Descendants of the Sun Episode 10 Recap

Turns out being a doctor can be risky too.

Descendants of the Sun Episode 10 Recap

We start with Mr. Bad writhing on the ground with a bullet in his belly. Mr. Bad’s goons have their guns drawn on Shi Jin who has his gun drawn. The girl who shot Mr. Bad begs Shi Jin to let Mr. Bad die. Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) tells Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) to save Mr. Bad. He’ll kill Mr. Bad should the situation arise it is necessary. Mo Yeon takes the bullet from Mr. Bad’s belly. Mr. Bad and his goons leave without the girl who shoot him. Mr. Bad promises the girl she will die. Shi Jin tells Mr. Bad to go now and far, far away.

Shi Jin tells Dae Young (Jin Goo) their former comrade in arms has turned into a weapons dealer, Mr. Bad.

The doctors and nurses take care of the children from the village.

Mo Yeon washes her hands and remembers Shi Jin’s request she save Mr. Bad who in turn had the gall to tell Mo Yeon that being with Shi Jin is dangerous. Mo Yeon tries to calm the girl who shot Mr. Bad. She’s mad because Mo Yeon saved Mr. Bad. She’s mad because she’s Mr. Bad’s new target. Mo Yeon tells the girl, the soldiers will protect.

In Korea the returned doctors regale the medical team with stories of what they went through.  The pregnant wife doesn’t understand why her husband didn’t return to Korea.

The medical team in Urk don’t understand why the annoying manager didn’t go to Korea.

Officer Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won)  and Mo Yoen discuss treating the other village children. Mo Yoen’s offer to assist is declined. Myeong Joo wants the one-on-one time with Dae Young. Can you blame her?

Myeong Joo loves the jeep ride with Dae Young. He asks if she’s ever thought about quitting the army. He notes their profession is dangerous. She’s surprised he brings up this obvious point. She tells him she’ll take him with or without the uniform. I’m not sure that is an accurate translation or a good response from her.  Myeong Joo and Dae Young find the village deserted.

Lieutenant General Yoon (Kang Shin Il) tells Shi Jin that Mr. Bad is an illegal weapons dealer and former comrade in arms.  To trap him the military is sending another UN solider, oh no it is the American Team lead jerk from episode 2. He wasn’t a favorite, so I’m not thrilled to see him again.  Lt Gen Yoon is blunt, Shi Jin and the Korean soldiers are not continue their involvement with Mr. Bad. This chafes Shi Jin, but he agrees to follow the order.

Dae Young tells Shi Jin the village children were supposedly moved to a local orphanage but he feels something is wrong. Shi Jin tells Dae Young they cannot continue their involvement with Mr. Bad per orders from Lt Gen Yoon.

Shi Jin sits and thinks. Mo Yeon brings him a drink. She asks what happened to the children of the village. He tells her all is well. She’s pleased. He fixes her hair. She tells him later she’ll help him do something he can do without her help. Yes, these two are officially a cute couple! Mo Yeon dashes of when she receives a call that she’s got a package.

The doctor gets a package with shoes for the nurse! Sweet! The nurse tells him he got her the wrong shoe size. Ha! At least the shoes are too big rather than too small. It’s the thought that counts.

Mo Yeon calls Dae Young that he’s received a package from someone named “Shin Jae Young”. Dae Young and Shi Jin both react to that name. they both run to Mo Yeon’s location. Myeong Joo’s reaction to the name is one of anger and she runs to Mo Yeon’s location. Is it a former girlfriend? It’s a foot race to the package. Myeong Joo gets there first. She’s angry about the hearts on the package. She rips the package open. She reads the note that contains a picture of Dae Young, Shi Jin and two women. The picture grabs Mo Yeon’s attention. Calmly Mo Yeon tells Myeong Joo to use her gun. Ha! Shi Jin and Dae Young burst into the room. They claim it is a misunderstanding. Myeong Joo holds up the picture. She asks how this can be a misunderstanding. Dae Young says the girl is his younger cousin. Mo Yeon notes they both came running. Myeong Joo notes they met the girls in the photo together. Myeong Joo demands to know which girl is the cousin AND she demands Dae Young and Shi Jin answer at the same time. They both identify a different girl, twice! Ha! They are in trouble and they know it. Dae Young switches stories. This was a blind date arranged by the Lt. Col, they had no choice. Shi Jin can’t believe Dae Young would implicate the Lt. Col. Dae Young is desperate. Then Shi Jin throws Dae Young under the bus for keeping in contact with the girl. Mo Yeon orders Shi Jin to follow her. Myeong Joo order Dae Young to stay there. Dae Young salutes Shi Jin who relucatntly follows Mo Yeon. They are like kids that got caught with the hands in a candy jar.

