit like an homage to Castaway for HJ to work on his fire for a couple of days, but then the comedic point of the pilot flicking his a lighter! ROFL!

    • kjtamuser says:

      I like your “This epilogue seemed like at bit like an homage to Castaway” comment. The actor that played the pilot played his part in making these epilogues work.

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