    Dae Young tells Myeong Joo the date was in the past. The trio of soldiers watch and listen. They remember the day and how Shi Jin and Dae Young had different stories back then too. Meyong Joo asks how far Dae Young went with the blind date. He says not far. She demands to know if there was skinship.
    Meanwhile Shi Jin assures Mo Yeon he only drank a cup of tea with the girls. Mo Yeon chides herself for thinking their parting meant something to him. Shi Jin claims he had to meet the girls and he did NOT have fun. Mo Yeon stares at him.
    Myeong Joo asks how she can be sure it was only tea. Dae Young says it was only tea. Myeong Joo tells him not to lie. He admits he gave the girls a ride in the Lt. Col’s car.
    Shi Jin says he doesn’t even remember the girl’s name. Mo Yeon wonders why he came running when he heard the girl’s name then. Shi Jin refuses to admit anything. Mo Yeon is frustrated. when Mo Yeon gets a phone call, Shi Jin is relieved saying he’ll buy the caller a dinner if it is a girl and drink if it is a guy.


Mo Yeon takes the call from her friend who chides her for dating, kissing, etc with Shi Jin and not telling her. Pregnant doctor asks about her financee.

dos_ep10_4b dos_ep10_4a
The young doctor gets rejected by the last survivor when he tries to administer. This last survivor is getting on my nerves. Like he’s a perfect person that has never been afraid. The young doctor asks the last survivor to help him. He admits he was scared and shirked his duties for a moment. The last survivor isn’t impressed with the confession. The young doctor is stuck and asks for help to get over. The last survivor rejects the young doctor. Geez, what a jerk. His humanity is in the negative numbers. The young doctor ignores a call from Mo Yeon. The little boy that seems to be clairvoyant holds his hand. The doctor sobs.

There a problem in the pharmacy. Drugs have been stolen. Mo Yeon correctly guesses the girl from the village stole them. Bingo! The girl makes a call to telling the man she’s sold the pills and will see him shortly. Shi Jin and Mo Yeon ask the bartender about the girl. The bartender refuses to inform on the girl. The bartender calls to find out who deals in stolen drugs. Shi Jin and Mo Yeon arrive at an abandoned building. They hear a scream and run. The girl is hit by one of Mr. Bad’s goons. Shi Jin and Mo Yeon arrive. The goons draw their weapons. Mo Yeon can’t believe that everyone seems to have guns. Shi Jin can’t believe she ran into the middle this situation. Mo Yeon says she had to save the girl. Shi Jin points out they are all in big trouble now. The goons tell Shi Jin to drop his weapon. Shi Jin directs Mo Yeon on his signal to run and get the car. He’ll be out in 5 minutes. Shi Jin drops his weapon on the ground, then grabs it back yelling at Mo Yeon to get the car. Gun fight ensures and Shi Jin is almost in the clear with the girl but goons fire their weapons. Mo Yeon backs the car up…into the building…almost into the goons. They make their escape. Mo Yeon is stoked by her stellar moves. Oops, the car breaks down. Shi Jin cites Mo Yeon’s tally of ruined cars is 3.

Dae Young and his mean sweep the land mines Shi Jin found last episode. He watches Myeong Joo stroll to the jeep. He isn’t happy she came. She complains she was lonely. She puts SPF on his face. He tells her this is harrassment. He holds her hand. He pulls her close. She closes her eyes. He leans in. Shi Jin calls requesting help. Dae Young returns his call and agrees to send someone to their location.

Mo Yeon wonders how the girl knew exactly what drugs to steal. She tells the girl to return to school and offers to loan her the money for tuition. Mo Yeon can’t believe she promised that. Shi Jin strokes her hair. Later as she dries her hair on the ceiling fan Shi Jin suggests they eat ramen together. solider Kim Ki Bum offers to make the food. Shi Jin tells her she’s taken on a difficult responsibility with the girl. She’s ok with that, she only wants to help the girl. Shi Jin calls her charming. He tells her he has fallen for her. She jokes her debt makes her easy to dump. He thanks her for saving him. They get ready to enjoy the food but the lights go out. Shi Jin saves the day with his night goggles. They both look cute in the night goggles. That is darling! Clever of the writers to think of this.

The annoying manager excretes the diamonds. He receives airline tickets. He dresses as an Arab. He swallows the diamonds again. He is arrested at the airport by the local police. Shi Jin and Dae Young discuss that the local police must have been paid to apprehend the annoying manager. The last survivor tells them about the diamonds the annoying manager had. Dae Young realizes that’s why the manager wanted in his office desperately. They take off leaving the last survivor behind. Mr. Bad and his goons can’t find the diamonds. They decide he may have swallowed them. Tear gas fills the room. Two special forces burst through the door. Mr. Bad runs. Shi Jin corners him. Dae Young has the annoying manager. The special forces leave Mr. Bad and his goons retreating with the annoying manager in tow.

The annoying manager is chained to the hospital bed. Shi Jin wants to know his connection with Mr. Bad. Mo Yeon brings the xrays that show the diamonds in him. The annoying manager coughs up blood. He’s bleeding internally from the diamonds. Surgery time! Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo perform the surgery. Myeong Joo nicks a blood vessel and blood splatters Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo. Mo Yeon thinks, pauses, then orders the medical team to step away from the patient. She declares he has the infectious M virus. She orders the medical team, except Myeong Joo and herself to leave the operating room.

Dae Young and Shi Jin are told about the virus. The doctor tells them this could be fatal for the women if it is the killer strain of the virus.

dos_ep10_8f dos_ep10_8bdos_ep10_8c dos_ep10_8a dos_ep10_8d dos_ep10_8e
Dae Young and Shi Jin rush to the operating room where their entrance is blocked. Shi Jin asks Mo Yeon if she is okay. She tells him this is a wait and see situation. Dae Young asks Myeong Joo is okay. She quips he got to her faster than he got to the package. He yells at her to answer him. She’s surprised at his outburst and asks if he’s scared. Mo Yeon comes to the door and asks Shi Jin about the woman he dated in the picture from package. He tells her which girl it was. She says now her remembers. He counters that now is not the time to joke. from their first date. Myeong Joo jokes that maybe they should make their last wishes known. Both men look stricken. She tells them to relax. They won’t die. The blood samples need to be transferred to another base’s lab. Shi Jin and Dae Young offer to do this. Dae Young runs to get the car. Shi Jin makes the call to get the cooperation of the other base’s lab. They drop off the blood samples. They are assured the tests will be run straight away.

The annoying manager has survived the surgery. Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo wait for the results. The lab technician tells Shi Jin and Dae Young that it is the killer strain of the virus. Duh! The manager tested positive and ONE of the doctors tested positive too. Which one, which one, which one? Shi Jin asks who tested positive?

dos_ep10_10e dos_ep10_10d  dos_ep10_10b dos_ep10_10ados_ep10_10c
Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo stare at the bloody diamonds. Mo Yeon comments they could both take one or two. Myeong Joo calls her crafty and wise. Shi Jin and Dae Young stride down the hall. Dae Young burst through the door and hugs Myeong Joo. She asks if he’s crazy. Shi Jin enters the room. He looks at Myeong Joo. She realizes what this means.

My Thoughts
* Excellent ending. Nothing like a life threatening virus to force feelings to be declared boldly. This episode’s story with Mr. Bad and his goons wasn’t as bad as I feared. The number of cute quips all the characters get to say is fabulous. I’m a banter-holic, and these writers are hitting a home run with me with much of the dialogue. I’m really feeling sorry for the young doctor and irritated at the the righteous anger the last survivor is thrusting upon this kid. Dude, the young doctor didn’t let you die. He reported your location and help was sent. You are ALIVE because of the young doctor!
* Song Joong Ki delivers a sweet, bold, fun and serious Shi Jin. This character is multifaceted, not one note. Some of the other characters aren’t as fully realized as Shi Jin and for that you have to give Joong Ki his due. Good episode for our couple, their chemistry, their interactions, their caring gets better and better.
* Mo Yeon saved Shi Jin. I love that she had the opportunity to be bold and save her man. I like this character. Song Hye Kyo is the perfect partner for Joong Ki. They are a fun couple to watch.
* Dae Young declared his feelings when he boldly hugged Myeong Joo despite the virus. He put himself on the line for her to be the one to let her know she wasn’t alone. I enjoyed the whole package from the other girl. Had to laugh when Shi Jin and Dae Young didn’t have their stories straight. This plot point underscored how our foursome is growing into a solid unit and delivering on point scenes.
* Myeon Joo got the deadly virus. Not the parting gift from the surgery anyone wanted. Mo Yeon recognizing the potential for the virus seems a bit fantastic but whatever. I like the plot point. It’s stronger than Mr. Bad and his goons. It forces Dae Young and Myeong Joo to confront feelings. I’m also hoping that Myeong Joo’s father will have the opportunity to see Dae Young is the right man for Myeong Joo, inside or outside of the army.
* The OST for this series is solid. Check out the playlist of the seven songs release so far. via the link or the embedded video playlist below.

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18 comments on “Descendants of the Sun Episode 10 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    Interesting how I have to watch two different sites to get the full translation. I’m trying to learn Korean so I don’t have to do all the site searching for good subs.

    There were a couple of scenes where the meaning completely changed based on the subs. An example is in Ep9 when Sergeant Choi says he doesn’t like Dr. Kang – that’s a total distraction to avoid paying off the bet!

    But several sites (all with the same subs) leave off the serviceman saying “he didn’t pay us the money” and instead have him (nonsensically) saying “Sergeant Choi wouldn’t like that [Dr. Kang]”. Which after that line, immediately the other serviceman jumps up snd yells “Yah!” and chases after Sergeant Choi to collect the money owed. So basically they just filled that line with anything somewhat relevant to the conversation.

    But without the correct translation, we’re left thinking Sgt. Choi really doesn’t like Mo Yeon because unless you’re watching with a hawkeye (or are one of those really observant people), you might miss that he didn’t pay them (or even if you did notice, still) and think the entire conversation is really about disliking MoYeon.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Appreciate the clarification. I am sure this happens more than I realize. Is there one site that gives more accurate translations?

      • Beez says:

        It’s a crapshoot. I find Viki will have many shows’ subs that you can tell are from Korean first-language subbers – the English translation might be a little rough (mostly grammar, but that’s usually a non-issue for me. Every once in a while the word order will leave you scratching your head – “only” as in “just a little” or “only” as in singular choice?). First-language Korean subbers tend to leave the Korean “sayings” intact. Love that. But Viki has so many various teams until I can’t say every show will have better subs.

        DramaFever will have the most simplistic and clear subs but you lose a LOT of subtext, wordplay (I love how Koreans love their puns and wordplay and I’m amazed when subbers can translate that so we English speakers get it). DF breaks it down to bare minimum. You get the gist of the story and that’s it.

        So for me, it’s really just a matter of realizing something’s missing from a scene, I didn’t understand that fully, or the next character’s dialogue seems completely odd in their response to what the first character just said (which usually means the first speaker’s line is mistranslated) – those things will have me note the time of the conversation and go to a different site to see how they subbed it. (Ex. Watch for the second speaker saying a word in outrage with a question mark or “how can you say _____?” but the first speaker never said that word.

        However if the drama is from before 2011, look for a version with the subbing team called WITHS2 (Written in The Heavens Subbers2). Thet have amazing subs. They said they stopped subbing because so many sites have rushed subbing that they couldn’t keep up (because we fans always want the fastest subs, right) whereas they took the time to make the subs accurate, with cultural explanations and while retaining the flavor of colloquialisms.

        They subbed Chuno on Viki. I’ve seen three different versions of Chuno subs. When referring to the little gypsy giseang that joined them, the character would refer to herself as “this wench” in the WITHS2. That seemed more accurate than how some subs referred to her as “this bitch”. Younger subbers might think that is acceptable, but in the flavor and scenario in which it was said, it seems too harsh. There are times “bitch” might be acceptable and fitting when a character is angry or threatening, but you could tell that since many young people today don’t view “bitch” as harshly as someone would’ve in Saegeuks or even 20-30 years ago in America even, it’s put out there almost casually (the way Americans influenced by rap music use it).

        Anyway,I’m somewhat of a wordsmith so I really like getting the full everything from language. With DOTS, I’m finding in one conversation I’m getting different lines translated differently in one conversation (usually the subs are closer than that) and is like putting together a puzzle and going “Ahhhh, I see the full picture now”.

        That’s why I want to learn Korean so I can save myself a bunch of time checking all the versions. lol

    • 아비가일 says: has up to episode 10 as of today. They provide very accurate subtitles and it’s free to sign up, unless you want ad-free.

      • Beez says:

        Thanks,kjtamuser. I have been watching DOTS on DF just to see how they sub this. They are usually accurate. But I still go to Viki first because,like I said before, DF will break the translation down into something English equivalent, that’s good but sometimes it’s a bland interpretation that misses the Korean wordplay on puns which makes the next speaker’s response puzzling. I like the “old sayings” which sometimes Viki will give an explanation in parentheses (gotta read fast or rewind ☺) or, I’ll actually have to Google what it means. Not everybody’s cup of tea but I enjoy it.

      • Beez says:

        Oops! I thought that info about DramaFever cane from kjtamuser.


  2. […] Episode 10   Episode 09   Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01 […]

  3. Beez says:

    That got long so I decided to start a part two to give this example – in The Girl Who Sees Smells – Yoochun is injured and at home lying in the bed. He sends Shin Se-Kyung to the grocery store. She’s shopping while on the phone with him and he’s telling her what to buy. He gets a little bossy and she says “by the way you’re talking, you’d think I’m your girlfriend or something!” He replies “right!” It makes her stutter and pause but then she grabs some carrots and goes on with her shopping. THAT’s how it appeared on DF.

    I knew from SSK’s facial and body reaction that something more had happened in that scene. Sure enough, on Vicki, it explained in parentheses that “carrot” and “right” are homophones which was more in keeping with where their relationship was. She was thrown off kilter, which was Yoochun’s intent, because it was “do you like me or not?” on both their parts. It’s a better understanding of what’s going on in the story because the relationship had nowhere near progressed to that level yet. It showed you more of the “push-pull” and Yoochun was subtly pulling but SSK had no idea where she stood yet. If the DF translation is taken at face value, then the interactions between the couple are confusing later because the viewer thinks “well, aren’t they already couple do why…?” Instead of what the true understandimg is that Yoochun has it in his mind but is expecting SSK to be a mind reader and fall into place obeying his wish in a later episode and SSK is like “who are you to make demands when, what exactly are you to me?” because she wants to know but he’s given no verbal indication that he’s interested.

    Whew! That’s a lot but I wanted to really explain the differences that I see based on the subtleties and inclusion or exclusion of hidden meanings and colloquialims.

    • kjtamuser says:

      You explain things so well. Have you ever considered blogging?

      • Beez says:

        ha! Thanks kjtamuser. I wish I had discovered kdramas years ago (and the blogs). Nowadays, with my disability, my memory is too bad. The recap would be all over the place. I’ll just continue to follow you and a few others. Reading your recaps remind me what the last episode was about before the next one airs because it’s easier than rewatching the previous episode. Otherwise I start the new week’s episode with no idea what happened before. It’s darned aggravating! I do better marathoning stuff but then I miss out on discussing and asking questions about the show. It’s really frustrating to marathon, have a question, read old comments to see if anybody mentioned it, and when they didn’t, I’m just stuck wondering.

        So I’m counting on you! Fighting!

  4. Beez says:

    Sorry for any typos that I missed. I’m on my phone. If I’d known I was going to write a book,I’d have used my laptop. 🙂

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    Love, love, love the playlist you put together! I ordered part 1 of the OST last night. 💋

    I enjoyed the discussion about subtitle translations. I wish there was a definitive source to watch, or even a place to buy dramas with good subs. What I have bought has been hit and miss. Please advise if you have good purchasing sources with good captions.

    I am so pleased to see our 💋 couple’s relationships getting closer! ❤ Now we have to contend with a deadly virus.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Any series I’ve bought, the subtitled have been hit or miss, so I don’t have a “quality source” to recommend.

      What’s nice about this episode is that you both couples interacting adding another dimension to the interactions between our four leads.

      • Beez says:

        Same here. I’ve been wanting to buy the Chuno dvds forever, but I’m hesitant to buy without having any way to know if it has subs by a particular group of subtitlers.

        To kjtamuser – did you say you had or had not seen Chuno aka The Slave Hunters with Jang Hyuk?

        It’s sageuk on a different level than most. I would compare it to other Saegeuk the way we will from here on out compared DOTS to other kdramas in production values. I starred to say “production values and acting”, but nothing in DOTS can compare to the intensity Jang Hyuk (and others) brought to the screen in Chuno.

  6. Jane Tilly says:

    Chuno is a good one!

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